Epilougue + Afterword

Saleen laughed as she moulded the glowing white foam before her. "Have they forgotten about me, Armond?" She laughed. "Well, let them forget me. I haven't forgotten them."

Armond looked grumpy.

"And now, Armand, Saleen may walk the streets of Agrabah, through another." Saleen laughed, as she continued to mould the person before her out of sea foam.


Hee hee, can't forget Saleen! So, this is me, Gingerbizkits, FINALLY finishing this fanfic. Jeez, it's been going for... nearly a year! I began it in half term last year, and now look at me! Finishing it in half term!

Well, it's a relief, this has been nibbling the back of my mind for ages. Finish me, finish me! Your readers await!

THANK YOU so much to my readers- I truthfully didn't think ANYONE would like this fanfic, so when I already had two reviews in 2 minutes, I was awestruck!

Okay, many question the songs I used, so here they are:

Chapter 17: Same Things- Dido's Hunter
Chapter 18: An Outsider's Interference- Girls Aloud's Untouchable
Chapter 31: Black and Gold- Ellie Goulding's cover of Black and Gold

Okay :D

So, I have an IDEA for a sequel (i.e- I made up the second one BEFORE this one, which I made up as I went along, but had to write this one to explain the following points:
-Why Aladdin and Mozenrath are not trying to kill each other
-How Aladdin and Jasmine ended up with kids only a few years younger than themselves
-Where Hessa came from
-How Saleen got everyone's memories
-How Mozenrath and Sadira ended up together and other things I haven't though of yet), and I'm wondering if you guys WANT me to type it :)

Oh yes- another reason I uploaded the first story was to test if anyone liked my writing style and inner workings of my odd mind :)

One more thing I have to say is I actually don't like fanfictions. Unless they are very true to the book/movie/series that they are based on. That's why when I first started Bad Blood, I had about four different segments of Aladdin's episodes open in different tabs, and wouldn't write down the characters saying anything I couldn't picture them saying (which got harder later on, as Mozenrath became more tolerant of Al&co, so I turned him into the sarcastic-mean-older brother type. I got kinda depressed partway through writing this upon realizing I have officially killed one of Aladdin's top enemies whilst writing this. Please forgive me!) and I HATE inventing new characters into fanfics. I hope Deja, Destane (ok, so I didn't ENTIRELY invent him, just his appearance and characteristics), Hessa, Rubith and Ali didn't offend anyone!

Enough ranting via me. Next installment of the Aladdin Blood Trilogy will be entitled Story Two: Ocean Blood. Guess who THATS gonna include :D

So, people tell me what you thought of the whole fanfiction- TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH though, but don't be too brutal :)