Starting from now on I'm only doing it from Elizabeth's POV, that and I'm going to make a deeper type of writing. Were there isn't so much "air-headed" type writing, and I think I had a better understanding of a new high school kid just getting into this high school swing. I just started high school this year and like it's harder than I thought, like I had to grow up. So this is basically my life for Elizabeth is basically what the type of life I wanted for myself. Sorry Lizzy. UPDATE:I'm in love with Kpop, especially SHINee's maknae TAEMIN and the couple Eunhae! . 3. You haft to have a mind like mine to know where I'm coming from. I like others now that I have done some research and those are as listed: EXO, U-KISS, 2PM, TEEN TOP, SUPER JUNIOR and MANY MORE! watch?v=4E3sZzLbDg4

Let the story begin-

BPOV {Yay!}

School, I guess before my thoughts about it was a fairytale, finding something that seems more important than school. And your grades are nothing till you get a scorning from your aunt and older cousin, so sitting here at your computer with a blank screen where words are supposed to be isn't really helping the cause. But you replay what happen today in your mind a thousand times, and think of how it all started to go wrong. It was the New Year but you are still in school and he was always on your mind, you couldn't help it and he wasn't stopping you. So you stare likes there's no tomorrow. You know if you don't finish this project your internal teenage crisis will go up and your grades will go down. That's not an option from what you're used to, all these mistakes and the "new environment" effect should have worn off by now. 'Get yourself together before you flunk high school; you aren't helping yourself in any way. ' Turning around and grabbing your books from your bag and setting them on the table.

"I didn't think I could become this lazy, but I guess it was hidden somewhere away for the past years. Alright now's the time to get my shiznit together and get them good grades." Just as Elizabeth finished her self-motivated speech, a head poked through the door.

"Hey, you really shouldn't be talking to yourself." Ever walked in, without knocking as Elizabeth might add, and sat on her bed like she owned the place. "It's not good to work in the dark either."

Elizabeth had to admit that when she missed her parents, she would always have Ever and her crazy aunt to pester her and love her like her parents always. Elizabeth had gotten the message that her parents found an amazing job from a scout who vacationed with the couple. They talked and they found out that they had a lot in common, enough for them to be offered jobs, all the way in Italy. They would be there till she finished high school, but they said they would visit from time to time, like major holidays and birthday's. Elizabeth felt freed and her brother promised to visit more often with his (annoying) girlfriend more often to keep away the boys. Like she couldn't do that herself.

Elizabeth had been so shy that when she even saw a cute boy she would shy away from speaking, and even a little eye contact. It was pathetic, and her friends thought so too, Elizabeth complained she couldn't do anything about it.

'They look like they're going out'; 'Maybe he was just playing with my emotions'; 'My hair looks a mess why would any boy like me with my kind of style'; 'The only guys that like me are the ones who I dislike'. All those excuses had discouraged Elizabeth, the over thinking about and over analyzing started to stress her out even more. All these boy problems had finally taken a toll on her grades.

Back at Elizabeth's old school, there were all girl classes where she could concentrate and not be distracted by silly girl 'feelings'. UGHHH, she hated even thinking about the word, let alone actually feeling them. But somehow they were in everything, her decisions that sounded great in her head but ended up as a coward's wish that had no action. Ever had always been confident in what she did, even if she just kept to herself and stayed out of people's way. She knew how to make decisions and be strong at times. "It helps me focus, and why are you in my room?"

Elizabeth had finally snapped out of her thought and turned around to a folded-armed Ever, what pushed her off the bed during her beauty rest. Trust me she still needed some, Elizabeth knew that it was past 1a.m. and her light wasn't on because she didn't want it on.

"I've come to tell you to go to bed and work on that tomorrow, it's due in like a week. You got time, plus your fingers on that keyboard are giving me a headache..." Ever had fallen on her back onto Elizabeth's bed. "Why are you even still awake to hear my typing?" Elizabeth had saved her progress and was shutting down her computer ready for bed.

"Nothing, I woke up and heard something and it was getting harder to fall back to sleep with your pitter pattering on your keyboard." Ever was glaring at the computer like it was the hell bent on waking her up. Elizabeth didn't have the energy to kick her off her bed and out of her bedroom, so she just accepted the fact that this would be a sleep over night and went to lie down