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Jessica's POV

Another day, another tragedy. Lucius was still gone, away from me. He was alive, but that's all I knew. It killed me. Why didn't he bite me when he had the chance? Why did I let him leave? I should have held onto him, literally! Stepping out of bed, and onto the cool wooden floor felt refreshing. But covering myself up with warm clothes took away the cool feeling. Grabbing my, maybe, ten dollar organically made bags, I headed out the door and down the sidewalk. Walking along the asphalt up to the ghost town of a bus stop, and waiting. My hands rammed themselves into my pockets, and I felt a pen. Pulling it out, I began to write on my hand. '3.14159265…' and so the numbers of pi went on. With a puff of smoke that polluted the air, the bus came to a stop in front of me. I stepped on and sat in the front. I wasn't going to school. Instead I was going to Math Camp. My worried parents signed me up, to distract me. Reading the 'Mathematical Map', I saw that Math Camp was across from a large forest. It relieved me, no snobs to spoil my summer any further.

About two and a half hours later, and I was there. Stepping out of the empty bus, and onto the soil I began to look around. I looked at the map. Not many people were here. Each person got their own cabin, and there was only twenty cabins. I had circled which one was mine, so I followed the map and was soon standing in front of it. My hand reached into my pocket again, and pulled out the key. I unlocked the door, and walked inside the small cabin. It was cozy and had it's own bathroom and bedroom. The mess hall was only a minute away. It was perfect. I began unpacking, putting some of my belongings in the cabinets and on the shelves. It was a nice camp, they had people clean it every week, thoroughly. But they did give you a supplies closet. I opened the door to the supplies closet. In it was, a flashlight and some batteries, a lantern, a instruction book to the air conditioning and heating unit (cool), a broom, a mop, cleaner, and some rags to dust and wipe. Shutting the door, I was bored. I had unpacked and was now sitting on my 'bed', which I had already put the sheets on. So far this was horrible.

It was dinner time, I had managed to entertain myself in my cabin by reading and listening to a cd. Bringing my key, I locked the cabin door and stepped out, starting my walk to the mess hall. Sitting down in a chair, I began to eat my macaroni and cheese, sloppy joe, and pudding. A friendly boy and girl sat next to me and introduced themselves as Scarlet and Jordyn. I talked to them as I ate, they were funny and not a bit snobby. I was actually sad when it came time to leaving. I walked with them back to our cabins. I was the second one to go. First was Scarlet then me, then Jordyn.

It was late. I had taken a shower, gotten dressed and closed the blinds as well as locking the door. I slept soundly. The morning though… The morning was awful. I woke up with blood on my mirror. Not just a spot or a swipe, oh no. This was words. 'Lucius misses you, I would know. I bet you'd be an exquisite bite, Antanasia.' Jumping out of bed, I rushed to the supply closet. I ran back to the mirror and wiped it clean. It came off, with a little elbow grease. I was worried. I didn't even step out of the room. I was afraid that someone or something, was waiting for me outside. IT was stupid I know, but I couldn't help it. I eventually did get up. When I walked to the door, I locked it tight. When I looked behind me I saw a note taped to the door. I yanked it off and looked around before looking at it.

It was on red paper, in elegant black calligraphy. I began to read. 'I spiced up your mirror for you. Do you like it? Anyways, meet me in the direct center of the forest. Or your two friends, might be an energy drink. That's right I have been watching you. See you there, Princess.' I folded it up and stuck it in my pocket. Swallowing, I walked to the mess hall. But I noticed something, there wasn't nineteen kids there. There were twenty. Somebody new had come, in the middle of the night. And they sat alone.

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