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Mac had a normal life. A life anyone would want. She had the perfect boyfriend, perfect parents, and a perfect home. Which she all lost. Her mother was killed in an accident, her house was burnt down. And her boy friend dumped her, for another girl.

***Be fore***

Matt's coming over today. It's my birthday, and he's supposed to give me my present. Matt is the captain of the football team. I know sounds like a common thing, right? But me and him were complete opposites. I'm the girl with purple streaks and black clothes. But Matt picked me.

I hear the doorbell ring and I race to get it. Only to find Matt there, with Stephanie, the blond head cheerleader, and they're holding hands.


And you walk through the door,

I go to give you a kiss,

But you turn your head to avoid my lips,

And who's this girl you're with?

Does this mean we're over, over?

Average Girl- Emily Osment


I lost him. He's gone. No longer mine. But hers now. I give up on athletes. They must get hit in the head too much and show up to their girlfriend's house, on her birthday, with another girl. No, I give up on boys period.

I knew this birthday was gonna be hard. Cause it was the first one without my mommy. And now I really needed her. And my teddy bear that got burnt in the fire.