Title: Reexamining Things

Rating: K

Summary: This is a story of Harry Potter shattering what everyone thinks about him and their first impressions. Based on the First Impressions challenge posted by PyroChilde on Potions and Snitches.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of J.K Rowling's characters and I'm not making any money off of this.

Chapter 1: First Time for Everything

Harry James Potter entered Potions for the first time, wondering what Professor Snape would be like. Nott had told him that he had nothing to worry about, since Snape liked all his snakes, but Harry wasn't ready for the look of hate that appeared on Professor Snape's face when he saw Harry. He called roll and then looked at Harry.

"Ah yes, Harry Potter our new celebrity," Snape taunted, which made the Slytherin's look at each other.

He then started on what he would be teaching them and Harry was amazed that there was so much that you could do with potions. When Snape started asking Harry questions, questions that Harry didn't have the answer to he took five points from Slytherin for not knowing.

"What's his problem?" Nott asked Harry.

"I have no idea," Harry answered.

"Mr. Potter, you've lost another five points for Slytherin," Snape snapped, "Get to work or leave."

And that's how the relationship between Harry Potter and Professor Severus Snape got started.

Harry was depressed that night, why did Snape had him so much? He understood that Snape would have hated him if he was in Gryffindor or even Hufflepuff but he hated him despite being in Slytherin. He had told Hagrid this when he had been invited and Hagrid told him that he hardly liked any of the students.

"But he really seem to hate me," Harry said.

"Rubbish, why should he," Hagrid said.

Unknown to Harry, Dumbledore had called Snape into his office about what had happened in Potions. Several of the older Slytherin's had heard what had happened and Dumbledore decided to address this problem.

"Why are you treating one of your snakes like this?" Dumbledore asked.

"Because the hat was wrong in placing Potter in my house," Snape told him, "He acts just like his father and don't even start on me about how much he's not like him because he is. He'll never be anything but a Quidditch playing air head."

"Don't judge a book by its cover," Dumbledore advised.

Snape snorted at this.

When Harry had gotten up the next day to do his homework for Charms he had to put up with Malfoy talking bad about him and he loved to bring up the Potions class.

"You see your nothing but a filthy half-blood," Malfoy said, "Only Purebloods can excel in Potions. This just proves that you don't belong at Hogwarts and never will."

"Your wrong," Harry told him.

Malfoy laughed and then asked, "Why do you think I'm wrong?"

"Because I'm going to prove that a half-blood can excel in Potions," Harry vowed,

"And I don't care what I have to do to prove this or how hard I have to work. I'm going to be the best potion brewer Hogwarts has ever seen in a hundred years and I'm going to do it by re-doing that Boil Cure right now."

He abandoned his Charms work and went upstairs to get his cauldron and supplies.

Harry brought down his One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi as well as Magical Drafts and Potions and at once he felt like kicking himself. Snape had just repeated what was in the book.

"I didn't even look inside my book for the potion," Harry told Nott. "I could of done way better if I had just looked."

"Well here's your second chance," Nott told him.

"And I'm going to take it," Harry said and he got to work.

Harry did more then just brew the potion he actually looked inside the book and saw that he could get better results if he had cut one of the ingredients very thin. He was very careful about cutting it and when the potion was finally finished Harry and Nott looked at it.

"It's supposed to be purple," Nott said, checking the potion in the book with the potion that was before them.

"Let's take it to Madam Pomfrey, she'll know if it's the right color," Harry said and he put a sample of the potion in a vial and both boys left.

Harry knew that the Matron was a little surprised at the request to check the potion, telling Harry that he should really take his sample to Professor Snape.

"I know that I should but he sort of has this impression that I'm dumb or something," Harry told her.

"Fine, I'll check it," Madam Pomfrey said and she tested the sample.

They waited for what seemed like forever and finally she appeared a stunned look on her face.

"This sample is beyond excellent," Madam Pomfrey told her, "Keep this up and you're going to be Potions Master."

Harry and Nott high five each other and Harry thanked her, before leaving.

When they returned Harry told them that Madam Pomfrey said that the sample was beyond excellent. A couple Slytherin's patted Harry on the back and Harry wrote in his potions book, cutting out one word and writing 'Cut it very thin,' over it. He then worked on his other subjects but none of them had the satisfaction of Madam Pomfrey's words about his sample. The weekend came and went and Harry spent most of his time in the Library, studying when he wasn't in class. This somehow annoyed Malfoy to no end.

"Get your nose out of your stupid Potions book," Malfoy snapped.

It was breakfast on Tuesday and Harry was totally ignoring anything that other people were saying and checking out the ingredients against his magical herb and fungi book.

They had a Banshee Solution that Snape was going to cover on Friday and he didn't want to lose Slytherin anymore points (he had gotten five points in Herbology because he said that the Devil Snare was a plant that hated sunlight). The potion would break anything made of glass if it was brewed right and knock one Potions Master off his stool.

"Don't you dare touch my books, Malfoy," Harry said and looked up just as Malfoy was reaching for it.

"Why are you even trying to impress Professor Snape, you know he hates you," Malfoy said, grinning.

"Because I want to know that I belong," Harry said, "I've never belonged anywhere and I need this. Anyway, Potions aren't bad. I'm learning loads more about Mandrakes then I thought. Also I don't want the Gryffindor jerks to win the house cup and when Professor Snape takes points then it inches them closer. I would like to gain some in his class if you don't mind."

He returned to his book.

"And take that stupid grin off your face, Malfoy," Nott said, "Harry's not bothering you so stop bothering him. Gods, you act like he's done something wrong."

Malfoy stopped grinning and glared at the two of them.

That caused Malfoy to leave Harry alone for two days. During Flying Lessons Harry went after Malfoy for taking Neville's Rememberall. It reminded him of Dudley taking his things and to Harry's horror the person that caught him was Professor Snape.

"Potter, follow me," Snape told him, giving him a cold look, "Oh and ten points from Slytherin."

Harry heard the Slytherin's yelling at Malfoy for what he had done but the Gryffindors, minus a bushy hair girl that Harry knew was Hermione Granger, grinned.

Harry knew that Snape was waiting until they got into his office before starting on him. When he entered Snape's office Harry was shocked at how much potion ingredients that he had.

"Potter," Snape said, breaking Harry away from what he was seeing, "What you did was wrong and I'm giving you detention."

"Sorry sir," Harry said.

"I don't care for your excuses," Snape told him, "Normally I would use your talents to better use on the Quidditch field but I'm not rewarding bad behavior. I know that those relations of yours spoiled you rotten but-."

"You don't have any clue what the Dursley's are like," Harry snapped. "They hate me and called me a freak. I supposed you're going to call me that as well because you act just like Uncle Vernon, treating me like I've done something wrong when I haven't."

"Don't use that tone with me," Snape snarled.

"I'll use any tone that I wish," Harry snarled back, "You use first impressions to punish people and you think that I'm dumb or something. Well I'm determined to surprise you and I don't give a damn if I ever play Quidditch."

"You'll never surprise me," Snape told him.

Harry was determined to prove him very wrong.

The next day Harry sat down on the Slytherin side of the classroom and got everything out that he needed. Professor Snape came in all dramatic and glared at Harry. It was clear that he hadn't forgotten what had happened and Snape waved his wand and sure enough the Banshee Solution appeared. Harry smirked and started to brew the potion.

Snape couldn't believe that Potter was acting as though he wouldn't be anything but his damn father. He looked over at the Gryffindor side and saw right away who he was going to pick on, Neville Longbottom. That boy was so stupid that stupid wouldn't even cover what he was. He looked over at his snakes and saw Potter working on his potion, the book actually opened.

He would wait until the lesson was over to show him up. He turned all these wonderful thoughts over in his mind and returned to his Potions Monthly magazine.

"What does the book say the potion is supposed to look like?" Nott asked, looking over at Harry's cauldron.

"Sky blue," Harry answered.

"Well it looks like it, try it out," Nott said. "The most that will happen, if it's brewed wrong, is that you'll just get sick."

"Oh thanks for making me feel confident," Harry said, but he took a sip of it.

Harry opened his mouth and a horrible scream came out, breaking all the students' vials of potion ingredients, the windows in the room, and making Snape shoot to the ceiling, literally. He landed with a horrible crash on the floor, his hair sticking up with shock.

"Did anyone catch the license number of that ceiling?" Snape asked, groaned and passed out.

"Wicked," Nott commented while the Slytherin's cheered.

Harry didn't see Snape for three days, thus making Harry miss his detention.

"How did it feel to taste ceiling?" Dumbledore asked, chuckling at his Potions Master's meeting with the ceiling of dungeon five.

"Filch needs to clean it more," Snape told him.

"So who brewed the perfect Banshee Solution?" Dumbledore asked.

"Potter," Snape answered, "And I was surprised that he was able to do it."

"Well Poppy told me that Harry actually re-brewed the Boil Cure," Dumbledore told him.

"What!" Snape hissed, "Why would he do something as stupid as that?"

"Maybe he wants to prove that he belongs at Hogwarts," Dumbledore told Snape, "He has a thirst to prove himself, we heard that last week. Look, stop being hard on him and maybe you won't taste the ceiling anymore."

Snape grumbled.

If the Headmaster thought that Snape would stop being hard on Potter he was dead wrong. He was determined to prove that Potter was just like his father, stupid. The next potion was a basic healing potion. Harry was once again in the front with Nott has a partner and he watched both of them closely. He knew that Potter was cheating and he was going to discover it and punish him for it.

"This potion is supposed to be silver," he told the class. "If I find gold, purple, or flashing colors I'm going to give detention."

He walked over to his snakes and saw that Potter's potion was silver; he sneered at the potion and then went over to Malfoy's potion.

"Mr. Malfoy," he said, "Why is your potion an off gold?"

"I don't know, sir," Malfoy said.

He turned to Potter, determined to find a way to take points off, "Mr. Potter, your fellow Slytherin's potion is off gold. Why is that?"

Potter turned in his seat, "Because he added one drop too many of chestnut oil," he answered and then returned to his potion.

"Liar," Malfoy snarled and to Snape's horror he got up and went over to Potter and slashed his hand. "Take that back, Potter."

Harry screamed in pain and Snape pulled him back.

"Five points from Slytherin for attacking a fellow housemate," Snape told him. "Get out of here and return to your common room."

He then made Malfoy's potion vanish and went over to Potter's potion while the Gryffindors all waited to see what would happen.

"If you've brewed a successful Healing Potion then that slash will heal at once," Snape told Potter.

He poured some of the potion into a goblet and gave it to Potter. Potter drank it and the skin healed at once, leaving no mark.

"He did it," yelled a Slytherin boy.

"Give him the points," said Pansy Parkinson.

"Yeah, give him the points," Nott demanded.

All the Slytherin's were giving him such a cold look, their arms crossed. Snape couldn't believe he was actually being ganged upon by his own house.

"Fine, ten points to Slytherin," Snape said.

The Slytherin's all cheered.

Harry was pleased with how Potions had gone, despite the fact that Malfoy had slashed his hand, and he had not only gotten the five points back that stupid Malfoy lost for them but they were five points up.

"Potter, you're really good at Potions," Pansy said. "Who would of thought with how you were first lesson."

"Well when your determined to do your best and excel then there's nothing that you can't do," Harry told her, "And I'm relieved, I've finally found something that belongs to me, something that I can be proud about, and it doesn't have a broomstick attached it."

It didn't take long for Harry to be noticed by all in Slytherin House as the best potion brewer in Slytherin House. Harry was always working on the next potion, improving it, and Harry suddenly realized what the hat had said about him not having a bad mind. In Potions he had brilliant mind and what he didn't know was that it wasn't settling well with the Gryffindors best Potions brewer, Hermione Granger.

Unknown to him Hermione Granger had declared a Potions war.

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