Important Note

"I have tried not to forget that past was once present and the future unknown and have made my best to hide my guilty knowledge of what fate had in store for the actors in the drama" Anthony Everitt.

"The trouble with looking back on history is that we do so with the advantage of hindsight. Our interpretation of historical events tend to become warped by our knowledge of what happens next –a knowledge that the people inside the moment cannot possibly have owned" Colleen McCullough


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Disclaimer: I don't own Alexander, Hephaistion, the rest of their Companions or historical characters here mentioned. This is NOT a historical essay, it is fiction, and all the interpretations of characters and events are mine, including all the mistakes.

WARNINGS: This story is rated –T– as a whole, but every now and then you'll encounter chapters marked as –M–.

Beware young Padawan, this story has: explicit sex scenes, M/M relationships, explicit violence, alcohol abuse, cruelty, adult themes, rape, child abuse, cannibalism, incest and all those things that could cause parents to raise their eyebrows in shock and nuns to throw holy water at you.

Basically, this is a story for the very open-minded and may not be suitable for: underage audiences, your parents, your little sister, the local priest, or your highly homophobic boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/significant other.

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