Jordan Johnson had held it in all morning, having sat tirelessly through school resisting the temptation to flop one out in the boys toilet. But as he walked down the corridor with his friend, Abbie Branning, he couldn't torture himself any longer, he had to blow a load. He knew it was wrong to masterbate, more so to do so during school in a cubical in the boys toilet. As he approached the door, he excused himself and told his friend he'd meet her in the cafeteria.

Pushing open the door he rushed into a cubical and undid his belt, dropping his trousers to the ground. He listened out, checking no one was there, it was empty – thank god! His black cock burst through his tight white boxer shorts, he then dropped his cacks and began rubbing his dick.

He ran his fingertip round the head of his 5 inch cock and wiped up all the precum from under his bellend. He then licked it off and continued to jerk off leaning against the wall of the cubical.

Liam Butcher waltzed in and tensed his eyes brows as he heard the breathless groans of boy pleasuring himself. He inched himself over to the cubicals and peered round the door. His dick sprung to attention as he eyed Jordan knocking one out in the toilet. "I could help you with that, you know!" Liam laughed.

Jordan jumped and blushed as he saw Liam looking at him In the doorway, why had he been so stupid, he could of at least shut the door. But then he heard his words, help, help how!? He then watched as Liam grabbed onto his rod and began helping him to jerk off. "Oh." Jordan uttered. "Oh!" He added, relaxing into the flow of the hand movement.

Liam knelt onto the ground and took Jordan's thick black penis into his mouth. He circled his tongue round his head and dug the tip into his peachy tight urethra. He then spat onto his fingers as he took as breath, then continued with the blow job.

Jordan then felt a finger creep into arse hole. At first, it was a shock, it hurt a little too. But then as the finger hit his prostate, he began to feel the benefits. "Oh, yes, oh Liam, that feels so good." Jordan wheezed, he grabbed hold of Liam's head and began fucking the shit out of it. He knocked his tool into the back of his mouth causing the young chav to choke.

"God Jord, chill out!" He exclaimed as he coughed, pushing the young black boy onto the toilet seat.

"Sorry, I just need to cum so bad." Jordan exclaimed, loosening his tie.

Liam stood up and helped Jordan slip off his shirt and tie before pulling his own scruffy t-shirt off after. Liam was a little chubbier than Jordan, who was slender and slight, yet toned carrying off a pair of budding pecks. Liam began kissing the boys chest and rubbing his puffy brown nipples.

Liam then dropped his shorts and brief and let his dick spring up hitting Jordan's. It was a modest 6 inches, bigger than most guys his age, not that he really knew that until now. He watched as Jordan wrapped his mouth round his member and returned the favour – but he wanted more! "Bend over." Liam ordered.

Jordan grinned as he bent over, resting his palms on the toilet seat. He listened as Liam spat onto his dick and rubbed the saliva down his shaft.

Liam slowly eased himself into Jordan's gloryhole, it was tight but he knew in know time he could loosen it. "Oh, oh, oh yes!" Liam groaned as he began to get into a rhythm, he began getting deeper, going faster, pushing harder.

Their balls slapped together, white on black, brown on ginger as Liam thrust on Jordan's prostate.

"O, o, o yeah, yeah." Jordan urged as he rapidly jacked himself as the feeling of Liam's cock filling his hole made him hornier than ever before. He had stopped just before he had blown his load, only second earlier, now he felt a climax approaching. Jordan then moved his hand onto the wall as Liam pushed harder than ever before. "Yes, oh yes!"

"Fuck, yes, oh fuck." Liam panted, ripping Jordan's ass to shreds. "Take it, yes, take it you little bitch!" Liam added, he had seen the movies, he thought he knew what to say. Beads of sweat started to form on his brow as he worked up towards his climax. "Fuck!" He screamed.

Suddenly a splash of cum hit Liam on the back, he was confused how but it sent him spiralling into a land of no return. "Oooooooooooooooooooooooh!" Liam roared as he burst his creamy load into Jordan's ass.

Jordan felt the warm substance fill his insides, causing him to double over in pleasure, he spat his cum from the head of penis and it splattered against the wall in front of him.

The two boys fell on top of one another, Liam's cock slipping out from Jordan's hole onto the slippery ground below. They both turned and saw a naked boy standing in the doorway, gripping his cock as it began to deflate.

"Ben!" Liam questioned, putting his hand into the cum on his back.

Ben Mitchell, opened his eyes as the pleasure subsided. "Opps!"