So... uh... yeah. This is the sequel to 'Mikey's World', but if you haven't read it, you don't have to in order to understand what's going on. There's maybe like one or two references to some events that happened in it, but that's it though. No extra characters... no romances you should know of... No missing family members... Raph still has all his limbs...

This is set in the 2k3 universe, but FF and BttS did not happen.

I'm actually quite nervous posting this. Firstly, it's because of all the awesome writers and stories already here. I won't name them because I'll miss someone out and stuff. D: Secondly, it's because this is chock full of OC's. *le gasp* Thirdly, it's because it has a romance between turtle and an OC, *les gasps* and I write romances as well as a penguin in a hot tub. Fourthly, it focuses on Raph, and I have trouble tapping into his character. This is like practice. XD

I have all the chapters written out, so hopefully the updates shouldn't be too far and in between, and there won't be too many plot holes. :(

What else... Well, this chapter is in 1st person, but the rest is in 3rd... mostly.

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New York…

It was exactly like the books in the library had said it was…

Big, dirty and loud.

I sniffed, compressing the can of drink in my hand and throwing it at a wall. It ricocheted off it, smashing into the ground before rolling into the road. I glared at it, before hunching up my shoulders and continuing my journey along the sidewalk. Trust me, given the choice I wouldn't be here. I would be in my warm bed, curled up under my duvet. I wouldn't be scouring the streets at who knows when. The only reason that had forced me to come here was that-


"Get 'im, Carl!"

I turned my head. The shouts were coming from the alleyway next to me. It was dark, so I couldn't see what was happening, but it doesn't take an idiot to realize that a fight was going on. Now, most people wouldn't even glance twice at a brawl in case they got involved…

But let's face it.

I'm not most people.

I dodged into the alleyway, shuffling down it with my back against the wall. The voices were getting louder, and as an added bonus I could hear the sound of flesh hitting flesh. It was definitely a fight, or else my name wasn't Foxglove.

Please refrain from commenting on my name.

I could see a group of shadowy figures attacking a solitary figure. And by the looks of it, the guy they were fighting was outnumbered. I tried to get a good look at the people, but it was too dark for me to be able to distinguish any of their features. Argh… why did he have to prefer going out at night? Life would be so much easier if he wasn't so nocturnal. But then again… it must have been hard for him to go out in the day, what with him being a-

"No one goes on our turf, got it?" one of the figures smirked, standing over their fallen enemy. "Especially someone like you."

The guy on the ground seemed to have lost. I curled my lips downwards. I had hoped that he was there, fighting all those people. It was in character of him. But losing… it couldn't be the person that I was looking for. It was too pathetic, being beaten up by humans. I suppressed my bitter disappointment as I made my way out of the alleyway by trying to bite through my tongue.

"Ya ain't the boss of me," a male voice growled.

I stopped and turned around.

The figure jumped back up, kicking two of his opponents in the face in the process. Then, he stuck out his hand, beckoning the others to fight him. I smiled to myself and slowly crept back, my footsteps in time with his heavy breathing.

A man sailed past me, narrowly missing me. He landed in a pile on the ground, his left sleeve ripped. I ducked down and examined the strange dark patch on his arm that had caught my attention.

It was a tattoo of a dragon.

Call me someone who points out the obvious, but I immediately knew that he belonged to the 'Purple Dragon' gang. I had done a fair amount of research about this city, but I could still work out by myself that the other dudes with him were Purple Dragons as well. I stood up and went back against the wall, continuing to watch the violent struggle.

The loner was beginning to win now. He had knocked down at least five of the guys. It was pretty impressive, seeing as he wasn't exactly the biggest fighter I had ever got the chance to lay my eyes upon. In fact, now there was a pretty good chance that he would win. He was either a really good fighter or… I felt my heart thump…

He wasn't human.

"That's it," one of the gangsters snarled, crouching on the ground. "No more playin' around, freak."

He raised his arms, aiming something that looked vaguely like the letter 'r'. It was only until after I heard a loud bang that I realized that the 'r' was actually a gun. I saw something long and thin fly through the air, landing in the sole warrior's arm. The person shook slightly and fell flat on his face.

His attacker laughed. "I got 'im! Now lezz take 'im back to the boss. Ooh… my family are gonna eat tonight!"

I had to do something, so I jumped over a Purple Dragon and landed neatly in front of the other men. I wanted to get a closer look at the unconscious short guy, but the idiots were blocking my view of him. I scowled, raising my fists. Then, I tossed back my head so that my ginger hair wasn't in my eyes. I couldn't fight if I couldn't see.

"Where'd the squirt come from?" one of the gangsters sneered. I growled. I wasn't a 'squirt'; I was seventeen for goodness sake.

"Hey, she looks like she wants to fight us!" someone who was out of my range of sight remarked.

"She's a skinny shrimp," another piped up. "Who does she think she's kiddin'?"

"You don't want to mess with me…" I said in a low voice, hoping that I sounded threatening. "You really don't…"

"I think she reckons that she's scarin' us," a nearby gangster chortled.

"Don't say I didn't warn you…" I closed my eyes, a wave of pleasure sweeping over my trembling body as I doubled over. My skin tingled as strands of fur, the same colour as my hair, exploded out of my body and covered me from head to toe. It wasn't visible, but I felt my tail popping out and pressing against the back of my tight jeans. I grinned, raising my hands to flaunt my pointed claws. They stared me in horror, as if I was a bad TV show that was so appalling that they couldn't help but watch. I straightened up, winking one of my hazel eyes.

"Didn't see that coming, did you?"

"What the heck did she turn into?" gasped one of the Purple Dragons, his voice satisfyingly high. He started to say something else, but I swiftly stuck out my fist and knocked him off the ground. The others recovered from their shock and began to jump at me one by one. I cracked my knuckles and spat on the ground, wiggling my hips.

I tried to vary the techniques I used. I did the classic 'punch in the face' on one of them, and I ducked down and tripped another over. I elbowed one in the stomach before banging the back of my head against his face, and I struck gold on another, smiling as he fell to the ground, clutching the front of his ripped jeans. It was too easy taking them all down; the guy from before had done a great job tiring them out. When I was satisfied that they wouldn't be awake for a while, I knelt down next to their victim. A shiver went up my spine as I caught sight of his face.

Just as I had wanted...

Just as I had sought out to find…

He was a giant turtle.

On the internet, I had read that there was a group of them. A lot of the information about them had come from some pretty dodgy sites, but they all said that they lived somewhere in New York… and they were right.

I stroked his cold cheek. He didn't flinch, but I knew he was alive because I felt my hand rise and fall repeatedly as he breathed. My other hand skimmed over his chest as I moved it towards a tall pointy thing in his arm. I gave it a gentle tug and pulled it out.

It was a dart.

I couldn't be sure whether it had poisoned him, or whether it had just knocked him out. I prayed for him to stay alive. He had to, or else it wouldn't have been worth it. I got out my cell phone, dialling a number. I waited, my fur preventing my body from growing too cold.


I smiled when I heard the voice on the other end. I put on a sickly sweet voice. "Fangy? Is that you?"

"You called me," Fang growled, "so you tell me."

He had a habit of acting cold and tough so he appeared intimidating, and that's what I found endearing about him. But I knew that beneath his cold exterior was a heart that could melt ice. "Fang, I need you to come here ASAP. We can go home now."

He groaned. "We only just got to New York and you want to leave? It was your idea to come here in the first place, even though it's totally against the rules."

"It's important," I told Fang. "I… I found another one."

"Another what?" Fang tried to sound casual and ignorant, but I could hear the curiosity in his voice. He knew what I was talking about… well, he thought he did.

"Another one of us," I whispered for dramatic effect.

There was a pause.

"You're sure?" he asked me quietly.

I laughed. "How many giant turtles are there?"

"There's Blossom," he replied. Good point. "But still… it's odd, especially if they're in the middle of a busy city. And about that... the Lord's going to have our heads when he finds out that we're where the humans can see us. I hope for your life that you ain't in your hybrid form."

"'Course I am." I rolled my eyes, before recalling that he wasn't able to see me. "How else would I be able to beat up fully grown men that used all their brain power in muscle growth?"

"Foxglove, you're a dead girl walking," he moaned. It thrilled me to know that he cared about my existence. "The Lord is going to kill you."

"Look, we'll go back to school with the turtle. I need you to help me sneak him in."

"Use your head," Fang scolded me. "The Lord's going to realize that there's a new student. What's the point of sneaking him in?"

I shuddered. I hadn't seen the Lord get angry before, but I didn't really want to find out what it was like. "Fang… You're right." He was the only person I would admit this to. "Can you at least help me get him into school? I'll take all the blame, if there is any… but the Lord will be happy, trust me."

"Fine," sighed Fang. "Give me your coordinates and I'll go to you."

I smiled. "40, 47, 73, 58. Track my scent. I'm above ground."

He hung up, and I put my cell phone into my pocket. I lowered my face so my snout was touching the turtle's beak. I was careful not to breathe on him too much, in case it woke him up. He wouldn't come nicely if he was awake.

I noticed that he was wearing a mask around his eyes. I couldn't see what colour it was, due to it being so dark, but I could guess what it was.

After a few minutes, a silver haired teenager appeared at the opening of the alleyway. I smiled as he came over, watching him kneel down beside me. He examined the turtle, hiding his surprise very well. I didn't blame him. It was peculiar, seeing a human sized turtle in a human city. I felt my heart flutter as his hand brushed over mine as he checked for a pulse. Then, after discovering that he was indeed alive, he put his hands under the turtle's armpits and lifted him up. Fang stood up in the process, bringing the turtle up with him.

"There we go." Fang stood up completely, the turtle now slung over his shoulder. "He's heavy for such a little guy."

"Blossom ain't much taller," I remarked, getting up too. I held onto the turtle's feet, not wanting Fang to hurt himself. Well, deep down I knew that Fang could easily carry him by himself, but I didn't want to look useless. I reached into my pocket and got out a small silver object that resembled a watch. I pressed the green button on its face, and a few feet in front of us a swirling pool of colours appeared.

Fang tugged the turtle's body and I let myself be pulled along through the portal. I could hear the thugs begin to wake up behind us, but I suspected that the portal had disappeared before they woke up.

The portal was sort of like an ordinary doorway, only you couldn't bang your head or your elbows when you went through it. One second we were in a dodgy alleyway in America, the next we were in the school grounds, thousands of miles away.

Fang lay the turtle on the ground, before shaking violently. Silver fur sprouted all over his body and his face lengthened into a snout. After the transformation, he straightened up, sniffing the air. "The Lord's close."

I shivered. I didn't have as great a smelling ability as him. "How close?"

"Very close."

"Good work, Fang," a voice said coldly.

I spun around, dropping the silver teleporter in surprise. Behind us was a tall pale man, the moonlight bouncing off his bald head. His cloak was camouflaged, so all I could see of him was his pointed face. His dark thin eyebrows furrowed as he examined the two of us, "Foxglove? Fang? What are you doing out here at this late hour?"

… Darn, it was the devil himself.

Fang turned to me. It looked as though I was going to have to explain. "Well, sir, you see… Fang and I went to New York and-"

"New York?" The Lord widened his eyes. "How on Earth did you get there?"

"With the teleporter." I dropped to my knees and held up with the teleporter I had 'borrowed'. To my horror, it was cracked and when I tried to turn it on, it fell apart. I smiled up at him. The Lord was glaring down at me, enraged that I had broken the school's only teleporter, which I wasn't supposed to have in the first place. I gulped, hoping that he would cheer up once he saw who we had brought with us. I pointed at the turtle, "But sir, look who we brought with us."

The Lord fell to his knees, examining the newcomer. I could see his face brightening as he realized who I had found. "Oh my… Could it be… him? The legendary muta-" He coughed suddenly. I wanted to pat him on the back, but I didn't know whether I was allowed to touch him. The Lord looked at us. "He must go inside. Foxglove, Fang, bring him to the infirmary."

We picked up the turtle, draping his arms over our shoulders. The Lord glared at us. "Don't hurt him. He must be in perfect shape."

Walking slowly, Fang and I entered the main building. The Lord walked ahead of us, nearly disappearing from view. We followed him into a corridor, finally bathed in light. Everything wasn't in black and white anymore. I could finally see that the turtle…



I widened my eyes in dismay.



We got the wrong one.

DUN DUN DUN... What will happen when Raph wakes up? Where is he? Who is this 'the Lord'? What school are they in? Where are my socks? Tune in next time and find out! :D