"So you see, that's how it is." Eilistraee and Tsunami were seated at the coffee table in the Namikaze mansion, discussing the situation. "Now you have to think carefully. Does Naruto mean enough to you to share him?" Tsunami was deep in thought as the deity watched her.

"And where is Naruto now?"

"He's helping the Hokage deal with some last minute details. So?"

"I…" They both turned around when the door opened, revealing Naruto rubbing the back of his neck.

"Tough day, love?"

"Exhausting." He turned to the table and spotted Tsunami. "Tsunami? What are you doing here?"

"Your girlfriend and I were just talking." She got up and walked to him, swaying her hips a little. "And she asked me a very important question: Do you mean enough to me to share." Naruto raised an eyebrow as she closed in on him, Eilistraee watching with a grin.


"You do." She kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Good." He returned her kiss.

"You aren't cheating on Eilistraee, are you Naruto?" The new couple broke free of their lip lock and turned to see Kakashi at the door with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, I'm cheating on my own girlfriend right in front of her. What do you want?" Kakashi shook his head and grabbed him by the back of the shirt he was wearing.

"Sorry ladies, but we have work to do. Go find Kurenai and hang out with her for the day." He dragged Naruto to the study and closed the door behind them. "So, what's on the list today?" He asked him as Naruto scanned a scroll he had gotten off of a nearby table.

"Starting with jutsu to spell conversion. We should probably start with one that you can hold without using, even after using the hand seals."

"The Chidori will work fine for the starting point. Watch." He went through the three hand seals for the jutsu and held his hand as lightning appeared in it. "This will be difficult. Let's start with the theory."

"Right. So, the hand seals are used to focus and shape chakra, while you have to channel it through your body to the point of the jutsu. Correct?" He got a nod from Kakashi. "Where is your chakra pool."

"In my chest area."

"So by the heart. And my mana pool is near the brain. It makes sense: mana is mental energy, while chakra is a combination of physical and mental. That will pose a problem."

"How do you make the spells?"

"The words do most of the work. You first have to find your mana pool, and then submerge, I suppose we could say, yourself in it. You will feel a rush, but you can only hold this state for a short time. Then you have to say the words for the spell, and the rest comes automatically. The spell itself draws mana for it, so you don't have to regulate it, but you also can't set the strength to higher or lower, if you want."

"So we'll have to do something similar. We just have to convert hand seals to magic words. How difficult can it be?"

"Very. The words for the spell are not the ones that you've seen me use. The true name of the spell is much longer than that. You have to learn all of them flawlessly, and then use every single one once with mana, so the energy can familiarize itself with them. Then, you can use the short version next time. The first time also costs a quarter more of the original mana cost."

Kakashi scratched his head in thought. "How do they usually go?"

"Well, you actually make a plea for the force, plane, energy or whatever it is you want to use, stating what you want, and what you give in exchange. So, for the Gate1spell that you've seen me use against Gaara, the full words are: From the Plane of Hellfire I summon thee. Grant me thy strength to use, thy wisdom to heed and thy will to command. And if I am deemed unworthy, then I grant you my life to take. By this Gate appear in my plane!"

"Hmm…." He took a paper and pen, and started drawing the hand seals on it. "Ox, to focus the chakra, Rabbit, to convert it to lightning, and Monkey, to give it a piercing effect. Then I channel chakra into my right hand. The Raikiri is the same, but requires double the chakra."

"One thousand birds… Hmm, let's see now." He started scribbling on the paper, Kakashi watching over his shoulder. "Let's see if this works."

"And if it doesn't?"

"Then the spell will take my mana but nothing will happen." He died into his pool of mana with practiced ease. "From the Skies of Thunder I call for thy might. Grant thy power to me, summon the One Thousand Birds to impale my enemy and draw his blood. And if I am deemed unworthy, then take from my flesh as compensation. In my palm focus thy might!" A few sparks lit in his outstretched palm before bright lightning engulfed it, bringing the sound of a thousand birds chirping. Kakashi looked at it critically, before nodding. Naruto dispelled the attack. "Let's try that again. One Thousand Birds!" The technique appeared instantly this time.

"Next up, Raikiri." Naruto nodded at Kakashi's words, already mulling it over in his mind.

Meanwhile, at the dango stand in town, Kurenai was smiling gently at the two in front of her after they told her the story.

"I'm really happy for Naruto. The kid deserves all the love he can get."

"Yes, but we have a problem." Eilistraee said rubbing her chin in thought.

"What problem?" Tsunami asked worried.

"Well, to be blunt, Naruto will outlive you. He is an elf, and as such will live for hundreds of years. I will too. You, on the other hand, are only human."

"Is there any way for me to become an elf? And can Inari become one too?" Eilistraee thought about it for a few moments before nodding slowly.

"There is a ritual, and it requires blood from an elf. After you take that blood, you will become related to the donor. So I'll give you my blood."

"So we'll be like sisters?" Eilistraee nodded. "And Inari?"

"After you become Drow you and Naruto will have to do the Adoption Ritual again for him. That will override all the previous genetic material from his biological father, though."

"That's alright, he was an asshole. What about dad?"

"He'll still be your father, even though you will be full Drow. Maybe you should go talk to the two before we tell Naruto. And after the ritual we'll all go shopping." She squealed, making the other two sweat drop.

1 I forgot to put this in the chapter with the spell, but I modified it. For those of you who don't know, in Neverwinter Nights 2, the one I played, Gate allows you to summon a horned devil who will attack everything in sight. What I basically did is: if you successfully roll a will savings throw, you gain direct control of the devil. If you fail, he attacks you, and only you.