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Naruto watched in horror as Haku ran across the bridge. On the other side, Zabuza was being held by dogs, and Kakashi was charging up his only original attack, the Chidori.Haku saw the danger his master was in, and ran to save him. No! I won't let one of my friends die. Naruto thought. He started running after Haku. He then heard a voice in his head "Tell me, do you really want to save your friend?" Naruto looked around, but there was no one there

"Who are you?" he asked. "That is not important right now. What is, is my question: Do you really want to save your friend?"

"Yes, I do."

"Then spot holding back, and reveal your true form"


"Do you want to help him, or not?"

Naruto made his decision.

There was a bright light that engulfed the entire bridge. When it died down, Kakashi'sChidori was stopped. By a hand. A black hand. Everyone (who was conscious at least) looked up and saw a 6 foot tall man. Or at least, what looked like a man. He had pitch black skin, silver shoulder length hair and silver eyes. He wore what seemed to be remains of orange shorts. What was strange, as if stopping a Chidori by his bare hands wasn't, he had pointy ears, like the Elves of legend.

"I'm sorry, Kakashi, but I can't allow you to hurt him." he spoke in a calming voice.

Kakashi narrowed his eyes "..... You need new clothes, Naruto" he said in a happy voice. Everybody sweat dropped.

"N-n-n-naruto? Is that you?" Sakura shakily asked.

Naruto raised a silver eyebrow "And you're supposed to be the smartest in the class? Who else do you know who wares orange?"

"Well, well, well, the Demon of the Mist got beaten by a freak. Good thing I wasn't going to pay you in the first place." at the end of the bridge a small army appeared. Mostly thugs and some swordsmen. At the front was a midget of a man wearing a green suit, leaning on a cane.

"Gato." Zabuza growled "What is the meaning of this?"

"Simple, Chibi Demon. I'm going to kill you, and that bastard who broke my arm. Why should I pay you Nukenin when these thugs are so much cheaper?"

Naruto's eyes shined as he spoke, his tone no longer calming, but malicious. "Gato, you will no longer plague this land and it's people. I will send you to your doom. Meteor Shower." with that said, the sky above the thugs turned red, and flaming meteors fell down on them, killing them all, but not harming the bridge. Only Gato remained. Naruto walked to the cowering man slowly.

"Please, spare me. I'll give you anything... money, power, women...." he said, holding out his hand. Naruto reached with his hand, as if to accept the deal. The villagers that had assembled there in the mean time held their breaths. Naruto ignord his hand and pointed his index finger at Gato's forehead. "You disgust me. Finger of Death." A blood red beam of energy connected the finger and the forehead, and Gato fell dead.

Naruto turned around and smirked "Kakashi, I spent a lot of energy breaking the seal, and with the two spells. Now, if you will excuse me..." He fell unconscious.

Kakashi smiled and picked up his student. "Hey, Zabuza, you coming?" Zabuza nodded and he and Haku followed him. "Sakura" she snapped out of her stupor "Get Sasuke and let's go."


Ugh. I feel like that one time me and Kakashi went drinkin'. Wait... Where in the Nine Hells am I.

Naruto looked around. He was in what appeared to be a sewer, with ankle deep water and glowing pipes running on the ceiling. One set was red, while the other was silver. He decided to follow the red ones, to see where they led. After a while, he was in a large room, large enought to fit the Hokage tower inside. At the far end was a gate, with a paper with a kanji for 'Seal' holding it shut. Behind, you could see two huge slitted red eyes.

"So, you're the Kyuubi, eh? Or would you prefer.... Eilistraee?" The eyed widened in surprise, before the entire area was engulfed in a silver flash. When it died down, a woman stood in stead of Kyuubi. She was 5 ft 9 with C-cup breasts covered by her flowing silver hair, wich reached to her ankles. Her skin was pitch black, just like his own. She had a beautiful face with royal features, with mesmerising black eyes and pointy elven ears. And... she was naked. And very hot. So, Naruto got a nosebleed.

She giggled at her container. She was surprised to see that she was sealed in one of her own race, and it was a knowledge most pleasing.

Naruto composed himself, and bowed low to her, in respect. "My Dark Maiden, it is an honor to finally meet you. I had stumbled upon the notes of my father, saying that you are in fact the Kyuubi. Alas, they did not have any indication as to why. May I ask?" She was surprised once more by his attitude. She did not expect him to be so polite and respectful. Sme smiled, which he found enchanting. He felt something in his stomach, and found himself wanting to see it more in the future.

"Of course, dalhar, for it is your right to do so." She spoke in a melodic and hypnotising voice. "One night, I was bathing in a pond," he utilised all of his immense willpower to keep from getting another nosebleed at the images of her cleaning herself "When a man wearing a black cloak with red clouds, with an orange swirl mask with one eye opening, that had the Sharingan, cast a Genjutsu on me. I was not ready, so while I fought the Genjutsu, another man, wearing a black robe with a silver pin, cast a Metamorph spell on me, turning me into the beast, and making me do things on pure instinct." She lowered her head. "I am sorry, Naruto. If I had been stronger, or faster, you would still have your family. I ruined your life..." tears started to swell in her eyes. Reacting on impulse, Naruto hugged her, rubbing her back in a soothing manner. "Shhhh... It's OK. You're not at fault here, but those two who did that to you. I don't blame you." he said, blushing at the soft mounds pressing on his chest, while she herself was also blushing at the contact. She calmed down, the hug making her feel better. She wondered why she felt drawn to this young man, although he was cute. But he is so young. sfhe thought. He would never want to be with someone old as I am. But, why am I so worried about that thought? She couldn't help but feel a little sad when he let go.

"Um, My Lady?"

"What is it, dalhar?" he pouted at the name, while she giggled. "I see you know our language. What is it you want to ask?"

"Two things actually, Jallil. Was that your voice I heard on the bridge?"

"Yes, it was I who spoke to you. And the other?"

"What am I, exactly?" she smiled softly, gesturing him to sit down. "You, like myself, are of an ancient race, far older than the humans. We are known as Ilythiiri, or in the Common language, Drow. The Drow are a sub-race of elves, though many of us hate to be associated with them. The Drow were originally evil, until I led the rebellion against the Spider Queen of the Underdark, and led all good natured Drow to the surface. We are a magical race, so spells and magics come easier with us. We are also very agile and stealthy, and immensely strong, and have some amount of control over wolves, some more so then others. Does that answer your question?"

Naruto nodded. "Yea, but I got another one. When'll I wake up?"

"Oh, right about... now." she said as Naruto faded away. Come and visit sometime, Naruto. she thought smiling softly.

Waking up, Naruto noted that he was now in a room, lying on a bed. He looked beside him, and saw a smiling Tsunami. "Hey, Tsunami-chan. How long was I out?"

She blushed at the honorific. "A little over three days. I'll go get Kakashi-san. You wait here." she said. Damn. That Tsunami certainly is somethin'.

Kakashi walked in and saw Naruto sitting in the bed, lost in thought. "Yo, Naruto. I'm glad you woke up."

Naruto looked up and saw his Sensei standing next to the bed. "Hey, Kakashi. Anything happen while I was out?"

"Not much. The two wonders down there were very curious. Especialy the Uchiha brat. How are you going to explain this?"

"Tell them the truth. Or some of it, at least. Bloodline." Kakashi nodded. It was a solid story.

"When we get back, will you go to the Hokage to get the seal back on?"

Narutothought about it for a moment. "No. I'm tired of pretending to be someone who I'm not. I am a Drow, and if someone had a problem with that, they can meet the sharp end of my sword." he looked himself over. "I'm gonna need new clothes, ne?"

Kakashi nodded, and went back downstairs. He stopped at the door. "Oh, Naruto...... Why were you out of it when I came in? Does it have something to do with a certain hot mother that's downstairs, hm?" he ducked to avoid a pillow. Ero-sensei.Naruto thought, succumbing to sleep.

The first chapter of my latest story. The pairings are Naruto\Kyuubi\Tsunami. Eilistraee is a character from the Realms of the Forgotten universe. There is a Drow translater on my profile (I think) for some words that might pop up form time to time.

dalhar - child

jallil - lady

Ilythiiri - Drow

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