Ok so I got some ideas from people who read my first chapter and looked at and was like 'hey this doesn't make sense' so I was like 'HELP ME PLZ' and they were like 'Here's some ideas' and I was like 'Thanks'. Ok so I want to have more than 4 chapters of this story so plz comment! * means she's thinking not saying. PlZ HELP ME! had to lower the age so she wouldn't look stupid or just really old for a ninth grader.


My name of course is Elizabeth, I'm 14 years old. My best friend and cousin Ever, the blond beauty hidden under bangs, baggy jeans, and sweatshirts. You'd think that I was just think I was a stranger off the street, but no I'm actually Ever's cousin. People think this because instead of blonde, it's called black hair. Instead of a skinny body I got more of a curvy hourglass figure, and instead of white skin; let's just say I've had a longer tan timing than her. You know I'm the kinda girl that loved black, you know black eye liner, black glovetts, shoes and and clothes. Well of course I was the out cast because of this and I loved it. My favorite part of this is because I had the most sinceer friends that really cared for me in my past school. But people stilled called me an oreo. You know black on the outside and white on the inside. It took a while for me to ignore it and just think, *Hey they don't know the real me, so why be bothered by it*.

Today was a new day, ok not new but new to me, *At this school anyway, new kid status here I come * . The first day of your 9th year is always nerve racking and I was hoping for I fresh start although my parents leaving on a 7 month cruise wasn't helping. So I'm staying with Sabine and Ever for the rest of the months, moving so much I got used to it; see my parents don't like to stay in one place for a long time. My parents first had me and my older brother Jason in Maryand then we moved to Michigan years after. We were there for a while but now that my parent have met there new sister and sister in-law they wanted to live closer to our new family. We were playing to move next year since my bro went off to college this year they thought it was easier.

I was rushing out of the house with something my mother packed for me, see my mother and I had an agreement that this year I would wear really girly stuff the whole semester I get my new car net year. With this I exchange my black hair band fo a pink flower clip, my black glovetts for purple bangels. My black make-up was echaged for a lighter shad of topaz and dark puple, my shirt was pleated and with a silky fabric but lilac none the less. My cargos were traded for white shorts and shoes traded for silver sandals with big flowers. Sabine told me my room was downstairs where her's was, she wanted to keep me in her sights. "She had enough to do with Ever" was what I got from her speech about living there. Since Hannah lives with me, and her parents also join my parents on their cruise she's going to the same school as me. But not the same house she told me and my family that she had an aunt in California. This was gonna be a long 7 months. I jumped into the car before Ever drives off and leaves me.

She told her usaul shedule was to go pick up Miles, i would haft to sit in the back when we got there. When we got there Miles looked stunned that i was even in her car.

"Are you kidding me?" Miles said hopping into the car.

"Miles" Ever playfully hit him," Well she doesn't look anything like you. I had to ask" he replied..

"It's still rude and she is my family"

"Nice to meet you too, my name is Elizabeth but you can call me Liz" I said.

"Oh I'm so sorry, you just look so different than her. Anyway my name is Miles and hopefully you'll be meeting Haven today. I hope she comes." he said turning around to face me.

He turned back and began to speek to Ever, "Are you going to show her to her classes?".

"I might if we don't draw much attention. But I think the rest of the day she'll be in orientation" she said glancing at me and the road from the rear view mearer.

"Oh no confrontation my worst nightmare" I said making Ever and Miles laugh.