This fic takes place during season 3 of The Bionic Woman. Their are no pairings for

Rating: K

Summary: Jaime begins having trouble with her bionics not long after receiving devastating news about Steve. Now it is up to Oscar and Rudy to give her a new reason to keep fighting to stay alive, when this trouble starts the beginning stages of bionic rejection.

A/N: In no way shape or form will i do a fic like this again. I was bored and this idea came to me. My apologies go to my baby bro, Daniel for writing

Chapter 1-Bad News

Jaime Sommers sighed as she continued working on building up the fire in her home. It was freezing in there and she was nearly out of wood. After letting out a growl of exasperation, she poked at the fire once more. This seemed to work because the fire really got going then. "Whew. It's about time." She said and let out a sigh of relief. She turned when she heard knocking on the door down the stairs. "Come in!" She called out and watched as her German Shepard came strolling over to her happily. Patting him gently, she smiled and said, "Yes, Max. We have company." Her grin grew bigger when she heard the soft hello from her boss and friend, Oscar Goldman. She met him at the top of the stairs and the two shared a tight hug.

"Hi Babe." He said warmly and then gave a pat on the head to Max. "And hello to you too, Max." He shot him a grin as well as Jaime glanced to her boss worriedly. The three moved over to the couch and sat down. Oscar sighed and said, "Jaime, I really hope your up for this one."

"Spit it out, Oscar. What's wrong?" Jaime asked him.

His eyes met her own as he said, "Steve was killed two days ago in an accident at the lab in White Sands. I'm so sorry, babe." Noticing she was close to tears, he pulled her into his arms. He held her tight as she sobbed. "Rudy was with him at the time it happened, so he wasn't alone. He did everything he could to try and save him."

Jaime sniffled and said, "So it's just me and Max now, huh? As far as the Bionic Duo?" She shot him a tearful smile and a choked sob came from her just then as soon as he nodded. Realizing what he said, she pulled away so she could meet his eyes once again with her own. "Wait. You said Steve wasn't alone. Is Rudy all right?"

Oscar nodded and said, "Yeah. He had some minor abrasions and a broken arm, but he'll be all right. He was thrown clear, but Steve... He took the explosion head on." He went on to explain what the experiment was as well as its intended purpose.

Jaime sighed sadly and nodded. "Well, what do you need me to do?" Something told her just then that it was more than just a common phone call. She was right.

"Jim and Helen don't know yet. I was wondering if you'd be willing to accompany me to go and tell them." Oscar asked sadly. His one arm still tightly around her shoulders. "I know this isn't going to be easy and I am sorry to have to ask you.""It's OSI business so I understand why you are."

Jaime said. "I'll do it."They both got up from the couch and walked down the stairs. They headed for Helen and Jim's house.