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"Hey Ben. Nothing against you helping us, but won't Nina hurt you badly if she finds out that you're going to a strip club?" Andi asked.

"What Nina doesn't know doesn't hurt me," Ben replied. "Besides, she's isn't even in town. Says she was on a hunting trip and wouldn't be back until late tonight. And hey, if she ever finds out I can say that we were on a case. She'll totally understand."

"Will that be before or after she rips out your internal organs and show's them to you?" Andi asked the nonchalant Ben.

"Don't be ridiculous, Andi. She'd never… oh dear Lord," Ben said realizing that she could do just that.

"Don't sweat it Ben," Sock said hitting the back of his shoulder. "Push comes to shove we'll just use Sam as a human shield. Nina wouldn't be foolish enough to attack the spawn of Satan. Am I right?" His question was greeted with silence. "Just looking out for our friend's best interests here people."

"Ok guys. Remember the mission. We're here to find Andi's mom, alright? Not to mingle with the other girls. Comprende?" Sam asked them.

"No hablo Español," Sock said.

"You just spoke it Sock." Ben told him.


"Guys. Stay focused. Remember? Let's split up; and no confronting the soul without back up. That clear?"

"Yeah sure. No problem." They replied dispersing into separate parts of the club. Sock and Ben took a seat directly at the stage while Andi checked out the bar. Sam took a seat at one of the nearby tables and scoped out the club for any sign of Jessie. This place was huge; how were they going to catch sight of her?

"Hi handsome," a stripper said slipping into Sam's lap.



"I thought you moved up with your mom to New Mexico to sort things out?" Sam asked trying to move her off him before Andi saw them. Out of every strip club in town he'd have to pick the one that his ex-girlfriend worked at. Fate can be so cruel sometimes.

"Things got boring up there for me so I moved back." She explained not getting off his lap. "I missed you as a matter of fact despite what went down between you and me." She said putting her arms around his neck.

"Cady. You should know that a few things have changed since you left," Sam laughed nervously and tried again to get her off his lap, but she wouldn't budge an inch.

"Really? Like what?" She asked running her hands through his hair.

"Like me, Cady," Andi answered her.

"Andi. Should've figured," She mumbled finally moving off of Sam's lap. He wiped his forehead as she did in relief. "What are you doing here?" Cady asked crossing her arms.

"Spending some time with my boyfriend," Andi responded; emphasis on the word boyfriend. She also crossed her arms. "Why do you care?"

"Boyfriend huh? That's news to me. You know when most couples go out on dates they generally don't choose a place where multiple girls will swarm over the boyfriend in question like he's the main course of a meal," Cady said and to mess with Andi walked behind Sam and put her arms around him. Sam quickly reacted jumping out of the chair and Cady's grip.

"I think I'll go join Sock and Ben. Bye Cady," Sam rapidly said and ran off; knocking one of the strippers over by accident when he did.

"Stay away from Sam if you know what's good for you," Andi threatened.

"I'm so scared," Cady deadpanned. Andi gave her a nasty look and went to join the boys at the stage. Cady eyes turned red and a low growl sounded from her throat.

"Wasn't that Cady?" Ben asked Sam as he joined them.

"Yeah. Can we not talk about her?"

"Aren't you glad that she isn't the Devil's daughter?" Sock asked. "Because if it turned out that she was; man that'd be messed up since you're his son."

"Sock; please. That's the last thing I need on my mind right now," Sam grumbled.

Several failed searches later

"This is the twelfth club we've been to tonight. Do we even know if your mom is in this city?" Ben asked rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"The Devil usually tells us when the souls aren't even in the city. He may like screwing with us, but he still wants the souls back in Hell as soon as possible," Sam answered.

"Well let's hurry up and do this then before Sock does something stupid and gets us thrown out like the last time," Ben said.

"Hey that Stripper Clown totally came on to me. If anyone should be blamed for breaking that no touching rule it should've been her," Sock defended himself. While the guys continued to talk Andi checked her purse to make sure that the vessel was still in there. She wanted this to be over so badly. A part of her was hoping that the Devil had lied to her, but deep down she knew that wasn't the case. She sat back at the bar and asked for the strongest beer they had. She usually wasn't a heavy drinker, but tonight she just didn't give a crap.

Sam saw Andi drinking again and cursed himself. He'd never seen Andi like this before. He was about to walk towards her when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Would you like a private dance?" He heard a stripper ask him.

"Sorry Ms."

"Oh I insist, Sam." Sam froze in his tracks.


"Please; call me Jessie," she said. "And if you're smart, you won't try to call your friends for back up," she threatened. "Now follow me," she said leading Sam to the back area. Once there she shoved Sam up against the pole and put her hands on her hips. "My fight isn't with you Reaper so if you leave now I won't hurt you."

"Why'd you come back?" Sam asked trying to get her talking so the others would have time to look for him.

"Revenge; pure and simple," she answered walking over to the pole. "I never wanted this life; Lord knows I tried to quit, but my superiors wouldn't let me. Now it's payback time." She quickly climbed up the pole and wrapped her legs around Sam's neck pulling him, back first, against the pole.

"Sock. Have you seen Sam? I've looked over every square inch of this place." Ben said.

"Even the ladies room?"

"No man! What's wrong with you! ?"

"Why don't you just ask that girl over there if she's seen him," Sock suggested pointing at a stripper a few feet in front of them.

"Sure. Why not," Ben agreed. "Excuse me. Could you help us find our fri- Nina?"


"What are you doing here?" They asked at the same time. "What am I doing here? I asked you first. Stop doing that!"

"Stop it both of you!" Sock intervened. "You two can have your little lovers spat after we've located our friend."

"Well if you must know I saw Sam being led off into the back room by one of the strippers."

"What did she look like?" Sock asked.

"Kind of like an older version of Andi as a matter of fact."

"Thanks Nina!" Sock said running for the back room.

"We'll talk about this when we get home, young lady." Ben said following Sock.

"What are you? My father?" Nina said to herself before heading on stage.

"You couldn't understand why I'm doing this. I was taken away from the one person that mattered more to me than anything in this world or the next," Jessie said tightening her leg lock on Sam's neck.

"Revenge isn't the answer. What would Andi say if she saw you now?" Sam asked still trying to keep her talking.

"Shut up!" She screamed putting more pressure on his neck. Sam for a few seconds felt his world go dark. Where were his friends when he needed them? "I loved my daughter more than my own life and to be taken away from her like that… when I find those dirt bags that did me in I'll make sure their deaths are slow and painful. Your death, however, will be quick and rather painless," she said.

"Sam!" Sock shouted breaking down the door to Jessica's room. "Whoa. Guess I don't know my own strength," he said.

"This doesn't concern any of you!" She screeched. Sock made a run to help Sam, but Jessica relinquished her hold on Sam and kicked him at Sock. Sam crashed into Sock, but bounced off his larger friend. He coughed and gasped for air as Sock helped him up.

"Let's take her together. She can't stop both of us," Sock suggested. They charged, but Jessica climbed to the top of the pole to avoid them. She started to spin on her way down the pole and her strong legs connected with the two boys necks sending them falling into her closet. Ben ran into the room a second after they fell, so Jessie hopped off the pole, somersaulted, and launched her legs into Ben's chin. He toppled out the room and banged the back of his head against the wall. He fell unconscious from the impact.

"Not a hair out of place," Jessica said looking over her reflection in the mirror. Hopefully the Reaper will understand that she is one soul that isn't to be messed with.

"Mother." Jessica froze at the sound of that voice. In the mirror's reflection she saw a young girl that looked like her spitting image. It could only be one person. "Andi," Jessica said turning around. "You've grown so much," she said with a loving expression. "Let me hold you," she said taking steps toward Andi with outstretched arms.

"Don't come any closer," Andi said pulling out the vessel.

"You're a Reaper too?" Jessica said disbelievingly.

"Yes," she answered simply.

"Andi! Less talking more reaping!" Sock yelled.

"I don't even know how to use this thing!" She yelled back.

"Try singing a lullaby," Sam suggested.

"Uh… rock-a bye baby in the tree top," Andi sang, but nothing happened. Taking this chance her mother cart-wheeled over to Andi and kicked her in the side of the face launching Andi at a chair. Andi stood up, but her mom executed the same move sending her into the pole. Andi's forehead connected with it and she fell out cold. Jessica walked over to Andi and knelt by her.

"I'm sorry it had to come to this my child. Just know that mommy loves you. Always," she whispered. She kissed Andi on the forehead and exited the club through the back entrance.

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