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Axel pursed his lips as he looked at himself at himself in the full body mirror that he had in his dressing room. The dorm-room sized room was partially lit, the only light source being the bulbs that surrounded the makeup dresser beside the full body mirror, and almost half of the bulbs were either dim or blown out. Axel was wearing rather tight dark blue skinny jeans that were torn all over the place, with two very holes that were strategically ripped along his prominent buttocks, and a tight black 'wife beater' of sorts, exposing every crevice of his toned, thin torso. There was no need for platform boots; he was already as tall as a skyscraper, any extra leverage and he would look inhuman. So he wore regular black boots.

Axel worked as a stripper at a local gay bar called The Playhouse, and though being a stripper wasn't Axel's profession of choice, it was the only job that accepted his very unimpressive resume. He wasn't exactly experienced in the work world, but that was because of his lack of a college degree that seemed nessesary to do something as simple as cook french fries these days. His dream job was to become an engineer, and to become that, he needed serious cash to go to college to become an engineer, and cash was something Axel didn't have oozing out of his pores.

This was his last resort.

He didn't complain too much; he did get free drinks off the clock, and he has had multiple opprotunities to meet some rather interesting guys, several of them he actually went so far as to date. But he knew that this would come to bite him in the butt in the future. He could only imagine the look on his college interviewer's face as he read Axel's resume, littered with odd end jobs and stripping at a gay bar. It was going to be an embarassing thing to explain. But that was something to worry about when the bridge presented itself.

His train of thought was intterupted by the sound of his door clicking open.

"Hey, Axel," the sound of his fellow employee, Marluxia, echoed into the room in a rather annoyed tone. "You better hurry it up, I'm up next, and I still need to finish my makeup."

"You can come in, Marluxia, I'm finished getting dressed." Axel chuckled, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his jeans, satisfied with his choice of dress. The quick clicking of Marluxia's stilettos signaled that Marluxia was in a bit of a rush as he practically dived into the makeup dresser. Axel glanced at Marluxia out of the corner of his eye an scoffed. "Honestly, Marly, how can you stand wearing a dress?" The pinkette seemed to always insist on wearing the flashiest dress possible, the dress he was wearing now probably the most flamboyant Axel had ever seen him wear so far. He had on a silver sequined dress that barely covered his ass, with fishnets and silver stilettos, and a fluffy pink feather boa. Axel was bisexual, and though he did admit he had a bit of a preverence for men than women, he would never be caught dead in a dress, let alone the kind that Marluxia always wore. Perhaps it was because he was bisexual that he felt that way, balancing him out somehow, but in any case, the worst Axel was willing to go was booty shorts, and that only happened whenever he was feeling particularly frisky.

"I think they suit my figure rather well, thank you." Marluxia replied in a rather poisonous tone as he applied some eyeliner. Axel agreed, no doubt, but the pinkette's superiority complex was a major turnoff to the redhead, so he never put that much thought into it.

"Oh, come on, Roxas, it isn't that big of a deal." Riku snickered as he pulled into The Playhouse's parking lot with a rather unhappy looking blonde. "Look, we'll just have a few drinks, watch a couple dancers, and if you hate it, we can leave."

"How about you do that while I wait in the car?" Roxas hissed, sinking lower into his seat with a huff. He was being dragged to this gay bar against his will by his best friend, despite any and every excuse Roxas could think of not to go.

"Then that would totally defeat the purpose of this adventure." Riku rolled his eyes as he shut off the engine.

"You call this an adventure?" Roxas snapped, glaring at Riku. "If you want this to be an adventure, you could take me to a regular bar, where there aren't guys waving their junk in my face."

"Chill out, Roxas." Riku said, perking his brow as his tone became firm. "Did you not tell me just a week ago that you thought you were into guys?"

It was true. Roxas had been in a relationship with a sweet girl named Namine for about 4 months, but despite all the efforts made by both parties, Roxas could never bring himself to do much Namine because he just wasn't that into her. Or any of his past exs, for that matter. Thats when he had broken down and went to Riku, confessing his possible attraction to the male sex.

Roxas didn't realize that this would land him at a gay bar a week later after a rather nasty breakup with Namine.

"But you could just take me to a regular strip bar with girls!"

"Where you would pick up some other girl that you barely like, and never will like, and start this painstaking process all over again." Riku replied flatly, turning in his seat to meet his friend's gaze. "Besides, if it's really bothering you that much, there are going to be girls here. Gay bars are the woman's strip bars. Bored singles and bachelorette parties, anything. It's not just guys here. We're here to help you figure out what you want in a partner, Roxas, wether they be a guy or girl. I'm doing this for your own good."

"Fine, whatever." Roxas sighed, defeated. "Let's just get this over with so I can go home."

"Can I have an apple martini?"

"Comin' right up." Axel replied as he tossed his handtowel over his shoulder and turned around to the assorted alcoholic beverages lining the wall behind him to prepare the latest customer's drink. Axel wasn't told that he would be covering Luxord's shift and become bartender for the night. If his boss had told him that ahead of time, Axel would have dressed a bit more comfortably for the occasion. And of course, his boss didn't give him the option to change, leaving his exposed buttocks vulnerable to admiration while he had his back turned to the various lechers who came for drinks. It was different when Axel was on stage wearing these pants versus tending the bar in them. On stage, he didn't have to talk to his customers.

But, Axel was taking it in stride, holding his tongue and preparing the drinks that was asked of him without losing his focus.

At least, until a certian spiky haired blond caught his eye.

He had come to the bar with another guy who had silver hair, the silver haired guy looking rather smug with himself while the blond looked as though he had just thrown a temper tantrum. He was sitting at the bar pouting, his hands folded close to his form, staring down at the bar as if avoiding any and all contact whatsoever. The typical body language of one who was in denial of his sexuality. The type that Axel liked to crack for fun. Axel's thin lips curled into a smirk. This was going to be interesting.

Axel quickly finished off the other customer's apple martini and side stepped over to the pair, grabbing his hand towel from his shoulder and slapping it down in front of the blond, making him wince in surprise and look up at the bartender.

"Hello there, boys." Axel drawled, looking from the silver haired male then to the blond, and gave him a tantalizing wink. "I'm Axel, and I'll be your sexy bartender this evening. Is there anything I can get you two?"

The blond seemed to be taken aback by the gesture, gawking and unsure of what to say. The silver haired boy shook his head and nudged him with his elbow.

"C'mon Roxas, you can speak English." The silver haired one snickered, then looked back at Axel. "I'll have a Dirty Shirley."

"Alright then." Axel nodded, then looked back at the one who was named Roxas. "How about you, sweet thing?" Roxas blinked, then his gawk turned into a frown.

"Don't call me "sweet thing." Roxas hissed, his sapphire eyes glaring at him. Axel wanted to laugh, but restrained himself. Damn, this blond was deep in denial. This was going to be quite fun, indeed.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Axel aplogized, leaning across the bar and coming in close proximity with Roxas' face. "I just can't help myself sometimes. But I speak nothing but the truth when I say you are quite the cutie...Roxas, is it?"

Roxas' breath hitched, and he stammered like a kid who had gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"L-look, I j-just want a drink, okay?" Roxas snapped back, though his voice sounded a bit too unsure.

"I'd be happy to get you a drink if you tell me what you want." Axel tilted his head to the side a bit, looking as innocent as possible. "Dirty Leprechaun? Cosmopolitan? Sex on the Beach, maybe?"

"Just get me a beer." Roxas sighed irritably, tearing his gaze away from the redhead to glare at the silve haired boy beside him. Axel extended his hand to grasp Roxas' chin and bring his gaze back to his own.

"What kind of beer, sweetheart? We have several different kinds, and I don't want a cute thing like you running off because I gave you something you didn't like."

Roxas' companion was keeling over in laughter during the banter, and Axel was doing his best not to do the same thing. The look on this kid's face was priceless!

"Budweiser..." Roxas spoke weakly, his eyes drawing to a close tightly, trying to avoid contact as much as possible. Axel chuckled and released Roxas' chin, leaning back to his respective distance over the bar.

"Alright then, I'll be back soon."

Roxas had his back turned to the bar, watching some pink haired broad dancing to Lady Gaga's "Love Game" while he waited on his fourth drink that seemed to be taking forever. It wasn't like he was complaining, he didn't want to see that stupid redhead's face anyway. That stupid, crass, sexy redhead...

Roxas shook his head as he even thought of the word sexy. Why the hell was he thinking that to describe Axel, of all things? But as Roxas was watching the pink haired man strut around in a rather gaudy looking dress and boa, he found himself thinking of the redhead, and how the muscle shirt seemed to compliment his thin body quite well. He wasn't saying that he was interested Axel, no way. He was just thinking, in comparison to the pinkette that looked completely ridiculous, that Axel was a bit more appealing. Or maybe it was just the alchohol talking.

Meanwhile, Axel was a few feet away, his chin propped up with his hand, his elbow on the bar as he watched Roxas. He had been trying for the past hour to crack the blond, but so far his advances were being dismissed. Axel had to admit, Roxas was definately a cutie; he wasn't lying when he had said that earlier. He was cute enough that Axel was actually considering luring the boy into the dressing room for a half hour or so.

"Why the long face, fire crotch?" A familiar voice interrupted Axel's train of thought. Axel looked to his right and saw the DJ sitting in the barstool before him, his chin propped up in a similar fashion to that of Axel, his face in close proximity with the bartender's, lips curled in a grin that would put the Cheshire Cat to shame.

"Geez, Demyx, don't sneak up on me like that." Axel said, the mullet-hawk's presence having startled him a bit. Demyx snickered in response.

"Sorry, but I could see your pout all the way from the DJ booth, so I just had to come down and see what was wrong with my favorite redhead."

"Shouldn't you be manning the DJ booth anyway?" Axel asked his ex boyfriend with a perked brow.

"Eh, Marluxia insisted I looped this for a 10 minute routine, so I got some time to kill." Demyx shrugged. "That guy is so full of himself, he has to have the biggest ego I've ever seen."

"I agree with you on that one." Axel replied with a grin. Demyx may be his latest ex, but he was also his best friend. They had tried dating for a few weeks, but they quickly found out that they were incompatible. But not without trying things out in bed first.

"So, who do you have your eye on?" Demyx sneered, curling an arm around Axel's shoulders and looking over in the direction that Axel had been looking at. "That blondie at the end of the bar there?"

"Yep." Axel replied with a nod. "He's here against his will apparently, and he's proving to be rather difficult to crack, even for me."

"Well I'll be damned." Demyx shook his head. "Axel's finally found his match, huh?"

"Of course not!" Axel exclaimed, looking at Demyx. "I'm just trying to think of a...different approach."

"Well, you've just been flirting it up with him this whole time, right?"


"Well, try being a little bolder."

"As in?" Axel perked his brow in interest. Axel had just been harmlessly flirting at this point, not wanting to push boundaries. But it looks like Demyx was about to him the green light.

"As in letting him know your interested in getting in his pants." Demyx looked back at Axel. "I'm assuming you do?"

Axel snorted. "Uh, ch'a." Who wouldn't want to get in that cute blondy's pants?

"Well then just go for it," Demyx shrugged and smiled. "It's a Saturday night, the night is young, the achohol is buzzing, and he's just begging for it!"

"And here I am getting advice from you." Axel rolled his eyes and pulled himself away from the dirty blond. "Thanks, I guess."

"No problem. Well, I'd love to stay and watch your handiwork, but the booth is calling my name. Tell me how it turns out later!" Demyx said as he pulled away from the redhead and dissapeared into the crowd.

"Sure thing!" Axel called after him with a smile. Gotta love best friends, huh? Well, he tried...but that's not the point.

Right now, Axel had his eyes on that sweet looking blond, and he made a silent vow that he would not leave the bar tonight without having him wrapped around his finger.

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