Part II

Hospitals were the first institutions to go when the zombies took over. The original case of supposed "food poisoning" caused by those tainted Gas-N-Go burgers were treated in a local hospital. And when that small hospital couldn't diagnose the symptoms they sent Patient 0--as he came to be called--to another, larger hospital a few towns over, and when they still couldn't figure out what was making the guy crazy they sent him to a specialized, one of a kind hospital in Washington D.C. Huge mistake on the hospitals' part.

In hindsight they really should have just Euthenasia-ized the bastard, because by the time he was shown to specialists he was way beyond simple stomach flu and brain hemorrhaging. He bit chunks out of three doctors before they finally managed to get him into isolation, but by then it was too late. Those doctors quickly turned on their colleagues, who turned on their patients, who turned on their unsuspecting families.

The media caught on quickly, but by then more hospitals all over the country had admitted people with symptoms similar to those of Patient 0, and like that big wig, high tech hospital in D.C. each and every one of those medical centers collapsed in on itself.

And then the hospitals that weren't immediately struck down by the domino effect of Zombieland were the first to be attacked and left abandoned by swarms of the undead. It seemed the zombies somehow realized the threat involved with hospitals in the off chance that a cure was ever discovered. Apparently they're not always as dumb as they look.

"Be careful... Shit! Watch the wall! Geez, slow down! You're killing me here..."

"Stop...yer damn...wriggling..."

"Oh my God...are those...fucking stairs?!"

"What, now stairs're scary too?"

"When you're carrying me up them they are!"

"Ya know, I think I liked it better when you were conked out," Tallahassee grumbled. "I slung ya over my shoulder like a Goddamn sack and didn't hear a peep outta ya."

"You...WHAT?! Gaaah!"

Columbus' knee struck the metal banister of the hospital's emergency stairwell, but that had been a God honest mistake. Tallahassee even winced for him, though he wasn't about ready to apologize. Columbus didn't complain the rest of the way up--based on the expression on his ashen face he was probably in too much pain to.

Wichita and Little Rock had gone ahead to make sure the coast was clear. The place was thankfully deserted, probably because of the zombies' instinctive dislike of sanatoriums. Once they'd given the small hospital a long and careful look through they let Tallahassee in with the conscious albeit slightly delirious Columbus in his arms. Now the sisters were working on barricading every entrance so nothing could get in and Tallahassee trusted that they would do a good job.

"Head for the third floor," Wichita had instructed. "We'll find you up there."

Why third he had no idea, but he wasn't really in the mood to argue. As long as it was safe he could care less. On the specified floor he found a surprisingly well lit hallway, as the emergency generator in the hospital had apparently not died on them yet. The place was a mess with broken medical equipment and other crap tossed haphazardly around, as though a tornado had stormed through the building's interior. Eventually he managed to find a fairly empty room with a somewhat clean bed and dropped Columbus onto it as carefully as he could.

"Ow ow ow fucking...shit... OWWW!"

"Ah calm down ya big baby," Tallahassee muttered as he turned away to raid the nearby cabinets in the hopes that he would find something--anything--to make the kid feel slightly better.

"I am in agonizing pain here," Columbus shrieked hysterically back at him. "And you're only making it worse!"

"Well sorry there, princess," Tallahassee automatically taunted back. "I thought ya were a man, not a pussy."

The kid whined something in response but Tallahassee ignored him. His patience was wearing thin, though not because of Columbus complaining. It seemed the hospital they'd chosen had already been thoroughly raided and he feared he wouldn't be able to find the supplies he needed to help his young friend. Not that he really knew what he was looking for anyway. Bandages maybe? Yeah, lots and lots of bandages...

Then he heard a strange noise that had him freezing mid search. He recognized the sound for what it was easy enough--the sniffling, the short shaky breaths, the little whimpers--but it was the kind of sound he would hear from Buck when the toddler became particularly frustrated and upset by something or rather. For a second, just a second, his mind wandered to the last time he'd heard the sound, right before his little Bucky was dragged off to become a light appetizer for some zombie son of a bitch.

He'd been too mild-mannered then, mostly due to ignorance. At the time he didn't understand the zombie plague any better than the next guy, so when instinct kicked in he opted for flight over fight. Long story short he'd been careless and his inability to prepare for a full fledge zombie attack left him and his son helpless. Poor Buck hadn't had a chance.

So now he was hearing it again, that whimpering sound of distress that affected him so deeply that he had been able to take a frying pan and avenge his son as he bashed in the heads of his once friends and neighbors. He suddenly had that urge again, that urge to protect and kill anything that threatened to inflict the kind of terror and pain he'd seen on Buck's little round face.

He spun around with a growl, ready to fight to the death, but saw no zombies and no son in distress. All he saw was Columbus sitting there and grasping his injured leg just above the knee, as though that would somehow ease the aching further down. The kid's eyes were squeezed shut and his pale face was screwed up in pain while he bit hard on his quivering lip in a lame attempt to keep himself from outright bawling. It didn't seem to be working very well, because Tallahassee could see even from across the room the tears that streaked the kid's reddened cheeks.

"Are you...crying?" Tallahassee asked bluntly.

Columbus shook his head as he couldn't quite trust his voice to speak for him at the moment.

The older man sighed heavily and got up off his haunches so he could cross the room and take a careful seat next to Columbus on the narrow gurney. He hesitated a long moment before finally putting a strong, comforting arm around the kid's thin shoulders. To Tallahassee's surprise Columbus didn't pull away from the touch even though his precious bubble of personal space had been invaded. Instead he choked out a sob that had Tallahassee holding him even closer.

"...'M n-not a...p-p-pussy," the boy wept.

"Yeah ya are," Tallahassee responded gently while he rubbed comforting circles against Columbus' arm. "But that's okay. I still like ya."

Columbus let out a strangled sounding laugh that quickly turned to more sobs. Tallahassee enveloped him further into his embrace and let the kid cry his little heart out. The older man didn't even mind that the front his shirt was soon drenched in tears and snot. Columbus was hurt and scared and upset, but at least he was safe in Tallahassee's arms. He hadn't been able to save Buck, but he sure as hell would make up for it with this geeky, overly sensitive college kid.

Fever dreams are weird. You get so discombobulated that it's unclear whether you're awake or sleeping, and if what happens in your dream actually happens in real life.

Like was I really just then clinging to Tallahassee--a stranger I'd been traveling with for barely the past month and a half--and crying my eyes out in the off chance that he would actually give a fuck about my hurt feelings? But here's the better question...was he really hugging me back?

I kind of hope so. I may not be the most touchy feely person, but sometimes it's nice to just be held. Especially in Tallahassee's strong arms. With my head against his chest I swear I could feel the soft thumping of his heart beat while he whispered soothing words to me, telling me he was going to "protect me."

I'd never been protected by anyone before. Certainly not by my parents. If I were bullied--and I was even through high school--they would just look at me with pitying eyes and not do a Goddamn thing about it. If came home bruised and bloodied after getting pounded on by some bored jock I would be left on my own to deal with it. I guess I can thank my parents for my emotional issues and low self esteem.

So it does feel really good to be cared about for once, even if it is by some crazy Floridian zombie killing maniac.

They were like that for a long while before Columbus's cries were finally exhausted leaving him limp and sniffling in Tallahassee's arms. Eventually they heard approaching footsteps and distant female voices whispering urgently to one another out in the hall. The sounds stopped abruptly and it took Tallahassee a moment to realize why. He slowly raised his head over Columbus' curls and saw the two sisters standing there all doe eyed with cutesy little smiles on their faces.

"Awww..." Little Rock cooed.

"Wow," Wichita commented. "You guys are just adorable together..."

Columbus' head shot up at the sound of the girls' voices and his wide, bloodshot from crying eyes darted to Wichita, then to Tallahassee, then to the ground in utter embarrassment.

"Gah, what're you doing, man," Columbus sniffled as he pushed himself away from Tallahassee's chest. He swiped at his flushed face quickly in the hopes that he could erase all evidence of his weeping. "You're...we're...that's just so..."

Wichita laughed whole heartedly while Columbus ducked his head even further to hide his face. The sound of her pleasant giggles was agony to his already crushed ego.

"Are you...okay?" Little Rock asked somewhat hesitantly. "We brought you something for your leg pain, if you need it..."

"What? Yeah," Columbus squeaked back, obviously trying and failing to sound braver than he looked. "I mean no. I'm fine. Okay. Everything's...okay here."

"Kid's lying," Tallahassee interjected. "He definitely wants the good stuff."

"I think we can help with that," Wichita said with a smirk. She held out a needle filled with some ambiguous liquid.

Columbus paled considerably at the sight. "W-wait...what is that?"

"Some kind of morphine I hope," Wichita answered with a shrug. "They've got a surprisingly well stocked Pharmacy in this place." She passed the medicine to Tallahassee, who reluctantly took the syringe and brought it to Columbus' bare arm.

"N-needle!" Columbus gasped. "Are...are you sure that it's, um...clean?

"It was still in the bag when we found it," Little Rock piped up.

"Yeah, plastic bag," Tallahassee assured him. "You got a thing for Ziplocs, right? Keeps things dry and clean or some shit."

"Um, yes," Columbus sniffled. "And c-crispy."

"Well than here's a fresh, crispy needle for ya."

He could tell the kid wanted to argue further, though not necessarily over how sanitary that syringe was. Tallahassee wouldn't be surprised if the kid was just terrified of needles in general--he was scared of everything else anyway.

"We'll, ah, leave you two alone," Wichita suddenly said. "I mean after we so, ah, rudely interrupted your little love fest."

She snorted at her own joke and winked as she steered her sister out of the room, leaving two very embarrassed men staring after her.

Tallahassee eventually cleared his throat to break the uncomfortable silence that had fallen over the room. "She wasn't interruptin' no love fest, that's just...ya know..."

"Yeah," Columbus forced himself to chuckle. "It wasn't...I was nice. You were...nice." His eyes darted up to Tallahassee's speechless face and he blushed. "Um, sorry I kinda ruined your shirt."

Tallahassee shrugged. "Oh, I'll just get another one. No big."

"Ah, that's...good."

"Yeah..." Tallahassee trailed off as he recalled the syringe he still held in his hand. "So, you ready to do this?"

Columbus looked wearily at him but didn't protest.

"Just don't look at it and I promise you'll feel a hell of a lot better when it's over with." Tallahassee almost felt bad for lying to Columbus. After all, he had no idea what he was about to inject into the kid's blood stream.

Columbus turned his head away and tried to focus his bloodshot vision on something other than Tallahassee with the needle.

"There. All done."

Columbus whipped his head back around. "Really?"

"Yup." Tallahassee tossed the empty syringe aside. "Feelin' better yet?"

"Um...maybe. A little..."

He trailed off tiredly and Tallahassee watched as the drug took almost immediate effect. Columbus' pupils dilated and his eye lids drooped as his mouth slowly curled into a goofy grin.


Tallahassee waved a hand in front of his face and the kid didn't even blink. He just stared off into space in a drugged up daze.

"That's good," the older man mumbled. "At least yer not cryin' anymore."

He took care to fluff Columbus' pillow and help him lie down on the bed. The kid mumbled something incoherently that Tallahassee ignored as he turned his attention to the bloodied bandages on Columbus' leg. He picked at them carefully and when Columbus didn't react at all he tugged them off completely.


In the harsh fluorescent hospital lighting the wounds looked even worse than before. Tallahassee could clearly see where the thick, iron teeth had bitten into the kid's flesh. They were triangular in shape and at least a few inches deep surrounded by bruising and further torn gashes from when he'd fallen.

Tallahassee resumed his rummaging and was eventually able to find a shit load of bandages. He even came across a drawer full of suture kits that he could use to seal the wounds on the kid's leg. As long as he was careful and kept the cuts clean he figured he would have Columbus fixed up in no time.

He pulled up a chair at Columbus' bedside and listen to the kid's shallow breathing for a minute. He was still conscious, still staring off into space, but at least he was calm and didn't look like he was in pain anymore. If Tallahassee was going to sew Columbus' leg back together, now was definitely the time to do it.

Tallahassee sat there, curved needle in one hand and thread in another as he stared down at the kid's shredded flesh. He'd already torn through Columbus' jeans and cleaned the wounds again, he just didn't know where he was supposed to even start the stitches.

"Hey, hey," Columbus slurred as he perched himself up on his elbows to get a better look. "What...whatcha doin' down there?"

"Tryin' to fix yer leg."

"Oh," he mumbled back. "Thanks."

"Don't thank me yet," Tallahassee mumbled.

He held the needle against one of the cuts on the kid's leg. He could do this. He had to do this...

"I like you," Columbus suddenly said. Tallahassee jerked his head up and raised an eyebrow at the goofy smile on Columbus' face.

"Do you now?"

"Yeah. I like you lots."


"Tallahassee, you're my hero."

"Am I?"

"Yeah. I've never had a...a real life hero before."


"No. You're like my own personal Batman."

"Batman, huh?" Tallahassee scratched his chin thoughtfully while in his mind he pictured himself in classic cape and cowl, stalking the city at night and killing zombies from the shadows. But then Columbus would have to be his Robin, tagging along in those bright colors and the hot pants...

"Quit distracting me kid," he growled.

Columbus giggled at what Tallahassee could only assume was a similar mental image.

He focused again on the task at hand and actually managed to hook the needle into Columbus' flesh. A rivulet of blood and puss came out as a result so Tallahassee cringed and pulled away. To his surprise Columbus wasn't whining about it--in fact he still had that damn delirious grin on his face as he stared at his own blood.

"Yucky. I wonder why zombies like it so much? It doesn't look very...tasty..."

"Fuck it!" Tallahassee exclaimed as he slammed the suture kit down onto the bed, making the kid stop mid thought and jump in fright. Tallahassee pointed his finger at a bewildered Columbus and got to his feet, saying sternly "you stay right there."

Columbus blinked at him. "Ah, okey dokey."

"And don't even think of moving."

"...I won't."

"I'll be right back."


He kept his eyes locked on Columbus' as he backed out of the room and into the hall. He spotted Little Rock approaching from a little further down.

"Hey, Lil' Rock!"

"Oh, hi!" she greeted with a grin. "I was just coming to get you..."

"Yeah? Where's yer sister?"

The girl pointed back in the direction she came towards a pair of doors that were labeled "Radiology."

"She's in there."

"Thanks. Could you go watch the cripple while I go talk to her?"


She skipped past him into the room he'd just left.

Tallahassee spotted Wichita behind a glass window, fiddling with some sort of machinery there. He quickly found the door to the small room and stomped his way towards her without so much as a pleasant "hello."

"You're a girl, right?"

She glanced up and smirked at him. "Last time I checked I was."

"So you know how to sew, right?"

"That's a pretty bold assumption."

"Chicks have this like instinctive ability to sew that us manly men don't have. 'S all about genetics and shit."

"Wow, genetics? Really? I had no idea..."

Tallahassee's expression hardened dangerously. "Listen, missy. We got no time for yer damn antics. Now can you sew the kid's leg back together or not?"

"Of course I can.".


"But we can't just stitch him up," Wichita warned. "What if his leg's broken? We'll have know...set it or something first."

"And just how in the hell are we going to do that?"

She shrugged. "We need to x-ray his leg to see if it's broken, and then we'll just make him a splint. We're in a fucking hospital anyway."

Tallahassee scratched his stubbled chin in thought. Wichita's logic was sound and really they didn't have any other options. "How hard could it be?" he reasoned aloud. "Ya stick him under the x-ray thing and hit 'go' or whatever."

"I honestly doubt it's that simple," Wichita chuckled. "But I've almost got it figured out, you just get him over here in one piece."

Tallahassee nodded in agreement, honestly glad that the youngens were dealing with the computer stuff. He started to walk away but was stopped again by her quiet, almost guilty sounding voice.

"You know," she said. "If...if this doesn't work, if he gets sick or something, we can't keep carting him around. It'd be...dangerous if we have to slow down."

The man let out a humorless chuckle as he turned to face her once again. "Now why I am not surprised to hear you say somethin' that?"

"I just mean--"

"You mean to leave him behind 'cause he's hurt," Tallahassee snapped. "You mean every bitch for herself, right?"

She looked down shamefully but didn't say a word.

"If I have to carry the kid around with me everywhere we go I will," he continued, just to drive the point home with the selfish girl. "Because I know if I was in trouble, or hurt, or stuck in some fucking amusement park overrun by Goddamn zombies he would be the first one to help me out. The least you could do is care a little bit back."

Her jaw dropped at his harsh words and she did look genuinely guilty, but he didn't stick around to hear if she actually responded. He wasn't in the mood to fight with her right now. Not while his junior was hurt.

I guess I should have always known Wichita would never feel the same way about me as I felt about her. She had hero worship following the Perilous know. But it wasn't long after that she was bored with me again. Little Rock said she liked "bad boys" after all. And no amount of spilt food would ever make me a bad boy. Not me, the guy who's afraid of everything. I should have known she could never really have feelings for someone like me, other than pitying friendship.

But I guess the real breaking point in our short lived relationship came a two weeks after I saved her from the dreaded Drop Tower. We were in Vegas, and it was the first time we'd all been able to safely relax since Bill Murray's house. While the others opted for spending all their time in a luxurious pool--which I of course would never step foot near because God knows when it was last cleaned--I explored the vast hotel we were currently staying in.

I was checking out emergency exits and what not while I made my way up to the topmost floor where our fancy penthouse suites were. Naturally I took the stairs the whole way up, which is probably how Wichita managed to catch an elevator and beat me to the room with ample time to light some candles and pour a couple glasses of wine. It was just like our last alone time, only now the cock blocking robot was floating down some lazy river and playing Marco Polo with a twelve year old.

", Krista," I'd gasped after getting over my initial shock of seeing her standing there in the doorway still wearing her bikini from the pool. I swallowed hard and tried not to let my eyes linger in inappropriate places. "Ah, hello..."

"Hey there," she'd said with that sly little grin of hers. Before I could even respond she'd thrust a glass of red wine in my hand and linked her free arm in mine.

We sat and drank for a while, mostly continuing our conversation from last time. Wichita relived her rebellious teen years to me, while I summed up my rather pathetic ones back to her. We finished our little dance and this time I actually got to kiss her, a skill that I am proud to say I was getting pretty good at. She revealed a bottle of tequila and poured glass sized shots that my already tipsy mind willingly drank as she led me to the bed.

She slowly moved to unzip my hoodie and I kicked off my shoes. Then we did a shot. I struggled to get my t-shirt over my head, and as soon as I was free her lips were on mine again. Then we did another shot. Her hands traveled downwards along my torso and I reached out in an attempt to undo her bikini top when the world suddenly tilted sideways and went black.

Apparently I barfed on her a concoction that was about the same texture and color as pink cotton candy before passing out in a shirtless heap on the floor.

She didn't say anything to the others afterwards to save us both the humiliation. I was grateful for that at least.

Columbus grinned up at Tallahassee in a drugged daze when he finally returned. Little Rock waved her hello almost nervously and stepped away from Columbus' bedside. No doubt she was more than eager to be away from the boy's mutilated leg and his drugged up ramblings.

"Come on, Casanova," Tallahassee sighed as he gently hauled Columbus up in his arms again. "Time to see what your insides look like."

"Ooh...I'll bet they're gross," the kid muttered.

Tallahassee chuckled at that. "Yeah, I'll bet they are."

Soon they were in Radiology where the machinery around them was suddenly whirring with life. Wichita stood there next to the controls on the other side of a glass window with a triumphant smirk on her face.

Tallahassee merely nodded to acknowledge her as he set Columbus gently down on the examination table. The kid groaned and winced just a little, which subtly indicated that the meds were already wearing off.

"Alright, Wichita," he called. "Let's get this over with."

She shot him a thumbs up and flicked a switch.

"W-wait...what is this?" Columbus choked as he stared up at the ominous device looking down on him. His expression went from blissfully giddy drugged to angry horrified drugged in an instant.

"It's like a big camera," Little Rock explained. "We're gonna use it to x-ray your leg."

If anything Columbus looked even more terrified after her brief explanation. He moved to roll off the table and Tallahassee was just able to stop him before he toppled over completely.

"Hey!" the older man snapped. "Where the hell d'ya think yer going?!"



"Where'sa know..."

"No I do not know."

"You need lead block the x-rays!"

Tallahassee blinked in honest confusion. "Why in the hell would I wanna block 'em?"

"Lead...keeps the...the radiation out! My cells'll get...m-mutated and I'll have the...the cancer!"

"I think cancer is the least of your worries right now," Tallahassee scoffed.

But Columbus wasn't listening. In his confused mind he'd convinced himself to be deathly afraid of what they were doing, even if they were only trying to help him. He made a desperate move and managed to shove Tallahassee away from him before starting to get to his shaky feet. Tallahassee recovered quickly and grasped Columbus around his skinny waist so the kid wouldn't collapse on his injured leg. He hauled the squirming body back up and onto the table while he barked frantically at Wichita.

"Do it already!"

"You gotta keep him still," Wichita yelled back.

"Stoppit, spit fuck!"

"Won't...let brains!"

Tallahassee could see in the kid's wild eyes that Columbus was simultaneously terrified and really, really pissed off. He fought frantically, throwing lame punches in Tallahassee's direction while he moaned for them to let him go.

"Don't you have another happy pill or something?!" Tallahassee shouted to no one in particular.

"I don't know!" Little Rock squeaked back. She was struggling to keep just one of Columbus' flailing arms down. "What do they look like?!"

Tallahassee growled. He was barely able to hold Columbus down in his drugged up fevered delirium. He needed the kid to go to sleep. Now.

"I'm real sorry, Columbus," he muttered.

The kid turned to look at him and his eyes widened as Tallahassee brought his fist back. He socked Columbus in the face as hard as he could, knocking the kid out instantly. Little Rock gasped and looked between the two of them in horror but didn't say a word while she helped Tallahassee maneuver the now still body onto the table beneath the x-ray machine. Columbus didn't protest when he was manhandled and he didn't even twitch when the radiation coursed through his body. It was clear, however, that he have quite a shiner around his eye when he woke up.


Columbus' eyes opened a crack but just as quickly squeezed shut as harsh fluorescent light assaulted his vision.

"Well would you look at that...sleeping beauty's finally waking her ass up," a voice with a familiar drawl said. "That's good, 'cause I wasn't about to kiss ya or anything."

Columbus groaned. He was groggy and very, very confused. "Wh-where am I?" he rasped.

"You don't remember?" That was a pretty girl's voice, and he felt a little better when he noted a hint of concern in the tone.

He flinched when a set of fingers snapped next to his face to get his attention. "Hey, kid," the first voice called loudly. "Stay awake. You remember being in a hospital?"

Hospital? But civilization had been destroyed, right? I was going to college and my family was back home in Ohio...I had a date on Friday with WOW and a hearty dinner of pepperoni pizza and Code Red Mountain Dew© waiting for me. Was it possible I just dreamed the whole Zombie-pocalypse thing?

"No, spit fuck. You're not dreaming."

"...I'm not?"

"'Fraid not," Tallahassee explained. "You got yerself caught on a trap and we had to perform emergency surgery to fix you up."

"S-surgery?!" Columbus gasped and his eyes shot open. Now he remembered, or at least the misstep and the resulting agony part. After that everything was a blur. He didn't even want to imagine what Tallahassee's "surgery" consisted of...

"He's kidding," Wichita assured him. "Your leg just needed some stitches."

Columbus stared stupidly up at the blurry forms that hovered over him. The smallest of them waved a dark image in front of his face.

"See," Little Rock said. "That's your leg."

"We think it's just fractured," Wichita explained. "I wouldn't walk on it for a while if I were you."

"Which means you're riding with me for the time being," Tallahassee said. He clapped the boy affectionately on the shoulder before tightening the grip dangerously. "And I swear to God you better never scare me like this again. Or else."

Columbus blinked. He was glad Tallahassee cared, and also terrified of the man's threat should he get hurt in the future. "Thanks," he finally said with a grateful smile.

"You're welcome," Tallahassee muttered back. He ruffled the kid's hair and stepped back.

Columbus grinned contentedly and sank a little further into his pillows. He was feeling...good. Just good. His bandaged leg was throbbing and his face hurt for some unknown reason, but for once he had friends at his bedside who genuinely cared for his well being.

"Now get some damn sleep," Tallahassee was saying. "We've decided to stick around for the day, but by tomorrow morning we're outta here."

He nodded and was just starting to doze off again when a thought came to him. He perked up a little in the bed and was ecstatic to see he still held everyone's immediate attention.

"Hey I still get to pick the next trip, right?"

"Uh, no kid," Tallahassee chuckled. "This was your trip. You picked the hospital."

"What?! Now way, that doesn't count," Columbus whined. "I finally thought of something really good!"

"I'm sure you didn't," Tallahassee scoffed.

Columbus grinned sheepishly and admitted with a tired sigh, "you're right, I didn't."


Please excuse all the lack of real medical knowledge and the ridiculous things that happened here...I am--admittedly--not a doctor :\

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