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Dirk Mallard had to admit, cruising on the open road was something he didn't do nearly often enough. He tightened the fit of his red helmet and adjusted the tint on the visor that obscured his identity to compensate for the sunlight being reflected up off the pavement and grinned to himself as he felt his Anna shift slightly behind him as they pulled out onto the road from the gas station.

Dirk's Spell Chain tingled, but he didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Since he was actually only interested in finding his minion and was trying to remain inconspicuous he had even paid for the gas with his civilian credit card. Of course the fact that both he and his girl were dressed in tailored biker leathers instead of their usual villain outfits contributed to the disguise factor. What he didn't know was that the station's security cameras had snapped photos of him and his distinctive bike; which was why the Spell Chain had reacted.

Negaduck had added some removable decals to help disguise his bike but the metal studs and basic paint job in the fenders, gas tank and frame were still intact. That meant that anyone who was familiar with The Troublemaker would have no difficulty recognizing the motorcycle IF they were looking for it; especially since the front fender in particular was very distinctive and a fairly unique custom made piece.

Dirk didn't realize it, but the chain's shielding had slightly blurred the camera's images to keep him and his companion safe from detection by anyone scanning the camera's data unless they also wore Spell Chain. He also didn't know it but the string of charms that he had gotten from Granny Babalawo back in May was also highly active.

The charms and the Spell Chain had absorbed the healing nanites that had fallen on him from Professor Ludwig's experimental canisters when he had stolen them while most of the city was occupied with the fund raiser for the orphanage last Thursday. The charms had reacted to this along with the Spell Chain and Dirk wasn't sure what, if anything he should do about it. In fact the only reason he knew that had happened at all was that he had gone from being badly hurt with what was likely a cracked skull and concussion to being entirely healthy by the time he had driven home from the heist and he figured that the massive tingling that had gone on while he improved HAD to have been from the Chain.

He HAD been a little cautious about driving the motor bike but his vision had been clear and his reactions steady before they had gone more than a couple of blocks. It was this improvement that had alerted him to the fact that something very unusual was happening.

In fact Muscovy had been quite solicitous as she had run her fingers over his head feathers and curved herself against him on the Troublemaker as they had made their escape from Professor Von Drake's hotel room. She had been very concerned since his feathers had been liberally splattered with blood and she had actually seen him being attacked. Her glad exclamation as she had discovered his improvement had made his feathers fluff and that was when he had realized that she must have had a way to track him in order to show up so fortuitously after Black Secret had made her move.

When he had changed and showered after returning to his penthouse apartment on the top floor of St. Canard Tower, Dirk HAD intended to make arrangements to be checked out in case he had a concussion, or if any of those side effects Ludwig had nattered on about had manifested. Instead he had felt more energized and alive than he had been since the adrenaline rush of escaping the Negaverse had worn off.

Taken a bit off guard by his sudden rush of health and vigor, he had fallen on Anna and spent a delightful few hours engaged in a lusty interrogation of her, her methods and her agenda. This being the case, he had put the issue of the loose nanites and they way his Spell Chain now had tiny disks that were likely the nanites woven into it out of his mind. He did remember very well that the intact camouflage cloth was tucked away in the inner lining of his biker leathers though; he was hoping to try out some of it's disguise capacity on this trip.

Under his leather jacket Dirk was also wearing his red turtleneck that usually resided under his yellow, double breasted costume jacket but it was Anna's touch that warmed him from his head to his toes and made him unzip the front of the jacket a little. In spite of himself Dirk relaxed a little more in the seat as Anna finished adjusting her grip around his waist and leaned into his back. Her undeniably feminine curves fit perfectly against him as she shifted with him to balance the Troublemaker around the long curve of the road that led up the coast toward the northern boarder.

They had left St. Canard early this morning, fortunately he had already loaded the built in compartments of his motorcycle with various tools, weapons and spare costume parts before his plans had abruptly shifted to include her. If Dirk Mallard had thought a bit more about the situation, he might have wondered why the thought of leaving Anna back in St. Canard had been so disconcerting to him. And he also might have wondered why he had decided so quickly to not only trust her with his body but to include her in a personal project that involved his Negaduck side and one of his gang. But the Spell Chain wasn't the only thing working to connect them and between that and his hormones Dirk and Negaduck were as helpless around her as his twin was in objecting around Morgana Macabre, he just hadn't admitted it to himself yet.

Ordinarily of course he wouldn't have bothered with a helmet, but he had adjusted the black helmet he had gotten over the Fourth of July weekend to fit Anna and she had refused to wear it unless he wore one too. Wearing the red helmet that matched his costume slouch hat had made room for a first aid kit and her somewhat provocative 'working costume' as well as a few extra tools so he had allowed her this small victory. Dirk had also noticed how she had become unquestioning and obedient in everything else after he had given her a stern warning and that pleased his ego. On the other hand though, he wasn't going to be able to count on watching over her every minute and IF this was going to work he needed someone who could think for themselves.

Her little stunt with the trackers had been a good sign of initiative, and her obedience was refreshing; as was her intelligence so he decided to enjoy the feel of her against him and concentrate on getting further away from St. Canard before turning on his electromagnetic scanner. Finding Megavolt would be pretty simple IF the dazed rodent used his powers much, otherwise the legwork might take longer than he had to spare.

With that raven with the ridiculous name, Black Secret still loose and gunning for him; people would get the wrong idea if he stayed incognito for long or let the insult of her attack go unanswered. If he didn't get any solid leads or actually find Megs in a week, he'd go back to St. Canard, gather up the rest of the gang and try again; but this was a good opportunity to really figure out what was going on between him and Anna/Muscovy.

He grimaced and made a mental note to think of her only as Muscovy and himself as Negaduck until they got back. After all, he couldn't afford to get sentimental just now and nether could she. This attempt at logic and denying his feelings wasn't that effective even in his own mind since Negaduck tried and failed to suppress his reaction of pleasure as they road clenched tightly together but he DID try.


Megavolt peered worriedly from his hiding place behind the laser bunker as the generators hummed and cycled up to full power again. He knew that he'd been here for a few days; his insulating jumpsuit was dirty and his battery needed another recharge also he was starting to feel lightheaded again which he knew was a bad sign. He cradled his sore arm protectively against his chest and glared accusingly at the generators hubs buried just up the hill from his current hiding place. Megavolt was tired in more than just his body, but he couldn't go home even if he remembered where his lighthouse was. There was something important in the building down there and he couldn't leave without it…even if he DIDN'T remember exactly what it was.

Moving cautiously down the fairly heavily wooded slope, Megavolt waited while the distinctively uniformed Eggmen below changed places with the pair that had driven him to hide earlier. It would have been easy enough to short them out; they only patrolled in pairs after all. But the strange bearish creature that had nearly twisted his arm off and thrown him out after his last attempt at getting inside the generator station had been surprisingly resistant to being shocked and Megavolt didn't dare risk getting close enough to be caught again.

Flattening his ears tightly to his skull and flexing his whiskers, Megavolt tried to decide what to do but trying to think made Megavolt even more nervous than he had been before the guards had changed. Even the hum of the power plant deep inside the ridge of earth he was standing on wasn't much comfort since the power was being used to thwart his attempts to get inside; at least he had plenty of opportunity to recharge with all the energy being used here.

Megavolt's eyes narrowed behind his blue goggles as his sensitive ears picked up the faint sound of trickling water. Suddenly unbearably thirsty he moved to look for the water; maybe he could find a different way inside if he circled the area a bit.


Negaduck sighed; they were far enough away from the outer city limits and the smaller towns that clung close to the outskirts of the urban center there that most of the really big energy signatures should be out of range. Almost regretting that the fairly carefree part of this endeavor was over, he braced himself and admitted that it was time he got his mind on business. Muscovy felt the tension in his back as he shifted to reach the switch of his electromagnetic scanner and she too became engrossed in her professional mode. She knew that even with the lust they shared, Negaduck wouldn't give her a second chance if she allowed her feelings to interfere with their objectives.

Negaduck opened the channel and waited while the tiny receiver calibrated itself and then lifted his head to look into his rearview mirrors. His sensitive hearing had picked up an unusual sound and his instincts had just jumped to hyper alert mode. Getting off the Troublemaker and pushing it further off the road he moved it behind a large billboard. Gesturing to Muscovy to remain hidden and quiet he adjusted his visor and polarized the facial shield. As he watched the road, a large flatbed truck zoomed past in the middle of a convoy of heavily armed escorts that were superficially military…but something didn't add up. The covered load was being guarded by several sets of guards in plain dark camo jumpsuits and military styled helmets but something about the whole setup just didn't say military.

Absently he started to gesture to Muscovy to make sure she kept hidden but to his surprise she was already crouched behind the Troublemaker and watching the group of vehicles as they passed with her compact binoculars. Just as the payload swept past their position, a strong crosswind hit the tarp covering the truck revealing what he could swear were crates marked with the emblem of F.O.W.L. high command.

Intrigued in spite of himself, he got on the Troublemaker and revved the engine. Without asking questions, Muscovy slid on behind him and hung on tightly as he sent the powerful machine along the shoulder of the road. Tailing the convoy proved to be a little more difficult than he expected at first, but he persevered and soon pulled up to what looked like an old fire trail.

The dirt road was over grown and split off from the main, asphalt covered highway going along the cliffs by the coast and wasn't marked by any signage. However, his sharp observational skills had noticed the freshly broken bushes and multiple sets of fresh tire tracks and had turned off. Soon they came across a small, very sturdily built bridge that continued over a pond.

As the road narrowed even further; they passed one of the feeder streams that went into the pond and Negaduck was thoroughly startled as his scanner suddenly began beeping steadily. Shutting off the motorcycle he and Muscovy moved cautiously through the wooded area of scrub brush and their keen hearing picked up on an all too familiar sound; at least it was familiar to Negaduck….


Negaduck recognized the sounds that usually happened when Megavolt used his electrical powers to zap people and charge things in order to get them to obey him and hurried forward while Muscovy drew her gun and followed him. She had never encountered any of the 'super villains' of St. Canard up close and personal, but she HAD been thoroughly briefed on the current crop of them as part of her training for S.H.U.S.H.'s Super Villain Retrieval Unit a few weeks ago.

And since she HAD been living in St. Canard and not under a rock she had guessed what the sounds they heard were. Negaduck HAD mentioned briefly that they were going looking for his missing gang member once he had decided to allow her to accompany him and it wasn't a big leap for her to have figured out that the sounds they were overhearing weren't natural OR peaceful so she was fully keyed up and eager for some action at last.

The two Avian's came to the edge of the clearing that was defined by a smattering of covering vegetation that grew up around the scattered trees along a ridge of rocks and saw a most unusual sight; even for residents of St. Canard. The electrified villain Megavolt was thrashing madly in the grip of some weird bear thing from a late night horror show. Megavolt's yellow insulating jumpsuit was dirty and had obvious rips in it. And in spite of his kicking and struggling Negaduck could see that the skinny rat was far thinner than he should have been and his struggles had an air of desperation that was MOST unusual for one of the Five.

The patches of different shades of grey fur that covered the bear's pelt in zigzag patterns did nothing to hide his obvious deformities. He was hugely over muscled and as the ducks continued to observe the battle Negaduck took note of how easily this deranged seeming creature shook off the effects of Megavolt's attacks.

Narrowing his eyes against the sunlight illuminating the scene, Negaduck saw that so far at least; the rodent was keeping well out of the bear's grip after having been unceremoniously dropped on his butt. Megavolt was clearly motivated but after zapping his enemy and getting in a telling blow to the bear's helmet with one of his kicks that had caused the bear to let out a tremendous roar and drop him to clutch at the headgear; Megavolt didn't disengage from the fray. Instead her staggered around flailing his arms as he tried to knock the bear's helmet off and reach towards the back of his opponent.

Dirk wasn't as encouraged by this development as he could have been, because even though Elmo was clearly trying to use some sort of tactics Negaduck could smell the sharp metallic tang of fresh blood and he could see that Megavolt moved as though he was hurt; Dirk's expression turned grim and killing pissed as he realized that Megavolt was trying to work up the energy to attack the bear again even though his left arm wasn't working right and the bear outweighed him by at least one hundred and fifty pounds.

Grumbling a bit Negaduck muttered, "I wonder what Megavolt think's he's doing! I thought even he had a better grasp on his survival instincts than that…"

Shaking off his irritation at his minion's lack of common sense, He readied himself for the coming confrontation and thought. 'This weirdo wasn't just fighting Megavolt anymore….' Now he was fighting Negaduck and he was going to PAY! Pulling a bolo out of his jacket Negaduck tied one of his black masks over Muscovy's eyes and them pulled one over his own face.

He gestured to his left and whispered, "The skinny rat in the jumpsuit is our objective Muscovy. I want him unhurt and able to talk and I'd rather not leave evidence that we are famed criminals from St. Canard but other than that all bets are off."

He grinned eerily and his lips barely brushed hers as he whispered, "Until we are done here anyway."

He paused as he took several plain black smoke bombs out of his jacket and handed a couple to her as well as one of his collapsible nets before continuing. "I want to see what you can do sweetheart but I know Megs; and that rat won't listen to anyone but me. You distract the big guy and STAY out of his way and reach. Once I get Megavolt hidden I'll circle back and we'll double team muscles."

Muscovy wanted to interject a couple of details but Dirk had already turned to face the coming fight so she remained silent. She HAD caught his compliment about being a famed criminal AND he had called her sweetheart which made her knees go weak for a precious second. Before she could lose it completely though, she shook her feathers to settle them and focused on her objective.

The best way for Negaduck to see what a good partner she was would be to show him that she wasn't going to waste this opportunity. The only way she could keep his interest would be to take advantage of this chance and she was nothing if not motivated as she stalked forward to distract the bear.

Moving quietly toward the bear using the undergrowth as cover Muscovy readied her gun and slid through the underbrush to find a good place to ambush the enemy. She had already decided to try and finish damaging the bear's helmet if she could since Megavolt had clearly already made substantial progress in doing so.

Once the bear was busy trying to make up for not having the helmet to protect his head it would be much easier to aim for his eyes, ears and face to force the bear to react the way she wanted him too. If the bear closed too quickly, then she could impress Negaduck with some of her hand to hand moves after tangling his legs or arms in the net.

Negaduck meanwhile waited until Megavolt unleashed what looked like a fairly substantial surge of electricity on the bear creature and staggered back before stepping forward to shout. "Today is a bad day for you meat!" Before firing off one of his gas bombs and grabbing the exhausted rat to pull him past the cover of the smoke while Muscovy's .44 magnum barked at the bear causing him to stagger back with a roar as the bullets impacted with his abused helmet.

Megavolt was very confused and clearly exhausted and he ALMOST didn't recognize Negaduck until the mallard growled in his ear, "Stop struggling Megavolt. It's ME you knob!"

At this he stopped trying to pull away from his rescuer and whined, "Boss? IT'S NOT my fault okay? What am I doing here alone anyway? I tried to get into the F.O.W.L. base but without Quacky or Licky or Bushroot I…."

Just then Megavolt accidentally jarred his broken arm and Negaduck bit back a curse as the rat's whiney high pitched objections/explanations faded into a muffled cry of pain.

Still crouching behind the tree Negaduck hissed, "Just stay still and shut your trap Megs. I'll take care of that thing and we'll go back to St. Canard tonight; I'll contact Bushroot to ready some of his homemade goop to help you with the pain and set your arm."

Megavolt KNEW that leaving wasn't what he was supposed to do but he didn't waste what little energy he had left arguing with Negaduck. Understanding instinctively that the mallard wasn't going to wait and hear him out even IF he could organize his thoughts better the remnants of Elmo Sputterspark's scientific genius surged to the front of his mind and offered an alternative plan.

Instead of trying to say anything to his boss, Megavolt crawled behind the tree and tucked his arm into the harness holding the battery on his back and snuck away. Once Negaduck and some other female duck he had never seen before were distracted by the strange bear thing he had been fighting, Megavolt continued circling the small clearing to get to the underground entrance he had found.

The door was still open from where he had fried the lock and it had swung open to reveal the tunnel he had been trying to get into and in just a few seconds the tall rat had disappeared underground. Negaduck didn't realize that his injured minion had disappeared into the tunnel entrance instead of remaining hidden in the bushes since he didn't know about the tunnel at all and he was busy trying to cripple the bear.

Negaduck was firing his pistol at the deformed creature as the bear was grabbing for Muscovy, and after firing off a quick round glanced towards the tree where he had left Megavolt. Negaduck realized that Megavolt had moved and somehow disappeared but other than sparing a curse for the rat's scrambled memory he had no time to spare for Megavolt at the moment.

Muscovy other hand was a joy for him to watch as she was using her martial arts training and agility to stay just out of the bear creature's reach. As Negaduck watched she almost succeeded in landing a blow on the back of his abused helmet with the butt of her gun before leaping back and using the net to tangle his feet and scooping her knife back up into a guard position from where it had fallen to the dirt.

Negaduck stepped in to bait the bear fellow and give Muscovy a breather and from his closer vantage point, Negaduck's keen observational skills showed him that there was far more wrong with the bear than he'd first thought. Granted, the fellow was HUGE even for a bear and even from a distance his extreme musculature was evident even to a casual glance. And the various scarred places and discolored patches on his enemy's body told anyone with a little experience in reading fur patterns that there were massive injuries under his torso and along his limbs.

But up close, even hardened as he was to physical violence and its consequences, Negaduck swallowed hard as the darkened faceplate of the white F.O.W.L. issued helmet popped open to reveal what passed for the bear's face. Negaduck struggled to hold onto the contents of his stomach at the sight that greeted him when he glanced at the bear's face within the helmet and bit back an exclamation of disgust.

He faintly heard what was most likely Muscovy scrambling to get into a favorable position to attack again but he couldn't tear his gaze away from the bear in order to check on her position. Not only was his opponent far too close to risk looking away from, but the bear was also very quick and it was all Negaduck could do to avoid what he thought were naturally overgrown claws on the bear's fingers as the digits swiped at his face.

Dodging adroitly, Negaduck began taking note of specifics in order to try and exploit any weaknesses in his opponent. One eye looked to have been replaced by what appeared to be some sort of a cybernetic substitute which all by itself wasn't so bad, but coming from the bear's neck and disappearing into the back of his head were a grotesque series of tubes and wires. Massive scaring had twisted his jaws and distorted his skull so that facially you couldn't really tell how he could eat or breathe comfortably.

Heck without the all encompassing helmet he was wearing, it wasn't likely the twisted unfortunate could walk down a street or do anything without the discomfort of being stared at or otherwise ostracized by others. Although given the fact that Negaduck had just noticed that the bear's front right claws had sliced through his tough leather jacket's outer layer without slowing down any, it wasn't likely anyone survived picking on the big guy no matter what he was wearing or not wearing as the case may be.

Negaduck could see where his bullet had bounced off the helmet and distorted the hinge of the faceplate; and he could smell blood as well as the scent of heavy, harsh, chemical musk coming off the bear in waves making his eyes water. The thick fur that covered the bear in a shaggy curtain meant that he couldn't tell if it was the bear's blood or Megavolt's he smelled though.

The bear on the other hand wasn't fazed by the fact that his helmet had popped open and used Negaduck's temporary distraction over his appearance to charge forward to grapple Negaduck intending to crush him in his embrace. Muscovy on the other hand was now recovered from her first encounter and leaped back into the fray, she had pulled a second knife from somewhere on her person after tossing away the first one with a curse since it appeared to have been badly twisted and part of the blade had snapped off from hitting something on the bear's body.

Muscovy circled the fight trying to get close enough to hamstring the creature with her new weapon and as she tried to get into position, she stole a glance at her mallard to make certain he was alright. Negaduck snapped out of his hesitation and danced backwards as he pulled his Australian bush-knife from under his leather jacket and lunged trying to duck under the bear's grasp and plunge the knife into his body.


Meanwhile, Megavolt was working his way down the tunnel following the whine of the massive turbines to get to his objective. He was actually feeling quite proud of how well he had held onto his memory over the last few days but he wasn't really sure what he was supposed to do once he got to the energy station that powered the F.O.W.L. instillation.

Peering anxiously into the next room he saw a faintly familiar sight. The large room was dominated by a globe of glowing energy that hovered in the center of the series of generators he had followed to find this place almost three weeks ago. Floating within the globe was a very slender rat-like female who was dressed in a yellow F.O.W.L. jumpsuit and bound with plastic restraints that kept her hands and feet tied close together. Her face showed bruising and one eye was swelled shut and as Elmo observed her, he felt an unfamiliar sensation in his chest.

She spun helplessly in the center of the globe and as Megavolt watched several pairs of Eggmen marched into the room and stationed themselves around the globe while she groaned and looked very dizzy and sick. Several lab coated duck styled Avians also came in and He felt a violent surge of energy at the sounds of her distress and without thinking about it he unleashed a large burst of energy into the nearest generator he could reach before sucking a full charge back out of it. Then he began firing bolts of electricity at the eggmen from his fingers, pointing at them like a gunfighter in an old western movie. The generator he had messed with was making a disturbingly high pitched sound as distressed metals gave way under the strain of the fluctuating energy output.

Ignoring this Megavolt growled, "Eat wattage FREAKS!"

The young girl rat heard him and gasped, "Megsy! You should have escaped while you had the chance!"

The generator that had been protesting its abuse began to smoke and shut down causing the other generators to strain to take up the load and Megavolt's eyes lit as his brain realized that this was likely his best chance to rescue her. His frazzled brain gave him a few flashes of the last few days and with an anguished hiss he finished knocking out the rest of the F.O.W.L. personnel and turned back towards the female rat.

Frustrated at his inability to remember her name Megavolt called out to the female and said, "I couldn't leave you. "

Just then there was another high pitched whiney noise from the generator next to the one that was smoking and one of the generator beams holding the other rat prisoner flickered and died causing the entire room to fill with what was most likely the sounds of the remaining overstressed generators getting ready to explode.

The young rat fell headlong towards the floor and Megavolt rushed forward to try and catch her. He tripped over one of the unconscious eggmen and fell forward onto his injured arm with a shriek. The adrenaline that had been keeping his mind off his injuries wasn't able to protect him from this fresh assault and the last thing he felt was the impact of his lady as she landed on his back and cried out herself at the impact of her stomach on his abused battery.

Outside Negaduck was having his own problems as the huge bear he and Muscovy were fighting continued to lumber about apparently impervious to their hand weapons. His favorite Australian bush knife was designed to cut tough hide as well as being sturdy enough to use as a multipurpose tool but something in the bear's body was making cutting him much more difficult than it should have been. The edges of his knife were now practically useless and frustrated he started to grab his second holdout gun…. When the bear lunged with unexpected speed and grabbed the blade and attempted to swipe murderous claws at Negaduck's face.

Muscovy saw this and charged the bear from behind using her own knife to try and pry the remains of the bear's helmet off to make his head vulnerable. Negaduck growled as he felt his jacket and shirt tear and his Spell Chain buzzed in his ear like a nest of angry wasps as he felt impact with his flesh through his feathers, but there was no pain. Instead he felt horror as the bear's other massive arm reached behind himself to grab Muscovy and shake her like a rag doll before he savaged her with his teeth at her neck and threw her at Negaduck.

Negaduck staggered under her weight as her body hit him but he kept his wits despite the singing pit of dread where his battered heart had been as his reflexes proved that he like his heroic counterpart was far more than ordinary. Managing to catch her he held her close not knowing that a tear was trickling down his facial feathers.

Carefully setting her down and ignoring the fact that he now had his blood and hers trickling down their bodies, he roared incoherently and charged the bear. Caught off guard by this head on charge, the bear turned to try and face the mallard but Dirk wasn't himself anymore. Displaying an uncharacteristic lack of tactics, Dirk Mallard lunged for the bear and tore at his enemy with the point of his knife and the bear crumpled as the tendons at the back of his knee gave way to the knifepoint. The bear swiped desperately at Negaduck who was thrown back against the tree that he had put Muscovy beside. As the bear dragged himself forward, the ground trembled and shook causing all the lesser birds and animals around to flee…just as the forest gave way to the energy released by the underground generators giving up and exploding.


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