Chapter 2

Officer Rigg walked Amanda through the police station and Matthews followed silently behind. Amanda tried to choke back her tears, but in all truth, she was scared to death. Rigg led her into an interogation room. He sat her down in a chair and Matthews sat across from her. Rigg stood silently in the corner.

"This was found in your car," Matthews said. He threw a baggie with the needle found in her car onto the table. "How do you explain that?" He asked.

"I can't. all I know is that it isn't mine." She said calmly.

"I personally saw you buying heroin from a drug dealer Saturday night on 12th street. Anything you'd like to say about that?" Matthews asked.

"I was not!" Amanda argued. "Saturday night I was at home!"

"Anyone who can clarify that?" He asked. Amanda sunk a little in her chair and shook her head. "Well there's your proof."

"There's nothing!" Amanda yelled. "I didn't buy cocaine, or crack, or meth, or heroin, or whatever the fuck goes into that damn thing! I am not a junkie! I don't do drugs! And you have no fucking proof that I am, or have!" Matthews stood up angrily, his chair clattered to the ground behind him.

Rigg hurried over and put a hind on Matthews' shoulder. "Easy, Erik." He said. Matthews shook off his hand and stormed out of the room.

Amanda stood up and Rigg escorted her though the police station to some room wih a curtain. He handed her and orange lump of clothes and she went behind the curtain.

She changed slowly, trying to make sense of everything. She was confused. Mindlessly she came out and Rigg took her old cloths and handed the to a nearby officer. She stared sadly as the officer walked away with her possessions.

"Would you like to make a phone call to anyone?" Rigg asked her. She thought for a moment. Her father who abused her as a child was in prison, her mother was dead. Her brother and sisters had lost contact with her when she went to a foster home. She had no friends except for Julie, who was on vacation with Amanda's ex-boyfriend Kyle. And her ex-boyfriend Kyle had recently left her for her friend Julie.

Amanda looked at Rigg sadly and shook her head. He gave her a sympathetic look as her escorted her to a holding cell.

There was a bed on each side was, a toilet, and a sink. Rigg locked her in and left. She sat on the bed and looked at her wrists. She ran her fingers over the scars on her arm. Some new, some old. But all self inflicted.

Tears ran down her cheek and dripped off her chin. She looked around the empty cell and realized how much she desperately needed company.

"Whatcha in for?" A man asked from the cell across from hers. She stood up and walked to the door of her cell.

"It was a mistake." She explained. "They said I was seen buying drug. But it's not true." The guy nodded.

"I see." He walked over and sat on his bed. "My name's Tucker Banks. I robbed a convenience store on 18th. What's your name?"

"Amanda Young." She replied. He smiled.

"You look to innocent to do drugs." He told her. "What they got ya for?"


"Ouch. That's some serious dope, my friend." He said. Despite the circumstances, Amanda smiled a little. She went and laid down on her bed. She buried her face in the pillow and fell asleep.

When Amanda woke up it was already the next morning. She sat up and stretched.

"Morning, Sleeping Beauty." Tucker said from across the hall. "They tried to wake you up for dinner last night, but you were out." Amanda rubbed her eyes and stood up. Her stomach growled.

"You missed breakfast, too." Tucker laughed. Amanda groaned. "Don't worry. Lunch is in a couple hours."

"You spend a lot of time here, don't you?" Amanda asked him.

"Yeah." He replied, nodding. "Hey, you got any kids?"

"No." Amanda replied sadly. "You?"

"Yeah. A daughter." He replied. "She's only six. Her mother took her and left when she was only two months old. I never stopped thinkin' about her, though." Amanda smiled.

"What's her name." She asked.

"Kenzie." He said.

"That's a beautiful name." Amanda told him. "Very beautiful."