Capture the Heart
by rkOujirou

Author's note: This story is a continuation based on the Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl anime, starting from after the episode "The Battle Finale of Legend!".

Disclaimer: Pokemon is not my idea and I don't own it or any of the characters, obviously.

Extra Chapter 3

"This is going to be so much fun!"

A little over two weeks after their trip to the beach that wound up involving more than either of them had bargained for, J and Dawn were strolling through the streets of Lilycove City together on a warm afternoon in the Hoenn region.

As for the favor Cynthia had asked of them weeks earlier, well, that was the reason they were here. Cynthia's favor actually didn't involve J at all. Rather, it turned out to be something the world-renowned trainer asked only of Dawn: to go against her in an exhibition contest battle.

Cynthia had planned a short tour of Hoenn in which she would visit several of the cities and interact with Pokemon trainers along the way, and one of those planned stops was in Lilycove City. This, however, was the only stop where she hadn't had any sort of big event planned, and she had been trying to decide what to do. Thus, when she learned that Dawn resided in Hoenn, she jumped at the chance to propose a contest battle between them. It would offer a unique and exciting opportunity for Cynthia, who wasn't accustomed to contest battles, and would hopefully also provide interested trainers and coordinators with an inspiring show.

The battle wouldn't take place until later in the evening at the Lilycove Contest Hall, leaving J and Dawn free to kill some time around town until then.

While Dawn walked alongside J, the two of them holding hands all the while, she was continually pondering which Pokemon she wanted to use tonight. It would be a two-on-two contest battle, leaving her with a number of possible combinations to choose from. "Mmm…I still can't decide which Pokemon to go with," she said, looking to J. "What do you think?"

J, who was wearing her long, black wig to keep herself incognito, only muttered something incoherent in response.

"Oh, come on. Are you still being like that?" Dawn grumbled, miffed with her partner's attitude.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to see that J wasn't pleased with why they were here. Still, she didn't necessarily mind enjoying a little of what Lilycove City had to offer with Dawn at her side as they were doing now. "It's just an exhibition. Maybe try something new?" she suggested.

"Hmm…something new, huh?" Dawn thought aloud. J made a good point; if there was ever a venue to break out something different without consequence, it was an exhibition battle. She would have to consider it.

There were any number of people wandering along the city's sidewalks at this time of day, and, as J and Dawn continued along, one person over on the other side of the street caught Dawn's eye. Seated next to a motorbike beneath the shade of a tree was a very familiar-looking policewoman who, given her posture, appeared to be deep in thought.

"Hey, J, isn't that Jenny?" Dawn pointed off to their right.

One quick peek was all J needed to recognize that it was, indeed, her old rival. Unlike Dawn, though, she wasn't thrilled about it in the least. Jenny already visited them for dinner too often for J's liking; the last thing she needed was for the woman to intrude on her time with Dawn yet again. "Let's keep going. Maybe she won't notice us," she insisted.

"J!" Dawn chided her. Despite J's wishes, the young coordinator waved her hand in the air to get the seated officer's attention. "Jenny! Hi!"

Hearing her name called, Officer Jenny looked Dawn's way. She'd been feeling troubled ever since she'd gotten off work less than an hour ago, but seeing Dawn perked her right up. She was just the person Jenny needed to see. Hopping off the bench she'd been using, Jenny stepped into the street—looking both ways to check for traffic later than she should have as she realized she'd forgotten to in her rush—and proceeded to cross the cement path as she made a bee line for Dawn.

"Great, now look. She's coming over here," J groaned.

J may not have liked it, but Dawn didn't mind. "Hey!" she greeted the approaching officer.

"Dawn!" Jenny ecstatically clasped her hands around Dawn's. "I'm so glad to see you! Listen, I need your help!"

"Y-…you do?" Dawn blinked.

After an affirming nod from Jenny, the policewoman realized at last that there was someone standing next to Dawn. From the moment Jenny turned her head, there was definitely something that stood out to her about the person. Jenny gave her a thorough looking-over while trying to figure out just what it was. Soon, the reason became crystal clear. Even if the woman was disguised, Jenny couldn't mistake the mug she was looking at.

"Black hair doesn't suit you," Jenny said, narrowing her eyes at J.

"Bite me," J snapped back at her.

Dawn could only sigh at the verbal exchange. Why, oh why, couldn't these two ever get along, she wondered? "A-anyway, what did you need help with, Jenny?" she asked.

"Oh, right!" Jenny quickly returned to the issue at hand. She opened her mouth to explain herself, but, seeming embarrassed all of a sudden, she had difficulty blurting it out. "I…ummm…I have a date."

Perhaps more than any other time in her life, J was floored to hear what had just come out of Jenny's mouth. "You what?" she inquired, not believing what she was hearing.

"Wow! Congratulations!" Dawn said excitedly. "Who is it with?"

"Well…it's this really nice guy who runs his own bakery. His name's Zack," Jenny, her cheeks flushed, began to give Dawn the rundown. "I stopped in for a donut earlier because I was starving, and…we got to talking. And then he asked if I would have dinner with him, and I said yes. But, I don't know what to do on a date! I don't even know what to wear!"

While J stood there wondering what alien had taken over Jenny's body, Dawn started to make a mental checklist of what would need to be done. "Do you have any date-type clothes at home?"

Jenny didn't even have to think about that one as she promptly shook her head.

"That's kind of what I thought," Dawn offered a light chuckle. "Well, we could go shopping and help you pick something out. How does that sound?"

"Yes! Please!" Jenny emphatically accepted the offer. "My shift is over, so I've got plenty of time!"

Naturally, J wasted not a moment in taking exception to the plan. "What? Are you kidding?" she intervened, not at all on board with this. "Why should we have to spend time helping Jen land a guy?"

J's remark drew a sneer from Jenny, not that J would have expected any less.

Dawn could see there would be some convincing necessary when it came to the silver-haired woman. Luckily, she knew just how to go about that. "Come here for a second," she said, grabbing J by the hand and pulling her aside. Once they'd put some distance between themselves and Jenny, Dawn put her arm around J's shoulder and pulled her down to whisper something to her. "You know, J, if she had a boyfriend to keep her busy, she definitely wouldn't be stopping at our place for dinner as much."

As Dawn surmised, sometimes getting J to agree to things was all a matter of pointing out how it would personally benefit the bounty hunter. She herself didn't at all mind Officer Jenny's visits, but she knew how much J did, and she was hoping to use that to her advantage.

Apparently, Dawn's ploy was a success, because her significant other didn't argue a second further.

"I'm in," J immediately agreed. "Let's do this."

While J, Dawn and Officer Jenny cooked up a game plan, elsewhere in the city, Cynthia, too, had taken to the lively Lilycove streets before her exhibition battle with Dawn later on. Unlike the others, however, Cynthia was completely stationary—and had been for a while—in front of an ice cream vendor she'd run into.

"What to get, what to get…" Cynthia wondered to herself as she rubbed her chin with one hand.

"Umm…have you decided yet, ma'am?" the vendor asked her. "It's been close to half an hour now."

"Mmm, not quite," Cynthia said to him. "I think…I'm getting there, though."

The man working the ice cream stall was flabbergasted. Never in his life had he ever seen anyone take so long to decide which flavor of ice cream they wanted. Surely this couldn't go on for much longer, he believed.


First and foremost in preparing Officer Jenny for her date, she was going to need something suitable to wear. To that end, she, J and Dawn had stopped by an outlet named Club Orchid that specialized in women's clothing.

"Ooh, this is cute," Dawn commented on a skirt she was examining. Clothing with bright colors, she figured, would probably make the best impression. "Ah, this one, too! Hmm…maybe you can try both on and we'll see which looks better?"

Beside Dawn, Jenny felt like a Feebas out of water as she peeked through the display. "It's…it's all so…girly," she remarked. This alone was enough to give her second thoughts about the whole date thing.

"Well, yeah. You're a girl, after all," Dawn was quick to remind her. "You wear a skirt as part of your police uniform. This really isn't all that different, right?"

"It's totally different! My uniform skirt doesn't look like this," Jenny contended.

Exhaling deeply, Dawn took the two skirts she'd been looking at, as well as a pure white top she'd picked out earlier, and handed them all to Jenny. "Here, go try these on."


"Just do it! It'll be fine!"

Dawn practically had to shove Jenny into one of the shop's changing rooms. She'd had a feeling this might be challenging, but she hadn't imagined it would be quite this bad.

Meanwhile, nearby, J could actually feel herself empathizing with Jenny as she looked around at the clothing items along one of the store's walls. This sort of stuff was so foreign to her it wasn't even funny. She'd heard that most girls adored shopping in places like this, but for the life of her she couldn't understand why.

"See anything you like?" Dawn asked as she walked up behind J. "We could get you something while we're here, too, if you want."

"Absolutely not!" J adamantly refused the offer.

"Aww. Why not?"

"You really need me to say it? These things don't suit me one bit. Just being around them makes me uncomfortable."

Disappointing though it was, Dawn could understand why J felt that way. Because of the tumultuous life she'd led, J never really had the chance to just be a girl. Wearing something like a skirt was probably borderline terrifying to her.

Even so, Dawn wished she could see it just once: the always rough-and-tumble J clad in feminine attire. What would she look like in a dress, or something adorned with frills? Dawn couldn't even imagine the kind of sight that would be.

"Dawn? Dawn!" Officer Jenny called out to the younger girl. Poking her head out from behind the door of the changing room, she looked to be in need of assistance.

Dawn responded to the summons, hurrying back over to see what Jenny needed.

"Does this look...right?" Jenny asked.

As Dawn could see, Jenny had already changed into the white shirt, which had sleeves that went down to her elbows, and the first of the skirts Dawn had given her—one of a light coral color.

"Wow, it looks really good on you, Jenny!" Dawn marveled at the change in the officer's appearance.

"Does it really?"

"Yeah! Now try on the other skirt, okay? I want to see which one suits you more."

"A-all right."

The door was closed again, and Jenny went about the task of switching skirts.

While that was going on, J stepped up next to Dawn to check in on the situation. "Well? How is it?" she asked.

"Trust me, you'll be speechless," Dawn replied with a confident smile.

Shortly thereafter, the changing room door creaked back open, and Jenny once more poked her head out. "Umm…"

"Well, come out here! Let's take a look," Dawn encouraged the apprehensive officer.

Slowly, Jenny pushed the door out the rest of the way so that the others could see her. The skirt she had changed into was peach-colored, and, judging by Dawn's reaction, it was perfect for her.

"Jenny, that looks great! Even better than the last one!" Dawn exclaimed.

"You think so?" Jenny asked, twisting back and forth to get a better look at it.

"Mhmm! Definitely!" Dawn gave her an approving nod. "Doesn't she look nice, J?"

Dawn had said that J would be speechless, and she was right. Only…it probably wasn't in the way she expected. Seeing that rowdy goody-goody that she'd clashed with for most of her life looking ladylike for the first time, J couldn't handle it. Covering her mouth, she turned her head to the side and looked away in an effort to keep herself from laughing.

"What's with that reaction?" Jenny snarled at her rival. Incensed, she stomped over to J and grabbed two handfuls of her shirt. "You think this is funny? Huh?"

J couldn't say anything. It was taking everything she had just to keep herself from bursting out with laughter.

"You…!" Jenny growled.

"Hey! Stop that, you guys!" Dawn pleaded with them.

"Umm, excuse me?"

All eyes quickly turned to one of the store's clerks who had approached the group. While she appeared nice on the outside, something about her led everyone to believe that she wasn't appreciative of what they were doing.

"I'm sorry, but could you please not fight in the store?" the clerk implored them.

"Y-yes! We're really sorry! I promise, they'll behave themselves!" Dawn assured the woman. Her demeanor changing in a hurry, Dawn swung around and turned a sharp glare on J and Jenny. "Right?"

Their faces riddled with guilt, Jenny let go of J and the two of them backed away from one another. Although both of them were incredibly strong women, Dawn was a force that neither felt like reckoning with when her mood went south.

With the situation resolved, the store clerk went about her duties elsewhere.

"Jeez, you two are unbelievable! Can't you get along for just one day?" Dawn scolded the quarreling women.

"Sorry," J and Jenny responded in unison.

Sighing loudly, Dawn had to remind herself to stay focused on the task at hand. "Okay, Jenny. Let's go take a look in the mirror."

When Jenny stepped over to the full-length mirror on the wall, she hardly recognized herself at first. It was such a stark contrast to how she usually looked that she simply couldn't believe it was her. "It's…oh, wow," she uttered, having trouble trying to find the words to describe it. "It's…not what I'm used to, but…it doesn't look that bad, huh?"

"Nope! It's perfect," Dawn said to her. "Now we just need to pick out some shoes to go with it and you'll be all set."

The clothes would take some getting used to, but Jenny was glad that at least this part of the preparation for her date was all but solved. Eager to see how she was doing on time, she took a quick look at her watch. "Good, we've still got plenty of time before we need to be at the restaurant."

"Err…we?" Dawn quirked an eyebrow at the officer.

"Yeah. You're coming too, aren't you?" Jenny asked her matter-of-factly.

Judging by her expression, Dawn clearly hadn't been thinking such a thing would be necessary.

"Are you serious?" J butted in, again taking exception to Jenny's plans. "Why in the hell would we tag along on your date?"

"In case I need help!" Jenny argued, realizing now that they hadn't been planning on going with. "What if something goes wrong, or I don't know what to talk about? You don't have to sit with us, just be in there so I can ask for advice if I need it! Come on! Please?"

While this was an unexpected turn of events, Dawn couldn't say she was surprised by it. "Well…I guess we were going to stop and eat somewhere at some point," she figured, scratching her head. "All right. We'll come with you."

"Yes! You're the best!" Jenny happily thanked her. "Now, let's go find some shoes!"

J just stood there with her mouth hanging open in disbelief. The hole she found herself in only seemed to be getting deeper and deeper.

Noticing the dissatisfaction of the woman she loved, Dawn grabbed her by the hand again. "Come here," she said, pulling her aside for a second time today. As Jenny went about inspecting the store's selection of shoes, Dawn pulled J close enough that they could talk in whispers. "Remember? Get her a boyfriend, she'll bother you less?"

"I know, I know. Whatever," J muttered in response.

Dawn couldn't help giggling a little. At least J was going along with it without too much resistance. "Don't worry," Dawn said, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. "I'll make sure we have some super special alone time after we get home tonight."

J didn't know what exactly that meant, but she was sure as heck intrigued by it. If nothing else, it would help her get through the rest of the day a lot easier.

With the afternoon drawing ever closer to the early evening hours, one befuddled ice cream vendor stood hunched over his cart, his chin resting on his palm and his mind trying to wrap itself around the existence of the blonde woman still positioned like a statue in front of him.

Cynthia still hadn't settled on what type of ice cream she wanted. She just stood there. And stood there. And stood there. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking.

The vendor had no idea what to even say at this point. Asking if Cynthia had decided yet was pointless; he knew the answer would be some variation of "no." He was even starting to wonder if this was some sort of practical joke. Then again, who in their right mind would commit this much time to standing in front of an ice cream cart all for some silly joke?

Finally, for the first time in what felt like an eternity, Cynthia's lips parted slightly as if she were about to say something.

"Oh! You're ready?" the hopeful vendor snapped to attention.

Slowly, however, Cynthia's mouth would close yet again without her uttering a single word. She was right back to the way she was before.

His eyes rolling back, the vendor's face dropped flat against the top of his cart. This was unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. When it came time to close up for the night, he was going to do so, he decided. Whether this woman got her ice cream or not, he was heading home, and that was that.

A short while after their shopping trip, J, Dawn and Officer Jenny were outside an establishment called the Great Wailmer Restaurant where Jenny would be meeting up with her date. Jenny had a white pair of shoes with some short heels on them to match with her outfit now. Thankfully, she was already accustomed to such footwear from the shoes that went with her police uniform.

"Well, this is it," Jenny stated, scouring the area nervously. "So, I guess I just…wait?"

"Yup! Outside. Don't go in without him," Dawn made sure to clarify. "J and I are going on ahead, then. Remember, just be yourself. Okay?"

"Just be myself. Be myself. Okay, I can do that," Jenny told herself.

While she and Dawn headed for the door, J had one quick piece of advice for the officer. "Try not to traumatize him too badly, Jen."

"Screw you!" Jenny barked back at the hunter. Why she ever expected anything helpful out of the woman was beyond her.

Once she was by herself, Jenny began pacing back and forth to cope with her nerves. She would constantly check the state of her clothes as she waited, making absolutely sure everything looked right. Honestly, she'd clashed with violent criminals before and not been anywhere near this anxious. How did other women do it, she wondered?

"Officer Jenny?"

Startled to hear her name all of a sudden, Jenny spun around to find a well-groomed man with short, brown hair staring at her. "Z-Z-Zack! Hi!" she greeted her date for the evening.

"Wow, is that really you?" Zack was awestruck as he looked her over. "I barely recognize you without your uniform. You look great."

Inside, Jenny was wholeheartedly celebrating the compliment. She was right to enlist Dawn's help, she thought. "Really? It doesn't look weird on me or anything?" she beamed.

"Not at all! It really suits you," Zack assured her. "Well, should we go inside?"

With an eager nod from Jenny, the two of them stepped foot in the restaurant and found themselves a table not far from where J and Dawn were seated.

"Hey, look! He's kind of handsome," Dawn said of the man's looks as she peered across the room.

J, however, wasn't so impressed. "He looks boring," she muttered. "Jen can do way better than that."

"Oh?" Dawn shot her a sly look. "Listen to you, looking out for your friend's best interests. And here I thought you didn't care."

"We are not friends!" J denied the accusation.

Over at the other table, Zack was actually thinking partly along the same lines as J. "You know, I was pretty surprised that you agreed to dinner like this," he spoke. "I figured a baker would probably seem boring compared to the sorts of people you meet in your line of work."

"Oh, no! That doesn't bother me at all!" Jenny said to him. "It's really nice to be able to sit down and eat with a normal person for a change."

"N-normal person, huh?" Zack laughed.

Jenny didn't realize while she was saying it, but she probably could have chosen her words better there. "Err, not that there's anything wrong with that! I mean, it's not like I'm not normal or anything!" she quickly went into damage control mode. "W-wait, what I'm trying to say…umm…!"

"It's okay. I think I know what you mean," Zack stopped her, turning his focus to the restaurant's menu. "Go ahead and order whatever you want. It's on me."

Jenny had almost forgotten that food was part of the deal as well. Even better! From then on, she navigated her way through conversing with her date without much trouble. Things were going rather smoothly…at least until dinner arrived. Jenny had ordered an extra large plate of spaghetti with garlic bread and a side salad, and, as soon as her order hit the table, she was wolfing it down like she hadn't eaten in days.

Zack hadn't even touched the grilled wraps he'd ordered yet. He was too mesmerized by the ferocity with which Jenny ate. "You…must have been hungry, huh?"

"Starving!" Jenny responded with a full mouth.

The officer would have kept on going the way she was, but a signal from across the room caught her eye. Looking off behind Zack, Jenny spotted Dawn holding her arms up in an 'X' pattern. Once she'd gotten Jenny's attention, Dawn mouthed the words "slow down" as clearly as she could.

"Slow down?" Jenny wondered to herself, curious as to what Dawn meant. Turning back to Zack, she noticed the perplexed expression on his face, and this time it finally sunk in. "Oh, crap! I was eating too fast!"

Realizing her mistake, Jenny sat up and resumed eating in a more controlled manner.

"Oh my gosh, she was eating just like she always does with us," Dawn slapped a palm over her forehead at she and J's table. "How does she not know not to do that in front of a guy?"

"This is Jen you're talking about. Her head is filled with the law and nothing else," J pointed out.

"Ugh…it's sad, but it's true," Dawn conceded, staring intently now at the curry dish J had gotten. "Is that any good?"

"Yeah, it's not bad."

"Let me try a bite. It's not super spicy, is it?"

"Not really."

Taking a spoonful of her curry, J reached across the table and fed Dawn a sample of the dish. Almost immediately, Dawn's eyes shot wide open.

"Owwwwowowowowoww! I thought you said it wasn't spicy, J!" Dawn panted, fanning her tongue with one hand.

"Is it? It wasn't to me," J batted her eyes, puzzled by the reaction. She wasn't aware that Dawn was that bad with spicy food.

Given that Dawn had ordered some hot tea as the beverage to go with her dinner, J offered her glass of ice water to help ease the burning sensation in the girl's mouth. Dawn clearly wasn't enjoying herself at the moment, but her squirming around while trying to deal with the spices was actually a cute sight to J, so much so that the bounty hunter had to snicker to herself.

"It's not funny!" Dawn cried.

On the other front, Zack was able to start working on his own meal now that Jenny had taken a more normal approach to her eating. "S-so, how do you like being a police officer?" he asked, trying to get things back on pace. "I know it runs in your family and all, but it must be pretty interesting for you personally, right?"

"Yeah! Definitely!" Jenny passionately answered. "It has its boring days like any other job, but the times when you get to chase down criminals makes up for it."

As she thought about it some more, a euphoric sort of look came over Officer Jenny. "It's even better when they resist arrest and try to fight you," she added, licking her lips. "They all think they're so tough, but one or two of their bones start to crack and they turn into whimpering little babies."

Again, Jenny picked up on a signal coming from behind Zack. With Dawn still preoccupied with cooling off her mouth, it was J who this time threw up the 'X' with her arms, shaking her head back and forth to warn Jenny that she'd gone too far.

"Huh? Now what?" Jenny wondered as she turned back to her date. To her surprise and dismay, Zack had become pale as a ghost. The vivid details Jenny had just put out there were a bit more graphic than the guy was expecting. Time for more damage control, Jenny decided. "I-I mean…helping out the citizens of Lilycove is the best part of the job! Just knowing I could be of service to them makes me really, really…happy! Ahahahaha!"

After their…interesting dinner, Officer Jenny and Zack stopped by an ice cream vendor they came across for a little dessert to enjoy during a walk beneath the sunset. Zack went with plain vanilla, while Jenny chose the more adventurous bubblegum flavor.

Once those two had gotten their treats and moved on, J also paid a visit to the vendor to get Dawn some orange sherbet to help with the lingering effects of the curry. It would be the vendor's last sale of the evening before closing up shop. He had grumbled something about it being a long day as J was leaving, but she didn't know what it was about, nor was she even remotely interested.

J and Dawn would follow Jenny and her date from a distance from there onward. If dinner was any indication, Jenny might be needing their assistance again, they figured.

"He's just walking her home now, right? It's almost over?" J inquired, longing for this whole thing to be finished.

"Oh, it hasn't been all that bad. We got to have a nice dinner, even if yours was a little hot," Dawn offered a positive outlook on the day.

Out ahead of them, Zack, who hadn't been quite sure what to make of Jenny at dinner, was slowly getting back into their date. "How's the bubblegum? Good?" he asked, referring to Jenny's ice cream.

"Yeah, it's really tasty," Officer Jenny happily partook of her dessert as she skipped along the pavement.

"Really? I always get cold feet when it comes to venturing away from vanilla," Zack told her. "I guess I just stick with what I know too much."

"What? You can't do that! There's so many great flavors out there for you to try!" Jenny insisted. "Bubblegum, mango, cookies and cream…"

"All right, all right, I get it. Maybe next time, then," Zack allowed. "So…"

"Attention all officers, there is a purse-snatching suspect moving south on 4th Street."

Zack abruptly fell silent, turning an awkward look on Jenny. Just by force of habit, the officer had kept her police radio tucked in underneath the waistband of her skirt. She only now realized that she'd forgotten to turn it off.

"S-sorry! I didn't think it was still on," Jenny apologized. "I'll just switch it off."

While Jenny reached for the device, another message was sent out over it.

"Described as male, wearing dark clothes, and has a mustache. He is currently on foot. Repeat, suspect moving south on 4th Street."

After hearing it a second time, an important detail began to dawn on Zack. "4th Street? Isn't that where we're…?"


Hearing a woman's scream, Jenny and Zack turned their attention further down the sidewalk where a heavyset man was practically bowling people over in his haste as he ran their way. Given the man's facial hair and attire, not to mention the fact that he was running with a purse in his grasp, Jenny's date was able to make an instant connection.

"Jenny, that's the purse snatcher!" Zack deduced, making a beeline for the suspect. "We need to do something!"

"W-wait! Zack, stop!" Jenny shouted as she took off after him. "You're not trained for this! Hey!"

Ignoring Jenny's warning, Zack went to tackle the larger man. Unfortunately, Jenny was right: Zack wasn't trained for this sort of thing at all. Taking his forearm, the criminal smacked Zack upside his head, knocking him aside with relative ease.

Officer Jenny was already planning on dealing with the suspect, but watching him harm her date had given her some extra incentive. Tossing her ice cream away, she stepped into the charging man and, as he went to swat her aside as well, she grabbed him by the arm and hip tossed him up over herself and flat against the concrete.

"Agghhh!" the purse snatcher groaned in pain.

Now that she had him down, Jenny went to roll the man over to restrain his arms behind his back. "You're under arrest! Onto your stomach! Now!" she ordered him.

A short ways away, Dawn was looking on with worry as the situation unfolded. "Hey, J, shouldn't we help her?"

"There's no need. She can handle it," J calmly answered. "Besides, she's the police officer here. Just let her do her job."

The criminal had no intention of going quietly, though. Trying to fight Jenny off, he reached back and slugged her in the cheek with his fist. "Get offa me!" he demanded.

Dawn couldn't believe what she'd just seen. "He…he hit her!" she gasped.

Beside the girl, J had to cringe at the foolish move. "That was a bad idea."

While Dawn wasn't entirely sure what J meant by that, she was about to find out in a big way.

As blood dripped down from the corner of her mouth, Jenny, a rage brewing within her, turned an irate look on the criminal and promptly caved his cheek in with a vicious punch of her own. The payback wouldn't stop there, either. Not by a long shot. Jenny unloaded repeatedly on the man with rights and lefts, battering him with such savagery that he stopped fighting back in an effort to cover up and defend himself.

A small crowd had begun to gather with the intention of aiding Jenny, but they soon realized that the officer needed no help whatsoever. After wearing out her fists on the man's face, Jenny stood up, yanked the suspect up by his arm, and started throwing crushing knee after crushing knee to his gut. So winded by the attacks was the man that he couldn't even plead for the assault to stop.

Still not satisfied after all of that, Jenny stuck her head between the man's legs from behind and, in a stunning display of strength, lifted him up so that he was on top of her shoulders. "Canalave Cyclone Suplex!" she bellowed loudly, and with that Jenny threw herself backwards, dumping the suspect right on the back of his head. Not surprisingly, he had been knocked out cold.

The crowd that had formed, including Zack, were all speechless at the beating they'd just witnessed. Even J and Dawn didn't know what to say after watching that. J had most definitely seen it coming, though. If anyone knew what it took to set Jenny off, it was her.

Jenny, mercifully deciding that she'd done enough, rolled to her feet and spat some of the blood from her mouth down onto the man's forehead. "You shouldn't have hit me," she hissed.

It wasn't long before a police cruiser came down the road with sirens blaring and pulled up beside the scene of commotion. As it came to a stop, two officers exited the vehicle and hurried over to their target.

"Officer Jenny?" one of them spoke, surprised to see their comrade. He then switched his focus to the man sprawled out on the ground. "Is this the purse snatcher?"

"Yeah, that's him," Jenny confirmed for her fellow officer. "Be sure to add 'resisting arrest' and 'assaulting an officer' to his list of charges."

After some further explanation from Jenny, the other members of the police force handcuffed the unconscious man and hauled him off to get some medical attention. A jail cell would be awaiting him as soon as that had been taken care of.

The onlookers that had gathered began to disperse now, and with Jenny's police business done, Dawn made her way over to the officer to check on her. "Are you okay, Jenny? That looks like it hurts."

"What, this? It's nothing. I've been in enough brawls that something like this doesn't even faze me," Jenny scoffed at the impact of the punch she'd taken. More importantly for her, she had a date to get back to, and thus she brought her gaze back to Zack. "Sorry that took so long! We can go now."

That was all well and good, but, unfortunately, Zack wasn't quite of the same mindset as he was before watching Jenny beat the tar out of the criminal. "A-actually, I just remembered something else I have to do," he stammered, taking a step back.

"You…huh?" Jenny blinked, confused.

Zack retreated another two steps back. "This was…umm…fun, but I'm really too busy to be dating anyway," he claimed. "I'll be rooting for you with your work, though! Good luck!"

The frightened baker took off in a hurry, bringing a premature end to the date.

Jenny was still too stunned with what had just happened to do anything as she watched Zack leave. Slowly, though, the reality of it set in, and Officer Jenny dropped to her knees, dejected.

Dawn felt terrible for the policewoman as she stared down at her. "Aww, I'm so sorry, Jenny," she said. Looking over her shoulder, she gave a quiet plea to the closest thing to a friend the woman had. "J, say something!"

J didn't know what Dawn expected of her, but if she wanted her to say something, so be it. Stepping up beside the officer, she squatted down next to her. "I dunno, Jen. You think it was the suplex that scared him off?" J asked, amused by how things had gone down.

Hearing that only making her feel worse, Jenny hung her head. "After I finally got asked out, too. It's hopeless, isn't it?" she sighed. She felt around for her ice cream, hoping that would ease some of the sting. Only then did she realize that she'd dropped it before engaging the thief. The way her date had ended was bad enough, but now, as she spotted what remained of her bubblegum-flavored dessert laying on the sidewalk, Jenny was on the verge of tears. "Even my ice cream is gone. This suuuuuucks."

"That was impressive."

Some unexpected words of praise catching her attention, Jenny raised her head to see a woman with long, blonde hair walking toward her.

"Cynthia!" Dawn exclaimed, surprised to see her friend here like this.

Still looking at the officer, Cynthia knelt down in front of Jenny and placed a hand on her shoulder. "I really admire that dedication of yours to handle such a situation even when you're off-duty. Lilycove City is lucky to have someone like you watching over it," she complimented her. Holding out her other hand, Cynthia offered Jenny what remained of the ice cream cone she'd finally settled on earlier. "Here."

"" an astonished Jenny gasped, accepting the cone from her.

"It had three layers before, but I ate the strawberry and chocolate ones," Cynthia smiled. "I hope you don't mind the peppermint flavor."

Now that she'd shown some much-needed appreciation to one of the city's protectors, Cynthia stood herself up and looked Dawn's way. "Are you all set for our contest battle?" she asked.

"I think so. It sure hasn't been easy deciding which Pokemon to use, though," Dawn giggled.

"I see. Well, I'm looking forward to finding out what you've decided on," Cynthia told her, turning to J now. "Will you be going, too?"

"Yes, but only to watch Dawn," J sneered back at the woman.

"I figured," Cynthia said with a chuckle. "Well, it's about time to start getting ready. I'll see the both of you there."

"Okay! See you in a bit!" Dawn waved to her.

As Cynthia took her leave, Officer Jenny was watching the woman's every step from her knees. It was almost as if she was frozen in that spot, never once taking her eyes off of the famous trainer.

"Jenny? Are you okay?" Dawn inquired, noticing the officer's strange behavior.

When Jenny failed to answer, J moved her hand back and forth in front of the woman's face a few times to try to see if she was still responsive. "Hey, are you in there?" she asked. "What's wrong with you? Snap out of it, you idiot."

Completely ignoring J, Jenny, with a sparkle in her eyes, raised up the ice cream she'd been gifted and took a lick from it. "Cynthia…huh?" she spoke, savoring the minty flavor that filled her mouth.

Sensing a strange aura about the officer, J looked toward the departing Cynthia, then back at Jenny again, and then, finally, to Dawn. "Is…is she…?"

Though she had trouble believing it at first, Dawn had picked up on exactly the same thing J had. "Ah…ahahahaha. Oh, boy," she laughed.

Evidently, the kind words and ice cream she had shared with the glum officer may have meant even more to Jenny than Cynthia knew.

End of Extra Chapter 3