okay, so i think this is going to be a two or three shot.
Not everyone gets their happy ending.

Claire thinks that she was eighteen when Quil first kissed her, really kissed her.

No, scratch that, she knew she was eighteen.

She knew she was eighteen-and-four-days old, and it was sunny and that beach was quiet and everything just seemed to be perfect.

She knew that she was wearing the only dress she owned, because he liked it on her, and he was wearing cut-offs, as usual. That puzzled her, why he never wore a shirt. She just thought it was showing off, well before he told her.

She'd had her suspicions, of course she had. She wasn't some dumb, dependant bitch like that Bella Swan girl (well, that's what she sounded like from what Leah had told her). Okay, so maybe kind of dependant on Quil, but so what? She couldn't help it. It was just like she was pulled towards him. It sounds stupid, but that's what it was. She seemed to, kind of, rotate around him, not able to be truly alive when he wasn't there.

So, anyway. She'd been suspicious, of course she had, and it didn't come as a huge shock when he'd told her everything that day. All those years of going to the bonfires meant that she had memorised the legends, and sometimes, they seemed to make sense.

A forever-shirtless, scorching hot, eternally young man may not have seemed anything out of the ordinary for a three-year-old, but by the time she was sixteen, she was pretty sure.

So it didn't really freak her out, as such, when Quil told her. She just smiled and kissed him, and his tense muscles seemed to melt slightly, but she could tell he was still agitated.

'What's the matter? Quil?' She was confused. He'd told her, now what else was there to say?

'There's this thing, you see... it's like... well,' He shifted from foot to foot 'There's this thing called imprinting. It's where a wolf... finds his soul mate.' He smiled tentatively. 'And I've found mine.'

Claire's chest tightened. 'What are you doing kissing me then? Where is she? You shouldn't be with me!'

He chuckled, and flashed a smile. 'Yes I should be. I love you Clare, you're my imprint. I'm yours and you're mine. I want to spend forever with you.'


She grinned and kissed him and never wanted to let go.

Because she knew she would do anything to spend forever with him.