Okay guys I don't really know what I'm doing so bear with me okay? I hope you like it!!!

This story is about Bella and Edward growing up together and then hopefully falling in love!

Bella: 6 years old Parents: Charlie and René

Edward: 7years old Parents: Carlisle and Esme

Alice: 6years old and Bella's sister

Rosalie: 8 years old and Bella and Alice's best friend

Jasper: 7 years old and best friends with Edward along with Emmett

Emmett: 9 years old and brothers with Edward

"You'll never catch me" I yelled, I was running away from Edward my best guy friend.
"Watch me Bells" he yelled back. I screamed and ran around the swing, Edward behind me. I made myself go faster.

I tripped over my feet and fell to the ground laughing. Edward ran toward me.

"Bella are you okay" he asked putting his hand forward to help me up.

"Of course" I said I took his hand and went towards the house.

I opened the door and went to the kitchen "Mommy" I called

"Yes sweetie" she was making me and Edward lunch.

"I fell….. again" I said I looked up at her watching her make the food.

"Oh are you alright?" she turned around and looked at my hands.

"I'm okay" I said. "okay then why don't you and Edward go up to your room?"

"Okay" I said jumping up and down she laughed. I grabbed Edward's hand and ran up the stairs in to my room. I let go and sat on my bed.

"So what do you want to do?" I asked. He shrugged, I looked at my feet. I heard my door open; I looked up and saw Alice. I ran and gave her a hug we were twins though we looked nothing alike.

"Bella they want us downstairs" I ran with her downstairs with Edward behind us.

When we got downstairs we saw all of our parents sitting on the couches I sat next to by mom along with Alice. I watched Edward go with his mom and dad. I wonder what's wrong probably did something I guess.

"Bella" my mommy said. I looked up at her "Yes" I answered

"Well sweetie it's hard to say this but……."

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