I know it's rough, and not that great, but I wanted to try something different. All characters belong to me~ Wolfy


Life really sucks. Really, really sucks. Especially when you feel like you're dead inside. I hate this new house. I hate everything. And my dad is trying to be my best friend. But I already have one. And she is amazing. Gwen is the friend anyone would be lucky to have.


"Calm down, Mac, it's gonna be fine." Gwen chanted into my ear, as I hugged her. She stroked my purple hair and hugged me tighter, as I sobbed into her shoulder. "Mac, don't fall apart over this guy. Come on, he's not worth this pain." I pulled away from her and went across my room. I picked up the picture of me and Matt, and looked out the window.

I can't believe he has the nerve to still be here with that….that….that slut. With her perfect blond hair, perfect face, perfect everything. And I have nothing that's perfect like she does. And they're perfect for each other. Let them be together. I'll stay here alone. It'll hurt less that way.

I know that's a lie. It'll hurt worse. Much worse.

I chunked the picture out the window, and it landed in the middle of the street and shattered. I car drove do the street and ran over the remains. I wish it had hit his car. I wish he would suffer some. Unlike me, he's not suffering at all.

He didn't even breakup with me before he got a new girl. Some people really don't care about other people. I can't believe I ever loved that ass hole. Gah, I'm so stupid.

"MacKayla," Gwen groaned. She only used my first name when I was in trouble, or she had nothing to say. "Don't through things. Did you hit his car?" I whipped my eyes, and shook my head. She got up and hugged my again. Then there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Gwen yelled for me. "Matt." A deep voice said. Before Gwen could stop me, I pulled the door open, and threw the necklace he gave me on our first date, at his head, then locked the door again. I heard him cuss, then his smooth footsteps go down the stairs.

"That's it, you're coming to my house tonight. My parents are having a cook-out tomorrow. You need to get your mind off that idiot."