Hey people, just a small KakuHida story I felt like writing, there are way too many lovy dovy KakuHida stories out there (and I love them all) but I feel like some angsty, forceful stuff, ya know?

Warning: Rape, sexual things, cursing and a little bit of madness also the characters are all quite ooc.

Disclaimer: I don't own it!

The sounds of screaming echoed throughout the Akatsuki base, though it was basically ignored by all who heard it, seeing as though it was a daily occurrence.

Since Pein had come up with the 'bright' idea to put the two immortals on the same team and thus effectively making everyone's life a living hell, screams were a part of the 'norm'.

It was a well known fact that Kakuzu and Hidan couldn't stand each other, even ten minutes spent in one another's company would escalade from yelling to all out war.

And seeing as though these two shared a room, let's just say that I don't think the leader of Akatsuki will EVER make the same mistake again.

Kakuzu was furious, no, furious just didn't cut it, he was livid, apoplectic , he was ANGRY!!!!

Stalking down the empty stone corridors, searching each and every room, hoping to find at least one sign of his soon-to-be-dead partner.

Finally reaching the conclusion that Hidan was nowhere in that specific part of the base, the miser headed back to their shared room, muttering under his breath.

Hidan would pay, of that he was certain, the white haired boy would be screaming for his god's mercy when he was done with him! No one had ever stolen Kakuzu's money and lived, though Hidan was immortal Kakuzu was sure he could at least thrash him to within an inch of his life!

When he reached his room, the stitched nin found it locked, though this wasn't the problem. The problem was that Kakuzu distinctly remembered leaving the door standing open, only one person sprang to mind, "HIDAN!"

Kakuzu just got angrier, his tight control slipping ever so slightly. That was the last straw, a thread sprang to life and wriggled into the key hole and seconds later there was an audible click and the door slowly swung open.

There stood Hidan, his hand outstretched, as if he were about to open the door. Kakuzu gave him no chance to say a word, immediately after the door was open he had darted through the doorway and grabbed his partner's throat, blocking off his oxygen.

Hidan of course tried to speak, tried to swear, but Kakuzu just tightened his grip. "Where the FUCK is my money you little whore!" Each word was accompanied by the thud of the immortal's head hitting the wall.

Gone was the cocky smile that was usually upon his face, instead there was a look of pure rage and hidden hurt, sure they hadn't been together as partners for more than a week, but Hidan had grown attached to his stingy, money loving partner. This whole thing felt almost like betrayal, but Hidan couldn't be betrayed, he never put his emotions into things so how could he feel this?!

The answer was simple, he hated the thought of being alone, the thought that everyone would die and he would be alone, Hidan wasn't a coward but that thought would terrify anybody.

Looking deep into dazed magenta eyes Kakuzu felt his rage deepen, though his money was temporarily forgotten his temper was still fuelled by something and this something appeared to be a lot more persuasive than money.

Loosening his hold slightly, only enough so the immortal in front of him could speak and perhaps breathe, it was then that Kakuzu realised that appealing look of his partner only worked when said partner was silent, for as soon as he was even slightly free, Hidan burst into cursing.

Though his arms and legs were pinned by more of Kakuzu's stitches Hidan still fought, his body jerking forward in an attempt to escape his punishment.

This awakened some deep primal urge in the old miser, a feeling that had been buried for most of his 91 years of life, a feeling that had almost been forgotten. Lust.

Hidan's struggling ceased, as if he sensed the change come over the man in front of him, what filled the zealot's heart could almost be something akin to dread or anticipation maybe even both.

Kakuzu never smiled, and you could tell he was smiling even though he wore that mask, and it wasn't a nice smile either, it was a smile that said, 'Fuck with me, I dare you!'

Kakuzu's grin grew broader when he saw a foreign emotion flash in his partners eyes. He let out a small chuckle and pulled down his mask, his mouth crashing against Hidan's in a rough kiss, their teeth smashing together, but neither cared.

Kakuzu cared only in humiliating the youth before him, while Hidan cared only for escape. Though unfortunately for the white haired Jashinist, Kakuzu was stronger.

Ending the kiss, the stitched man stripped Hidan of his clothes, and proceeded to humiliate the younger man by stroking his flaccid cock, and getting a reaction. Kakuzu's face was pulled up into a mocking smile, "Well, well, well, seems you're quite the whore my religious little zealot."

Hidan's face went from blank shock to raging fury in seconds, his teeth gritted and his mouth snapped open and clicked shut again a few times in short succession. Finally he managed to spit his favourite two words out at his torturer, "Fuck you!"

Kakuzu's anger had almost completely dissipated by now, he was enjoying this, the way Hidan's face would contort with his different emotions, the way his muscles flexed as he writhed beneath him, the way his eyes shone red with his fury, all of this turned Kakuzu on more than any pretty girl could ever do!

With one last sadistic chuckle and stolen kiss, Kakuzu flipped Hidan around so that he was now pressed into the cold tile covered wall, his hands held above his head as if in prayer.

Grinning at the irony, the missing Falls Nin dug through his holster for a kunai, once one was found it was shoved through the trembling immortals hands, pinning the albino to the wall.

Letting him hang, Kakuzu began to slowly undress himself, pulling his clothes from his body as slowly as possible as he listened to the strained hiss of Hidan's breathing.

Once fully unclothed he stood behind his prey, his cock hard and weeping, not even bothering to find lube, of any kind, Kakuzu pulled Hidan's hips towards him so that the albino's ass was sticking out at a good angle.

Hidan's entire body was trembling now, his rage and humiliation were building and now it was about to get worse.

Deciding it best to 'test the waters' so to say, Kakuzu pushed one finger roughly inside the boy, and revelling in the gasp that followed. Now that he knew, he probably should have realised that Hidan was still a virgin, but that would just make this so much better!

Pulling the finger out and grabbing the albino's hips, he positioned himself at his partner's tight virgin entrance, knowing that his member was larger than most and knowing that this would be excruciatingly painful for Hidan, Kakuzu grinned and thrust himself in swiftly.

Hidan screamed at the sudden invasion of his body and tried to jerk away, his trembling becoming more pronounced, though now it was more from shock than anger.

His attempt to avoid the pain just met with his own hot member meeting the freezing tiles, causing a whimper to issue from his mouth.

Kakuzu delighted in the small sound of weakness his partner had just made, and what made this all the sweeter was the fact that he was sheathed in the warmth and strength of one of 'Jashin's high priests'

Pulling himself back a bit, and revelling in the marvellous friction, Kakuzu soon started up a steady rhythm, pounding viciously into the man beneath him, but as he pulled back for the next thrust Hidan jerked his body to the right, which allowed Kakuzu's now slick member to slide out.

The stitched man almost groaned like an uke at the loss of the wonderful friction, but he pulled back his anger and frustration, and tsked "Now look what you've done my tight assed little whore, now we have to start all over again"

Hidan growled and jerked his hands, trying to pull the kunai from the wall, but his partner would have none of it.

Positioning the immortals hips once again, Kakuzu slid his straining member back into the warmth of Hidan, this time he kept a tight hold of the boy, his fingers leaving red gashes as they tried to get purchase in the soft white skin.

The missing Taki nin didn't even bother looking for Hidan's prostate, this was about humiliating him not pleasuring him, though some part of Kakuzu wandered if the sex might be a little better if Hidan also enjoyed himself, but he immediately shut that voice up with a lust filled snarl.

Pounding harder, Kakuzu soon found himself losing his carefully sought rhythm and just pounding into the immortal body beneath his own.

Kakuzu's body was close, his skin tingled with a mixture of burning heat and freezing cold, his body trembled with the need to release, and when he felt he couldn't stand it any longer, he came, his sperm shooting into Hidan and leaving the old miser exhausted.

He lay on top of the albino, letting his staked hands hold both their weights as he recovered from the sheer bliss of his orgasm, forgetting for just a moment that he was humiliating the Jashinist, Kakuzu leant forward and nibbled softly on an ear.

But he received no response, sometime during the mind blowing fucking, Hidan had given up, his mind retreating, leaving his body unresponsive.

But Kakuzu didn't worry too much about this, after all, Hidan would probably be back to his normal annoying self the next day, so pulling his now limp member from the priest Kakuzu made his way over to his bed and collapsed, barely managing to pull the covers over his body before he gave into the blissful exhaustion hovering around him.

There we go, all done with the first chappie, okay so theres only gonna be a few, like maybe three or four, give or take a few.