NOTE: I think were all a little tired of this Chryed rubbish so lets get back to some proper litrotica!

Chapter Three

It had been over a month since Peter Beale had left Walford High and while he missed his dirty deeds with a few of the schools younger pupils, he was relishing the time off. Stood in his room he peered out the window down onto the Square below. With his trousers and boxer shorts hugging his ankles, he rubbed his skinny cock picturing the lovely young boys that used to suck his cock in exchange for help with homework, fighting off bullies and general favours.

A black cab then swung round past the Queen Vic and pulled up outside the Beale household causing Peter to squint to observe the passenger sat in the back seat. As the door opened waves of long brown hair exited the taxi and Peter's heart skipped beat. Pulling up his trousers he ran down the stairs to the back door.

Thrusting open the back door he took the young brunette by surprise as she stood, hand out, ready to knock on the door. "Lauren!" Peter exclaimed with a beaming smile.

Lauren breathed in deeply before jumping in for long, passionate kiss. Peter picked up into his arms and kicked the door shut as he span her into the living room. "I'" Peter breathlessly muttered as the young Branning smothered him with deep, fiery passion.

Lauren threw off her denim jacket and reached down to unbuckle Peter's belt. It was already loose. She bit down on Peter's bottom lip as she sent her hand deep into his trousers.

Peter pulled away and hushed her with his finger. "We better take this upstairs!"

Lauren grinned and ran up stairs ushering Peter to chase her. Peter sauntered towards the stairs, pulling off his t-shirt to reveal his perfectly curved abs.

"Come on...or don't you want me!" Lauren teased as she darted up the stairs. Reaching his room she ripped off her own shirt and lay out on his bed. Peter, smirking, strutted into the room and lay on top of her kissing her passionately.

Lauren squirmed out of her skirt as Peter dropped his trousers. To Peter's surprise, she wasn't wearing any underwear. "You like?" She giggled as she rubbed her index finger over her clitoris.

"Oh yeah!" He groaned as he began to tug at his fully erect penis.

"Then hurry up. Cause I want you in me!" She exclaimed, shocking Peter slightly. Lauren reached and pulled Peter's cock towards her opening, spreading out her legs sexily.

Meanwhile downstairs, the back door opened and a hooded figure sneaked into the house. Shutting it slowly the figure moved quietly towards the stairs, listening as the couple playfully laughed above. The figure pulled back his hood to reveal the jealous face of Liam Butcher.