Darby slowly regained consciousness and opened her eyes to Cade yelling in her face.

"Darby, wake up, wake up!"

Darby caught a hint of desperation in Cade's voice.

He sighed and slumped his shoulders in relief as he saw her open her eyes.

Cade grabbed Darby's cheeks, pulled her close and kissed her, full in the mouth.

Darby pulled back wide eyed.

"But-Megan, she- she like- you!" Darby spluttered trying to put all of what just happened together.

She squeezed her numb legs against Hoku and rode off still confused. Cade stared after her, knowing it was the wrong time to tell Darby his new feelings about her.

Darby rode on, bewildered of what had happened and always thought that Megan and Cade were going somewhere but then... this. She thought and thought wondering if she had hidden feeling about Cade, but she didn't.

Anyway, she had her eyes on someone else...

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