Dangerous Waters

She wasn't completely unaware of the situation. She was actually quite informed, whether that be fortunately or unfortunately. Because the connection between the two of them was undeniable. They were like ice and water, both one in the same, yet completely different.

Though she was, unfortunately, not one of those two, and that, she had no doubt, was unfortunate.

Since the beginning she had been drawn to him, though for reasons even she herself was not so proud of. It was because she had clearly seen the attraction between him and her childhood friend. She was born naturally competitive, but intensely so when her childhood friend was thrown into the equation.

But even so, she wasn't lowly enough to try and act on such a malicious motive. So any impulses she had were ignored and disregarded.

That was all it was at first, the competitive side of her boiling over. But ever so slowly it changed. The more her awareness of him heightened, the more it changed. And it seemed to always be changing.

Later on, it was still innocent, though she felt as if she were walking on thin ice. At times, such as those when she came to pick up the items he was selling, she would stay longer than needed—lingering on his farm as she watched him work. 'Mist did it, so why couldn't she?' was the reasoning she gave to satisfy the side of herself that wondered what exactly it was she was doing.

And the kindness he gave didn't help her as she headed further to the center of the already deep pond. So looking like the strawberry he was handing her, she would dangerously think things along the line of, "Could he perhaps…feel... for me….no, no, he couldn't…"

And one day, just like she had known it would, the ice broke. And from there on out, she was drowning.

Sometimes it was in sadness. Sometimes it was in anger. And sometimes, it was in happiness.

Finally knowing, and finally accepting this thing that could only be labeled as love, she felt much more at peace. She loved him. Such an easy thing to say. In her head, that was.

Telling him how she felt hadn't even crossed her mind. It was such a wild idea, something too embarrassing, too degrading for someone like her to say. So she was happy, to an extent. At least to the extent she was willing to reach for.

But soon, she learned there was someone else that was willing to reach for more.

She had been happy.

Unbelievably happy.

How had she forgotten?

She had been so happy that she had forgotten the presence of the other girl who also shed him smiles, and he shed smiles to. The other girl, who if she had taken the time to look, would have seen was also entirely and utterly in love. The girl who had been the entire reason this girl had come to notice that guy at all.

How had she forgotten?

I just got Rune Factory Frontier and I absolutely love it. So I just a wrote this real short quick thing today. It's in celebration of the pity party I am having for myself. So yeah, I feel this is slightly...perhaps stupid is the word I'm looking for? I may end up taking it down. But I've been having zero motivation to write lately so I thought I'd throw this up here since I at least got something typed out.