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Akira sat next to the kitchen table, watching the man scrub the filthy floor. He wanted to help but he had only ended up spilling a bucket of water so he was in time out.

"Karasu?" he asked, placing a hesitant hand on the clean part of the floor. Akira jerked his hand away with a fierce glare from the raven. "Food?"

"No, not yet. When I'm done," he barked as he scrubbed exceptionally and unnecessarily hard. "Why don't you go wash up? I'll be done in a minute."

The teen crawled into the bathroom, which the raven had already cleaned, and stared at the sink. The porcelain fixture was above his head, even when he was on his knees. He whimpered as he tried to figure out how to clean himself.

Akira couldn't climb onto the toilet since it was on the opposite side of the room. Slowly, he pulled himself up by grabbing the edge of the sink. His legs weren't used to his weight and his knees buckled. A surprised yelp left his throat before he could stop himself.

The raven was in the room in a flash. "What are you doing?" Shiki questioned as he wrapped an arm around the teen's chest and pulled him against him. "Are you trying to kill yourself? You could've hit your head."

He pouted slightly. "Couldn't reach." Akira leaned slightly forward and turned the water on. He ran his fingers under the warm water. Being pressed up against the man felt wonderful and comforting.

When the teen was done, Shiki helped lower him to the floor. "Don't do that again. I'll have to figure out something for you to climb on." The raven started out of the room. "Let's get you some food." He placed his hand on top of Akira's head as they walked to the kitchen.

Akira sat outside the kitchen, his fingers playing along the edge of the linoleum. "Omurice?"

"No, not today. We're having water chestnuts and rice." It wasn't the most appetizing thing but it was the only food they had left since all the refrigerated food went bad. "I have to go shopping again soon." He placed the warmed food in a bowl. "Careful, it's hot," Shiki warned as he set it on the floor in front of the teen. "Try not to burn yourself while I'm out. I'll be back soon."

The teen gripped the man's pants before he got too far. "Careful." He let go and turned to blow on his food.

Shiki mussed Akira's hair before he went to the bedroom and left through the window.


Arbitro stared at the torn, red t-shirt in his hands. Akira was gone. And the person who had him was able to turn on the electricity. Most entrants didn't know how. The only ones that knew how were him, Kiriwar, Gunji, and Shiki. Someone must've learned.

"Where did you find this?" When Kiriwar told him, he blanched. "Did you find any blood? He…he's not dead, is he?" Arbitro's fingers tightened around the fabric.

"Not that I could see. I think whoever has him just redressed him. We didn't have him in the best clothes." Kiriwar fidgeted with his fingers. He didn't want Akira to be dead.

"That's good. There's a chance that he's still alive." Arbitro plopped down into his white, plush chair. "Go put Kau to bed. I'm sure he's tired." The teen made his way to the man and rested his head on his leg. "Go on now. I'll check on you later." With a pat to his head, Kau followed Kiriwar out of the room.

A couple minutes later, Arbitro went to his room and lifted Rin from his cage, holding him close to his body. "We may need you after all. Kau is going to need a new friend."

Rin nuzzled into the man's neck and was pleased when Arbitro sat down and began to read to him.


Kau didn't believe that Akira was dead or was gone forever. As soon as Kiriwar had left him alone, he pushed open the window and climbed out. He had to find Akira.

He followed his way back to the place where he found Akira's red shirt. There was no blood like Kiriwar said. Kau tracked the other male's scent to the window. He peered out and found a fire escape.

He followed it down and across the street. His scent was tangled with another, more potent scent. So someone did have him. Kau followed it for 17 blocks before it went into a building.

After climbing several flights of stairs, Kau looked at the door in front of him. Akira was in there. He pushed the door and surprisingly it swung open. It must not have latched all the way.

Cautiously, he went in. Almost immediately he spotted Akira and bounded towards him. He tackled the other male and pinned him to the floor.

The younger male growled and shoved the offending mass off of him. When he realized who it was, he got into Kau's face. He stared at the male, trying to figure out how he came to be here. A soft whine left his throat in joy.

Kau smiled before he pressed his face into Akira's neck. His back arched as he cried in relief. Akira was alive and safe and warm. Kau curled up in Akira's lap, his arms wrapped tight around the other male's waist.

Akira held Kau to him and nuzzled the fair locks. This body was familiar, comfortable. The thin frame fit easily against him, molded to him. He threaded his fingers into Kau's hair and felt the teen finally relax against him.

Several minutes later, Shiki came through the door. "What the fuck is this?" he hollered, startling Akira. "I leave for food and you let that damn rat in." At Akira's growl, the raven pushed by him. "Shut it before I do it for you."

Kau pushed past Akira and launched himself at the raven's stomach. This man took his brother away from him.

The raven was caught off guard and stumbled into the wall. "You stupid dog," he growled as he shoved him away. "Don't try that again, dog, or I'll hurt you."

Akira growled at the man as he covered Kau with his body. "Don't hurt him." The younger teen pulled Kau to his chest.

Scared of the raven, Kau pressed up against Akira again. He watched the raven from the other teen's shoulder.

Shaking his head at the teens, Shiki went into the kitchen. "He's Arbitro's pet like you. Those damn executioners will follow him here. He needs to go," Shiki said as he pointed at Kau. "Do you know how hard it was for me to find this place? The last thing I need is for those buffoons to come and destroy it."

Akira maneuvered Kau to sit next to him. "No." He went to the kitchen, making sure to keep off the linoleum. "Kau stays here," he explained at the raven's quirked eyebrow.

"I'm taking him back," Shiki said, effectively ending the conversation. He heard Akira start on the linoleum and he swiveled around to yell at him to get out.

The young man stopped and looked defiantly at the raven. "Kau stays." Akira turned around and made his way back to Kau.

Shiki stalked over to the teen, gripped the waistband of his pants and yanked him back. He knelt, and was able to grab Akira's chin and make the teen see the finality in his eyes. "He's going back. I will not move again because you want a damn pet." The raven growled when he saw the eyes were still determinedly defiant. "Is that understood?"

Akira shook his head. "Couple days?" he amended, hoping that the raven would agree to that.

"No." Shiki released his jaw and stood up. He was tired of this quarrel. The raven started for the kitchen when he felt a soft pat on the leg. "What?"

"Tonight?" he asked humbly. All he wanted was to spend time with his brother before he went home. "Please?" Akira was weary of begging the raven every time he wanted something. He dropped his head, waiting for that resounding no.

"Tonight only," Shiki reconciled. "I'm taking him back in the morning. The last thing I need is for that blonde bitch to start tearing this place to shreds."

A hoarse laugh left Akira's throat, startling him and the raven. When he was offered a glass of water from the man, he drank greedily.

"I need to make water more accessible to you when I'm gone." He dug around one of the cupboards and discovered a water bottle. "I'll wash it and you can use it for when I'm gone."

Akira nodded and went back to Kau. By the expression on his face, the entire conversation took the older teen by surprise. "His blood tastes good."

Kau shrugged. A blood taste wasn't a reliable indicator of personality. Just because the raven had good tasting blood didn't mean that he would treat Akira fairly and nicely.

The white haired male pressed his face into Akira's chest and slipped between his legs. His fingers knotted in the younger teens clothes and he buried his nose deeply into his shirt.

"I missed you, too," he murmured into the teen's hair. Akira listened to the steady sounds of Kau's breathing and the raven cooking.


Kau had learned to stay out of Shiki's way. The raven had no problem nudging or stomping at the older teen. He stayed close to Akira, who always sat outside of the room that the raven was in.

There wasn't much to do otherwise. Kau remembered Akira following Kiriwar throughout the house. He knew that the younger teen didn't like Gunji and that was why he stayed so close to Kiriwar. The man would protect Akira from the overenthusiastic blonde.

The two teens were wrestling in the front room while the raven washed his blood soaked clothes in the sink. The man was in nothing but his black boxer briefs. Kau nudged the younger teen in the shoulder with his head, knocking Akira into the couch. Soft growls and whines came from both teens.

"Bath time, Mutt," the raven called as he hung up the last of his clothes in the kitchen. He looked at the blood stained sink and quickly sprayed it down. There were a couple rust streaks that wouldn't wash away and he knew that it wasn't from him.

Akira used the couch cushion to pull himself away from Kau and to stand up. He held onto the couch as he staggered to the bathroom.

"God damn it," Shiki swore as he followed the teen into the bathroom. "Stop doing that. When you want to walk, let me know. The last thing I want is to clean up your bloody mess when you fall." The man started the water for the bath.

Kau was shocked, his mouth falling open. He poked his head around the couch, unsure if he was supposed to go. He watched as the raven held Akira's hips so the teen would be steady while he removed his shirt.

Shiki guided the teen to sit so he could slip his pants off. "Get into the bath. I'm going to get your friend. No walking."

The man turned toward him, his crimson eyes spooking him. They were much different than Akira's light blue, Gunji's bright blue, and Kiriwar's dark brown.

"Kau," Akira called from the tub. "Kau, bath time!" There was a slosh of water and the raven barked at him to stay in the tub. "Akira not stupid, Karasu," the teen mumbled. He had slipped, that's all.

The raven was close to Kau when he heard the comment. "Never said you were, Mutt." Shiki reached down and grabbed the teen by the collar. "Cooperate and this will go off without a hitch."

Once in the bathroom, Kau disrobed and climbed into the bath with Akira. It was normal for the two of them to be bathed together because Kiriwar hated to bathe them one at a time. At first, Akira would climb back into the bath with Kau, clothes and all. All it took was Gunji to swipe at Akira once when he tried to climb back in to dissuade him.

Shiki held out a washcloth to Kau. "Can you wash yourself?" At his urgent nod, the raven gave it to him. He took another washcloth and began to lather it up with soap, then pressed it against Akira's chest. Bath time went smoothly until Akira tackled Kau.

The teen went under the water easily as he was unsuspecting. He flailed, splashing water everywhere. Kau finally found solid ground when he pressed his back against the tub, his legs stretched out to the other side. Akira fit easily above him, the other teens body resting directly on him.

Soft licks were pressed against Kau's neck from Akira. The gentle show of affection made Kau realize that the younger teen had missed him.

A low growl came from the raven. He was soaked, his underwear stuck to his skin. "Get the hell out of the tub," he demanded. He didn't like Akira giving out affection like that.

"Walk?" He raised his hands to be helped up. The raven supported him as he awkwardly maneuvered out of the tub and onto the linoleum. Akira didn't shake himself dry.

"Here," the raven said as he handed him a towel. He held his hips to steady Akira as he patted himself dry. When he was done, Shiki secured the towel around his waist before sending him off to the bedroom.

He wasn't sure how to proceed with the other teen. "Are you finished?" Instead of an answer, Kau climbed out of the tub and took the towel out of Shiki's hand. "You are so much easier," he muttered to himself. He went to check on Akira.

The teen was sitting on the bed, pulling on a pair of pants. He looked up when he saw the raven out of the corner of his eye. "Bed for Kau?"

"I'll make your old one up for him." The bed was made in Shiki's room on Akira's insistence. Shiki had a feeling that the teen would sleep next to Kau tonight. He was not very excited about it.

After Kau was dressed, Akira showed him the bed that the raven had made. The older teen made himself comfortable and reached for Akira.

The teen looked at the raven, caught between the two males. He turned back to Kau and pressed a kiss to his forehead before climbing into the bed with the man. Shiki smiled in triumph.

Almost immediately after the bed dipped as Kau tried to follow Akira. The younger teen pressed his back against Shiki to make room for the other teen.

"No." There was no way that Shiki was going to be crammed in his own bed. He had made a perfectly good bed on the floor. "Go sleep in the bed I made." When his words had no effect on the teen, he pushed him off.

Akira growled as he turned to shoved the raven. Then he checked on Kau. He seemed fine. He tucked him back into bed and told him to stay there.

"I nudged him," Shiki explained when he received a glare from Akira. "It's not my fault he doesn't have great balance."

Akira stole his pillow from the bed and placed in the spot next to Kau. He lied down, tucked the older teen's head under his chin, and cradled him.

Shiki smiled, he had the entire bed to himself. He didn't even have to share it with Akira. He rolled over to see Akira peering at him, then the teen snatched the remaining – Shiki's – pillow from the bed and disappear from view.

Shiki was too tired to fight with him about a damn pillow. And he figured he deserved it…he did shove the older teen. He rolled away from the teens and drifted off to sleep.


"I said you're staying so you are staying here!" Shiki explained for the fourth time, pointing at Akira. "I can't transport both of you and keep you safe. I'll be back in a couple of hours."

"No." Akira hauled himself up into a standing position using the couch. He took four steps, faltered and crashed to the floor. He had nothing to support himself on, unlike when he went from the bathroom to the bedroom. He could use the walls.

Shiki was tired of that word. No. Akira did not realize what danger he was putting himself – and Kau – in. "You can't even walk out of the room. Stay here. If not for me, do it for him." The raven pointed to Kau.

Akira conceded to the raven and hung his head low. He crawled over to Kau and pressed his face into his neck. "Bye." He pulled back with a small smile and placed a soft kiss to the corner of Kau's mouth. "Love you."

A sad smile crossed the teen's face and nudged Akira's cheek with his nose. Kau wrapped his arms tightly around Akira, his face buried in the younger teen's neck.

Akira pulled back and pressed a kiss to Kau's forehead. He nudged him toward the door and Shiki.

Shiki opened the door and held it for the teen. "Behave while I'm gone. I'll be back soon." He closed the door and locked it.

Immediately, Akira started for the bedroom and shoved the window open. He peered down at the fire escape. He could manage it…mostly. He lowered himself down onto the landing and descended the stairs.

About half way down, he caught sight of the raven heading underneath the fire escape. He stopped, hoping that the man wouldn't look up. The man passed without acknowledging him.

He began again and when he reached the sidewalk, Akira started after the raven. It didn't take long until the white mansion appeared in the distance. He kept far behind the man and stayed out of sight.

A block or so away from his home, Akira stopped and watched the raven disappear inside. At least now he knew how to get back to see Kau. He waited a while to make sure the raven was going to stay inside. He started to leave and head back home when a hand clamped down on his neck and yanked him up against a wall.

"I knew I couldn't leave you alone," Shiki said as he hauled him up and against a wall. "Why'd you follow me here?" The raven's hand tightened around the teen's neck when he didn't answer right away.

Akira scratched at the hand, his breathing quickening in fear. He didn't understand the man's anger towards him but he knew that he didn't deserve this.

The raven loosened his grip before he moved into Akira's personal space. "I need you to listen to me." He moved his hand to the teen's chin to keep Akira's eyes on his. "I'm trying to keep you safe." His anger diminished as quick as it had risen. Shiki pressed a soft kiss to the corner of the teen's mouth. He didn't mean to hurt him, just terrify him to make him listen. "And you make it damn near impossible."

The teen touched his mouth, astonished by the man's actions. "Again?" Akira leaned forward but the raven stepped back.

A smirk crossed Shiki's face. "Catch me first," he challenged before running off, towards the apartment.

After a few seconds, Akira threw himself after him. The thrill of the chase filled him with adrenaline, his body propelled through the streets at a quick pace. He could see the raven not too far away.

Shiki started at a jog, not wanting to lose the young man. He was headed towards the apartment but changed his direction when he heard a group of entrants. Shiki knew that Akira couldn't fight against them. He hauled himself up a fire escape to the top of the building.

When the raven scurried up the side of a building, Akira stopped beneath the fire escape. He couldn't reach the ladder. He began to crawl around the corner of the building when a man bumped into him.

The man yelled at him for being in the way and smacked Akira. Three more men came around to see the impending fight.

Akira recoiled before he lunged at the man and pinned him to the ground. He growled and bared his teeth in his face. "Don't hit me."

A flutter out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. The raven had dropped down from the roof to join him. The three other men readied themselves for a fight.

Within seconds of landing, Shiki cut the entrants down. Blood sprayed across the two males. Akira was about to lick the blood off when the raven caught his wrist. "Don't. It's infected." He lifted the teen up and used his thumb to wipe some of the blood off his cheek.

The remaining man scurried away, frightened by the raven's show of dominance. Shiki was in no mood to chase after him. Shiki pulled Akira up onto his back and went back to the apartment.

Once home, Shiki ran a bath for Akira. He peeled out of his clothes, throwing them into the sink. The raven yelled at the teen several times when he tried to lick at the congealing blood on his arms.

Akira slipped into the tub and watched the water tinge pink. He watched as the man knelt in front of the tub saw the raven lean towards him and pressed a tentative kiss to his lips.

Shiki smirked under the teen's lips. He cupped Akira's head as leaned in further, pressing their lips firmer together.

The teen leaned away, effectively pulling the raven with him. The water splashed over onto the floor when the man's body slid into the tub. He clasped the man's hair to pull him closer and keep his mouth against his.

An exhilarating rush pounded through his veins and he tingled wherever the two of them connected. Their lips parted and the man's tongue slid past his teeth. He almost pulled away but the raven's hand was on the back of his neck.

Shiki tipped the male's head back, changing the angle. He pulled away to catch Akira's bottom lip in his teeth. The mewl that came from the teen made Shiki smirk and drop his lip. He sat back, letting the young man rest against the side of the tub. Akira seemed limp but he was watching him intently. The raven could feel the lust and need emanating from him.

Shiki took that pause to get a washcloth wet and soapy. He started to clean the soft, pale skin. The raven paid close attention to Akira's nipples and navel.

Akira's face flushed as wordless exhales escaped him. He moaned as the raven washed his inner thighs and thrust his hips at him involuntarily. Akira covered his face in embarrassment.

The raven tugged his hands away and pressed a harsh kiss to his lips. Shiki slipped his hand between the teen's legs and was rewarded with a gasp and a tremble. He smirked to himself. He released him to lift him up and steer him out of the tub.

Akira didn't want to leave the heat of the water or the raven's body. As soon as the man exited the tub, the teen pressed against him and searched for his mouth.

Growling, Shiki captured his lips as he gripped Akira's butt and lifted him. He brought him to their room and deposited Akira on the bed. He crawled over him and sucked a rosy mark on his neck.

The teen hooked his hands behind the man's shoulders and caught his legs on his hips. Akira pressed himself against him and relished in the friction. His breath escaped him in short, hot puffs against the raven's neck.

Shiki released his neck and nipped his way down his torso to Akira's nipples. He licked and sucked his right nipple, enticing moans and shivers. He blew on it just to watch Akira's body arc into his and the friction made them both cry out.

Akira kissed up his neck and found the spot just behind the raven's ear. He sucked gently and felt the man tremble against him.

The man pulled away to lap at the teen's navel, his body sliding down the bed. Then he moved to his hip and sucked harshly.

Akira pushed on the raven's head to guide him towards his need. "Please," escaped breathlessly and desperate.

Chuckling darkly, Shiki skirted the young man's erection to mouth his inner thigh. He paused to look at Akira's glassy eyes. "You don't tell me what to do." He then moved to kiss his right inner thigh.

Desperate and hot next to his face, Shiki turned his crimson eyes on Akira's weeping erection. He licked his lips in anticipation before lapping at the tip, catching a drop of pre-cum. The salty, heady mixture made him moan.

The young man's hips jolted at the touch, his hands finding purchase in dark locks. "Please." When the man finally swallowed him whole, he screamed in pleasure. It didn't take long for Akira to begin to reach climax and right before he was about to explode, the raven stopped.

Looking deviously at him, Shiki blew on his wet head while he rubbed just underneath it and watched his face as he climaxed.

Screaming out his overwhelming pleasure, Akira collapsed on the bed. He lazily reached for the man and his fingers grazed over the dark locks.

Shiki took his hand. "You feel good, don't you?" he asked, already knowing the answer. The nod of Akira's head made him smirk. "We're not done yet, Mutt." He took a swipe at the cum on the teen's quivering stomach. He gently eased his finger into him while ordering Akira to relax.

He immediately pulled away from the raven, whimpering into the sheets. His body was overly sensitive and the finger was uncomfortable. When the raven eased in another finger, Akira keened and shoved at him.

Shiki caught both his wrists in one hand and pinned them above the young male's head. He dropped his head to Akira's neck and nuzzled gently. "Relax, Mutt. It'll feel good in a bit. Trust me." He made a scissoring motion with his fingers and received a kick in the thigh. "Hey!" he exclaimed as he released the man's wrists to slap his ass.

Akira made a soft noise before the raven moved his fingers again and he buried his face in the man's shoulder. He breathed out a moan and arched as the raven pressed against a bundle of nerves inside him.

Once he found his prostate, Shiki eased a third and final finger into Akira and worked him open. He wiped the remaining cum off of the young man and smeared it along his own cock.

Easing in, Shiki watched as Akira's face went from sated to scrunched in pain. He hushed him, told him it would feel good soon. Once he bottomed out, he dropped to his elbows by Akira's head.

Akira clenched around the raven, trying to adjust to him. "Karasu," he breathed as he nudged his nose against the man's neck. His fingers scratched down the raven's back when he rocked his hips slightly.

Shiki moved his hips slowly, his body shaking in effort to control his need. Akira's legs fell just a bit wider as he grew accustomed to him. He pulled back, Akira releasing a shuddering moan and keening when he pushed back in.

The feeling of the raven within him was awkward, new, thrilling. He brought the man's face down and pressed hungry kisses to his lips. The pain was still there but it was blossoming into pleasure.

The raven picked up his thrusts and was hitting Akira's prostate with every thrust. They moved in tandem, Shiki groaning and Akira releasing breathy moans.

He was getting close and if the scratches on his back were anything to go by, Akira was too. Shiki thrust once more, teeth sinking into the teen's shoulder, and came.

Akira was sated and content. His eyes fluttered closed as he felt the raven pull out of him with an illicit pop. He vaguely sensed the man slid off him and the bed.

Shiki sauntered back over to him with a wet rag and began to clean him up. He took pride in each new mark he had left on the pliable body below him. He was proud of his work on Akira. He tossed the rag towards the bathroom, not caring if it actually made it there.

Coming down from his high, Akira was becoming aware of how cold the room was. He gripped and tugged the man's arm to get him into bed.

The raven rolled his eyes before he slid onto the bed and next to Akira. Carefully, he folded his arms about him as he settled in for an afternoon nap.

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