The island is a place known for sorrow, hurt, and death, but there is more to it than meets the eye. It has adventure, hope, and even love. It was an escape from the problems in the real world. It gave those who went to it a second chance. Life was also brought to the island.

It has new found hope for everyone: For the runaway criminal, Kate, it's a place of freedom; For the drug addict, Charlie, it's a place of rehab; For the struggling husband and wife, Jin and Sun, its a place of true love. For many people: the conman, Sawyer; the torturer, Sayid; the doctor, Jack; and the pregnant woman, Claire; it's a second chance at life.

It can bring horror, but without bad things, you don't learn to enjoy the good things. It brought people together, it taught them how to live. They all came to the island holding sin inside them, and on that island they see life through a new set of eyes. So as you see, the island isn't all bad. It isn't all pain and suffering. It has happiness too, but most importantly it's a place for you to get away from your old fears. A place to lose all your sin from your old life, because it all doesn't matter anymore. Your fears are lost in the wind and in the ocean's waves.

Never to be seen again.