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I was in the forest and I was running. Running away from my fear. I think. My feet pounded through the woods. The ground was flying beneath me. If I could just get away. I smelt rust, salt, grass, and sweat.

I became nauseous, tripped and fell to my knees. I saw a shadow of a man standing before me. I couldn't see his face. I didn't know who he was, but I knew that I was terrified. He took a hand out of his pocket and started to move it towards his face. Where is his face? Then I heard a scream or what I thought a scream sounded like.

I woke up sweating, in my room. Jeez Bella, aren't you a little old to have bad dreams? I reached over to grab my water and I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.

Mom. Shit! Did I make a noise?

She walked towards my bed and grabbed both of my shoulders and looked me in the face, I saw her mouth move, nothing but silence flowed. I read her lips.

"Honey? Are you Okay? Bad dream?" She frowned at me.

I nodded and tried to give her a reassuring smile.

"Are you worried about school?"

I nodded my head. I was beyond scared at the idea of school. I was starting a new school, Forks High, and it was a hearing school. I would be the only person who couldn't hear. How fun! They didn't even offer Sign Language as a foreign language credit. How was I supposed to make any friends? I wanted to go back to the Deaf school near the Rez. I wanted to be with Jake and my other friends. The people who understood me, other people who couldn't hear. People who communicated with me in my language. I even missed the stinky dorm rooms. It was better than what I had to go through with Renee and Charlie all the time.

"Baby, I wish you would talk to me."

I do talk. You just refuse to learn my language. I knew what she was really referring to. The fact that I hadn't used my voice in 3 years. I didn't enjoy being made fun of and my hands were my language. I would never use my vocal chords as my voice again.

I just shrugged at her. Sorry.

"You'll be fine. Go back to sleep."

She turned to leave the room and she started to switch off my lamp. Have I been gone so long that my own mother doesn't even remember that I NEVER sleep without the lights on?

I ALWAYS need my eyes. I hate the dark.

I slammed my hand on my nightstand and stomped my foot on the floor to get her attention.

She jumped, turned around to face me and her hand flew to her throat. Whoops! I didn't mean to scare her. God, we are going to have to get used to living with each other all over again.

"Sorry," she mouthed. She left my room and of course didn't close my door. I was not allowed to have my door closed. Can we say overprotective parents?

I beat my pillow with my fist a few times, before I finally laid my head down.

I hope I can get back to sleep soon. I will look like total shit in the morning if I don't. Maybe I should see Jake tomorrow? He will put me at ease. He always makes me feel better.

With the idea of seeing Jake, I immediately started to relax and began to fall asleep.

I loved sleeping, because I loved to dream. I even liked the nightmares, they made me feel normal.

Because in my dreams, even I could hear.

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