The city illuminated with the many bright lights, people rushing home or going to work, some just hanging out with friends, some sleeping on the cold, hard ground, too drunk to go home. All the night and strip clubs flashing bright lights. Prostitutes selling their bodies to anyone that went past them.

This was also his new home. His new life. His hell.

He let out another fake moan of pleasure as the man pushed his member in him one more time. He was getting faster and faster and his fake moans became louder and louder.

No loving, lingering touches and caresses. No soft and romantic kisses.

Just rough, painful, passionless, pleasure less and loveless sex.

He wrapped his slim legs around the man to make him go deeper and hit that spot. The instant pleasure that washed through him made him see white and ha came, just moments after he felt the how the man came inside of him.

They lied in the bed to catch their breath. After some moments of silence he felt how the others weight left the bed and sat up to actually look at him for the first time this night.

He couldn't be older than 35 or so; the sort black hair was messy and damp with sweat. He was about to continue his examination, but the man came talked.

"You were as good as always Ao-chan'! I hope we can meet again sometime." He said as he handed 'Ao' large sum of money and smiled brightly before turning around and starting to get dressed.

'Ao' smiled a fake smile and said: "But of course we can, you just have to find me."

"Hahaha! That's certainly true." The man laughed and turned around to give 'Ao' one last lustful look and left the hotel room.

'Ao' sighed and let the fake smile drop from his face. He fell back down in the bed as stared at the dirty, grey ceiling. It's been so long since the last time he smiled, laughed for real and felt true pleasure, like, thrill and how long has it been since the last and only time he felt true love. He smirked to himself.

Too long apparently. He could barely remember how his own laugh sounded like, not to mention how his mile looked like.

He, Echizen Ryoma, threw his life away.

After sleeping like that for some time Ryoma got up and went to shower, after that he started to search for his clothes. In the middle of putting on his pants he suddenly turned his head and looked into the big mirror that covered almost half of the wall.

The picture that was reflected shoed someone broken, hurt, empty and most of all lonely. Someone who hadn't found his place, someone who had been hurt so much, that he could no longer fight.

He turned away from the mirror and finished dressing. After taking his money he also left the room.

The cool night air cooled him and his long hair waved a little with every blow. He sighed and started to walk in an unknown direction. He remembered the time when he was still smiling, still childish and innocent.

Still pure.

Ryoma wondered if the regulars have changed much in these past ten years, but then again, of course they would. No one can stay the same, everybody has to change or grow up at some point. Just look at him.

He used to be their pillar of support. He was the reason why they won the Nationals. They used him because of his skills in tennis, after he did his role that everything changed. He was no longer a best friend, pillar of support, team mate or rival.

He was no longer needed.

After he graduated Ryoma started his career as a pro tennis player. Even that didn't work out. It wasn't because of an injury or something like that. He just got tired of everyone wanting to just get him into their bed or going easy on him while playing just because he looked fragile.

He got sick of everything and left. Left without leaving any traces behind. He disappeared from everyone's life just like that and somehow ended up working as a prostitute.

Of course, this job was pathetic and just plainly disgusting sometimes, but at least he got what he wanted.


Warmth of another body. Even if it was only for a little while, it was enough to him. The money he didn't need. He just wanted love and warmth.

In these five years he became used to the pain and the pleasure that came from it. He was now addicted to it. Addicted to the ugly form of "love", that he enjoyed, and at the same time needed and hated, every night.

He himself knew, knew that he was just fooling himself. Trying to fill the emptiness in his heart and body.

He snapped out of his thoughts as something collided with his body. Ryoma lost his balance and started to fall, but strong hand caught him before he could even do as much as touch the hard ground. The same strong and, he only noticed it now; warm hands pulled him up and made sure he could stand on his own.

Ryoma looked up to say 'thank you' to the person that helped him, but found himself looking into eyes that he knew. He had seen then so long ago, that he knew, but at the same time he felt as thou he had only seen then yesterday.

The owner of those eyes looked at Ryoma and asked: "Echizen? Echizen Ryoma?"

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