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Shiki glared at the pathetic life in front of him. The form was whimpering like a damn dog and shivering from the cold rain that continued to pelt his body. He had deduced that the body wasn't under the influence of Line, so there was no reason for him to still be standing there.

The raven had noticed a wound on the cowering boy's arm. Could he have possibly been in a fight? He would've been killed, the creature didn't even have a weapon on him.

Steeling himself for any possible reaction, Shiki moved towards the boy and unsheathed his katana as he did.

The form huddled himself further into the corner of the alley, then proceeded to growl and snap at him and took a defensive stance. Suddenly he saw the blade through his drenched bangs. A small whine escaped his throat and he dropped his stance. The long, sharp metal had hurt him before.

Shiki moved closer and eased his blade under the boy's chin, forcibly lifting his head. The blue eyes quickly looked up at him and then watched the sword warily.

The raven liked the fear emanating from the boy in front of him. Maybe he would let him live. "What's your name?"

The boy opened his mouth to say something but couldn't find the air to voice his name. His master had used a paralytic on his vocal cords, making it impossible for him to scream or talk. The only sound he could make was whimpers and whines.

"Cat got your tongue?" he chuckled darkly. Shiki caught sight of a dark leather collar and grabbed the small tag. "Akira?"

The silver haired boy nodded and looked down at the floor. Was this menacing man going to take him back home? Or was he going to become his new master?

Reading the dirtied tag a little more, Shiki found out who this 'dog' belonged to. "Arbitro's little pet. Run away, did you?"

He shook his head. How was he supposed to tell him that Gunji left him behind and he couldn't find his way back home? He had gotten the street names mixed up. Gunji had left him in an abandoned hotel so he could slaughter a couple rule breakers.

"You were left behind. Are you that useless that you can't even find your way home? Not even Arbitro wants you?" Shiki removed his sword, figuring that the boy was no threat. He was just cold and wet.

Akira whimpered at the thought of his master not wanting him. Arbitro had always treated him well, not as good as Kau but he never starved or was dirty. The fair haired boy liked laying with Kau at night and nuzzling into his 'brother'. He shook his head roughly. He was not useless, just lost.

Shiki liked this 'dog' and wanted to keep him. Akira seemed obedient and quiet. Plus he could use him against Arbitro. "Come," he commanded, turning away from the boy, hearing him shuffle behind him and follow.

The boy began to follow the man, hoping that he was going to take him back to Kau-kun. The raven was much faster than Gunji, making him drag his already abused knees across the rough pavement and made his wounded arm scream in pain. The fair haired male tried his best but it just wasn't fast enough.

After a couple minutes of walking, Shiki looked behind him to find the boy crawling after him, several paces behind. He growled when Akira finally caught up and yanked him up by his collar. "You're slow and you're getting yourself all dirty. No wonder they left you." The raven throw the dog over his shoulder and continued to walk.

That comment almost made the smaller male cry. He knew Gunji had a bad memory and would sometimes forget to feed, bathe and pet him. But Arbitro would always make sure he was taken care of. At the moment, all he had was this raven.

When he was picked up, the boy immediately began to squirm and growl. He wanted down. Akira didn't like being so vulnerable or defenseless and he didn't like being touched by strangers.

"Stay still, dog, or I'll leave you out here for the Liners. They'll tear you apart in seconds." Shiki wrapped his arm around the boy's legs, holding them down. He felt Akira relax slightly against him but he whined softly.

He was cold and he wanted to huddle against this man to steal his heat. But this man was keeping him still. Akira shivered reluctantly and sighed in submission. This was going to be a long, cold walk home.


Gunji and Kiriwar walked into the mansion. "Do you feel like we forgot something, Old man?"

Kiriwar looked at the blonde next to him. "Where'd you leave the pup?" he asked before looking behind them to see if maybe Akira was behind them. "You left him out there, didn't you?"

"It wasn't my fault. You didn't remember either! So it's not my fault I lost Akira!" he shouted at the man.

"You did what?!" Arbitro screamed as he came into the hallway. "You lost my baby?! I knew I couldn't have trusted either of you with him. Now he's probably out there in the cold, shivering and wishing he had his master's arms around him. Go out there and find him, you insolent bastards! And don't come back until you do!" he yelled dramatically at the two men in front of him, while pointing at the front door. "Kau-kun needs his friend back!"

Kiriwar looked at Gunji before shrugging and sitting on one of the white couches, soaking it. "Later, right now I'm hungry."

Arbitro screeched at the sight of his couch being ruined, grabbed both men by the shirt collar and threw them out into the rain. "Find Akira and I'll let you back in." With that he locked the door and went to find some towels to clean the couch.

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