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Director Hooter waited patiently as the tall, heavyset dog-like agent that usually manned the Old Haunt followed Benji out of the room, his permanent knee injury still evident from his slight limp. The local situation was definitely spiraling out of control; if they had ever been in control….It really was a pity that so many of that class had been involved in the incident that had forced them to send Drake overseas and to reshuffle so many of their brightest recruits into support positions. But James Hooter knew that Bruce and Jerry were a godsend at times like this…. Without Darkwing or support agents like them to be eyes and ears locally for the agency; S.H.U.S.H. wouldn't be able to help the police or garner support to defend the population of law abiding citizens nearly as well as they did.

Hooter was severely tempted to send a flashquack to try and contact Darkwing, that way there would be some time between when the vigilante styled operative got the message and his having to explain the situation. But he knew that putting this off would only be a pointless exercise and probably cowardly as well.

Ignoring his nerves and carefully tucking a copy of the SD card that Bruce had given him into a protective plastic cover, James Hooter straightened his shoulders and assumed his usual confident manner. As he waited to be connected to Darkwing tower, he debated just how much to tell Darkwing about Negaduck's strange, almost reconciliatory behavior.

James knew that something was different about the self-styled public enemy number one, but this was very unexpected even for his changing behavior patterns. In the last four months the master criminal hadn't staged a single major public crime in the tri state area, although he had evidently been quite busy behind the scenes. In fact, since Darkwing's public coming out in July all of the Fearsome Five had been remarkably quiet and so had most of the other more outré villains that called the area home. Furthermore, from what little S.H.U.S.H. had been able to discover, most of the criminals in St. Canard whether super powered or not, had been keeping a remarkably low profile lately.

James sighed as he continued to assess the evidence before him. Honesty forced him to admit to himself quite unhappily…that despite their recent efforts, since they had been without Darkwing's services and 'outside the box' methods S.H.U.S.H.'s information on the cities criminals wasn't as complete as regulations demanded and that handicap was costing them. According to this, the underground was actually gearing up to try and survive the rumored imminent return of Taurus Bulba but there had been no substantial proof of any of that…until now.

Granted, there had been speculation that Negaduck had somehow been behind the attacks on various research labs and the recent attempted kidnappings that S.H.U.S.H. was still trying to unravel as well…. But Hooter hadn't given those rumors much credence even before this, especially not once Sarah Bellum had reported seeing the second caped, masked and slouch hat wearing duck leaving the scene of her rescue.

The CSI teams had found shell casings and slugs around the van that matched the type Negaduck used but no one had been substantially harmed. The prisoners hadn't been too coherent either but they had all insisted that the duck firing the gun hadn't been Darkwing. Darkwing's unique, spent cartridges had been gathered up as well as samples of adhesive, florescent dye and even cloth swatches that they had matched to his costume samples on file and Negaduck's as well.

Sarah had theorized that the two mallards had apparently been arguing or fighting nearby and most likely Darkwing had been trying to capture the other duck using non lethal means hence the extensive physical signs of damage to their attire. Both of their costumes had shown nearly identical signs of their struggles in the video footage that had been recovered but from Darkwing's actions he hadn't been physically hurt from his encounter with either Dirk or the kidnappers. And since the video footage had shown Negaduck to be as sleek, deadly and as stealthy in his retreat as ever he had been it was likely he hadn't been damaged either.

Dr. Bellum had surmised that somehow Darkwing had realized that her kidnapping was happening and Darkwing had changed priorities and somehow convinced Negaduck to break off their encounter in order to save her. Most of the evidence said that the two of them had worked together to stop the kidnappers but no one was certain of anything other than the fact that Sarah's kidnapping had been foiled and that Negaduck and Darkwing had both been present.

To his surprise and slight embarrassment there was no response to his attempt to contact Darkwing in his lair. Then Hooter blushed slightly remembering that the entire team of the Justice Ducks was on medical leave until October and it was only September 26th. Hooter understood that Darkwing had always been conveniently available when he had lived and breathed his crime fighting career; but he had to admit that the duck behind the mask was much happier and more effective now that he had a life outside his hat and cape. That didn't mean that it wasn't a bit disconcerting to have to leave a message though…not to mention inconvenient.

Snorting to himself at his own impatience and hubris James switched off his monitor and dialed the private number for Drake's cell phone. Now unsurprised at the lack of response there too; he left a message and then reluctantly settled in to finish authorizing back ups for the information network. Darkwing would show up sooner or later but until then it was going to have to be business as usual; S.H.U.S.H. had too many irons in the fire for him to spend more time on this just now.

After filling out the most urgent set of forms he turned again to the SD card that Bruce had turned in and Director Hooter felt a strange sense of déjà vu as he scanned the concise and thorough files denoting an investigation that rivaled one of S.H.U.S.H.'s for depth and persistence if not actual proofs. Everything that was provable had been carefully noted with correlating facts and dates while the more circumstantial bits were notated as theory's but what made a chill go down Hooter's spine that he couldn't ignore was when he reached in his desk for the USB stick Darkwing had given him about three weeks ago.

James had always known Drake was far more organized and thorough than his actions on the street showed and his reports showed this unmistakably. The information on the USB stick was far more in depth than the new card, and the files were as meticulous as the new information…. But as Hooter compared the information that Darkwing and presumably his twin had made certain to provide him, evidently independently of one another…. Hooter knew that the situation was fast coming to a head. He also couldn't deny that St. Canard was directly in the crosshairs of a confrontation that was likely to rip the city and it's citizens apart.

While investigating the poison smuggling for Scrooge McDuck, Darkwing had come across several instances of shipments of materials in types and quantities that were likely being used to construct or reconstruct F.O.W.L. instillations. Presumably that was one of the reasons why F.O.W.L. had been scrambling to protect its core personnel and properties on the international level. At least that was the conclusion that Darkwing had reached while correlating his findings with the worldwide S.H.U.S.H. data bases.

Hooter had to admit that F.O.W.L.'s lack of local activity in the last four to six months and the rumors of Steelbeak's being seen in cahoots' with the Capon's certainly substantiated this…. While gathering information and tracing shell corporations DW had also figured a pattern to the various incidents from other agents around the world and eventually in North America that indicated that whoever was decimating F.O.W.L.'s holdings had come perilously close to home. And then for some currently unknown reason the attacks had stopped about two months ago.

Splitting the screen Director Hooter gazed at the evidence before his eyes and shook his head. Not for the first time since he had been informed of the uncanny and faintly disturbing physical and mental similarities between Drake and Dirk Mallard about a year ago, Hooter wondered exactly how they had been separated and who could have kept them apart for so for so long. From everything S.H.U.S.H. had gathered, whoever had imprisoned Dirk in the Negaverse had done their level best to keep him there; and he had been anything but a willing prisoner. But until the Mage-born had connected the two mallards back in May at Dirk's request Hooter had to admit that he hadn't realized how much that renewed contact would stabilize both of the brothers.

At first S.H.U.S.H. had tried to explain the Negaverse and the master criminal Negaduck with an alternate universe theory that had proven to have a small amount of actual truth to it. But when Dirk had been incarcerated in S.H.U.S.H. custody the second time, after his attempt to steal the superpowers of the others in the Fearsome Five with the Mystic Eye; Sarah Bellum and her think tank of assistants had come up with the theory of the Negaverse being a prison of some sort.

Sarah had been tightlipped and even invoked Doctor/Patient privileges for most of the information she had acquired in the therapy sessions she had used to try and help him…but what she had revealed had been the stuff of nightmares that still haunted Hooter whenever he had to reference the reports she HAD filed. But the fact that Dirk had become so proactive in trying to reconcile himself with his twin was certainly a change that needed to be addressed…especially if what their conjecture was indicating turned out to be true.

Doggedly putting aside his speculating and carefully copying both the SD card and the USB stick to hard files in the archive Director Hooter decided that it would be best to prepare a mission briefing for the Justice Ducks that would encompass defending the city and finding Taurus Bulba. After a strong cup of tea and a few more minutes contemplation he decided to try and broach the subject of Dirk to Drake again.

Strictly speaking it wasn't really his business, since so far at least; both Drake and Darkwing had managed to keep themselves above reproach in regards to the other mallard. But no one had ever been able to say that James G. Hooter didn't learn from his mistakes and after the debacle with young Bolt and his family he had decided that putting this off wasn't going to be an option.

Dr. Bellum was trying to work on the issue with Drake as part of their monthly sessions but she was very busy and Drake was reluctant to face this issue. James figured that nudging him couldn't hurt especially not since Darkwing and Drake both were going to be back on active duty by the time they returned.

Ignoring the butterflies in his middle at the thought of what was likely to happen when he had that little conversation…and thinking carefully, James knew it would only be sensible to make certain of his relationship to Drake and Darkwing before addressing the entire team of the Justice Ducks. He had already decided that it would be best to address this as both Director Hooter, Darkwing's boss and as James, Drake's mentor and friend.

Although how he was going to broach the subject would be touchy at best and it would likely be emotional so keeping Darkwing from disappearing in an emotional frenzy would be crucial. At least Darkwing wasn't scheduled to come in until sometime Wednesday so he had two days to decide on his approach and depending on the outcome of that meeting he could hopefully have Darkwing brief the rest of his team.

With the psychological reports he had read and his own observations, James also admitted that so far at least things seemed to be working out as Sarah and the Mage-born healer had predicted; but there was no sense taking chances. As the Lady Agatha Crumm had put it, 'Either one and most assuredly both of the brothers were capable of great deeds. It all depended on what the deeds were as to how everyone else perceived them.'

Taking a deep, cleansing breath Director Hooter admitted that so far, it was looking as though they were reacting in a far more reformed manner than he had any right to expect…but things could change and he needed to be prepared. Resolutely Hooter toggled the switch that would summon First Agent Grizzlikof and Benji and spun the monitor so he could show them the reports and information while he briefed them.

According to Griz, S.H.U.S.H. was even more behind in the information aspects of the situation than usual. Lady Velvet had been busily feeding S.H.U.S.H.'s first agent information ever since that pedophile had been taken into custody and she had discovered her establishment had been involved however peripherally with his attempt at escaping justice. Griz was also of the opinion that St. Canard's top female criminal was hoping to garner some goodwill for herself and her people to help her ride out the coming crisis as well as convince S.H.U.S.H. of her sincerity but James had yet to meet her in person so he was reserving judgment on that until he could see her for himself.

Ignoring Tuskernini was proving to be quite a task, but Steelbeak was trying since it behooved him to set a good example. This meeting had been called by his grandfather and even if no one here knew that, Old Gentleman Joe did and Steelbeak didn't want to risk ticking off the old gangster. Grandson or not it wasn't healthy to do things like that, especially not where other criminals would witness it. And Chanticleer thought he was doing a fairly good job of being a good example too, right up until the blubbery walrus's trio of penguins accidentally landed on his foot and made him spill his martini on his suit. Cursing his misfortune, Steelbeak picked one of the hapless penguins up and used him to try and wipe the remains of the drink off of his jacket.

Tuskernini paused in his monolog about his great directing and started over to rescue his minions when the door to the half finished convention hall swung open again to admit Megavolt, Quackerjack, Liquidator and Bushroot. The presence of four of the Fearsome Five entering in a group gave the rest of the room pause. In the ensuing moment of silence the slight thud of the silent penguin minion dropping onto his cohorts as Steelbeak stepped forward to see better sounded unnaturally loud.

Taking this as his cue, the rooster said confidently, "A ah aha…well, well it looks like the gangs all here, or at least most of youse. To what do we owe de pleasure?"

To no ones surprise, Liquidator surged to the forefront of the group and acting as their spokesperson he said in a firm and yet bubbly voice, "Clinical research studies clearly show that no meeting of career criminals is complete without the Fearsome Five."

The small gang of criminals looked around the room without seeming to care that they were outnumbered. But to the consternation of the crowd it was Quackerjack who reacted first…. Noticing that several other criminals in the crowd looked less than welcoming as well as the fact that Steelbeak's body language and personal confidence said that something more was going on than they had expected; and also understanding that nearly everyone who was anyone in St. Canard's underworld seemed to be in attendance….

Quackerjack decided that it was high time the criminals in attendance remembered exactly who they were trying to insult. He promptly whipped one of his classic teddy bears out of whatever hiding place in his costume usually held such things. As the brown, stuffed bear stood on its hind legs and toddled forward of the quartet of super villains Quackerjack's fingers were busy with the buttons of his remote control.

At the flip of a switch and the pressing of a button the bear grew to three times its size and a flamethrower ignited from his mouth causing everyone but those in Quackerjack's group to rethink their position and step back. The lethal toy flexed its forepaws causing razor sharp blades to spring from its fingers and a menacing growl sounded from the region of its chest.

Seemingly oblivious to this display, Liquidator gestured to his fellows and added persuasively, "Our super powers are more than just a crowd pleasing diversion…."

Megavolt stepped up and sent a charge through the teddy that made its eyes glow and its motions became far more fluid as the electrical energy from the rat caused the teddy's motor functions to become far more fluid and lifelike. The now faster than natural bear promptly ran forward and sank its claw blades into the podium near the front of the stage and demolished the stand in only a few minutes.

The rest of the room was less than pleased at this display of minor destruction by Quackerjack's bear. The criminals nearest the stage all had unusual modus operandi of their own and since the Fearsome Five had been very low key lately, it was inevitable that someone would try and take advantage of what could be seen as weakness.

This being the case, it was Molearti who stepped up aggressively flanked by two of his fellow moles to demand, "what exactly are we all doing here anyway? I have an entire civilization of moles at my command. Why should we even care about any of you surface dwellers?"

He was dressed in a suit jacket, vest and tie and clearly his companions had no objections to his claim over them, and they swung their pick axes forward aggressively as their leader started to say something more. Quackerjack's teddy turned to growl at the moles as the two in hard hats equipped with mining lamps and overalls promptly pinned the toy to the floor. Enraged at having his bear pinned to the floor like a butterfly in a collectors case, Quackerjack growled and stated forward only to be halted by Liquidator who put a hand in front of his chest.

Looking much more aggressive now, Liquidator nodded to Bushroot and grinned in a most unpleasant way. At this, Bushroot gestured and the potted palms beside the main entrance grew to monstrous size slamming the doors shut with an ominous bang. In spite of themselves most of the crowd jumped at this and almost immediately jumped again as a loud engine roared to life behind them. A speaking area had been set up and kept clear of the crowd by suit wearing, armed toughs towards the front of the enormous room.

However, even they scrambled out of the way as The Troublemaker; Negaduck's unique motorcycle drove to a halt beside the ruined podium, the twitching remains of the teddy and the microphone that was miraculously still intact on the stand behind where the podium had been. Negaduck revved the motor and then leaped off the seat to stand imperiously to the side of the microphone and tapped a foot impatiently…. Clearly he was waiting with ill grace for something and as most of the crowd waited nervously with their attention uncomfortably divided between the other four members of his gang, or fixed on the volatile mallard depending on who was closer; the something Negaduck had been waiting for appeared.

Old Gentleman Joe Capon stepped calmly out onto the stage in a classically styled, grey, pinstriped suit that set off his now faintly ivory colored plumage. Fluffing his red comb and wattle, the rooster moved with panache and strength to step up to the microphone, while ignoring the mess that had been made of the podium as Negaduck glared menacingly at the rogue's gallery assembled before them. Negaduck's gang moved calmly toward the middle of the crowd and a space opened around them as the nearest villains realized their peril and gave plenty of space to Quackerjack's toys that he undoubtedly had still on his person and the rest of the Fearsome Five, all of whom were now looking and acting far more aggressive and dangerous that they had before Molearti had spoken.

Pulling Mr. Chainsaw from somewhere behind his back and threatening to start the engine Negaduck growled and demanded, "Let's get on with this already!"

Seemingly unconcerned at the proximity of the chainsaw Gentleman Joe took the mike from it's stand and asked calmly, "If I could have your attention then we will get on with this."

Most of the room was still buzzing a bit as those further back in the crowd muttered and shifted uneasily. Negaduck turned slightly so he could see Gentleman Joe and so managed not to react as the ancient gangster grabbed a handgun from one of his bodyguard's with impressive speed and fired it into the air.

The room went absolutely silent as Gentleman Joe continued to speak as though nothing unusual had happened saying, "I'm not young anymore and I don't have all day. Running a business nowadays is best left to those younger than myself…but I haven't spent the last fifty years knitting. And I have no intentions of giving up my lifetimes work or my families interests to THIS!"

At this a screen lowered behind the microphone stand and a grainy, still-shot of what could have been an extremely small jet plane appeared. Then the image came clearer into focus and video played showing that the plane was actually a half bull half plane and the cyborg was using missiles and lasers to decimate some kind of armored convoy. The video continued to play and some panicked audio joined the images as the destruction continued.

The focus of the recording device that had gathered these images switched wildly between various shots of the frantic people being chased down as they abandoned the burning and exploding vehicles and frames showing different weapons being brought to bare on targets by the cyborg. Most of the room was at least vaguely if not intimately familiar with F.O.W.L.'s distinctive Eggman styled helmets and yellow jumpsuits that they dressed their general henchmen in….

Even though the crowd consisted of hardened criminals and career law breakers, the audience flinched and a collective gasp went up as the frightened Eggmen cowering before their assailant were rounded up for slaughter. As the cyborg Taurus Bulba announced his name and prepared to exude a huge gout of flame on them and flambé them alive from the flamethrower that he rotated out of his right arm after he retracted his wings and jet engine though, the helpless and hapless minions saw the bull pause and glance to his left. The audience could see the lens in his electronic eye twirl as he focused on whatever had caught his attention and the camera angle switched to another bunker hidden under a boulder on the right side of the cliff face.

From this new angle the now rapt audience could see that the hidden bunker that had originally been recording this footage had suffered a fatal flaw in its camouflage or possibly that the personnel in the bunker had been unable to sit idly by while their comrades were slaughtered horribly. A small group of either brave, stupid or suicidal Eggmen had crept out of their hiding place and attempted to sneak up on Taurus Bulba with hand held missile launchers and other weapons.

Unfortunately for them, some automatic threat assessment system built into the bull had detected their weapons and alerted the monstrous creature who had turned his attentions towards this new threat. This did give the first group of victims the chance to run for it, which they did with commendable presence of mind and alacrity.

Meanwhile, the other group tried to organize themselves for a surprise attack that wasn't a surprise anymore with pathetic results. Snorting in contempt, Taurus didn't even bother with his array of high tech options as he plowed physically into the group of enemies clustered together on the hillside. Instead he powered his way through them with his sheer strength and then flew away after grabbing several large crates from the remnants of the convoy. Gentleman Joe touched a button and the images froze just as the scorched remains of the convoy exploded a final time.

Framed by this fiery image, Gentleman Joe stepped slightly to the side of the screen and gestured to his left saying, "Now then, I understand that most of you feel as though you can take care of yourselves pretty well…and everyone here has their own agenda. But…this isn't my first rodeo and if we don't stop this threat then HE will stop us!"

Splatter Phoenix snorted contemptuously and stepped forward in her garish, black and green outfit. Her huge, tangled hairdo and clunky combat boots screamed that the slender female was still stuck in the eighties, and her various zippers and pockets shouted that she was unconcerned with others opinions as far as her fashion choices. But what made the rest of the room pause and moved nervously away from her was the fact that she held her hands on her hips and glared at Negaduck before whipping a paintbrush from one of her many pockets.

Swiping the brush through the air as though she was actually holding a deadly weapon she said, "HA! No refuge from a junk shop can stand against my artistic army"

With this she made a few passes with her paintbrush and three winged bombs with lit fuses appeared and swooped towards Gentleman Joe but before they could get further than the front of the crowd they were intercepted by three other bombs that exploded them fairly harmlessly.

Glaring at Negaduck who was standing on the edge of the stage, another lit bomb in his hand and his chainsaw on his shoulder, Splatter demanded, "What sort of anti-conformist stunt is this?"

The impact from the small bombs did send most of the crowd towards the sides of the room though which gave Splatter the room she needed to whip up one of her huge, toaster-headed minions. Furious at the interruption Splatter continued, "Pose and preen all you want, but your mundane taste in weaponry and tactics will be your undoing when faced with my innovative techniques!"

At this her toaster-headed and gorilla bodied creation stood up and reached for the masked mallard who sighed. Looking bored and more than a little pissed, as he tossed his remaining bomb towards the toaster on its neck; Negaduck narrowed his eyes and glared at the crowd before making his move. Granted the thing didn't have visible eyes, but the impact of the bomb exploding did stagger the thing just enough for Negaduck to avoid its grasp and leap for its shoulders. Revving his chainsaw he divided the thing down the middle and rode one half to the floor.

Ignoring the fact that it was still moving and that both halves were trying to stand, he growled, "Enough of this crap!" and pulling a canister of turpentine out of his jacket he melted the thing and gestured to his gang.

Bushroot promptly wrapped one of his vine-like arms around Splatter immobilizing her arms and muttered softly, "Sorry about this but you need to listen." Before wrapping her shapely beak shut with his other hand.

Outraged, she tried to struggle as her toaster-headed minion continued to dissolve into a multi-colored puddle on the floor. Bushroot was quite strong and flexible so all she managed was to force Bushroot to hold her indecently close as his arms tightened around her. Trying to ignore the fact that a shapely female Avian was pressed against him, far closer than anyone usually got much less a female; Bushroot struggled with his composure. Fortunately his dark green skin tone hid most of his blush and he could blame anything else on exertion since Splatter was actually putting up quite a fight.

She for her part was incensed at the casual way in which Negaduck had not only defeated her precious creations but at being held hostage in front of most of the upper echelon of St. Canard's criminal population. To her humiliation though, she found herself unable to get free and Negaduck turned in a slow circle to glare at the rest of the now cowed criminals in the room. Liquidator washed the puddle of turpentine and what was left of her minion into a trashcan and then swept Molearti and his two moles off their feet so they couldn't dig their way out until Negaduck was done explaining the realities of the situation to them.

Stepping forward, Negaduck nodded respectfully to Gentleman Joe and his now thoroughly uncomfortable bodyguards before Quackerjack bounced around the room releasing toys every few feet. Megavolt's plug shaped hat sparked as he flexed his fingers and stood bouncing on the balls of his feet and he began firing tiny bolts from his fingers and energizing Quackerjack's toys.

The rest of the room was starting to panic as they tried to keep some space between themselves and the insane toymakers creations when Negaduck barked out, "Calm down you knobs. I for one intend to send Bulba packing but…I am not going to do all the dirty work while the rest of you hide in some hole."

He grimaced and grabbed Quackerjack, who had just completed the circuit of the room and shoved the other duck roughly back toward the rear of the room and the projector before continuing, "Stop fooling around and set up the next part of the show Quackerjack."

Looking a bit disappointed at the fact that his toys weren't going to be unleashed on the room at large just yet Quackerjack agreed in Mr. Banana-brain's falsetto voice, "Alright, sleep tight…don't let the cyborg bite."

Negaduck's eyes narrowed warningly but the other mallard was already almost to the projector so Negaduck waited with ill grace and in a minute a new image showed up on the screen behind Gentleman Joe who had turned to look as well.

Gesturing to his gang and then to the room at large Negaduck stated calmly, "We are the top criminals in the pecking order and its us Bulba will be gunning for if he plans on taking over. But honestly I think he's going to be more interested in destroying St. Canard and us than he is in taking over. IF we are lucky, he might strike the minions of the law first…."

As Negaduck continued to speak more and more of the villains and criminals in the audience were drawn into his presentation and from her place hidden in the projection booth Muscovy Duck smiled to herself as she watched her mallard dominate the room.

Seated quietly at the back of the projection booth was Gina Gaia, she had come with Megavolt and agreed to remain hidden; but she wasn't enjoying this as much as Muscovy seemed to be. Her cuddles had been remarkably calm throughout this whole thing but since he hadn't done anything other than stand with the others, and charge up a few toys; his excess energy was likely building up and Gina didn't like the thought of Megsy losing his focus in this meeting. Gina wasn't as sure about this whole plan of Negaduck's either even though she did see his point about having to defend their homes from the cyborg.

Gina fingered the braided gold chain with the strange charms on it that Elmo had given her last week. The cube and the triangle were made of carved wood and bone and the ovals were some sort of dark metal that made her fur fluff a little but Elmo had been very persuasive and since he wore an identical chain and charms; she hadn't been able to resist his gift. She knew perfectly well that these were more than just decorative, and that Negaduck had been inordinately pleased about something when they had met him and the rest of his gang yesterday. Negaduck hadn't objected to her backing Elmo up or being involved once he had seen the necklace. He had raised an eye ridge and growled warningly at Megavolt to ensure that both rats knew he was still in charge; but as long as she didn't interfere with his leadership and agreed to obey him he had agreed to allow her the same access to his plans as Megavolt. His expression had been unreadable after this announcement, but he had commented that she was proving to be useful since Megavolt had responded intelligently to Negaduck's briefing once Negaduck had said that.

Gina had seen the calculating look in his eyes and the calm, predatory gleam behind Negaduck's mask had been enough warning for her to be cautious; especially since Muscovy acted as though their posturing was expected. Her earth sense was a solid presence in her mind now, and ever since Megsy had gifted her with the chain she felt even more solidly connected to her cuddles. When they weren't together she found that her biggest problem was resisting the urge to use her influence with the earth to clear the city of most of the polluters but so far she was managing; especially since Negaduck had agreed to let her remain close to her sweetums once she had given him a very small demonstration of what she could do by bringing down part of one of the construction sites across town the night before yesterday.

The fierce storms earlier in the week had stirred the bay and swept the city clean of its usual build up of pollution, which meant that the only thing bothering her now was the crowd in the room around Megavolt; but as long as the Fearsome Five were in control Gina was going to honor her agreement and stay with Muscovy….

Alrighty, this seems to be the end of this plot, since I am mainly introducing Gina and establishing her and Megs as a couple as well as trying to show Negaduck making some progress in his plots. Or at least trying to anyway…and IF all goes well, Bushroot will be featured in a plot soon. First I intend to try and finish Kings & Pawns or at least get more of it posted; and start 00Duck which should be beginning fairly soon. Also please keep in mind that I gladly accept requests and will address anything that is brought to my attention as far as plot holes or mistakes. Thank you very much for reading and please review, your friend Irual