A/N: This fic idea has been bouncing around in my head for quite some time, and bits and pieces got written down months ago but I never really got serious about writing it til now. The crossover might seem weird to some, but I love both shows and this takes care of my need to write some decent LoVe without quite so much drama, and a futurefic for That 70s Show to fix my issues with the 8th Season. All will become clear if you keep reading, honestly it will! ;-)

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Chapter 1

"You're the best, Wallace" Veronica Mars, daughter of top PI and former Sheriff of Neptune, Keith Mars, smiled as she ended her call and hung up the phone.

One more problem dealt with, or potentially dealt with at least, since her best friend had come through for her as he always did. She knew it was at least a little wrong to keep on asking him for favours, like swiping files from the Administrations office, especially when he could get into a lot of trouble for such a thing. Still, she told herself, it was just this one time, she wouldn't ask again... unless it was really important.

Taking a short break from cracking cases, Veronica pulled her school books towards her and attempted to at least achieve a little with her homework assignment. After all, one of the few promises she had to make to her father before he would agree to go away on a job for a couple of nights, leaving her alone at both the office and home, was that her homework would be done on time and properly. She was pretty good at keeping promises to her Dad, though a few little white lies occasionally occurred. Veronica told herself those were for his own good, and was almost certain he had his own secrets too.

"Okay" she said to herself, staring down at the page of math problems, and muttering to herself as she figured out the answer to the next one on the paper before her.

So engrossed was she in the text and numbers, the sound of the door opening and closing physically made her jump. She glanced up to see a young woman walking into the office. Older than Veronica but looking pretty good, the blonde pegged her at mid-twenties, maybe not a trophy wife since she didn't have the bling for it, but possibly trying to be one. She was certainly the right side of the class divide, and had a way with her walk that suggested she knew all too well that she was the right side of beautiful too.

"Um, I'm looking for Keith Mars?" she said, looking around as if she were lost suddenly.

"I'm afraid Mr Mars is out right now" Veronica told her, "but I'm his assistant, Veronica, and if you'd like to give me some details, we may be able to help you?" she suggested, gesturing for the as yet nameless woman to take a seat on the other side of the desk.

With a huffy little sigh escaping her lips, she was clearly not impressed at having to speak to an assistant instead of the actual PI she'd come to see. Still, she would take what she could get given the circumstances. Her business here was too important to be put off for even one more day.

"So, how can we be of assistance, Miss...?" Veronica prompted as she pushed her school books aside and sat pen poised over a yellow legal pad.

"Kennington" the brunette filled in a she hung the strap of her purse over the arm of the chair and crossed her legs, "Brittany Kennington, and I need you to find someone for me" she explained as Veronica nodded her understanding and scribbled down the potential clients name, "It's my father"

"Okay, and when was the last time you saw him?" Veronica asked as carefully as she could.

"I never have" Brittany admitted sadly, "He and my Mom broke up way before I was born"

"I'm guessing 'way' is less than nine months?" Veronica smiled, but Brittany didn't.

Instead the poor woman looked somewhat shamefully away, tucking a lock of dark hair behind her ear like a nervous habit.

"Actually" she said as she glanced over at Veronica once again, "They weren't really together when they, y'know, got together and made me" she said with a look.

Veronica wasn't entirely sure what that meant, though she had a couple of ideas. Still, they were getting off track and the client was getting uncomfortable so it was obviously time to change the subject and move on.

"So, you never met your father" she repeated, "If I may ask, why the sudden urge to see him?" she checked, knowing sometimes it was best to know in advance what exactly you were dealing with in these cases.

"I only found out anything at all about him a few months ago" Brittany sighed, "See, when I was little, I had a different Dad, I guess a Step-Dad but he was the only guy I ever had in my life" she explained, "Anyway, when I was eight, he and my Mom broke up, and I never really knew why. Honestly, I didn't care much, I was never all that close to him, and he certainly wasn't interested in me" she said with a sad shake of her head, "When I got older and started dating, God I had some awful relationships, and one night when I was crying my heart out over some asshole who didn't even matter, saying even my Dad couldn't love me so why should any other guy, my Mom told me the man I always thought of my father wasn't at all"

"Wow" Veronica nodded in understanding, after all she knew what it was to have the wind totally taken out of your sails by the news that maybe your father wasn't who you thought; to be told outright by your Mom that you definitely are not the product of her marriage like you always thought - that had to be a particularly nasty shock, "but you said this was when you started dating?" she said with a frown, "I'm guessing that was a couple of years ago?"

"Try ten, but thank you" Brittany smirked at Veronica's delicately erring on the side of caution when guessing her age, "Even when she told me about my real Dad she didn't tell me much, and honestly, I didn't care" she shook her head, "I guess you could say I went on a feminist kick, all rage against men and everything" she laughed to herself as she recalled the wilder times of her life, "I swore off men altogether. I said it worked for my Mom, it'd work for me" she smiled, "but it didn't last"

"I'm guessing you met someone" Veronica smiled back at the woman who seemed a lot less snotty now she'd got her talking.

"Not just someone" she sighed, "The one, and he showed up right when I wasn't even looking for him. It's always the last guy you expect to be perfect for you that winds up being just that"

"Tell me about it" the blonde said with a knowing look as her own romance with Logan Echolls came to mind.

From pseudo-friends to the greatest enemies, and now so much in love it hurt sometimes. Veronica cold hardly believe the way their relationship had evolved and yet she wouldn't change the path they'd taken, however painful it might've been. it had made the both of them who they were, and their relationship as it was, which was as near to perfect right now as anything ever was in Neptune. With spring break fast approaching, they had plans to spend it all together, and she couldn't wait.

"So anyway" Brittany continued, bringing Veronica back from her dreamworld in a flash, "Next thing I know I'm planning a wedding, and Mom's getting emotional and reminiscing" she rolled her eyes, "I don't know, she's talking about some big romance from back in the good old days, and I'm loving this guy she's spinning a tale about"

"Your real Dad?" Veronica guessed and Brittany nodded that she was indeed right.

"You're good at this, aren't you?" she smirked, "So suddenly Daddy Dearest isn't sounding so bad, and when I asked my Mom if she would mind if I wanted to meet him, she was pretty okay with it. Stunned, but okay" she explained, "I'd so love to have him at my wedding, you know?"

"I'm sure you would" Veronica nodded and smiled as she adjusted the pen in her hand, "So, last known address? Any photographs or at least a good physical description?" she asked, glancing down at the page, "Oh, most important of course, we didn't get to a name yet"

"Last address and photo are right here" Brittany said, producing a piece of paper bearing a few neatly written lines, and a picture from out of her purse, which Veronica quickly looked over, her eyes widening.

"Wow, I guess those horror stories you hear about 70s fashions are true" she said as Brittany laughed.

"I know, right" she rolled her eyes, "but that's the last picture my Mom has, and the Wisconsin address"

"And a name?" Veronica prompted for the most important details she'd yet to get an answer on.

"Steven Hyde" Brittany said with a smile, "That's my Dad"

To Be Continued...