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'I think I know how to erase the latest spells, but it might be dangerous for your wand,' he said.

'Don't worry, if you burn it, I can either heal it, or make a new one,' she said.

'Oh! You're going to work with Ollivander!' he exclaimed.

She grinned.

'That's a great idea!' he said merrily.

Luna beamed quietly. Harry chuckled and aimed his wand at Luna's; he cast a new combination of spells.

'Right… Your wand didn't explode, so that's a good thing, but now I need to check that I got it right,' he pointed out.

Luna observed Harry's work, and she told him, 'You did it, but it wasn't exactly a Time spell, was it?'

'Not entirely. I used something that I discovered on my computer, in fact,' he explained.

'I'd like to know more about computers,' she said dreamily.

'It'd be odd to ask Hermione to tutor you, but if you want, I can show you how mine works. I could even introduce you to Kate. I'm just a beginner, but she's an expert, and I'm sure she'd like you,' he said.

'That'd be nice. Meeting your friend, and learning from you; you're a good teacher, Auror Potter,' she said with one of her odd smiles.

Harry felt himself blushing.

He was saved when Luna inquired, 'What computerish thing did you do to my wand?'

'There's a feature that allows a computer to be restored at a prior moment. I discovered that because I made a mistake and I needed to find a way to undo my mistake,' he explained.

'You should probably Memory-charm me if you want to use your new spell again and not have attorneys pretending that you can tamper with wands,' she stated calmly.

'No,' he said firmly. 'It was a one-time thing to avoid Umbridge, or any of her minions, making me drown in tons of bumph, and I trust you, Luna.'

She beamed, and he blushed again, because she looked at if she deeply approved of him, without judging him, and was still a faithful friend – he wasn't used to that kind of friendship.

'All right, let's take the student you stunned back to Poppy. Perhaps he can tell us who hexed him, though I've got the feeling he's going to say it was someone who looked like Hermione,' he said.

'Probably,' she agreed.



When they reached the hospital, Arthur and Molly Weasley had arrived. They'd tried to heal their daughter, but the Memory-charm she'd cast at Hermione was just too good. Ginevra would have to learn everything about herself and her family again.

Poppy saw the bound student that Harry was making float, and she realized that there had been another attack. Before she could say a single thing, Molly had spotted Luna, and she was walking towards her.

'You! It's because of you that my baby doesn't recognize me!' Molly yelled at Luna.

Harry placed himself between his friend and Molly; he knew that winning a fight against the woman who'd won a duel against Bellatrix would be tricky, but it was his duty to protect Luna.

'Erm…' Ginevra intervened loudly. 'She did what was right to protect Professor Snape, and I'm glad that she was able to stop me,' she said.

Molly froze and swirled back towards her daughter.

'The one who hexed our Ginny's the one who's really guilty, Molly,' Arthur added.

'Quite! That's the one I want to hex, not my schoolmate,' Ginevra said.

Molly walked back to her daughter and hugged her as if the world were about to end.

'Oomph! Bit emotional, are we?' Ginevra exhaled with what little air was left in her lungs.

'Get used to it,' Harry declared, as he surrendered the stunned student to Poppy's care.

'What happened?' Annabelle asked Harry, as she pointed a finger towards the student.

'Oh, he destroyed the scene of the attack, but he might have been hexed like Ginny,' Harry explained.

'Oi! It's Ginevra. I'm not a baby!' the young witch protested.

Harry blinked, and Molly squeaked, but Arthur beamed at his only daughter.

Ginevra disentangled herself from her mother and got up.

'You can't get up!' Molly protested.

'Er… Mum… I'm Memory-charmed, not about to die,' Ginevra protested.

'She's got a point,' Harry agreed.

Ginevra looked at Harry and said, 'You knew me well, didn't you?'

'Oh!' Molly almost sobbed.

'We met the day Ron, that's the brother just before you, and I took the Hogwarts Express for the first time,' Harry answered.

'Then, why don't I remember you?' Ginevra inquired.

Everybody was rather ill-at-ease, but Arthur came to Harry's rescue by saying, 'Harry spent so much time with Ron that he was like a cousin to you.'

'Thanks, Arthur, but someone's going to tell her the truth eventually,' Harry pointed out.

'Hexed by someone looking like Hermione Snape. Bill can tell us nothing about the person who made him cast a spell to burn everything down in the corridor,' Poppy interrupted them briefly.

'Thanks!' Annabelle said.

Poppy turned back to Bill Edler and gave him some Pepper-up potion, and Luna sat down on a bed, listening to the exchange.

'So, why don't I remember Auror Potter?' Ginevra inquired.

'You were so in love with him, even before you went to Hogwarts that you were tongue-tied the first times he came home,' Arthur explained.

'We were hoping that you'd get married one day,' Molly added.

Ginevra turned to Harry, who added, 'We dated briefly, but being with me made you a prime target for Voldemort, and I left you.'

'You wanted to save me,' Ginevra declared.

Harry nodded, but he didn't know what to say next.

'Why didn't you come back after the war?' Ginevra asked Harry, who flinched.

Everybody looked embarrassed.

'What happened?' Ginevra demanded to know.

'I wanted to go back to you, but when Hermione almost died to bring Severus back to life, Ron blew a fuse, and you picked his side,' Harry explained.

'It's odd, because I remember that what Professor Snape did is extremely rare, dangerous, and shows the depth of her love. I can't imagine why I didn't praise her,' Ginevra said.

'We'll never know now,' Harry said softly.

'Perhaps you could…' Molly began to say.

'No… the girl I was right after the war managed to annihilate Auror Potter's feelings for her,' Ginevra countered her.

'You've got very sure instincts. You could become an Auror trainee next year,' Annabelle said.

Ginevra chuckled and said, 'Thanks, Ma'am, but next year, I'll try to become a professional Quidditch player.'

'But Harry…' Molly began to say.

Ginevra interrupted her and said, 'He'll be a friend if he can forget how petty I was to Professor Snape.'

Harry smiled and nodded.

'That's too dangerous a profession. You should choose something else!' Molly declared.

Ginevra glared at her mum, who took a step back. 'What do you think I should do?'

'I don't know. Whatever you want. I just don't want you to be in danger,' Molly said.

'That's very kind of you, but I could die of a Tares'h infection if I got a papyrus-cut in Egypt,' Ginevra began to say. She paused, blinked, and added, 'How do I know that?'

'Your eldest brother, Bill, once worked in Egypt, and we visited him a few years ago. You must remember that,' Arthur answered.

'That's quite odd to remember facts from Egypt without remembering the trip itself,' Ginevra said.

'You'll have to be told your own story,' Harry told her.

'I'm sure Headmistress McGonagall can order measures to allow family visits,' Alienora said gently.

'And when do I learn who I am? At night? This is my NEWTs year. I can catch up over the breaks,' Ginevra growled.

Alienora was surprised, and Molly looked utterly disappointed.

'We can owl you,' Arthur added.

Ginevra pointed a finger at her father and said, 'Now, that works.'

'If you'll excuse me, I'm going to need to record the testimonies of Ginevra, Luna and Bill. I'll catch Maria when she's back,' Harry declared.

'You may borrow my office if you'd like, Auror Potter,' Minerva said very ceremoniously.

Harry was very tempted to giggle, but he managed to keep a straight face as he said, 'Thank you, Headmistress McGonagall.'

Minerva nodded solemnly.

Harry turned to the three students and said, 'If you will… I promise to be as quick as possible.'

Bill and Luna were already walking towards the door. Ginevra pecked Molly and Arthur's cheeks, promised to keep in touch, even if she had to get their address from the headmistress, and she caught up with her mates.

'Report to me in the morning,' Annabelle told Harry, who nodded.

Harry heard Minerva inviting Annabelle, the Weasleys, Alienora and Poppy to share a cup of tea as he closed the door.

Ginevra whistled and told Harry, 'Thanks for getting me out, Auror Potter!'

'Look, Ginevra, you can use my name,' Harry said.

'That's really sweet of you. I think you're a nice boy, and the old me must have been really awful if I put the pieces of the puzzle back together correctly,' she said.

'That version of you no longer exists, and whatever made you snap back then seems to be gone. We were friends – just friends – once, and I don't see why we couldn't be again,' Harry told her.

Bill cooed at that. He realized what he'd done and said hastily, 'Sorry 'bout that. I'm not meself.'

'I know,' Harry said.

Ginevra smiled and said, 'Fine with me, Auror Potter.'

'Are we, and by that I mean, am I in trouble?' Bill asked nervously.

'Absolutely not, but I need an official statement for my files,' Harry declared.

They reached Minerva's office, and Harry made sure that no one could eavesdrop on them.

'You need more than our statements,' Ginevra said.

'Of course, he needs us to restart Dumbledore's Army. To find the spy and help protect Hermione,' Luna stated.

Harry nodded solemnly.

'Oh, Merlin!' Bill wailed.



By the time the Snapes and Maria came back, Luna was organizing some secret training (and all volunteers had to agree to take Veritaserum, which Ginevra had offered to brew by cauldrons, before each and every training session in order to make sure that no one had been hexed into betraying them).

Harry was pretending to work on his report with his laptop at the High table when his friends and Maria entered the Great Hall.

The Snapes walked Maria to the Hufflepuff table. The young girl looked as flabbergasted as if Severus had shared with her some secret about the universe; this alone made Harry pay closer attention to the trio, and he noticed that Hermione looked particularly tired. When Harry observed her a bit more, he noticed that she was holding hands with Severus, which was something she avoided doing in front of students as much as possible.

Those tenuous clues told Harry that there was something going on.

He didn't have much time to analyse the situation because Dolores Umbridge barged in, and aimed her wand at Hermione; she cast on her a theoretically harmless Levitation charm, and then she targeted Maria, but before she could cast a spell to deprive the young student of her magic, Umbridge was hit with enough Stunning spells to paralyze her for weeks if the counter-spells weren't cast on her.

With his wand, Harry secured the area around the Snapes, and with his free hand, he cast a spell that made Alienora trip on her robes because he'd heard her say the beginning of the Killing curse while aiming at Umbridge.

The entire Hall seemed to be in shock, but Harry ran to his friends. Hermione was still floating an inch above the floor, and Severus was still holding her hand.

Harry took a good look at Hermione and said, 'Well, I guess you know how to end that spell.'

Hermione cast the counter-spell on herself.

'Your magic's back!' a student exclaimed joyfully.

'No… this is not Professor Snape,' Harry pointed out.

'I knew something would happen, and Hermione agreed. She's in our quarters with an army of house-elves,' Severus explained.

Harry sighed with relief. For one moment, he'd feared that he'd failed to protect Hermione and the baby – again. He looked at Severus and asked, 'Polyjuice?'

'Hermione's old batch,' Severus admitted.

'Perhaps we should head to your quarters with Harry,' Maria suggested.

Harry looked at Maria and asked, 'Mrs Granger?'

'No, Agatha Snape. Severus told me I've got more magical particles than Hermione's mum,' she explained.

Harry smiled and said, 'Allow me to take care of Dolores dearest first, and then I'll join you.'

Severus nodded once.

"Sev?" Harry projected a thought at his friend.

"What?" he answered.

"Ballo's behind all this. Keep an eye on her," Harry explained.

Severus didn't say or think another word, but Harry was astounded that Severus wasn't hexing Alienora to the lowest circles of hell. Making sure that Hermione was safe must be more important than anything.



While Harry escorted Umbridge to the Ministry's Infirmary, where she was patched up and given Veritaserum, Agatha and Maria transformed back in the Snapes' quarters, where a dozen house-elves were guarding Hermione.

While Harry made sure that no one would kill Umbridge, by having her sent to a Muggle cell in James's police station in secret, the three Snapes and Maria were sharing dinner in the dungeons. Harry Floo'ed in, between pudding and cheese.

'So?' Severus asked Harry.

'Umbridge was under the Imperius, and she swears it was Hermione who cast it,' he answered.

'How do you know Ballo's behind this?' Hermione inquired.

Harry flicked his fingers, looking for Secrecy spells.

'Don't worry, they all cast so many spells that it's astounding we can even hear what we're saying,' Agatha told him.

Harry grinned at that and answered Hermione's question, 'She tried to kill Umbridge. Why kill her when she could just stop her? I bet she'll try to say that she was very emotional and wanted to prove that she's a good Defence teacher, but I'm sure she tried to get rid of an associate who'd just failed to complete her mission.'

'Logical,' Severus said.

'But why is she so horrible?' Maria inquired innocently.

'Why do you think?' Hermione asked the student.

'A test?' Maria squeaked.

Hermione nodded and smiled.

'Well, maybe she doesn't like Deputy Headmaster Snape, or she doesn't like you, Professor Snape,' Maria said.

'Go on,' Severus encouraged her.

'I… I think she might not like you both. By hurting Professor Snape, she'd hurt you both,' Maria said.

'Without your help, Umbridge might well have succeeded,' Hermione declared, which chilled the atmosphere.

'I'm glad I could help protect you, Ma'am,' Maria said, on the verge of tears.

'I wonder how it was possible. Unspeakables are supposed to be with us at all times,' Severus growled.

An Unspeakable revealed herself. 'You're right, Sir. It looks as if our Department received contradictory orders,' she said.

'That Umbridge?' Agatha wondered.

'No, Ma'am, she's not high enough in the Ministry to change our orders,' the Unspeakable explained.

'What, then?' Harry inquired.

'A technicality. Annabelle complained that our Internal Archives were too easy to misuse,' she said.

'So, a red-tape adept could have caused a glitch that sent all the Unspeakables away while Umbridge was attacking Hermione,' Harry said.

'That's awful!' Maria exclaimed.

'The Minister's secretary is changing things, with Weasley's help,' the Unspeakable said.

'Mr Weasley was always nice,' Hermione said fondly.

'Speaking of that lot… Are you all right with the new Ginevra?' Severus asked Harry.

'She's a nice girl, who's not mad about me or mad at you. I think she could be a friend again,' he answered calmly.

'I hope you find yourself someone nice soon,' Agatha said.

Harry shrugged and said, 'We'll see what happens.'

'What did you ask Weasley, Lovegood and Edler to do for you? You didn't need to see them in secret,' the Unspeakable asked with curiosity.

Harry grinned, and his wide smile made his eyes look somewhat greener, and he said, 'I don't know what you're talking about.'

Only the students were to know about the re-activation of Dumbledore's Army.

The Unspeakable smiled, winked and made herself invisible again.

'All right. What do we do about Ballo?' Hermione inquired.


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