Cassim and Iago has been away from Agrabah for three months. It is night time, they are beginning to run out of food, but they get their food from nearby towns. They aren't, however, near any towns- Cassim and Iago are lost.

"That's it. We're dead." Iago said. "If you can get me back to Agrabah, tell Al I wanna be buried with a perch and lots of gold." He flopped onto Cassim's horse's neck.

Cassim looked down at Iago with a smile. "I have no intention of dying any time soon, and neither should you."

Iago sat up. "In case you haven't noticed, we're out in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the night, with no food, no nearby villages, and did I mention-" Iago took a deep breath. "WE, ARE, LOST!" He shouted.

"Not quite, my feathered friend. It will be sunrise in a few hours, and we'll be able to see things more clearly."

"We won't live until morning." Iago said, flopping back down on the horses neck. Cassim gave a little shake on his horse's reins, making him gallop.

"Always the pessimist. Things aren't that bad."

"Always the optimist." Iago retorted.

"Listen- we can't be that lost." Cassim said, pulling his horse to a stop and looking around. "There can't be that many places with black sand."

"WHAT?!" Iago yelled, sitting up. "We're in The Land of The Black Sand! The home of Mozenrath!" He flew into Cassim, trying to hide.

Cassim stared at Iago. "Who's Mozenrath?" He said, trying to calm him.

"Aladdin's sworn enemy! We have to get out of here now!" Iago shrieked in panic.

"I thought you said Mirage was Aladdin's sworn enemy." Cassim looked confused.

"He has too many to count- but trust me. You don't wanna meet Mozenrath." Just then, two figures sprout out of the ground. The come closer, and the figures' green faces became visible to Cassim and Iago. The mamlocks began to approach them, brandishing their swords.

"Mamlocks! Run!" Iago shrieked, but when Cassim reared his horse up to ride away, a large hand formed out of black sand. It grabbed Cassim, and he disappeared.

Iago flew up into the air. "Don't worry! I'll get Al!" He shouted at the black sand, before flying away.

A third figure came out of the sand and watched Iago fly away. "Yes. Get Aladdin." Mozenrath laughed. He looked down at the captured Cassim. "Aladdin the hero will come to save this intruder."