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T.V. Show: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Prompt Title: The Pom Pom Incident

The team was at the bar having a night out after the football game they had today. Garcia, JJ, and Emily had been cheerleaders for the men on the BAU team who was playing against the White Collar Crime unit. Emily decided that after the day she had she deserved to get drunk. She couldn't believe what had happened. She was still embarrassed about it four hours later.

"So Emily are you ever going near a set of Pom Pom's again?" JJ snickered.

Emily glared at her and said "Don't remind me JJ. I still can't believe that happened."

Hotch came up behind Emily and wrapped his arm around her waist as he laughed. "But Sweetheart I loved the show you gave."

Emily smacked Hotch in the arm and said "Aaron Hotchner if you even hope to get some tonight then I would watch what you are saying. I'm going to refer to what happened today as the Pom Pom Incident."

Morgan laughed loudly and said "Em it was more than an incident. When you did a cart wheel and then threw the Pom Pom up in the air like you did and it came back down and landed in your shirt and then when you tried to get it out you ended up flashing everyone that was just too funny. The good news is you did help us score the winning touchdown."

Emily glared and picked up her glass of beer. "Morgan on more word about the Pom Pom Incident and I will pour this beer over your head."

Morgan laughed and said "What I would like to know is what possessed you to wear that bra today of all days."

Emily's eyes narrowed as she leaned across the table and poured her drink over Morgan's head.

"Don't say I didn't warn you Derek!" Emily said between laughter.

Morgan was sitting there with beer dripping down his bald head and onto his shirt looking at Emily in shock. Penelope looked at her man and shook her head. Was he ever going to learn that when Emily says something like that, that she will indeed do it? She shook her head as she thought to herself if he hasn't learned by now he isn't ever going to learn.

Dave was laughing until Morgan shot him a look and said "Dave I wouldn't laugh if I were you because I could just tell Emily about the picture you snapped of the whole Pom Pom Incident."

Dave's mouth dropped open and he muttered "Morgan you idiot you just told her!"

Emily's mouth had dropped open when she heard what Morgan said. She reached over and grabbed Hotch's beer and before Hotch could stop her she stood up and walked around the table and poured his drink over Dave's head. Hotch started laughing and couldn't stop and Emily thought that it was time he felt what Morgan and Dave was feeling so she grabbed Dave's beer and walked back over to Hotch and poured it over his head making Morgan and Dave laugh.

"Now would anyone else like to comment or laugh about what happened earlier?" Emily asked.

The rest of the team all shook their heads and bit their lips to keep the laughter from coming out of their mouths. Penelope patted her purse and smiled at the thought of what she was going to do tonight. She had gotten still pictures of Emily trying to get the pom pom out of her shirt. She was going to print off a copy for each team member.

Emily put her head on the table and bit her lip. She had to admit that what happened today was funny but it was also embarrassing.

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