"Are you sure you want to do this?" Naruto asked incredulously as Tsunami, Eilistraee and Inari were sitting in front of him. They had just told him about the ritual they wanted to perform.

"Yes, I'm sure." Tsunami nodded. "And so is Inari." The kid also nodded to the statement, very quickly.

"Look." Naruto sighed. "I'm sure Eili explained the ritual to you two, but did she also explain what would happen after?"

"She already told us of all the changes we would go through."

"But did she tell you about the dangers?" The two shook their heads. "Well, here goes: As you know, Eilistraee is the Goddess of song, beauty, dance, swordwork, hunting and moonlight. What you don't know is that many years ago she got into a very serious fight with the other deities in the drow pantheon and, with the help of some allies, took a group of drow and led them to the surface. As you can imagine, the other deities didn't like that very much. And now, we, the drow that live on the surface, have to beware the spider symbol." Naruto took note of Eilistraee's frown.

"The spider symbol?" Inari asked.

"Followers of the Queen of Spiders. They don't like us very much. If you become a drow, you will have to fight them, because you can bet the will attack you if they find you. Are you still sure you want to do this?" He sighed again seeing their determined expressions. "Very well. Follow me, I have a good area for the ritual, and in a few days, when you get used to the difference, we'll start training. Since this is your fault, you'll be teaching Tsunami." He told them, the last line directed at a grinning deity, leading them to the basement. There was now a third door down there, at the far end of the stairs leading up, which opened up to a big room filled with crystals of several different colors, namely purple, red, white and blue. There was a clearing there, big enough for twenty people to stand in a circle, the only place not covered by the crystals. "The stones will focus the energies, making the chances of failure much, much lower."

"You made this?" Naruto nodded at Eilistraee's question. "Where did you get all the other gems? I only told you about the silver ones?"

"I'm not sure, entirely." Naruto said with a small frown. "I just… knew." Eilistraee's expression turned thoughtful for a moment. "Come on, let's get started. You first."

Eilistraee cut her palm open with a dagger and started drawing runes on the floor and Tsunami, after directing her to sit in the middle topless, after Naruto covered Inari's eyes with a raised eyebrow. The elf goddess then stood to the side and started focusing, chanting in a low voice in a language only Naruto understood.

"What's happening?" Inari asked, Naruto's hand still covering his eyes, when a silver flash of light brightened the area.

"It's over." Naruto removed his hand from the kid's eyes.

Tsunami, who was just putting her shirt back on, really could pass as Eilistraee's sister. She retained some facial structure from her human form, and her hair color remained jet-black, but everything else was different. She was a couple of inches higher than before, and her muscles were toned, giving her a head-start for physical training. Her hair lengthened to her ass, and got a glossy shine. Overall, in Naruto's opinion, she was extremely beautiful.

"What, I wasn't before?" She asked teasingly when he informed her of the fact.

"I apologize." Naruto bowed with a smirk. "But, as a drow, I find your human form… lacking." He chuckled when she swatted at him. "Now come, it's our turn." Naruto cut open his palm and, with Eilistraee instructing Tsunami what to do, started drawing runes as well, though his were slightly different due to the nature of the adoption. After a similar flash of light, everybody took a good look at the now-elven Inari.

He looked a lot like Naruto, with some features left over from his mother. His shoulder-length hair was now a strong silver, with lots of black streaks in it. His almost non-existent muscles were now slightly more defined, and he grew a couple of inches as well.

"Good." Naruto commented, looking the two over. "You two look like real Ilythiiri. No one could tell the difference." He smiled as his eyes lingered on Inari. "Although I must admit I never expected to have a son so soon." He gave Inari a little hug, making the boy go teary-eyed. "No tears now, jallil."

"Yes ilharn." He answered, wiping the tears. "Wait, how did I know that?"

"The transformation gives you an instinctual understanding of our language, for convenience sake. Now come." He led them out of the crystal chamber and to the armory. "There are some basic training clothes on the left wall in all sizes." The two picked out some. "And now for the weapon selection. We'll train you in what you choose only, so choose carefully."

Inari approached the rack with swords on it and, after a little bit of scanning, picked out two shortswords.

"Hm, dual wielding shortswords will not be easy to learn." Naruto commented. "But I think you're up to the task." Inari sent a big smile at his new father.

Tsunami, on the other hand, went for an intricate longbow and, after a bit of consideration, a pair of long daggers for close combat.

"A bow is a very tricky weapon to master." Naruto mused. "There are two more things. First, we need to see if you have an aptitude for magic." He brought out a dark-blue crystal from his pocked. "Hold this, and channel some energy."

Tsunami got the crystal first. After a few moment of concentration, the crystal showed a picture of an arrow with a glowing tip.

"Only arrow enchantments, sorry." Tsunami nodded and gave the crystal to her son, which, after a few moments of his own energy, showed a glowing shield.

"Weapon and Support enchantments. Hold your questions, please." Inari closed his mouth quickly. "We'll explain everything when the time comes. To do so now would only confuse you farther.

"You mentioned one other thing?" Tsunami asked him.

"Yes. Find out who your patron deity will be. Now, you don't necessarily have to do this, but it will make life somewhat easier."

"What's a patron deity?" Inari asked.

"Basically, someone from up there who will look out for you if you face an opponent with his own patron. You see, the gods are always looking down on us. Let's face it, they hardly have anything better to do." This earned him a swat from his first girlfriend.

"Who's yours?"

"She is." Naruto pointed to the Maiden. "You forget that she is a goddess as well. Now, do you want to do this?"

"What would we have to do if we chose to?" Tsunami asked.

"That is a very important question." Naruto smiled. "Well, most of the good deities aren't very picky. There are a few ceremonies you might have to do, some prayers when doing whatever it is that particular god watches over."

"For instance." Eilistraee interjected. "My followers would honor me by dancing under the moonlight, preferably on the surface, in the forests." The two nodded to themselves.

"We'll both do it." Tsunami said.

"Very well." Naruto nodded, taking them to a round, jet-black tablet that sat on a tilted pedestal in the corner of the room. It was fairly big, with two small circles on the top, three under them, and one under that. The top two showed a full moon with a white blade over it. They were both slashed with three blood-red lines. The next two were also occupied with the same symbol. "This is the Patron Stone. My parents made it. It tracks what deities the members of a certain household bow to. The moon and sword is Eilistraee's symbol." He rolled back his left wrist to show the same symbol on his shoulder. "You also get the mark of your god on your left shoulder. The top two slots belonged to my parents. The red slashed mean they were killed."

"And if they were in an accident?" Tsunami asked, giving him a small, reassuring hug.

"Yellow. For disease green, and natural death black. Now, Tsunami, put a drop of blood on the third circle in the row, and Inari on the one below it." The two did as told.

Tsunami's circle was clouded in a green fog, before a green arrow and a white unicorn head started flashing on it, seemingly pushing against each other.

"What does that mean?" She asked Naruto.

"It means that the two gods pictured are fighting over you." Eilistraee answered her, neither she nor Naruto lifting their eyes from the stone.

"But why?"

"Well, it's not you per say, it's Naruto."

"Dad?" Inari asked, looking at the drow.

"Since I was the one who freed Eilistraee, and since she and I are currently dating, I'm bound to get some attention from her fellow gods and goddesses." Naruto frowned. "Her allies would want to watch over my family members, and her enemies would seek to use them against me. Don't worry, both of these are her old friends." Naruto added, seeing the looks of his new girlfriend and son.

The green fog cleared and the arrow broke in pieces, leaving a blue-eyed unicorn with a golden horn looking to the left on it. Tsunami felt a slight burning sensation, and the unicorn showed up on her shoulder.

"That is the symbol of Mielikki The Forest Queen, patron deity of forests, dryads, autumn and rangers." Eilistraee explained. "She seems to believe you'll make a good ranger after training." She smiled at her new sister.

The fog on Inari's stone was red, and a red shield with a flaming sword started battling with a wheel of five arms holding a longsword each. Naruto frowned for a moment, before the wheel shattered and the fog cleared, leaving the red shield, which also appeared on Inari's shoulder.

"That is the mark of Tempus The Foehammer, patron god of honorable battle. He protects all good warriors, and hates cowards."

"He was kind of mad when he didn't get Naruto under his shield." Eilistraee added. "But got over it in the meantime. Now it looks like he wants you, Inari."

"What was the wheel?" The boy asked.

"That was Garagos The Reaver, an exarch of Tempus, who lords over the destruction caused by war." Naruto explained. "He's not exactly bad, but likes to see destruction." He noticed the worn-out expressions the two were wearing. "Go get some rest, we'll visit some shops tomorrow and begin training the day after that." The two nodded and went to the stairs, Tsunami heading for the master bedroom the three now shared, and Inari for a random free room he would claim. Naruto and Eilistraee stayed behind, with Naruto staring at the stone in worry.

"You saw it too, didn't you?" Eilistraee asked.

"It was faint, but I saw it. Looks like neither of them did, though."

"I'm sure she didn't expect you to see it, either. Looks like the enhancements I gave you are taking in." Naruto nodded and wiped his two new family member's circles. A silver spider appeared for a moment before shattering completely under a green and red mist.

Now, I might put some other gods and goddesses in the story. I already have some allies and enemies planned out. Do note that I chose by going to the Forgotten Realms wiki, searching for deities and choosing those I liked as allies. The enemies I took from Eilistraee's page. But I'm not gonna tell you who, you'll have to guess. But all I know about them is what I read there, and I'm not entirely sure about dead or not, so I didn't bother. All in all, they won't be exactly like in the source material.

Two other things: one, the arrow was Solonor Thelandira, the God of Archery. Second, I'm pretty sure someone asked whether or not Drizzt will appear; I'm not entirely sure, seeing as how I never read any of the books. But if he does, probably by popular demand, I'm ad-libbing it. Just a fair warning.

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