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Ch. 1: The Prototype

Konoha: Hokages Office: One year later

The Godaime Hokage, Tsunade Senju, sat at her desk facing off against an enemy that even the mightiest of Kages fear…paperwork. Tsunade sighed heavily; the last year had brought a lot of paperwork for her as well as grief for almost everyone in Konoha.

She thought back to how everyone had reacted to Naruto's death.

The villagers, for the most part, were celebrating the "demon's" death and were praising the Uchiha as a hero. The celebrating stopped when Anko Mitarashi, having gained sympathy for Naruto's status as an outcast like herself, had detonated multiple explosive tags within each group and Tsunade had those participating in said celebrations got to spend time with Ibiki Morino in the ANBU Interrogation Center.

Needless to say, that shut them all up pretty quickly.

Speaking of Anko, her actions had caught the eye of Iruka Umino who was happy someone was stopping the civilians and shinobi who hated his favorite student and little brother figure. The two had since become friends since Naruto's death, although Anko's psychotic, blood-loving nature did creep him out quite a bit at first.

A few civilians, however, were greatly saddened by Naruto's death. This included Teuchi and Ayame Ichiraku. The father-daughter pair cared greatly about Naruto as he was always their favorite customer and Ayame saw him as the little brother she never had. They refused to serve anyone who was happy with the blonde's death along with anyone who praised Sasuke. This once got the two involved in an argument with a group of drunken villagers'. The leader of the group had demanded to be served ramen in honor of "the hero who killed the Kyuubi". Ayame countered this argument by dumping a boiling pot of water on the drunk's head while then proceeding to repeatedly beat the said drunk with the same pot before he was sent to the hospital for severe burns and a concussion among other things.

The next group that tried to argue ended up in the hospital with stab wounds from the kitchen knives Ayame threw at them.

After that no one else bothered the two while those who had were telling everyone to choose their words carefully around the "psycho bitch".

To further honor their appreciation to their favorite customer, as well as to spite the other villagers, they created a new ramen type and added it to the menu as the "Naruto Uzumaki Deluxe Ramen Special".

Naruto's death had also caused the Sandaime's law of secrecy to be repealed and soon all of the younger generation of the village knew that Naruto carried the Kyuubi within him, with many hoping to turn them against the, now deceased, boy.

This failed spectacularly.

For the most part, the members of the Konoha 12 (now 11) had not turned against Naruto and had gained a new level of respect for the blonde.

Choji, having been unconscious in the hospital at the time, did not immediately hear the news until Shikamaru had informed him upon awakening. Once he had heard however he had shed tears for his friend's death. To his teammates and sensei's shock, the Akimichi clan heir did not want to eat anything upon being released, saying it would be a solid testament to the loss of the only person who had ever beaten him in a ramen eating contest.

Kiba had also taken the news hard, despite his mother's view on the young blonde. When he was released from the hospital and had heard about the villagers celebrating he and Akamaru would beat the living shit out of anyone who he saw doing so, even his fellow clan members.

Lee had taken the view of his sensei, that Naruto's cheerful attitude, despite the hatred the villager's, had made his "flames of youth" burn even brighter than his own and vowed to one day reach Naruto's level of "youthfulness".

When Neji had heard the news from Tenten, he had actually burst into tears, not caring about his pride. Neji, alongside Hinata, had promised to honor Naruto's memory by finding away to finish what Naruto had started, finding away to get the Hyuuga Clan to ban the use of the Caged Bird Seal that was used on the branch members of the clan. Along with Hinata, he also had Tenten to support him. The two teammates had grown very close during the past year and, eventually, fell in love with each other. This, of course, caused Guy and Lee to burst into tears when they found out and praised about how youthful the two lovers were, so it was a bit of a curse as well as a blessing.

Speaking of Hinata, the shy Hyuuga heiress had been devastated by Naruto's death. For the first six months her worried father had placed guards to watch over her from a distance, fearing she would try to kill herself. With the help of her father, her cousin, Neji, her teammates, Kiba and Shino, her sensei Kurenai, and her little sister Hanabi, Hinata finally started to come out of her depression. She had promised to train harder than ever to become strong like her late crush and began training alongside Neji and her father in order to do so.

The person, who took Naruto's death the hardest, along with Hinata, was Ino. She refused to leave her room for weeks and only came out to eat or visit and bring flowers to Naruto's grave, which she did every day.

It was a simple gravesite. Naruto's body was never recovered from the Valley of the End, so there was no body to be buried, so it was a simple memorial. It read: "Naruto Uzumaki: the friend and hero who changed countless lives for the better".

Soon after it was made, it was the subject to multiple defacing incidents. When this happened, many of Naruto's friends would beat the people who did so into a near coma.

If Ino and Hinata (or both) caught someone defacing it, they would drag out the beating slowly and painfully. Once, when one villager decided to relieve himself on the memorial, the two girls beat him into what the staff at the hospital described as an "unrecognizable bloody stain" and then waited for him to wake up in the hospital so they could do it again. The doctors and nurses were too terrified to stop them. The offending villager ended up having nearly every bone in his body broken and suffered a massive amount internal bleeding because of Hinata's Gentile Fist strikes.

Any shinobi found vandalizing the memorial had to deal with an angry Tsunade Senju. After the memorial had been set up, she demoted several Chuunin, Jonin, and even a few ANBU to Genin level. She even sent a few back to the academy! Anyone who tried to argue or justify what they did was thrown in prison or, on a few very intense occasions, were executed for their trouble. The council, mostly the elder and civilian branches, protested this but the Slug Sannin had put her foot down (hard, shattering the floor and causing the entire building to shake) on the issue. Luckily, a good amount of the village's ninja were smart and held no ill feelings towards Naruto and, if they did, didn't voice this opinion aloud.

If, for some reason, the person who vandalized the grave was nowhere near the sight at the time, Kiba and Akamaru would track the person's/people's scent across town, so there was really no way for anyone to get away with it.

Back to Ino, she had also stopped working at her family's store for awhile because it was the place that had brought the two blondes into each other's arms. Since Naruto's death, everyone had learned about her relationship with Naruto and, while shocked, all felt sympathy for her (her friends anyway). Her parents had also learned of this and, while her father Inoichi Yamanaka was glad to see her stop fawning over Sasuke and approved wholeheartedly, her mother, Masami Yamanaka, was outraged at the news of her daughter dating the "Kyuubi brat", blaming said "brat" for her brother's death during the Kyuubi attack.

The woman had tried to introduce her daughter to other boys, all of whom were admirers, thinking she was still under the "monster's" control and believed this would solve the problem. Ino turned them all down (politely, of course) and her mood seemed to get worse.

Despite her husband's advice to let the issue go, Ino's mother had tried to sway her daughter constantly until about four months after Naruto's death, when Ino finally snapped.


The Yamanaka family had just sat down for dinner when Ino came downstairs her head hung low and her eyes red from crying.

As they ate, Ino's parents tried to get her to open up to them with minimal effort. Finally her Masami sighed and decided to address the problem directly and get it over with.

"Listen Ino", she began, "I know you liked that boy, but there comes a time when a person has to move on", she explained. Her husband, Inoichi, stared at her incredulously with a look that said both "please, for the love of God, do not do this" and "are you bat-shit crazy?" She ignored him.

Ino looked up at her mother for a moment with sad eyes before looking down at her plate again.

"It's not that simple", she muttered, "I don't think this is something I can ever get over not matter how hard I try. I don't think I'm built to deal with this kind of loss."

"Why not?" Masami asked, Inoichi signaling her to drop it but, once again, she ignored him, "There are plenty of other men in the village, better ones too", she continued, unaware of the emotional mine field she was walking into, "Speaking of which, my friend Satomi told me that her son was interested in you today and I thought that-"

"No thank you", Ino interrupted.

That was the breaking point.

Masami slammed her hands onto the table, startling the hell out of her husband and daughter.

"Dammit Ino, I'm tired of this!" she screeched, "what does it take to get you to see that you're better off without him!" she demanded.

Inoichi tried to calm his wife. "Dear don't-"

"No Inoichi,", she yelled, "she needs to hear this." She continued, "Why can't you just except the fact that he's nothing but a monster, the same monster that killed MY brother and YOUR uncle", she ranted, "Yet you still defend him and cry over him, I never would have approved of you dating him anyway if I had known! The best thing for you to do is accept what he was and move on to other-"

That was when she stepped on a mine that set off a chain reaction.

"Mom?" Ino interrupted, "SHUT UP!" she screeched.

Both of Ino's parents were shocked by this. Ino had never before yelled at her mother like this before.

Ino continued, "What do you know about him?" she yelled, "What makes you think you know anything about him? He wasn't a monster; he only hurt people in order to protect others! He always thought of others first and would do anything to make someone he cared about happy!" she continued, "Oh and by the way? When we were together he always treated me like royalty, like a princess, and he never asked anything of me! He said all he wanted was for me to be happy and I always was!" she yelled, tears now rolling down her cheeks, "Now get this through your head! I! LOVED! HIM! I loved him with all of my heart and I always will! My only regret was never being able to tell him! You have no idea what his life was like, so keep your mouth shut about things you don't understand!" she finished, running upstairs to her room crying, leaving her shocked mother and father behind.

"I warned you…" Inoichi told his wife under his breath before heading upstairs to try to console his daughter.

Flashback End

After talking to her husband and doing a great deal of soul searching, Masami realized her mistake and was truly ashamed of everything she had ever said or thought about Naruto. She apologized to her daughter and admitted her mistakes and, after a long period of time, finally reconciled with Ino.

Ino and Hinata had grown close over the past year and were very close friends despite Hinata's intense jealousy towards Ino, at first, for being with Naruto the way she dreamed about being with him. In honor of Naruto's memory, they went to his apartment and took everything of value to hide, including his "trophies" from his past adventures which included Mizuki's headband he had asked for from the Hokage after beating the silver haired traitor into an unrecognizable pulp (Naruto had put a slash through the headband as well), a piece of Haku's mask, a written note from Ibiki congratulating him on passing the first exam without answering any questions, the empty container that had once held a healing ointment that Hinata gave him after defeating Kiba (Hinata fainted after finding this), a vial of sand that Naruto had collected sometime after his fight with Gaara, a picture of himself standing with Tsunade, Shizune holding Tonton, and Jiraiya that had been taken on the way back from finding the Slug Sannin and convincing her to come back with them, and finally, an autographed photo of Princess Koyuki Kazehana.

While searching through the apartment Ino found a photo that was taken by one of Naruto's Shadow Clones of herself and Naruto sitting against a tree with Naruto having his arms around her while she sat in his lap. Both of them were smiling.

Ino remembered the day this was taken; it was one of the happiest days of her life. It was also the day he told her his greatest secret…


It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and Naruto had prepared a picnic for himself and his beloved girlfriend, Ino, out in an open field on the village outskirts.

When they had finished, Naruto had sealed what was left into a scroll. The two then decided to rest in the shade under a nearby tree. Ino was sitting in her boyfriend's lap with her head resting against his chest; his arms were wrapped around her waist.

After a few moments of silence Naruto looked at her and smiled.

"Comfy Ino-chan?" he asked her.

"Yep", Ino answered smiling up at him.

Naruto noticed her hair had grown a bit longer since he last saw her; she no longer wore it in the bun she usually had since the end of the Chuunin Exam Preliminaries.

"Your hair is longer", he noted.

Ino nodded, "Yeah, I liked it better when it was longer", she explained, "Naruto-kun...?" she began asking but paused uncertainly.

Naruto noticed her hesitation, "Something wrong?" he asked.

She paused before continuing, "Well I was wondering…do you…do you like my hair longer or shorter?"

Naruto laughed, "You're worried about what I would think?"

Ino nodded sheepishly, "Well…yeah, I mean…we are dating and all…and I want to look my best for you…"

He interrupted her with a passionate kiss she soon melted into.

When they parted Naruto continued, "How do you like your hair?"

Ino thought for a moment, "Longer, like it used to be", she decided, "I thought it made me look prettier."

He kissed her again, "Then I like it that way too…besides that ponytail made you look sexy as hell", he said smiling.

She blushed, "Really?" she asked.

Naruto nodded, "Yes", he told her.

Ino pulled herself closer to him and kissed him before she moved her lips toward his ear.

"Then you should see it when I let it down, it's much sexier", she whispered seductively.

Naruto shivered and asked, "Really?"

She giggled, "Trust me, you won't be disappointed", Ino said nibbling at his ear a little.

Naruto shivered more before pulling her face to his and kissing her forcefully. Ino moaned in pleasure.

They pulled apart after ten minutes or so and Ino stared at him.

"Mmm…your more eager today aren't you?" she asked him, smiling and licking her lips.

Naruto laughed, "How can I not be?" he asked, "I am holding an angel after all and it doesn't help that she's such a tease."

Ino blushed and snuggled closer into his chest.

After a while Ino decided to break the silence.

"So…are you going to tell me what happened when you went to find Tsunade-sama?" she asked curiously.

Naruto laughed and began recounting his journey to find the "Legendary Sucker" Tsuande Senju. They hit a snag early in the story when he told Ino about his encounter with the Akatsuki. The organization was recently made known to the public in the Bingo Book. It didn't say much, only that it was an organization composed of S-ranked missing-nins that wore black cloaks with red clouds on them.

"What happened? Were you okay? Did they hurt you?" she asked frantically while looking him over, searching for any injuries.

"Ino-chan calm down", he told her while rubbing her back soothingly, "Ero-sennin drove them off before they could do anything to me, but not before Itachi swatted Sasuke around."

Ino felt sorry for Sasuke, he was banged up pretty badly if the only person who could heal him was Tsunade.

"Itachi…he's Sasuke's brother right?" she asked.

Naruto nodded, "Yeah, Itachi Uchiha is the only other Uchiha clan member still alive", he continued, "Seven years ago, he wiped out his entire clan single handedly in one night and Sasuke's wanted revenge ever since then."

Ino was shocked, "Is he really that powerful?" she asked, amazed.

"I would appear so", Naruto answered, "He defeated Kakashi-sensei without breaking a sweat and caught Sasuke's Chidori with one hand", he shook his head, "It wasn't even a fight."

Ino shock grew even more, "B-but that attack broke through Gaara's sand shield during the Chuunin Exams!"

Naruto nodded "I know…there's something about him…the man's eyes were so intimidating…no amount of regret in them at all." he continued, "He used some sort of genjutsu on Sasuke just by looking into his eyes…the screaming was terrible…"

Ino's looked into her boyfriend's eyes and saw a great deal of sadness in them. She embraced him tightly and said, "I'm so sorry."

He hugged her back and sighed, "It's alright. It's not your fault."

Ino hesitated before continuing, "What happened next?"

Naruto continued, "Ero-sennin showed up and Itachi and his partner took off, Ero-sennin used a jutsu called Toad Mouth Bind and it summoned a giant toad esophagus that covered the entire hallway", he sighed, "He said the trap was inescapable but Itachi burned through it using some sort of black fire, we had to seal the flames and when we opened the scroll when we checked back five days later they were still burning. It took one week before they extinguished", he finished.

Ino's eyes widened, 'could fire burn that long without extinguishing? Then again it was able to break them free', she thought and she remembered her boyfriend mentioning Itachi having a partner.

"Naruto-kun?" she asked, "You said there were two of them?"

He nodded, "Yeah, the other guys name was Kisame Hoshigaki", he answered.

"That name sounds familiar…" Ino said as she searched her memory and then remembered hearing that name in history class. "I remember hearing that name in class when Iruka-sensei told us about the Village Hidden in the Mist…"

Naruto decided to indulge her, "he's one of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist."

Ino gasped, "the swordsmen' that tried to kill the Mizukage?" she asked.

Naruto nodded, "Yeah…just like Zabuza Momochi", he told her. Ino had already heard about Team Seven's C-Rank turned A-Rank mission to Wave Country and what transpired there. Naruto continued, "Only I think Kisame is stronger", he finished.

Ino was scared just by the thought.

Naruto continued, "He looked like a shark and carried a huge sword on his back that fed on chakra. Sadistic bastard wanted to cut my legs off so they could carry me away easier…"

Ino interrupted, "Stop! Please stop! I don't…I don't want to hear anymore…" she said, tears welling up in her eyes. She was afraid for what her beloved boyfriend had been through.

Naruto realized that he had scared her and held tightly, "Ino-chan, I'm sorry. Please don't cry. It's okay. Everything's alright. I won't let them hurt you", he said soothingly while rocking her back and forth gently.

Ino looked at him in surprise, he was worried about her? He was worried about her safety?

"I'm not worried about me I'm worried about you," she explained, "I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you…"

Naruto placed his index and thumb on her chin so that she had to look at him.

"Nothing will happen to me", he vowed, "I'll always be here. I'll never leave you."

He then kissed her with as much passion as he could muster. She responded and moaned in happiness and pleasure and then tackled him pinning him to the ground on his back while she lay on top of him. After more than half an hour they broke apart and sat back up again.

Ino remembered "You said they came for you?" he nodded, "Why are they after you?" she asked worried.

Naruto tensed, "I…I can't tell you" he answered.

"Why not?" she pouted, "don't you trust me?"

He shook his head, "No, no it's not that it's just…difficult to explain…I…I don't want you to think any less of me…" he trailed off.

Ino was confused, "Think less of you? I don't understand. I could never think badly of you" she told him.

Naruto said nothing.

Ino looked him in the eyes and made the cutest face she possibly could, "Pwease?" she asked in a babyish voice, "Pwety pwease Naruto-kun?"

Naruto tried to resist but the cuteness was too much for him, "Alright, alright!" he said while laughing and then sighed and took a serious face, "but you may not want to be around me anymore once you hear the story", he explained.

He took a deep breath, "Ino-chan do you know what event took place on October 10 almost 13 years ago?" he asked.

She nodded, "The Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked the village."

Naruto nodded, "Do you know what happened to it?"

"Yes", she answered, "The Yondaime Hokage killed the beast at the cost of his own life."

Naruto sighed and shook his head, "No, that's just the lie the adults made up."

Ino was confused, "What do you mean?" she asked.

Naruto sighed again, "The Yondaime couldn't slay the Kyuubi. No one can, it, along with the rest of the biju, is made entirely out of chakra that takes a solid shape and form, and chakra can't die" he looked at Ino and continued, "It can, however, be sealed."

"He sealed it? Where?" she asked wondering how he would know about all of this.

Naruto shook his head, "Not where, what…or who" he continued.

Ino looked at him confused and he continued, "He had to seal it away into a person but not just any person" he said, "any human being with developed chakra coils would be destroyed instantly by the process and the Kyuubi would have been released once more" he told her, "So he sealed it into someone whose chakra coils hadn't fully developed, a new born child…an orphan…someone who was born the day of the attack", he looked at her and finished, "I was the only child born on October 10 that year."

Ino's eyes widened as she understood what he was trying to tell her, "He sealed the Kyuubi into…you?"

He lifted his shirt and channeled chakra through his body. Sure enough the seal appeared on his stomach and Ino gasped.

Naruto sighed and nodded, "Yes he sealed the beast into me…his newborn son", he finished.

Ino's eyes widened even more, "His…son? B-but how can you be…? His wife and child died during the attack…"

He shook his head, "You shouldn't believe everything the council says, 50% of what they say is a lie and 49% is propaganda. The 1% left over is the only actually truth."

Ino smiled mentally at the statistics he had given and then asked, "How do you know…?"

Naruto shrugged, "I had suspicions, I've seen pictures of him before and I heard people whispering that we look exactly alike…except for the whisker marks", he touched the marks on his face, "These are just another side effect of the Kyuubi. I also grew suspicious when Jiraiya taught me the Rasengan, which was one of dad's signature jutsus," he sighed yet again, "I mean, who else would he have sealed the fox into? He wouldn't do it to someone else's child would he?" he asked her before continuing, "When I confronted Ero-sennin and Baa-chan about it and pointed out the overwhelmingly obvious evidence, they confirmed it after I pressured them a bit", he finished.

Ino was shocked, but did see a resemblance between the two and she also realized why Naruto showed up to class the day after the Kyuubi Festival covered in bruises and cuts or worse…and the reason why her mother hated him so much.

Naruto sighed, "Now I suppose you'll run away from me like everyone else," he said sadly, "I understand, everyone thinks because the Kyuubi is sealed within me it makes me the monster itself," he growled and continued, "All my father wanted as his dying wish was for his son to be treated as a hero by the villagers, but instead they spit on his grave and attack me every chance they can get, and it's always worse on my birthday…If it weren't for the enhanced healing capacity the beast grants me I would have died a long time ago" he trailed off sadly.

Ino saw the look in his eyes and sat up.

Naruto felt her get up and thought that she was leaving him. His heart began to break…until he saw what happened next.

Ino threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly while crying for all the suffering he had to endure, "I'm so sorry" she repeated over and over again, remembering that she used to make fun of him when they were at the academy.

Naruto was shocked at first but hugged her back.

After a few more moments they broke apart.

Ino looked her beloved in the eyes with a face of feigned anger.

"Naruto Uzumaki", she said his name like an angry parent would say while scolding a child, "Did you really think this would scare me away from you?" she asked harshly.

Naruto did a double take, "W-what?"

"You heard me", she said, "Did you really think I was going to leave you just because you have the Kyuubi sealed inside of you? Do you really think I'm that shallow?" she asked him.

Naruto was shocked; he didn't expect this kind of reaction, "Ino-chan I-"

Ino placed her finger over his lips, "Shh", she commanded before continuing, "I don't think you're a monster", she explained, "I know you aren't the Kyuubi. I know you didn't really kill any of those people. But most importantly…" she said while pausing.

The anticipation was killing Naruto; she saw his expression and laughed before continuing.

"Most importantly I know who you really are. You are the kind, caring, and loving guy who made me feel like I was worth something, like I was special. You are the guy who saved me from life as a shallow fan girl and then swept me off my feet. You're my boyfriend, the best boyfriend any girl could ever ask for. I could never think badly of you. No matter what my mother or any of the other villagers say, I know I'm right", she finished, smiling at him triumphantly.

Naruto was amazed and relieved, tears of joy rolling down his face while he smiled at her. He then pulled her into a kiss more passionate than ever before. Ino sighed and melted into the kiss immediately moaning loudly in pleasure.

It was almost an hour later when they broke apart. They looked at each other and smiled.

Naruto spoke first, "Thank you, Ino-chan, thank you for accepting me."

Ino laughed, "It'll take more than a demon sealed inside of you to keep me away", she said, winking at him.

They both laughed before Naruto pulled his Angel into his lap and held her against his chest.

"Now then," Naruto said while smiling, "do you want to know what happened next on our journey to find Baa-chan?" he asked.

Ino smiled back and nodded.

Naruto continued his story about when he was taught the Rasengan, and how they had found the old bat (Tsunade) and tried to persuade her to become the Godaime Hokage. He told her about his bet with her, which he had won, and about his encounter with Orochimaru and Kabuto Yakushi.

Ino was shocked when she learned the four-eyed genin that failed the Chuunin Exams seven times (including the exam that year) was Orochimaru's right hand man.

"Kabuto? The same Kabuto that helped us during the Chuunin Exams?" she asked.

Naruto nodded "That's the one", he sighed, "I knew there was something about that geek that was off, he had jonin level chakra reserves and yet he still failed seven times. He fought Baa-Chan to a draw until he used her fear of blood against her. Then I tried to save her and he beat the hell out of me." He noticed Ino getting worried and quickly said, "But I was able to defeat him with a Rasengan. He healed himself, but the shock from the blow still brought him down."

Ino was relieved. She then remembered something. "Why was Orochimaru looking for Tsunade-sama?" she asked.

Naruto smirked, "It turns out he needed her help," he explained, "The fight with the old man had hurt his arms pretty badly."

Ino was confused, "You said Kabuto was a medical nin, right? Why didn't he heal Orochimaru?" she asked.

Naruto grinned darkly, "this was no ordinary wound, Ero-sennin told me he used a sealing jutsu that summoned the Shinigami himself to rip Orochimaru's soul right out of his body at the cost of the summoner's life. The same jutsu that imprisoned the Kyuubi within me. The Shinigami removes the soul of the victim and the user and then swallows them. Both souls are then forced to do battle inside the death god's stomach for eternity." He looked at his Angel and smiled at her reaction before continuing, "The old man didn't have enough strength to remove his soul completely so he did the next best thing" Naruto smirked again, "He took the snake's dream away from him."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Orochimaru's dream was to learn every jutsu that has ever or will ever exist," he had a sadistic grin on his face and continued, "So the old man settled with removing the part of the snake's soul that allowed him to use his arms and ripped it out" he looked at her and explained, "If you can't use your arms, you can't make hand seals, and if you can't use hand seals…"

"You can't use jutsu!" Ino finished in surprise and then smiled at the Snake-Sannin's misfortune.

"Exactly", Naruto said squeezing her tightly around her waist before stroking the bandages that were wrapped around there.

"Hmm," he thought, "You have such a lovely figure," he stated in a husky voice causing her to blush. He then moved his hands down to her legs to the bandages she had wrapped around them, "It's too bad you have to hide it behind these troublesome bandages of yours, you'd look even sexier without them. Maybe I should just…" He started to remove them.

Ino blushed madly before regaining her composure. She quickly moved his hands away.

"Are you crazy?" she asked, "My parents would kill me if I did that!" she said shocked. Her parents only allowed her to wear her usual attire with the bandages on her, believing it provided at least some form of modesty. Still, she had to admit to herself that it was tempting to show off her body to Naruto.

He ignored her hands and began trying again, "But they look so…uncomfortable, a gorgeous body like yours should be allowed to breathe freely and unhindered," he said as he managed to get the bandages on her right leg loosened.

Ino gulped, "I-I can't," she explained "I'll look…skanky", she finished.

Naruto rolled his eyes, "I don't think you will", he said, "I think you'll look more…angelic", he was slowly unwrapped the bandages he had gotten loose.

Ino was so red she would put a cherry to shame, "B-but I…" she tried to say, but Naruto put his index finger on her lip and interrupted her like she had done to him before.

"Shh…no buts," he said as he got the bandages on her right leg off, "You don't have to stay like this all day," he explained, "I just want a little peek at your glorious body. When I'm done you can wrap them up again. Just consider this as a…preview to when you wear your lovely hair down for me. When you do, I'll make this feel even better", he promised, finally removing the bandages. He then began to gently move his hand up and down her exposed leg.

She moaned and closed her eyes in content while trying to remember what they were arguing about.

Naruto continued to rub her leg, "Mmm…Your skin is so soft…like silk only warmer", he told her, "truly you are an angel. Only something that dwells within Heaven itself could have skin this soft, this smooth, this…perfect."

Ino blushed at his compliment and shuddered for a brief moment at his soft touch but made no attempt to stop him.

Naruto then began to slowly unwrap the bandages on her left leg, "You don't really mind this do you?" he asked innocently, unwrapping the bandages easier this time and began stroking her other leg.

Ino couldn't concentrate. Truthfully, it felt amazing! "N-no", she answered quietly.

Naruto smiled at her and began unwrapping the bandages around her waist.

"Are you going to try to stop me?" he asked.

"No," she answered.

Naruto smirked. He smelled an easy victory. He then leaned forward, and whispered, "Do you want me to stop?" into her ear.

Ino shivered and whispered "No."

"That's my girl", he said as he unwrapped the bandages around her waist at began gently moving his hands up and down, slowly.

While doing this, he then moved his mouth to her throat and nibble on it while running his lips across it and nibbling. She moaned while closing her eyes. She moved her head back so that he could have easier access to her throat.

After a moment he got an idea that he thought she would enjoy, "Does a massage sound good to you right now? Would you like me to give you one?" he asked, moving his lips across her jaw line.

She moaned loudly before saying, "Yes please" very softly.

He gently placed her on the ground on her stomach, kneeled over her, and continued to massage her body slowly, exposed skin or otherwise. She placed her head down on her hands and closed her eyes.

Naruto continued to massage her body slowly but gently. "Whatever I did to deserve an angel like yourself, I'll never know but I'll always be grateful for it."

Ino blushed, though he could not see it.

"You've made me feel so happy, so wanted, so…appreciated", Ino told him, "I'm pretty sure it's me that doesn't deserve you."

He looked down, leaned over her, and moved his lips toward her neck and nibbled and gave occasional love bites. She shivered and sighed. "Ino-chan you deserve all of those things and more", he explained, "You deserve to be praised, to be loved. I'm simply giving you what you deserve…and besides the chance to make you happy is too good to pass up. I feel honored being able to touch a goddess like you. I'm enjoying this almost as much as you are."

"I doubt that", she sighed, blushing even brighter at his extremely flattering and never-ending compliments.

He chuckled and continued to massage her shoulders and upper back.

"This isn't so bad, now is it, my dear?" Naruto asked.

"No", Ino muttered again, "Lower please" she asked.

He smirked and began moving his hands slowly down her lower back.

"Does this feel good?" he asked his beloved.

"Mmm…yes…very good", she sighed, "Harder please" she asked. She was in heaven right now.

Naruto pressed down harder and Ino moaned even louder.

"Just relax, my Angel. For the next few hours, I will give you the attention and treatment you deserve…that of a goddess."

Ino sighed in happiness, 'you already do', she thought, but decided not to say that out loud and let him continue to massage her, 'God, this is amazing! if it's this good now and he said he'd make it even better when my hair grows back and I let it down…', the possibilities caused her to pray with every ounce of her heart and soul that her hair would grow back very, very soon.

It would be several hours before the photo was taken. (No, they didn't do what thought they were doing.)

Flashback End

On the back of the photo was writing that told the date, day, and time the photo was taken along with who was in the photo. It said "Me with Ino, my Angel". Ino had burst into tears upon seeing this. Hinata had to console her for a few moments before she finally calmed down and placed the picture in her bag along with the picture of himself with Team 7 (for what it was worth, which wasn't much…maybe she would cut out Sasuke and Sakura's picture's, enlarge them, and use them for target practice). She also collected his house plants and promised to keep them alive in memory of her late boyfriend.

Not wanting the villagers to have the last laugh the two girls had asked Tenten to rig the apartment with a surprise. She did so gladly and set a trip-wire activated bomb at the door to the apartment.

They three girls hid and waited. Sure enough, a mob of villagers had arrived to trash the place. When the lead villager kicked the door in, he sealed their doom.


A huge explosion rocked through the village as Naruto's apartment went up in a blaze of fire. No one in the mob died, but many had severe burn wounds and broken bones from the blast. The landlord across the street was in a cursing frenzy while throwing a childish fit at the sight. (The tantrum was unnecessary, really. Who the hell would buy the place anyway?)

The only members of the Konoha 12 (now 11) who did not feel any ounce of sadness toward Naruto's death were Sakura Haruno and, of course, Sasuke Uchiha.

Sakura, at this point, had become so obsessed and infatuated with Sasuke that you could almost pity her.

"Almost" being the keyword.

As it turns out, Sakura's mother, Kaede Haruno, had told her daughter about Naruto having the Kyuubi sealed within him long before the Rookie 9 had graduated, and Sakura had adopted her mother's view on Naruto, the view that he was a demon who did not deserve to live.

Following her mother's suggestion and on behalf of the civilian council, which Kaede was a part of, Sakura proceeded to make Naruto's life in the academy and beyond miserable and, by some extremely cruel act of twisted fate, had gotten Naruto to fall in love with her.

When she told the others that she had already known about Naruto's demon and then told them all about what the civilian council had told her to do, her "friends", turned on her.

She was stunned when this happened and thought that the "demon" had hypnotized them and did everything she could to free them from "the demon's grip", but they remained loyal to their late friend despite what Sakura or anyone else would say.

When Sakura had found out about Ino's and Hinata's infatuation with Naruto, she tried to "help" them as well.

The confrontation Ino had with her former friend/rival when she found out about the blonde's relationship with Naruto was an encounter both of them would always remember.


Ino was sitting at the Ichiraku Ramen vendor and eating. She had been coming here since Naruto had brought her here on a date and found the ramen to her liking. She also liked Teuchi and Ayame, finding they were people who were sympathetic on her feelings of sadness since Naruto's death.

Ino noticed a blur of pink out of the corner of her eye. When she turned to look at the source she sighed before looking back at her ramen. It was Sakura, walking straight toward her down the street, pretending not to notice that her blonde friend was there, but Ino knew she was there to see her. She had been dreading this encounter for some time but knew it was going to happen anyway. The blonde took a deep breath and prepared herself.

"Ino-pig!" Sakura greeted her with a tone of false surprise in her voice, "What are you doing here?" she asked.

Ino sighed and said "here we go", under her breath before turning towards her friend and former rival.

"Hey forehead", Ino greeted her in a dejected voice, "I'm eating", she said answering her friends question.

Sakura rolled her eyes at Ino's answer but otherwise ignored it. She stood in front of her friend and asked the question Ino knew she was going to ask, "So…Why haven't you been visiting Sasuke-kun in the hospital?"

"Because I don't like Sasuke anymore", she answered simply. Apparently, Sakura had not gotten the memo that she was Naruto's girlfriend for quite awhile. This, of course, was about to change…

Sakura was shocked, "W-what do mean?" she asked, confused, "Wait…does this mean we're not rivals for Sasuke-kun's affections anymore?"

Ino nodded, "Yep", she answered simply, "I've moved on."

Sakura was amazed, Ino was just as passionate about Sasuke as she was (almost) and now she had completely outgrown him? The pinkette was wondering just what could have forced this change in her friend.

"When did this happen?" she asked.

"Since I met someone else", Ino replied.

Sakura eyes widened. Who could possibly be fascinating and attractive enough to draw Ino away from Sasuke?

"Someone else?" she asked.

"Someone else." Ino replied simply. 'Let it go, let it go, let it go…' she chanted to herself, praying Sakura would just drop the subject.

Yeah, like that's going to happen.

"Who?" Sakura asked, getting annoyed at her friend's simple answers.

'Dammit', Ino thought to herself, she knew Sakura wasn't going to let this go but decided to annoy her further.

"Someone", she answered, grinning to herself at her friend's frustration.

Sakura growled under her breath, "Who are you talking about?"

Ino shook her head, "I don't think I'll tell you."

Sakura was pouty now, "Why not?" she asked in a voice that was similar to a child whining about not getting their way, "At least give me a hint!"

"I don't know…" Ino said, feigning uncertainty.

Sakura was angry, "Oh come on!" she complained, "tell me something!"

Ino decided to concede, "Fine", she said while sighing.

Sakura perked up, "Is he someone we know?" she asked eagerly.

Ino nodded.

Sakura immediately thought of Ino's teammates who were the people closest to her, "Is it Shikamaru?" she asked, "I mean he's ok I guess, but how do you deal with that pessimistic attitude of his?"

Ino rolled her eyes, "It's not Shikamaru", she answered.

Sakura thought more before asking "Is it…Choji?" she said the name incredulously, "He's kind of…big don't you think?"

Ino looked at her friend with an annoyed look, "It's not Choji", she answered.

Sakura thought, but couldn't think of anyone else that was their age that Ino would take an interest in.

"Then who is it?" she asked exasperated.

Ino smirked, if anything else, this was a nice distraction from her sadness and heartbreak from Naruto's death. She decided to keep this going as long as she could.

"Keep guessing", she told Sakura.

Sakura sighed and decided this was the only way to get an answer out of Ino, "Is he the same age as we are?" she asked.

Ino nodded.

"Is he someone we know from the academy?"

She nodded again.

"Is he someone I've met before?"

Ino nodded once again.

"Is he cute?"

Ino nodded a fourth time.

Sakura thought of everyone she had ever known who fit this description but came up with no one.

Sakura sighed, "Come on, give me some kind of hint! Can I meet this mystery man of yours?" she asked.

Ino became depressed immediately after hearing these words and felt tears well up in her eyes but held them back. Teuchi and Ayame, who had been listening to the entire conversation, were also saddened by this question.

Sakura was confused and worried at the devastated look on her friends face, "Ino what's wrong?" she asked wondering what she could have said to cause this kind of reaction.

Ino lowered her head, "You…you can't meet him."

"Why?" Sakura asked, confused by these words.

"Because…because he died recently", Ino explained.

Sakura thought on these words. 'Died recently? Who do we know that has di-?'

And then she figured it out. 'No…no it can't be him…can it?' she thought incredulously.

Sakura took a moment to gather her thoughts before asking, "Is it…Naruto?" she said the name quietly.

Ino nodded and whispered, "Yes."

Sakura was stunned. Ino with Naruto? 'This has to be some kind of sick joke', she thought to herself. After a long moment of silence Sakura decided to ask the question that was afflicting her mind the most.

"How long ago did this happen?"

Ino sighed, "Since two weeks before the Chuunin Exam Finals started", she told her friend.

Sakura eyes widened, "How did it happen?" she asked.

Ino sighed, "Naruto came into my family's store", she explained, "He needed help with something and while I was looking through the back of the store for something he needed we started talking. He asked me why I liked Sasuke and when I realized that I didn't know and how shallow I was I started crying. When that happened Naruto was…was there for me. He held me and told me everything was alright and that I wasn't shallow", Ino started to feel her tears welling up in her eyes, "He told me I was beautiful, smart, and kind and that Sasuke didn't deserve me if he didn't realize that", she took a deep breath and continued, "I've never felt so happy and appreciated in my entire life…we kissed and had been going out ever since", she finished sadly.

Sakura took a long moment to process what she had just been told.

Ino Yamanaka, her best friend and former rival, had been dating the Kyuubi Incarnate.

'No' she thought, 'no, there's no way. How could she have dated that…thing?' she asked herself before something occurred to her, 'She must have been hypnotized' she thought, 'she must still be under his control.'

She then went to console her friend and to add her two cents.

Little did Sakura know that the next attempts at comfort and persuasion did not go well.

Flashback End (Sorry. I tried to come up with a shouting match between Ino and Sakura, but after eight months of writers block I just gave up on it, yet I couldn't bring myself to wipe out the entire flashback completely. Just take my word for it in the next sentence and the paragraph after that.)

After an intense shouting match and one too many insults aimed at Naruto, Sakura ended up in the hospital having been beaten into a coma along with receiving several broken bones and a broken jaw (that'll shut her up) from her brawl with Ino. Turns out training with Naruto paid off quite well. After being released from the hospital Sakura was immediately readmitted back into the hospital a few days later after she had a similar argument with Hinata. That one involved a lot of internal bleeding on the pinkette's part.

The villagers also learned of this and began calling them names along the lines of "demon whores" and whatnot. Most villagers kept this opinion to themselves after a while, seeing as how they would receive a vicious beating if they called either girl this or any other name out loud.

Sasuke on the other hand was…well…Sasuke.

He was brooding now more than ever at the regained memories of his fight between Naruto at the Valley of The End, a fight that he lost but never admitted it. He hated the fact that he lost to the so called "dead-last" of his graduating year at the academy. If he couldn't defeat Naruto, what hope did he have of defeating Itachi? The Mangekyo Sharingan, he hoped, would change that. Kakashi had kept his promise of training Sasuke in the use of the Mangekyo. In theory, not practicality, of course, considering extended use of the Mangekyo would render him blind.

Sasuke was now being praised more than ever after killing Naruto and the amount of fangirls he had nearly tripled from the amount before. His peers, however, hated his guts with a passion. They ignored him, called him weak for trying to take the easy way out in order to gain power. Most of his fellow shinobi shunned him and refused to work with the traitor for any reason unless forced to do so. Many even decided to deface the Uchiha district on a regular basis.

Both of Naruto's former teammates learned the meaning of Karma, however, through the Konohamaru Corps. The kids did everything they could in order to make Sasuke and Sakura's lives fucking miserable beyond words and alternated who would suffer at the end of every two weeks.

(No, I'm not going to come up with any particular pranks for this fic. I tried, I really did try, but it's just not something I'm good at coming up with. Don't like it? Fuck you.)

Konohamaru himself, promised to become Hokage in Naruto's memory and to make Sasuke's and Sakura's lives miserable on an unimaginable level.

Tsunade smirked and imagined Naruto with anime tears in his eyes, being proud of the Corps saying "They grow up so fast". She then went back to concentrating on her work.

Naruto's friends outside of Konoha were deeply affected by his death as well. This included the people of Wave Country, Princess Koyuki Kazehana, and Gaara among others.

Gaara was the first to hear the news along with his siblings Temari and Kankuro, and took the news the hardest by far.

The Ichibi Jinchuuriki had actually shed tears for the first time since his uncle Yashamaru had betrayed him as a child. After being told, he left the village soon afterward along with his sibling's.

Tsunade sighed; a lot of troubling events had also happened over the past year.

The first event came in the form of Sasuke Uchiha's trial, particularly Kakashi's testimony at the beginning, claiming that Sasuke had lost control of the Curse Mark and attacked Naruto in an psychotic frenzy. She was also angry the large lack of severity in his punishment for betraying Konoha and killing his fellow shinobi.

The Council was divided on that case.

On one side the elders including Danzo Shimura and the Sandiame Hokage's former teammates, Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane, along with the civilian council were all too eager to pardon the Uchiha runaway, thinking the village needed the Uchiha clan's Sharingan in order to be strong.

On the other side, however, the clan heads and the Hokage herself (who personally wanted to crucify the runt) wanted the boy to be locked up, executed, and/or have his bloodline sealed, as they thought he was too mentally and emotionally unstable to be allowed to wield it. They also believed that if he were not detained, he would run off to join Orochimaru again. They all shuddered at the thought.

What would the world be like if the Snake Sannin possessed the Sharingan?

Even before his death, most of the clan heads had either stood up for Naruto (some of whom were greatly amused by his pranks, which they thought were ingenious) or took a neutral stance on said blonde. The only clan heads who had ever disliked him were Tsume Inuzuka and Hiashi Hyuuga, both of whom had changed their view on the boy since.

Tsume had hated Naruto and blamed him for the death of her husband during the Kyuubi attack and thought Naruto was the Kyuubi Incarnate. She was also outraged at the fact that her son, Kiba, had been defeated by the boy during the Chuunin Exam Preliminaries. When Tsume had visited her son in the hospital, and saw how upset he was over Naruto's death, she told him about Naruto's past and said his death should have happened a long time ago and that he should take relief at the fact that his father's murderer was now dead. This caused Kiba to throw his food tray at her and he told her to get out and stop being so narrow minded (his actual words were a bit more…colorful than that but you get the idea). She also discovered that her daughter, Hana, also shared Kiba's point of view and was disgusted by her mother's behavior. Over the next few days, Tsume had thought over her actions and how she had aided in the boys suffering and, after apologizing to her children, had prayed for forgiveness for what she had done.

Hiashi had hated…no not hated, rather disliked, Naruto because he was a close friend of the Yondaime and, despite his better judgment; he blamed Naruto for his death. Hiashi had long suspected Naruto's heritage, though no one ever confirmed this. He hated the fact that whenever he looked at Naruto's face he saw his deceased friend. His view on Naruto had changed, however, after his fight against his nephew Neji during the Chuunin Exam finals. Not only had Naruto prevailed over the Hyuuga prodigy, he had also helped ease Neji's hatred for the main branch of the Hyuuga Clan. Hiashi's opinion of Naruto was also affected by Hinata's change in behavior after Naruto's death. Hinata was morbidly depressed for several months after the blonde's death. The normally cold and uncaring Hiashi took sympathy and pity on his eldest daughter. He hadn't seen anyone this saddened since himself when his wife died giving birth to little Hanabi. Over the past year, he had become a more sympathetic figure toward Hinata and had begun training her at her request, wanting to become strong enough to be the heir her father and Naruto would have wanted her to be.

Despite the clan heads argument, the elders and civilian council made up the majority of the council and their decision had been the one to prevail.

The Uchiha traitor was given a six month suspension period and was assigned an ANBU squad to watch over him at all times. He was given a three year period minimum before he could receive any kind of promotion and was forbidden from using his curse mark under any circumstances under penalty of death (not that he could considering Jiraiya sealed it).

The council had also given Sasuke practically everything he asked for, particularly powerful jutsu. They had even tried to force Jiraiya to train him but the Toad Sage refused, saying that Sasuke did not deserve to be his apprentice just because of his heritage and had renounced ever taking another apprentice ever again. The Sannin had left the village that same day and hasn't been heard from since.

Tsunade, however, was forced to take Sakura Haruno under her apprenticeship but had only agreed to do so after allowing Ino Yamanaka to be her senior apprentice.

Tsunade scowled, though the council would not admit it, they, no doubt, wanted to make Sasuke the next Hokage.

Not on her watch.

The Slug Sannin had done everything she could to make Sasuke's and Sakura's lives miserable beyond comprehension, always giving them the worst missions she could come up with. Sometimes she would order the Konohamaru Corps to cause an immense disaster and then order team seven to clean it up. She almost always placed the two objects of her anger together, since the Uchiha considered hanging out with the pinkette a form of torture, and hoped Sakura would see how hopeless her attempts to claim the traitor were, and would either give up and accept she was wrong or be completely devastated by it. So far, no luck, but you never know…

These events were troubling for sure. But there was one thing that surpassed them completely.

Information about this said event was about to its way to the Slug-Sannin's ever growing pile of paperwork on her desk.

There was a knock on the door.

Tsunade sighed 'what now?' she thought before saying "Enter."

A Konoha Chuunin entered. "Hokage-sama", he said bowing before continuing, "We have just received word from the team that was sent to River Country."

He then placed a note on her desk.

Tsunade knew of the team that was sent. It included Rock Lee, Tenten, Neji Hyuuga, Sasuke Uchiha, and Kakashi Hatake. She looked over the note before her eyes widened. She then sighed, "Thank you", she told the Chuunin, "you may go now."

He nodded and left, closing the door behind him.

The letter that she had just been given stated that the team she sent had found out that people of the village of Katabami Kinzan were being kidnapped and being taken to a nearby gold mine and being forced to work against their will. It was later discover that a group of people, under the command of Raiga Kurosuki, a former member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, were behind the kidnappings. Before the team could come up with a plan to rescue the enslaved people a monster burst through the mine, slaughtered all of Raiga's men, and then challenged and defeated the swordsman himself in single combat before killing him. The beast then took Raiga's infamous Lighting Fangs and fled. Only two of Raiga's subordinates were spared, a young disabled boy named Ranmaru who possessed some sort of bloodline that was capable of casting illusions, seeing through walls, and even neutralizing the Byakugan, and an older boy named Karashi, a local villager who believed Raiga would make him stronger. The latter was taken back to Katabami Kinzan, while the former was being brought back to Konoha to treat his disability. Raiga's body was never recovered. The beast that slaughtered Raiga and his men was identified as the "demon".

Ah, yes. The infamous "demon" had been sighted once again.

For the past year, there have been numerous reported sightings and encounters of a creature that resembled a demon throughout the Elemental Nations.

The first sightings occurred in Wave Country, two months after Naruto's death, in Wave Country. There were rumors about the remainder of Gato's men returning with more mercenaries in an attempt to take control of the country again.

A team of Konoha Shinobi had been sent to investigate the bandit activity and when they had arrived at the bandit camp what they found was horrifying.

What was once a camp with more than 200 armed men was now the scene of a slaughter house. The tents and supplies were destroyed and there was blood as well as mangled and disembodied corpses everywhere. The team had found only two survivors.

One survivor bled to death before the team could get him proper medical attention. The other had provided some information after being calmed down and even then he was still shaking and looking around frantically, fearing the monster would come back.

The bandit claimed that an immense beast had entered the camp and began slaughtering everything it found. He described the beast as tall and muscular with black, armored skin, razor sharp teeth and claws and had demonic, blood red eyes. It walked both upright like a man and by skittering around on all fours (like a lizard). He said the beast's head was shaped oddly; it had a fox-like appearance to it with two horns the protruded from either side of it that looked like ears. It had broad shoulders and a long, fox-like tail.

The survivor even claimed that the beast even ate some of the men. More than once during the attack, it grabbed some of the men, killed them, and then the beast and victim would both be covered by a strange dark red and black substance as the person it killed was apparently sucked into its body.

Tsunade had wanted to bring the survivor back the village for further questioning, but when the team went to retrieve him the next morning, he had committed suicide by stabbing himself in the heart with a knife he had somehow gotten a hold of.

Over the next few months the demon had been sighted in multiple countries, leaving a trail of blood and bodies in its wake. Mostly bandits and mercenaries were targeted but eventually it started to hunt more challenging foes. Soon missing-nin were the targets of this beast's blood lust, Raiga apparently being its latest victim. What Tsunade was shocked about this was that the creature had never taken on someone of Raiga's caliber before.

The strangest thing, however, was how eye witnesses described the beast, or rather, it's method of attack.

Though the physical descriptions remained the same, but the descriptions on the creature's form of attack always varied.

Many witnesses said they saw it slash through its foes with large razor sharp claws. Others said its arms were shaped like hammers. A few even stated that it was able to launch a whip-like tendril from its arms that could slash through foes or pull them closer. The stories always seemed to be different no matter how many times they were told.

Despite it's veracity, the demon had made a positive impact on several people, the most influential being Gaara, the newly appointed Godaime Kazekage.

Apparently, a group of shinobi from the poverty stricken Takumi Village that called themselves The Four Celestial Symbols Men had kidnapped the Kazekage's student Matsuri. This was done in an attempt to lure Gaara to them and then capture him in order to use the Shukaku's power in order to revive their village founder so they could gain some form of revenge on the Elemental Nations for turning their backs on them when they needed help. Before Gaara could send a message to Konoha for help, the demon had located Matsuri, slaughtered her kidnappers, and then brought her back to Suna unharmed. After speaking to the creature, Gaara formed an official alliance with it declaring it a friend of Sunagakure, and claiming that Suna's gates would always be open to it.

This, of course, granted the demon some form of diplomatic immunity. None of the hidden villages could send hunter-nin after the beast for fear of starting a war with Suna. Thus, the beast had no official entry in the Bingo Book, only a small warning telling bystanders to stay the hell away from it.

The beast had also gained a great deal of respect and notoriety from some of the other, smaller countries.

It was once sighted in Stone Country. There, not only did it capture a wanted criminal, it also helped a civilian-turned-bounty hunter clear his name of the charges he was faced with, crimes that the captured thief himself had committed. The strangest thing was that the demon only wanted to kill the thief itself as a reward for helping the village. The villagers agreed to the strange request and the thief was last seen being dragged away from the village, kicking and screaming all the while.

The monster was later sighted in Bird Country, where it killed a group of missing-nin called the Wandering Ninja and uncovered a ruse behind a supposed "Ghost" that had been haunting the area for some time.

Soon after, it was seen in Vegetable Country, where it killed a group of shinobi known as the Janin. These three had attempted a coup d tat on the nations Daimyo, but were killed before they could do so. As with several other sights of the beast's battles, only a massive amount of blood was found at the sight of the battle that occurred between the beast and the three brothers.

A few weeks after that, the demon helped a village located in the Rice Country, the same country that Otogakure was located in, and helped a member of a rouge ninja clan redeem himself by stopping the rest of his clan from destroying a dam that would have flooded a nearby village the group was terrorizing. Though they succeeded, the defected clan member sacrificed his life in the attempt. The demon then became so enraged; it slaughtered the rest of the rogue clan before leaving the thankful villagers behind.

The beast then killed a group of missing-nin called the Shinobazu who were attempting to kill a former member of their group before he turned himself in. Unfortunately, the prisoner was killed during the ensuing battle (1).

The demon disappeared after that and only just recently reappeared during its fight with Raiga.

Anyway…other than Suna, the demon stayed away from the major hidden villages for the most part.

Little did Tsunade know that that was about to change…

Tea Country

A man wearing a Rain Headband, and an umbrella on his back was bounding from tree to tree in a forest.

At first glance, this man was just an average shinobi, but this was not so.

His name was Aoi Rokushō, an Amegakure jonin and a Class-A missing-nin from Konoha.

He was not running to anywhere in particular.

He was just running for his life.

'Dammit,' he thought in a panicky tone, 'We only came here as a hired nin. All we had to do was complete a simple job. But then this…this…THING had to show up!'

Aoi and a team of Ame genin came to Tea Country during the Todoroki Shrine race and were hired by the Wagarashi clan to stop a contestant, Aoi's former pupil Idate Morino, from winning said race. If Idate won then the Wagarashi clan would lose control of Tea Country completely.

Aoi thought they had it all planned out, come up with the perfect ambush to stop Idate.

They had not factored in a monster.

The beast came out of nowhere, managed find their hiding place and engaged them in battle. The genin were slaughtered in less than sixty seconds. Aoi tried fighting back, but the beast shrugged off everything that was thrown at it and forced him to retreat.

Aoi was running as fast as he could but slowly, yet surely, he heard the beast catching up to him.

'Dammit, it's no use', Aoi thought, 'I can't out run it, I'll have to fight it', he decided.

Aoi stopped in a nearby clearing and turned to face the monster. The monster stopped as well.

They stared each other down for a few seconds before the demon opened its mouth and spoke, surprising the hell out of Aoi.

"So you've finally decided to stop running away, eh?" it asked in a demonic voice that was not a deep as many would have suspected and seemed to rumble as it spoke (Think King Minos voice from Dante's Inferno) before chuckling, "Good, good it's much more…entertaining when the prey fights back", it explained, grinning maliciously.

Aoi gulped but kept himself composed despite his fear. "I may be a jonin, but I know when I'm outmatched in speed." He paused before continuing, "Why are you hunting me and my team? Did another clan hire you to stop us from interfering with the race?" he asked wondering what the hell he did to bring this monstrosity down upon him.

The demon shook its head, "Oh no, no, my dear man, I could care less about what happens in this trivial little race. Besides, do I look like someone that people want to be around, much less hire?", it asked politely before amending, "Wait don't answer that."

Aoi was slightly disturbed by the beast's polite tone, "Then why did you attack me? And why did you kill and eat my genin squad?" he asked confused. 'What the fuck does this thing want?' he thought to himself, shivering mentally at remembering how the creature had consumed the genin.

The creature cocked its head to the side before answering, "Kill them? Yes. Eat them? No. I merely absorbed them into my own body so I could put their memories to good use."

Aoi was confused, "Memories?" he asked.

"It's nothing you need to worry about. And as to why I am hunting you, well…I thought you would make a decent challenge to test my abilities against. It's nothing personal really. I also wanted to acquire the Nidaime Hokage's Raijin blade I know you possess." The beast explained simply.

"So you hunt shinobi for sport?" Aoi asked, stalling while trying to think of a plan to kill the monster in front of him.

The beast shrugged, "More or less." It answered, "Now then, was there anything else you wanted to ask before we finish this?" it asked politely.

Aoi shook his head, "No, that's pretty much it." He answered before grabbing his senbon umbrella on his back. "It was nice talking to you, but now it's time to die! Ninja Art: Senbon Rainstorm!" he shouted before throwing his umbrella into the air. It rose high into the sky and then hovered in place. It then began to spin rapidly and began spewing thousands of senbon needles that homed in on the demon.

The beast smirked demonically before raising its left arm out in front of it.

What happened next was surprising to say the least.

The skin on the beasts arm began to shift and pulsate with a strange energy before a shield appeared where the demon's arm once was.

The senbon collided into their target kicking up a large amount of dust as they did so.

Aoi smirked, 'shield or no those senbon can pierce up to five millimeters of soild steel. There's no way that thing could have blocked it.' He thought smugly.

After a few moments, the dust cleared and revealed a sight Aoi was going to fucking hate.

To Aoi's shock, there stood the demon in all of it's glory, completely unharmed with the senbon sticking out of it's shield and littering the ground.

The beast dispersed the shield and looked at Aoi with a smirk on its face, "Is that all you got?" it asked mockingly.

Aoi overcame his shock and growled before forming a tiger hand seal and shouting, "Water Clone Technique!" Three water clones emerged and took up fighting stances.

The demon smirked, "Clones eh?" it asked and then continued, "Well I can play that game too", it formed a ram hand seal and shouted, "Shadow Clone Technique!" Three shadow clones appeared much to Aoi's shock and ire.

'Great,' he thought sarcastically, 'just fucking wonderful, it can use jutsu as well.'

The clones charged each other and began fighting each other.

The demon cleared its throat, "Now then, while our clones are distracted, shall we go?" it asked.

Aoi smirked and pulled out Raijin "Gladly", he answered.

The Demon held up both arms and Aoi watched as they morphed into large gauntlets with spear-like tips where its hands were. The beast then took up a fighting stance.

The two paused for a moment, waiting for a leaf that had fallen between their positions to hit the ground. Once it did, they charged.

Aoi thrust the blade at the demon. The demon blocked it by forming an "X" with its arms. Aoi pulled back and came down with a downward strike. The demon blocked with one of its arms. When the blade connected, it sent a painful electrical shock through the beast's body. It winced and Aoi smirked.

"Even if the Raijin doesn't hit you, you'll still feel the shock from the blade."

"I can take it", the demon said, "I've felt worse," it then charged again.

Their blades met time and time again and the shocks were getting worse.

"It's time to end this." the beast said making a series of hand seals.

"Mist Servant Technique!" it shouted before several ink-like clones of itself appeared.

Aoi was shocked, "H-how do you know how to do that?" he asked startled; "Only ninja from Amegakure know how to use that technique."

The demon smirked and said, "Like I said before, their memories can be useful."

Aoi remembered the beast saying that it absorbed the Rain Genin, in order to use their memories.

"Y-you somehow gained the genin's memories and knew exactly how to perform the technique." He concluded.

The demon smiled and nodded, "Exactly. Their memories, talents, and skills are now mine!" it stated triumphantly, "And soon yours will be as well."

Aoi shook off his shock again, "Don't get cocky. Two can play at that game", he said summoning several more mist servants himself.

"Perhaps," the monster said, "But I've got something you don't have", it said smirking.

"Really?" Aoi asked, "and what's that?"

"Creativity", the demon said simply before it's mist servants leapt into the air all around Aoi.

Aoi got into defensive positions and waited to strike, but then something unexpected happened.

The mist servants burst into an ink like substance and splattered all over Aoi while passing straight through his clones.

Aoi was disgusted, but before he could say anything, he realized something.

Mist servants are only genjutsu and yet he could clearly feel the black substance on himself. It was wet and sticky. It almost reminded him of…

Aoi's eyes widened as he realized what was about to happen. By then it was too late.

The beast performed hand seals and shouted, "Fire Release: Grand Fireball", and launched a fireball from its mouth and aimed it at the black substance around him. The black liquid burst into flame.

Aoi screamed as he was consumed by the fire and soon fell over from the pain causing his mist servants to disappear.

The beast put out the fires creating and dispersing water clones around the fire, the falling liquid snuffing out the flames. The demon approached its fallen foe.

A severely burned Aoi looked up, "You used water clones made of the Black Rain Technique and tricked me into thinking they were mist servants." He concluded his voice weak from the pain, "But when did you summon the rain?"

"Right before I entered the clearing", it explained.

Aoi looked up at his foe, "not bad demon", he said chuckling, "not bad…at…all…"

And then he died.

The demon looked at his deceased opponent for a moment. It then kneeled over Aoi's body…

And then consumed it.

The demon's skin began to pulsate and warp as it's body shrunk.

The beast looked itself over when it took Aoi's appearance and then stood up.

A voice came from the back of its mind.

"Well done kit", Kyuubi said in an admiring tone, "that's another opponent you have defeated. This will further push your plan towards completion."

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze nodded mentally.

Over the past year, Naruto had been planning the perfect form of revenge against his former teammate and sensei as well as the civilians and shinobi alike that had made him suffer as a child.

After freeing himself from his makeshift tomb, he vowed to return one day in order to destroy those who betrayed him and those who had been even remotely involved in his abuse as a child, but not yet. No, no it was much too soon to return right then and there so soon after his apparent death.

It hurt him to do so, but he decided to let everyone think he was dead for several reasons.

Reason one; he had completely dropped off the radar. Being dead had its advantages. The Akatsuki would no doubt hear of his demise and thus would have no reason to bother Konoha anymore and would have no reason to attack the village. Not to mention Orochimaru would no doubt want revenge on him for preventing his recruitment of Sasuke Uchiha if he knew Naruto was still alive.

Despite how much he despised most of the inhabitants of the village, he did not want it to be destroyed. There were still quite a few people he cared about that dwelled within its walls.

Reason two; he had the element of surprise on his side. The traitors and villagers were all smug and confident, believing that the "demon" was dead, unaware of the Sword of Damocles that hung over their heads. He would use this to his advantage, he would wait, bide his time, and when they least expected it…then he would strike. The looks on their faces when they saw him alive, standing before them would be well worth the wait, especially once they saw his newly gained abilities.

Reason three; he was not ready. No, not in the slightest. Once he had enacted his plan for vengeance and revealed himself in his human form (which he planned to do), the elders and civilian council members would no doubt send several elite shinobi to claim his head, especially once they know it's him, Naruto Uzumaki, the "demon" that they harbored old and misplaced hatreds for. No doubt there will be several shinobi after him regardless. So with that in mind he promised himself to return only after he had become strong enough to defend himself and those he cared about.

Finally, Reason four; He wanted his retribution to be perfect. He didn't just want to kill his enemies…he wanted to completely destroy them. He wanted to drag them straight through their own personal hells. He wanted them to suffer as he had. He would take everything away from them right in front of their very eyes before he ended their miserable, meaningless lives. Rake them across the coals, so to speak.

There were quite a few people who needed to suffer in Konoha.

Firstly, there was Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto wanted the spoiled little runt to suffer, for not only killing him, but for throwing away the friendship Naruto had so readily given him. Naruto had given Sasuke his friendship and the privilege of being his rival and best friend only to have the Uchiha spit it in his face. That little mistake would cost Sasuke dearly.

Secondly, there was Kakashi Hatake. Naruto's former sensei would pay for his simple-minded favoritism and his betrayal after everything the blonde had done for him. He will suffer for betraying his sensei's son.

Finally, there were the members of the civilian council, the elders, as well as the villagers and shinobi who had caused Naruto's childhood to be so miserable. They would suffer for causing Naruto his pain, there lust for power, and, more importantly, for ignoring the dying wish of his father and their hero and savior.

In order to completely destroy these ungrateful fools, he would take what they cared about most and destroy it right in front of their very eyes.

Naruto already knew what he would take away from Sasuke; his so called purpose. He would take away the last "loyal" Uchiha's chance of revenge against his brother. Naturally, this meant Itachi had to die by Naruto's hands. But not for a while, he knew he wasn't strong enough to take on the older of the Uchiha siblings…at least, not yet. So he had to become much stronger before he tracked the elder Uchiha survivor down in order to end him.

He also knew what he would take away from Kakashi; his precious Uchiha student. Naruto knew the story about how the Cyclops had lost his eye and his best friend, Obito Uchiha, and believed he owed his deceased friend everything. He wanted to make up for his friend's death by helping to train the last "loyal" Uchiha to become strong enough to fulfill his goal and to become a ninja of legend. Naruto's task was simple; all he had to do was kill Sasuke right in front of the cyclopean fool in order to completely destroy him.

As for the civilians and council members…he wasn't quite sure how to deal with them just yet. He knew there had to be something they all cared about, one tie that bound them all together in some way, shape, or form, but what? Naruto decided to wait for the villagers to finish most of their celebrating of his death before he infiltrated Konoha to spy on them in order to learn their collective weakness, an easy task considering his new shape-shifting talents.

Naruto then changed back into his armored form and picked up the Raijin blade off the ground.

'I got a nice little bonus from this one too', he thought, though he was slightly disappointed that the fire had destroyed the senbon umbrella. It was no matter, though, as he had acquired a similar umbrella from the leader of the group that called itself "Shinobazu" a few weeks earlier, as well as a giant drill. He had no use for the drill, but he decided to keep it anyway, just in case.

Kyuubi mentally nodded, "Indeed, that's one more advantage we have over Konoha and a decent bit of leverage as well", the biju stated, "They aren't going to be happy when they find out that the infamous 'Demon' has acquired, not only Raiga's Lightning Fangs, but the Nidaime's blade as well. A missing-nin is one thing, but a demon? Well…we both know they're not exactly fond of those." Kyuubi noted, smiling at the thought of the council's reaction to this turn of events.

'Indeed', the boy thought in response grinning, 'But I think I need a better title than 'the Demon' if I'm going to try getting people's attention.'

Kyuubi nodded, "Any ideas come to mind?" he asked.

Naruto thought about what Kyuubi had told him about his newfound abilities.

The fox had said that he was "The next stage of human evolution."

"The perfect human specimen."

"The height of perfection."

Naruto nodded mentally, 'I've got one.'

Kyuubi waited for him to continue.

'I am the ultimate life form, the perfect weapon, the first, and perhaps the only, one of my kind.'

'I am The Prototype' He announced triumphantly.

Kyuubi chuckled, "The Prototype huh? Not bad. It certainly fits and it's got a nice ring to it as well", he approved.

'Glad you like it', Naruto replied, 'now let's get going we still have more terror and fear to spread and hopefully there will be witnesses to spread my newfound name', he said smiling at the thought. He was about ready to leave when he paused.

"Kit? Something wrong?" Kyuubi asked.

Naruto was thinking. Was it time to visit home? Would everyone be done celebrating or mourning his death by now?

After a moment of thought, he then came to a decision, 'Before we do that, I thinks it's time to go and visit home again.'

Kyuubi was confused, "Why would you do that? You haven't fully prepared yourself."

'I know that', Naruto thought, 'I meant visit while incognito and see what's been going on. It's been a more than a year, so the villagers should have stopped celebrating my, no, our death by now. Life should be returning to normal. The perfect time to gather information' he explained.

Kyuubi was curious, "What kind of information?" he asked.

Naruto grinned, 'Information about the villager's collective weakness of course', he told the biju, 'There has to be something that binds them all together and when we find and destroy it…'

"We break them", Kyuubi finished, understanding. He was grinning darkly.

Naruto had already told Kyuubi his plan of retribution and Kyuubi had to hide his tears at how proud of his container he was. He honestly didn't think he could come up with a more devious plan himself.

'Exactly', Naruto told him, 'Now let's get going, we have work to do', he said before leaping through the forest. He was wearing a sinister smirk.

Soon, all will know of his name.

Soon, all of his enemies will tremble.

Soon, all who have crossed him will learn the meaning of pain, suffering, and fear.

Most importantly, however, he would soon be with his beloved Angel once more.

'Ino, my love, soon I will hold you in my arms once more', he vowed, 'Once I have completed my plan, those who have wronged me will learn what it is to be my enemy.'

A/N: And that, as they say, is that.

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In case you are wondering what Naruto's armored form looks like; picture Alex Mercer's armored form in The Prototype game combined Renamon from the third season of Digimon only taller, with armor in the place of fur. Also imagine a more Kyuubiish snout.

1: The fate of the former member of the Shinobazu is the same as the anime filler arc: with help, he faked his own death so that he could raise the orphans the Shinobazu had captured in peace (just a side note; it will have no actual effect on the story whatsoever in the future).

Next time: The Prototype visits Konoha, encounter's familiar faces, gains a new traveling companion, and faces off against an old nemesis!