The Fame Monster

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Bad Romance

Seth's POV

"Oooh Jake, that feels" I moaned as Jake slowly began thrusting into me.

"You like that baby?" He cooed as he placed soft gentle kisses on my neck.

He always knew what to do to make writhe in pleasure underneath him. He always knew where to kiss or touch to make me call out his name from the sheer pleasure that he had me experiencing. It was like my moment in heaven, but just as things started to get good...


It was over. It was a dream.

I shot up in my bed, sweating and breathing deep heavy breaths. The white sheet that stopped at my waist line had a tent formed from where the proof of my dream was underneath it. I looked at the alarm clock that resided on my nightstand and saw that it was only five in the morning. Today was Leah's big day, so I'm pretty sure that the eerie silence of a sleeping house wouldn't last much longer. Soon, the house would be bustling with busy bridesmaids, and a bossy and super freaked out bride to be.

I let out a disgruntled sigh as I got out of bed and pulled on a pair of pajama pants to cover my nude form before walking out of my room and into the bathroom. I turned the water on, cold, and stepped under the jets of water. I took in a few sharp breaths at first, but after a while, I got used to wasn't the first time that I had had one of those dreams about him. it started happening about...a week after I left New York. It has been a month since I left, so I have had four weeks worth of sexual dreams of Jacob. He was always on my mind, but I had to leave. I had to get out, because everything was just becoming way too much for me to handle. And then that night, when I saw Jacob's face in the heart just broke. I hated myself for being the one that put that look on his face, and then when he told me that him and Edward were drugged, I simply swore to myslef that I would never be the reason for his pain again, so I thought that it would be better for the both of us if I left. So I did. Of course, the tabloids had began writing articles calling me a gold-digger, cheater, etc. But I didn't care about all that because I knew that in a few days, maybe weeks, my scandal would be over, and I would be in the clear.

I let out another sigh as I stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. I began brushing my teeth, and gelled up my hair before finally exiting the bathroom, and re-entering my old room. Well technically, it's my new room, but I'm not trying to get technical. I just wanted to wear something temporary, it would only stay on for a few hours before I would have to change for the wedding, which started at ten in the morning.

As I pulled on a simple pair of boxers and sweats, with a aplain white tee , I began to wonder if he would show up to the wedding. Leah had sent both him and Rosalie an invitation. I haven't talked to either of them since I got on the plane to leave New York. I was surprised that Jake was there to see me go, but he was there to help me every step of the way. From when I left the hospital, to when I began packing some of my stuff to send back to La Push, he was always there for me. But it's like I said, of course I'm going to miss him, but it's better for him this way; and besides, there is someone better than me that can make him happy. I looked back at the clock and saw that it was now nearly seven...damn. How long was I in the shower?

Two Hour Later...

"Oh my fucking- HURRY THE FUCK UP!" Leah screamed as she pounded on the upstairs bathroom door. "I swear on my fucking wedding that if you don't get the fuck out of this fucking bathroom I will kick this damn door down!"

I seriously felt bad for whoever was inside of the bathroom, but right now I had to help my mom with some last minute things for the set up. I ran outside to the backyard and found her trying to re-arrange the bouquets.

"Oh, Seth dear, there you are." She smiled as she looked over her finished work, "I need you to go with Paul and the other boys while we finish things up. Just go keep an eye on them. And while you're these on them." She smiled at me as she handed me the flowers that had pins to attach to the guys. They were small, and there were only four, so they were easy to carry.

Alright, that seemed easy enough. There was only an hour left until the actual ceremony, so I'm sure that time would fly by. I walked outside of the open fence of our backyard, and was left to walk for a bit until I was finally on the beach. The whether was really nice today, so a beach wedding is perfect. I found the ceremony area with ease and sitting in the first row was Paul and all his groom's men, all dressed in their black tuxedos and what-not. All of the other guys were Paul's friends, so I hadn't really gotten a chance to meet them.

"Alright guys," they all turned to look at me with smiles planted on their faces, "so, I need you to put these on your jacket." I started handing one to each.

"Hey, you don't remember me do you?" The last one spoke as I handed him his pin. I looked up at him, and he did look slightly familiar, but not that familiar because I couldn't put a name to the face. "It's Jarred, from Jake's birthday party!" He smiled as a look of realization crossed my face.

"Oh, hey, how have you been?" I smiled as he began telling me what he had been doing for the past five months. "Well, how do you know Paul?" I looked over my shoulder at Paul who was talking to the other two guys.

"Oh, I've known Paul for a long time!" He laughed a bit, "But hey what happened with you and Jake? You guys seemed so perfect together and then boom-"

"Jarred! Knock it off dude." Paul's stern voice demanded, and he placed a hand on my shoulder. "Sorry about that Seth. Jarred doesn't seem to know when to shut his mouth." Jarred rolled his eyes with a chuckle and went to go talk to the other guys. "You okay?"

I nodded, "Yeah, of course I am." Lie. "Don't worry about it! This is your day! I'm just gonna go...get my camera ready!" I smiled before turning, and practically running back to the house.

I could feel the tears begin to form in my eyes as I stepped into the house I took a minute to try and calm myself down. I didn't even know why that had gotten to me the way it did. maybe it was the fact that, we were apparently perfect together and I just had to mess things up. I'm paraphrasing of course, but that was the general meaning of it. I rushed to get upstairs, but passed Leah on the way up the stairs. She was fully dressed in her white wedding dress, and her make up was done, while her hair sat in rollers on her head. I wasn't moving fast enough because she saw my saddened face, and one could practically hear her heart drop.

"Seth, what's-" I didn't let her finish her question as I sped up and ran into my room and quickly closed the door behind me.

I flopped down on my bed and silently let sobs escape from the confines of my throat. Not long after I had began crying, there was a light knock on the door.

"Seth?" Leah had stepped inside. "Kiddo, what's wrong?" I felt the bed dip as she sat on the edge on my bed. I could see all the bright whtie material of her dress through my hazy vision.

"Nothing is wrong Leah, I just...I just need some time to myself." I tried to muster up my best smile for her, to lessen her worry, but it didn't work.

"Seth, just because I'm getting married, and have a little person in my belly doesn't mean that I'm an idiot." She placed a gentle hand on my arm, "Tell me what's wrong."

I knew that she would be able to see right through me, so I just told her about what had happened when I saw Jarred, and how it affected me.

"Aw, Seth, you have to stop this self pity crap." She spoke calmly and softly, but her voice had a commanding tone to it. "You can't let this stop you from living your life." She stood up from the bed and started rummaging through my stuff. "Ah, here it is." She announced as she came back to sit on the bed again, "You remember this Seth?"

I opened my eyes to see what it was that she wanted me to see, "My camera..."

"Yup," She smiled as she held it up to here face and snapped a picture, then handed me back the camera, "do you know who this guy is?"

I looked at the picture that was showing on the display screen. I looked awful, tired, and honestly..."I feel like, I've lost myself."

"Yeah, what happened to your dreams Seth?" She asked and she sounded genuinely concerned, "You've got to stop worrying about other people and start worrying about yourself. You're getting off track and you need to find your way to get back to where you were. Now, go wash your face...because I'm getting married in fifteen minutes." She leaned forward and kissed my cheek. She stood and silently left my room, closing the door gently behind her.

I sat up in bed and looked back down at the display screen. I deleted the picture of this person that I didn't recognize. Leah was right, I have to focus on my dreams. I need to get back on track and work on what I care I went to New York on a mission, and that mission was to become independent. I feel as though I didn't do that at all. Instead, I became dependent on someone else. I got up and went into the bathroom to wash my face off. I fixed my clothes, which was basically a black polo shirt with some tan khakis. It was simple, yet nice.

I rushed down the stairs and saw the Bride's maids holding up a big blanket to cover Leah as they approached the ceremony site on the beach. I quickly made my way down past them and reached the place where everyone was seated. I waved to familiar faces and even hugged a few. Paul was patiently waiting, his eyes locked on the blanket that covered Leah. On Leah's side of the aisle, there was an empty seat in the front row next to my mom. Next to that seat sat Rosalie, and next to her sat Jake. He was still looking sexy in his black suit, with a white button up shirt underneath, no tie, but the top two buttons were undone. Neither of them had noticed me yet, instead they seemed caught up in a conversatin between themselves. I stepped away from the aisle as Leah got closer and stood behind the last row on Leah's side. My camera's strap was around my neck as I lifted the camera to my eyes and began capturing the memories for my sister and my soon to be brother-in-law.

Jake's POV

"Just calm down Jake. You'll get a chance to talk to him soon, just be calm." Rose whispered from the seat next to me. At the same time she was pulling down the hem of her for fitting, charcol gray, dress that stopped at her knees.

"I'm sorry, but I'm just freaking out okay?" I began to tap my foot nervously as I waited for Seth to fill the empty seat next to Rosalie.

"Oh my fucking God!" I smirked as I heard Leah scream from behind us. I turned to take a quick glance at the pastor who had a very shocked expression on his face, and then turned around to look at the source of the noise. "Drop the fucking blanket or I will beat you with my fucking flowers you dumb ass!" Just then I saw one of the girls roll her eyes, and both of the girls dropped their ends of the blanket to reveal a very beautiful looking Leah. Her long white dress spread out at the bottom, and her baby bump was proudly being embraced. I turned back to look at Paul and saw how he looked completely happy and star-struck. I turned back to Leah as she started walking up the aisle, then I saw him. Seth. Snapping pictures with his camera. He looked completely happy as he looked through the lense of his camera. My heart began to flutter as I kept my gaze on him. He dropped his camera for a second to whipe some tears from his eyes before bringing the camera up again. He began to approach the middle of the aisle as Leah reached the pastor. During the ceremony, many tears were shed. I had to wipe my eyes a few time, but Rosalie had to pull out a handkerchief to wipe away her running mascara. Leah and Paul both cried as well as they were swearing their love to each other. As they both said their final "I do"s and their lips connected for the first time as man and wife, Seth was snapping pictures from his seat. Everyone began clapping and cheering loudly for them.

"Alright everyone, so the reception is going to be at the La Push ballroom," Leah began speaking as everyone calmed down, "which is basically just a big room with some decorations. And so I hope that you will all be there!" She smiled, and before she knew it, she was being picked up, bridal style, by Paul and carried away to an awaiting car. Once inside they both waved as they drove away.

After that, everybody began talking to people they know. I was left with Rosalie, Sue, and Seth Clearwater.

"Oh! I am so happy for her!" Rosalie cheered as she wiped away whatever mascara lines were left on her face before she turned to Seth, "It is so good to see you kid!" They connected in a tight embrace. I couldn't help but feel jealous.

"It's good to see you too Rose." He smiled as they broke apart, "I've missed all of your craziness!" He finally turned his gaze towards me. "Hey Jake, how are you?" He moved from Rosalie to hug me.

I wrapped my arms around him tightly, "I missed you so much." I whispered to him so that only he would be able to hear me.

"I know, because I've missed you too." He whispered back and I was so happy to hear that. "But, I think we have to private." He said when we broke apart. He started moving away from the crowd, and I immediatley followed him. I had a bad feeling.

We were standing by the shoreline away from the ceremony area when he finally began speaking.

"Jake, when I was with you..."

Rose's POV

I stood next to Sue Clearwater as people came and told us how happy they were for Leah and how they were sure that Sue was excited about being a grandmother soon. I was only half listening since I was just anxious to talk to Leah myself. I wanted to congratulate her in person. I missed my partner in crime, because she was literally my p.i.c., I mean, we spent a night in jail together. I was sad that Emmett wasn't able to be here today, but he had an important meeting today and he was trying to move up in his advertisement company.

And I guess that I chose the perfect time to see how Jake and Seth were doing because I just saw Seth lean forward and press his lips against Jake's. But Jake was frozen, and then when Seth pulled away, he his mouth moved, but I couldn't read his lips. Then Seth left Jake and began walking towards us again, when I looked past Seth I saw that Jake had dropped down to a sitting position in the sand, with his knees bent up. He was crying.

I didn't even have to think about what to do. I was running, in my 5-inch Louboutins until I found myself standing next to Jake's trembling form. I dropped down to my knees and wrapped my arms around him.

"Jake, what happened?" I asked him, "Jake, honey, I need you to calm down and tell me what happened.

I had to wait a for a minute or two, but je eventually managed to compose himself. He looked up from his hands and out towards the ocean. His eyes were already read and puffy, his cheeks were stained with rivers of sadness, while his lips trembled slightly.

"H-He...he told m-me that..." He had to stop to talk in a few deep breaths, "he t-told me that h-he didn't w-want to be w-with me at all b-because...a-all we had was a b-b...bad romance that only pulled him away from his d-dream." He sobbed throughout the whole thing. I had never seen Jake this bad since...well since his mom died.

I was rubbing comforting circles on his back while he spoke. I was trying my best to comfort him in his time of need.

"Jake, c'mon honey, let's go home. I'll call and get some early tickets for a flight back to New York." I said as I stood up, bringing him up with me.

"No, you were r-really excited to see Leah...I'm fine." He tried to argue, but the slowly rolling tears contradicted him.

"So what? You are my best friend Jake. You come matter what." I told him.

He seemed to take this in and finally nodded. We began walking away from the beach and back to the car that we had rented. Once Jake was inside the passenger's seat, I took one look back at the wedding set-up. But Jake was really more important to me. So I'm going home, with my best friend.

Seth's POV

It had been a few hours since I let Jake know how I feel.

Did I feel guilty?

Of Course.

Do I regret my decision?

Not at the moment.

Earlier, Leah had asked me if I had seen Rosalie and that's when I noticed that they were gone. I knew that I was the reason why they left. And that only made me feel worse. But now, I can focus on me. I can focus on being Seth and fulfilling my dreams...and that's how things should be. Now I can be independent.

I can be me.

The End...

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