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Kakuzu walked swiftly down the corridor of the Akatsuki lair, he had heard some suspicious sounds coming from this direction and decided it would be worth his while to check it out, especially since it may be related to the theft of his precious money.

He had narrowed down the sounds location to the one place all Akatsuki members feared to tread, Leader-sama's office. Inching forward cautiously Kakuzu could hear loud, foul cursing coming from around the corner, exactly where Leader-sama's office was.

The cursing was then followed by several loud thumps and even more cursing. Deciding it was definitely worth his while to investigate the masked ninja confidently walked forward and around the corner, but what he saw made his strut falter and his confidence waver.

There in Leader-sama's office, hands pinned via kunai to the desk, was Hidan. The albino mans ass waved enticingly to and fro as he struggled to free himself from the restricting kunai. Kakuzu's mouth watered and something twitched down below.

Stitched hands reached forwards grasping for the soft, plump flesh of Hidan's rounded ass. Though it seemed Hidan and thus Hidan's ass had other ideas, every time Hidan tried to pull his hands free his body and subsequently his ass would sway to the side, and Hidan seemed to be avoiding Kakuzu's hands without even meaning to! So clever Kakuzu changed tactics, opting to slap the ass instead of grope it and so the ass was slapped, thoroughly.

"Fuck! Pein you asshole stop fucking touching me!" This made Kakuzu falter, why was Hidan calling him Pein? Of course they were in Pein's office, but Hidan wouldn't be unfaithful so soon in their relationship would he? Wait what the hell, they weren't even in a relationship! They fucked, that was all.

The enticing ass waved again, moving slowly from side to side, hypnotising Kakuzu. "Fucking heathen, is that all you do? Fucking rape people?" Kakuzu snapped out of his daze immediately, 'Rape?' Is that why Hidan was bound in Pein's office, naked? Or was this one of the zealots many tedious rituals?

Deciding on the best course of action Kakuzu decided to ask Hidan what had happened. "What are you doing Hidan? What ritual does your god demand of you now?" Hidan gasped, "Kakuzu? You bloody motherfucking asshole! I thought you were that shithead Pein!" The priest hesitated before rolling his eyes, "Could you please pull this out of my hands Kakuzu-chan, pretty please?"

Kakuzu paused and then swiftly pulled the troublesome kunai from the priests hands leaving Hidan gasping in pleasure, "Hidan, care to tell me what you were doing?" The pleasured gasps abruptly ceased, "Ah ha ha, sure Kuzu, uh Leader-sama was just trying to instil respect into me." The stitched man frowned, Hidan was lying, but why.

Suddenly out of the corner of his eye Kakuzu spotted an article of clothing which most certainly did not belong to Hidan and suddenly everything clicked together, Hidan being bound, his avoidance of the subject, the talk of rape. Pein had raped Hidan. It was all so obvious how could he have missed it?

Hidan was feeling a little bit nervous, Kakuzu's face had suddenly gone from puzzled to blank and it was enough to scare a grown man out of his skin. "Kuzu?" The stitched man said nothing instead walking stiffly out the door and in the direction of the private quarters.

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