AN: Written for the "yielding" theme for fanfic_bakeoff. Spoilers for "Queen's Sacrifice". Pairing: Keiko/Bryce. Rating: pg. Word Count: 300.

In the Corner of Her Eye

Another man walks into the restaurant and Keiko tenses. She looks to the door and hopes. This could be him... But she sees his face and she slumps back down into the booth.

Not him...she pouts slightly, but when she notices the waitress looking at her sympathetically, she taps into her unyielding hope, and she waits confidently for the next person who fits his shape and has the same sandy colored hair. The waitress refills her tea and leaves, and Keiko is alone again, waiting for a man she only knows from a short vision.

He has to come. She's traveled all this way just to meet him, to capture that one moment when she's the happiest in her whole life. Coming to America has already changed her, and it's better than sitting in a box at work and enduring sexism from her bosses. She's given that all up for this, to reach for some dream that was more than real when the flashforward flung her months ahead.

Nothing else, not her job, not her family, has ever felt more right. In the future she plays music. She trades business suits for t-shirts and glittering bracelets. A man caresses the tattoo on her wrist, and she can feel his love in his voice and in his touch. In her flashforward, she already knows what he tastes like, and how his body fits warmly against hers.

She sees movement to her side out the window. Her chest tightens momentarily, and she turns her head and sees his back, and he's holding the arm of another woman, and her hope deflates.

It can't be him either, she thinks. He wouldn't be with someone else. She likes to think he's searching for her as well.

Keiko goes back to the start, and she hopes and waits all over again.