Before I begin writing this story, I'd like to make a few things perfectly clear:

This will be a Naruto/Prototype crossover

The Naruto in this story will be intelligent, bold, sarcastic, and ruthless among other things. He will be prone to speak various words of wisdom. He also speaks his mind and voices his opinion quite frequently no matter how blunt. The Naruto of this universe has always been this way and stopped being immature and childish after the events of stealing the Forbidden Scroll at the beginning of the series.

Naruto will be a living evolutionary breakthrough that is able survive and adapt to any situations and will outgrow all of his own weaknesses because of this (poor chakra control, losing control of Kyuubi, impatience, etc.).

Naruto will not rely on his jutsu nowhere near as much as much as he does in the series.

The timeline before the events of this story will remain the same with a few differences (will be shown in flashbacks).

The story starts at the end of the fight between Naruto and Sasuke at The Valley of The End, in which Naruto wins.

Naruto will show signs of insanity but it is just an act to intimidate his foes, as well as cause them to underestimate him.

Naruto will possess all the powers of the Prototype game's main character, Alex Mercer, with a few slight differences.

Naruto gains these powers through a mutation, not a virus.

SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED PROTOTYPE DO NOT READ!!! Unlike Alex Mercer (aka BlackLight) Naruto will always be himself and not the mutation that gave him these powers.

Naruto will consume people and gain their appearances, talents, skills, and memories, but he will NOT consume any innocent people.

Naruto will spend most of the story in his armored form similar to Alex Mercers armored form from the game, but there will be differences in the armors appearance.

Filler Characters will appear in this story.

This is a NaruxInoxHina story. Don't like it? Too bad, so sad, look at me, fuck you.

If you are serous, die-hard fans of Sasuke, Sakura, and/or Kakashi, for god's sake, DO. NOT. READ. THIS (You've been warned)!!!