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I'm planning, later in the story, to have Gavner take Savannah along to visit that one human woman he is in love with…can't recall her name for now but yeah. Should be a cute/sad chapter.

A couple of hours had passed. Within that time limit, Savannah had been allowed to clean up, to change, to have a small meal, and was now tired. The three men debated on where she should sleep. While Gavner, who insisted on staying longer, said she should sleep in a room where one another was watching her, Larten insisted she sleep in a tent with Evra. Mr. Tall, however, won by saying that in her fragile state, she should stay in his room and rest while he and the rest prepared for their last show that night.

When Savannah entered his room, she was trembling. Would he eat her? Or had the orphans been cruel? Licking her lips, she looked around. Everything looked…normal. A bit messy but overall, alright. When a small cot was placed on the ground, she nearly jumped – Mr. Tall was behind her. Looking up cautiously, she tried not to panic and asked, "A-And I'll be in here alone?"

"Yes. No one comes into my tent without my permission." He confirmed, watching her semi-relax. "Rest…I will wake you when it is night again." The man paused as he started to leave. "Oh, and a member of the Cirque said you may borrow this." In his hand was a long shirt, a nightgown of sorts. When she took it, she thanked him quietly and changed as soon as he left. When she hit the pillow, she was out.

While the orphan slept, Crepsley and Purl spoke in hushed voices not too far away. It was daytime which meant they had to be confined to either inside a room or in the shadows, which was risky. "She has to be related to a vampaneze somehow." Gavner pointed out. "How else would she look like that?"

"There must be an explanation for it…as to the long nails; anyone can have them if they are patient enough." Larten pointed out, not too fond of diving head first like his friend.

"But for those nails to be thick and strong like hers? No human can have that! And what about her eyes? That's what concerns me the most!"

A sigh left Larten's lips. "Yes, that also concerns me. We will have to gain her trust before we ask her." Before Gavner could speak, his friend said sternly, "We cannot force her into answering our questions. Not since she will be traveling with us and the Cirque for a while. As it is, I believe she is more traumatized than she has let on from you."

"From us, from finding out we're vampires." Purl tried to correct him. When the man glared, he shrugged. "Alright, from me."

"I believe she is also troubled from how she got here. Hibernius had mentioned something about four orphans forcing her here…it might be smart to talk to her about it." Larten added.

"Yes…but for now, I'd like to get some sleep."

"As would I since I, unlike you, will be the one performing tonight."

Savannah found herself staring at a wall when she woke up. The window behind her that was half-covered hinted it was evening. The bed she lay on was soft though firm, a hint that she was laying on a cot. Though the air around her was freezing cold, she was warm under the blankets.

There was someone near by in the same room. Someone was in there with her. And although she didn't feel their eyes on her, she still felt uncomfortable. When the girl pushed herself up, an unexpected stab of pain went through her arms.

A sharp cry left her as she fell back onto her side, her wrists pulsing. When she looked down at them, she shuddered – there were large bruises, totally black and blue, on her wrists in shape of a hand. Unfortunately the pain wouldn't subside. Looking over at the person across the room, she was surprised to see Mr. Tall. What was surprising was, not that fact that he was in his room, but that he was sitting on the ground looking like he was near death.

When he opened his eyes to spot her, the room suddenly warmed up. "There is some balm for bruises if you need it." He told her, having seen the markings while she slept.

It took her a moment to sit up without the use of her hands. Without her consent, they had begun to shake from the slight agony. "Please." She nodded. As he got it, she asked, "Mr. Tall…I…"

"You are still unsure if your life is safe with us. And you want to know what has become of Gavner and Larten." He said for her, sensing her thoughts. When she nodded slowly, he explained, "Savannah, the Cirque is full of freaks that consider themselves part of a large family. Although the way you 'dropped in' is unorthodox, you are more than welcome here. I don't know what those orphans told you about us, but chances are, they were lying." He had been kind enough not to invade her mind that much.

"A-and of Larten and…Gavner?" It was no secret that the latter of the two scared her the most.

Mr. Tall took the time to place her fingertips on the wrist that had the hand holding the jar. Gently smearing the balm on the bruised wrist, noticing her sharp intake of air, he answered, "They are both asleep. They should wake up soon…we have our last show and Larten performs in it. Gavner will be in the audience watching. Perhaps you would like to join the audience?" He paused. "Unless you get scared easily."

As if it had been a challenge, Savannah proclaimed sharply, "I don't get scared easily! Ouch!" She hissed when she had moved accidently against his hand, the bruise incredibly sensitive. "But just the same…I'd rather be backstage."

"Alright." He nodded and finished both wrists, pausing to pull out some bandages. He placed them around her wrists, ensuring the balm would stay on. "Follow me…I fear everyone will be preparing for the show so you won't be able to meet them until after. You may roam the grounds but please stay nearby…it is dangerous."

For who, she wondered? For you? For me? For Gavner and Larten?

Pushing away those thoughts, she nodded and changed into another outfit that some member had given her. By the time she had finished dressing, which took twice as long since she was trying to be gentle with her damaged wrists, Mr. Tall had departed. Slightly relieved yet missing his presence, she stepped outside the room and looked around.

As she traveled through the halls, she listened to the faint sounds of people laughing, rushing, and talking. Part of her longed to be part of that while the other part wanted to just hide.

And hide she did…in the room she had been tossed into the night before.

Savannah looked around at the room with calmness this time. Without panic or fear, she took in more details this time. The coffin was open to reveal its owner wasn't there. Inside was lined with silk and cotton, a comfortable looking 'bed'. Next to it was a table with a small book along with some paper, probably money. The creepy spider she had seen last night was on the same table, half covered with a piece of cloth. The closet she had hidden in was half open, the clothes looking undisturbed.

When she reached out to pull the cloth away, Savannah's forearm was grabbed. Jumping nearly a foot in the air, she looked up to see the two vampires. Instantly she felt the blood drain from her face. Licking her lips, she stared at them as the holder, Larten, studied her wrists. Clearly by the glare he gave Gavner, they had discussed her before.

"…Please let go." She whispered when a minute had passed.

"If you were to get close enough for Madame Octa to bite you, you would die." Larten warned as he let go of her forearm. "I would suggest that you do not try that again."

Her eyes widened – hadn't Mr. Tall said she would be safe? "Oh…I'm sorry."

Before the dark haired man could speak, Crepsley beat him to it, "What are you doing in my room?" He had a tone of patience, of calmness. It would have relaxed the girl had Gavner not been glaring.

Looking down in hopes to hide her eyes, the reason he hated her probably, she mumbled, "I didn't know where else to go…I mean, I don't want to be in anyone's way while they're preparing for the show…and I assumed this was a place to be. That I knew of."

"And the reason you were trying to take the spider?" Gavner finally broke his silence.

"I am not a thief!" Savannah exclaimed so harshly, so suddenly that all three looked stunned. "I just wanted to see her."

"She is quite stunning, is she not?" Crepsley nodded, taking hold of the cage. "Here, come with me and I will lead you to the backstage."

"It is better," Gavner spoke suddenly, "if she were sitting in the audience with me." When the girl's horrified expression made Crepsley about to question why, the vampire continued, "If the spider were to get loose…" he let his sentence trail, letting whatever thoughts fill his friend.

"Yes…I suppose you are right." Larten agreed. "Savannah," her name sounded so strange leaving his lips, "for your own safety, you will sit next to Gavner during the performance."

Next chapter: Can anyone guess why the room had been so cold and why Mr. Tall was sitting like that when Savannah first woke up? Hint hint! Okay, NOW we get to the "justice" of those four orphans during the show.