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***The Switch and the Spur***


I've been awake for about an hour, but I don't want to get out of bed.

My thoughts keep drifting to the conversation I had with Edward last night. I can't believe I told him I was a virgin and what's worse- I can't believe I sent that sext message to him.

"Ugh... you idiot!" I groan to my empty room, "You were all concerned he thought you were a slut, but that didn't stop you from acting like one."

I pull myself out of bed. Things'll only seem grimmer if I continue to dwell on them. Besides, I need to get my ass in gear if I expect to be ready by the time Edward gets here to pick me up for work.

Grabbing my robe, I head to the bathroom to take a quick shower. I shampoo, soap, and shave all of the pertinent areas, wrap my hair in a fluffy towel, don my robe, and go back to my room.

Fortunately, I don't have to wear a uniform to work, so after drying my body and hair, I slip on a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I opt out of wearing any makeup and just pull my hair back into a messy bun. Now, breakfast.

I'm happy to see my father reading the paper when I walk into the kitchen; so much so that I kiss him on the cheek before pouring myself a cup of coffee.

"You fishing today?" I ask.

He nods as he takes sip from his own coffee before replying, "Does a bear shit in the woods?"

"A simple 'yes' would've sufficed, father."

"Says you, daughter," he snorts. "Your mother left you breakfast. It's in the microwave."

I break out into a little happy dance, "Woo! Breakfast, breakfast... yummy, yummy breakfast!"

Dad just shakes his head at me and continues to read his morning paper.

"Where is Mama Swan?"

"Running errands."

I think to myself that it's a bit early for her to be running errands, but decide to focus my attention on my breakfast instead. Bacon, eggs, and toast is so much more satisfying than Pop Tarts.

"Ma back yet?" Emmett asks, coming into the kitchen.

"Do you see her in here?" dad quips.

My brother is dumb enough to actually look around the room, "No?"

Dad looks up from his paper, "Then I guess she ain't back yet."

Emmett sighs, "I'm gonna have to leave soon."

"Where are you going?" I inquire.

"I'm supposed to get Rosie in like a half-hour."

I grin at him, "Oooooooooo! Where are you going to take her?"

"Actually, it's where she's taking me," he says.

My mouth is full of food, so I wave my hand for him to continue.

"We're going to a car show in Seattle. I'm letting her drive Lucille there!" he's obviously excited.

"Well played, big brother," I put my fist out and he bumps it with his own.

"Thanks, Balls!" he exclaims right when our mother walks through the back door.

"Emmett, sweetie, please don't call your sister anything that has to do with male genitalia," Mom says as she sits her various bags onto the kitchen table.

"Whaaaas aaaaaa dis?" I wonder aloud through a mouthful of food.

"Baby, please don't talk with your mouth full," mom chastises me.

Emmett's bouncing back and forth, "Did you get it, ma? Did you, did you, did you?"

Mom rolls her eyes at him, "Honestly Emmett! Yes, I got it. I'll have you know that I had to actually bribe Miss Collins to come open her shop a half hour early this morning. By the way, Charlie I told her you'd rethink her parking ticket."

"Jesus, Renee! You can't do stuff like that," Dad exasperates.

She bats a hand at her husband and starts pulling things from the bags, "Here are you, sweetie," she hands Emmett a blood red rose, "I'm sure she'll love it."

"Ma you SO rock," he picks her up and squeezes her tightly, earning a giggle from her.

"Yes, yes, I know. Now go get your girl, so you don't have to rush to get to Seattle. Call or text when you get there, so we know you made it safely," she lectures.

He gives a salute, "Will do! Love you guys!"

We offer our goodbyes and he leaves the room. I continue eating my breakfast, while mom and dad bicker about Miss Collins' parking ticket.

"If she tells someone, then more people are going to expect shit like that," he gripes.

"Oh, will you relax?! It was only $20.00. What's $20.00 in comparison to our firstborn's happiness?" she reasons.

"Sure. THIS one was only $20.00. What happens when word gets back to Mr. Parker and he thinks he can trade his $300.00 speeding ticket for dry cleaning my uniforms?"

"Mr. Parker has a $300.00 speeding ticket?" I laugh. He's like 82 years old.

Dad sighs, "Yes. But you didn't hear it from me."

"I didn't hear anything either," a voice says from the doorway.

"Edward, dear! Come, have some breakfast! We didn't hear you come in!" Mom gushes.

He steps into the kitchen, looking adorable, "Em let me in when he was heading out and I've actually eaten already, but thank you for offering."

"Well do you want some juice or some coffee? I have to-go mugs!" she persists.

"No. Thank you, I'm good," he chuckles.

I down the last of my breakfast and take my plate to the sink, "Thanks for breakfast, ma!" I kiss her on the top of the head, before planting a kiss on my dad's head as well, "Catch big fish, daddy."

"You're welcome, baby. You two have a good day at work and be careful," mom says for them both.

"We will," Edward and I say together, as we walk out of the kitchen.

"I'mma run up to my room real quick to grab my bag and brush my teeth," I tell him before bounding up the stairs. I snag my bag, my phone, and my iPod then run to the bathroom before meeting him back at the front door.

"Ready?" he asks, opening the door.

"Ready," I nod.

We head out into the chilly morning air and get in Edward's car. Luckily, it's still warm. And better yet, Jack is singing through the surround sound. We buckle up and are on our way.

"So, it's just gonna be us?" Edward asks as he's pulling out of my driveway.

Does he not want to be alone with me? "Um... yeah, why?"

"I was just wondering. I didn't know if Mikey was working today or if we had to pick him up," he explains.

"OH! Ha! No. Mikey doesn't work. Besides, he's hosting that dance party today, remember?"

He laughs, "That's right, how could I forget? Wait, so he doesn't work for his parents?"

I shake my head, "Nope. He figures since he's athletically challenged, he's not fit to sell sporting goods."

"He can't be THAT bad."

"He's not,really. I mean, he's not fantastic but he's not any worse than I am. The difference is I actually try, where he just makes excuses as why he can't."

"You're not even bad," he comments, looking towards me, "you did fairly well at the field hockey."

I shrug, "That was field hockey though- easy peasy. Wait until we do something that requires more movement. I'm sure I'll trip over my own feet and take you down with me at some point."

He laughs, "I can hardly wait."

I smile and take in the familiar scenery as we drive through Forks. It looks like it's going to be a clear day. A comfortable silence falls over us as Jack continues to croon, but it's short-lived when I hear Edward clear his throat.

"So, what's James up to today?"

I shrug, "I'm not sure actually. He mentioned going to play golf if the weather holds out, but who knows?"

He nods, not taking his eyes off of the road, "And Angela and J? Do they work?"

"Yees. Angela works at the diner on weekends, when she's not babysitting her brothers. And J helps out at his uncle's garage when he's able."

"Cool," he simply states.

"Very. Ang sneaks me free pie and J changes my oil. I have the best friends." I really do.

Edward laughs, "They are pretty awesome; I appreciate you sharing them with me."

"Yup, yup."

"So..." he starts, but pauses.

"Soooooo?" I open for him to continue.

"Jasper and I officially met Curly-Haired Jess last night."

I roll my eyes, "Ugh... how'd that go?"

He takes a deep breath, "Honestly, not so bad. She came to our defense."

"For what? What happened? Why are you just telling me this now?"

"Calm down," he chuckles, "It wasn't anything major. Some nasty girl said some rude things to us. We were honestly so shocked that we didn't even respond. That's when Jess came in."

"Who said what?" I'm getting pissed, because honestly... the fuck?

He explains, "Some chick named Emily? She bumped into me, causing me to spill some hot chocolate and then claimed that it was MY fault because Jasper and I were practically 'ass-raping' each other- which is ridiculous, because we were only holding hands."

I scoff, "Emily's such a fucking gash. This is totally something she'd do. So, what did Jess say?"

"Well, she called her out for dating her cousin and said it was illegal in Washington State, where gay marriage is not. The 'gash' quickly scampered off at that," he laughs, remembering.

"What a skanky coward. I don't know what the fuck happened to make her so rude and hateful."

"What exactly is the story?" he asks, "Jess only gave us the Cliff Notes version."

"Well," I begin, "Everything I know comes from J, who heard from Paul, who is with Leah, who was dating Sam, who is now dating Emily, who is Emily's cousin."

I stop for a moment to give him time to process that mess, before continuing...

"Emily and Sam grew up together on the Quileute res. Their moms are sisters. They spent holidays together, Sunday dinners- basically every family function they've suffered through together, right? Of course as they got older Emily still followed him around like, everywhere! Joined at the hip those two!

"As far as I know, nothing actually HAPPENED between them, but they were REALLY close. I'm not gonna lie, I heard a few rumors. Anyhow, skip to their sophomore year in high school, Emily's cousin Leah came to live with her dad, who is Emily's dad's brother. Apparently her mom had passed away, so that's why she had to move here. Of course, because she didn't know anyone, Leah was stuck having Emily show her around and all, which is how she met Sam. Sam fell HARD. He immediately started pursuing Leah, and Emily was NOT pleased about it.

"From what I'm told, she never let it show though. She treated Leah like she was a BFF to her face, but behind her back was a different story. Whenever Emily managed to get Sam alone, she would make comments about Leah's character. I heard she told him that Leah was a slut and THAT was why she moved here, because her mom wanted her gone. There was even mention of an STD. This confused the fuck out of Sam because he had been trying to get into Leah's pants and she was shooting him down, saying that she wasn't ready. Well apparently Emily was 'ready' because she practically threw herself at Sam... and being a stupid, stupid boy, he jumped at the chance!"

"He didn't!" Edward interrupts.

"Oh he did!" I retort, "I suppose in their 'moment of passion' they didn't think to lock the door, or remember that Leah was coming to Sam's house that day, so she walked right in on them during the act. She was absolutely devastated. She thought Sam loved her. After that, she decided to transfer to Forks; she couldn't bear seeing them every day."

"Wow," he manages to sputter.

"Yup, but you know, it kind of worked out for the best. Leah is with Paul now. She met him when she started working at his dad's garage. Paul is a total B.A.M.F. He rides a motorcycle and everything. I'd TOTALLY let him get it in. I'd never tell Leah that though, because I'm sure she'd kick my ass. She doesn't take shit from anyone these days, nor should she."

"And Sam is still with Emily?" he sounds amazed.

"Affirmative, which goes to show what an idiot he is. Emily's vile. Obvi, judging by the horrible things she said to you."

"Right. It was nice of Jess to come to our aid."

"It was," I admit, "and it makes sense. She and Leah are pretty close; their dads are tight."

"And where is Jess's dad?" Edward asks.


"Did you not hear you dad asking her how her dad was? And how she said he should be home by Homecoming?" he questions in a tone that's willing me to remember this conversation.

Now I'm slightly puzzled, "I honestly have no clue. Though, now that you say something, I can't remember that last time I saw Mr. Stanley."

Edward sighs, "How useless you are."

I laugh, "Pretty much."

The rest of our drive is spent reflecting on the past week and discussing our embarrassing siblings. We're at work before we know it.

Once I unlock the doors to the store, I go through the basic morning routine: stocking shelves, taking inventory, register operation, special orders. Oh... special orders.

"I bet our gym apparel is in!" I say, leading Edward to the back counter where I took him when I originally placed our order. I walk him through pulling up the special order spreadsheet and we confirm that our orders are in, along with an ass load of others.

"Ew. Yeah. We're gonna have to call them all," I gripe.

"How about you make the first call, so I can get a feel of what to say and then I'll call the rest?" he offers.

I launch myself over to hug him, "Thank you, thank you, thank you! Emmers always makes me call everyone and I hate the phone!"

He squeezes me back for a moment before pulling away, "So... let's get this over with."

I make the first call and then leave him to it. It's already 11am and we've only had a few regulars come in for some bait. Of course, as soon as I have that thought, the bell above the door jingles and a group of tourists comes in, looking for some kayaks. I'm trying to ask them some questions to determine their best options and failing miserably, because they don't seem to paying attention to anything other than my boobs.

"Where do you plan on using the kayak?" I try.

Yuppie number one smirks, "The water."

I smile sweetly, "Yes, I understand that, but what type of water?"

"Wet water," yuppie number two contributes.

"Do plan on going to a pond, lake, or river?" I ask through gritted teeth, as Edward comes to stand next me.

"Bella, I finished with the phone calls, do you need help?"

"Hey man, we're looking for a decent kayak," this time it's yuppie number four.

Edward glances at me to confirm that it's okay for him to take over.

"By all means, I'll be at the front," I say relieved and leave him to it.

"Right, so where do you plan on using your kayaks?" I hear him start.

"We're thinking about taking them out to Lake Crescent," yuppie number one answers and I find myself struggling not to go back and junk-punch him.


As I'm approaching the front of the store, the bell jingles again. This time, it's Mama Newton.

"Hey dollface, how's it going this morning?" she asks while pulling me into a hug.

I hug her back, "Eh, not too bad. Larry and John were in earlier for their bait. Edward is helping some douchers with the kayaks."

"Who's Edward?"

"Um... your new employee?" I hedge.

She looks confused, "Did I interview him?"

"Not exactly. He's new. His family just moved to Forks. His dad's the new doctor."

"FUN! I love new people!" she's says happily, "Where's muffin?"

"On a date, with Edward's sister. That's why Edward's here. He asked about jobs in the area, so I figured I'd bring him in for a trial run," I explain.

"Perfect! Though I don't know how muffin's expected to fall prey to my cougar prowess if he's off dating!" she wonders aloud.

Have I mentioned that she's about as crazy as her son is?

Mama Newton comes out of her cougar haze, "Moving on! Mikey delivered some new catalogs yesterday, but I haven't had a chance to go through them. Help me decide what we need, dollface."

We flip through pages, pointing out various things to one another, and determining if we think they would sell. We're at it for about 20 minutes before we hear Edward leading the aforementioned douchers back to the register.

"Oh my! Isn't he just yummy?" I hear her mutter.

I hold back my snickers and step up to help Edward with the purchase. I take note that they're buying the most expense kayaks.

Once they're out of the store, I turn to Edward, "Not that those kayaks weren't good, but they may be a bit of an overkill for Lake Crescent."

He holds up his hands in mock defense, "I told them that! I swear. They didn't seem to care. Apparently the 'best' can only be the 'most expensive'. Douchers."

I laugh, "That's what I called them!"

"Ahem!" a throat clears behind us.

"Edward Cullen, allow me to introduce Mama Newton," I lead him to her.

"Call me Daffy," she requests and offers hand to him.

He smiles at her warmly and shakes her hand, "Daffy?"

"Short for 'Daffodil'- my parents were hippies. I'm pretty sure I was conceived at Woodstock."

He laughs, "I hope Bella's not in too much trouble for springing me on you."

"Oh, not at all. Dollface practically runs this joint." The woman loves me.

I stick my tongue out at Edward, "See? I told you it would be cool."

Daffy glances at the clock, "You kids want to shove off for lunch before rush hour?"

I snort, "What rush hour?"

She rolls her eyes at me and points to the door, "Get."

I take Edward's hand and we head out for lunch.

"Where are we going?" he asks.

I swing our joined hands back and forth, "I dunno. What are you in the mood for?"

He looks around at the store fronts, seemingly weighing his options, "Mexican?"

"That sounds soooooo good!"

We make our way to Viva Mexico and our promptly seated since it's just after noon.

The waiter takes our drink orders and leaves us with menus.

"What're you going to get?" Edward inquires while perusing his options.

"Enchiladas Chihuahua," I answer immediately.

"You haven't even opened your menu," he comments.

"Can't slip anything past you," I sass. "It's what I always get."

"Ah," is his reply before he continues his perusing.

He eventually decides on the Special de la Casa... an excellent choice. We nibble on chips and salsa before our meals are brought and he asks me more questions about work procedures. By the time our food arrives, we've gone beyond the topic of work and we're now discussing movies and TV.

Edward is very pleased with his food. He exhibits this by making happy little moans and by straight up saying, "This is fucking amazing."

I agree and continuing eating.

When we've gone way past the point of full, Edward pays for our lunch and we head back to the store. Mama Newton asks now lunch went and pouts when she discovers that we didn't bring her back any chips and salsa. She perks back up though when Edward offers to stock shelves with her. That woman is shameless and flirts more than her son.

"So, Daffy, what's Papa Newton up to today?" I ask- just to be a bitch.

"George is at home, helping Mikey set up for the dance party. That boy loves a dance party."

I nod, "And do you know who's coming to his little dance party?"

She takes a moment to think about it before asking, "I don't think he mentioned it, dollface. Who's coming?"

"Edward's twin sister," I smile and before she can say a word, "And his boyfriend, Jasper."

Mama Newton sighs, "So you're gay AND taken?"

"Afraid so," Edward responds.

"How am I going to divorce George and live a life of debauchery with a man half my age if they're all taken!?" she huffs.

I intervene, "Okay... um ONE... you love Papa Newton. And TWO... half your age is not 17... I'm pretty sure it's - "

"Don't even think about finishing that sentence, dollface," she warns.

She takes Edward to go stock shelves and leaves me at the counter. All in all it's a slow day. Some dudes come in for snowboards, a lady buys a karate gi for her kid, and I somehow manage to sell a punching dummy to a very muscly fellow. Edward has to help him take it his car. By time he gets back we're closing up for the day.

"Well babydoll, what do you think of the place?" Mama Newton asks him.

"You have a very nice place, Daffy." Isn't he just the sweetest?

She smiles, "Great! So you'd be willing to work here?"

He nods, "That'd be awesome! Thank you so much!"

"Oh you're welcome, babydoll. Do you have any questions about anything?"

"Not that I can think of... I mean, other than pay and hours," he says, shaking his head.

She thinks for a moment, "You'd start at $10.00 an hour. And you can just work the same hours as dollface. With muffin starting up with the football again, he'll be asking for time off anyway."

"This is great, Daffy, really! Thanks again!" he holds out his hand for her to shake, but she ends up pulling him into a hug. That woman... any chance to cop a feel.

She eventually lets him go and we say our goodbyes to start the journey home. During the ride I tell him about Mama and Papa Newton.

Despite what her behavior would suggest, they're ridiculously in love with one another. Where Daffy is uber free-spirited and kinda crazy, George is totally responsible and laid back, though even after 20 years of marriage, he still refuses to adopt any nickname she concocts for him. Opposites most certainly attract sometimes.

"Wanna drop in on the dance party?" I ask when we pass the 'Welcome to Forks' sign.

"Absolutely! Lead me to it," Edward grins.

We pull up to the Newton's home, exit the car, and make our way to the front door.

"You're not even gonna knock?" Edward asks when I simply open the door.

I snort, "Knock? Yeah, right."

As soon as we're through the door I can hear the bass thumping from Mikey's room; however, before joining the party I detour to the kitchen. This is where we find a very sweaty Papa Newton rifling through the fridge.

"Bellarina! About damn time you got here, kid," he practically bellows when he sees me, "Who's your friend?"

Sweatiness schmeatiness, I give the man a hug, "This is Edward. He's the brother of the wee-sprite dancing in your son's room."

"Ali didn't tell me she had a brother!" he holds his hand out, "Nice to meet you, Edward."

Ever the polite boy, "Nice to meet you too, sir."

"Name's George- use it," he says jovially before dropping Edward's hand and continuing with his rifling, "So why are you guys so late to the party? I've even been dancing! That would be why I'm sweating like a pig at a luau."

I answer for us, "Work. Edward's your newest employee. He covered Em's shift today."

Papa Newton takes a moment to look at Edward, "I bet Daffodil just loved him. What'd she name him? So I know who the hell she's talking about later."

"Babydoll," I tell him, not even attempting to keep a straight face.

He just laughs and gives us each a bottle of water, "You're gonna need these."

Edward and I follow the still-thumping bass to Mikey's room. I look at him, take a deep breath, and open the door.

It's like an assault to the senses. It's pandemonium.

Because when I arrive, I-I'll bring the fire Make you come alive, I can take you higher What this is, forgot? I must now remind you Let it rock, let it rock, let it rock

A flashing strobe light, twirling glow sticks, and a black light are the only things keeping the room from being entirely pitch black.

Jasper's down to his tank top and jeans, Mikey's got sweatbands around his head and wrists, and Alice is between them with a huge smile on her face. She's glowing. Actually, they all are because of the black light. And I'm pretty sure they're attempting to vogue.

Because of the light cast by the open door, their attention is brought to us nearly immediately.

"ISABELLA!" Mikey squeals, but doesn't pause in his dancing.


"EDDIE! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" Jasper insists.

I snag a few glow sticks off of Mikey's nightstand, grab Edward's shirt, and force him along with me. Pretty soon he and I are voguing just as badly as the rest of them through the rest of the song.

We go strong for a few more songs, before Edward and Jasper tap out for a break, leaving me wiggling my ass with Alice and Mikey to 'Blurred Lines'.

"You know," Mikey shouts as if he's in a train station, "I think you two ladies could've TOTALLY been in that video!"

I laugh, "Sure, sure. Honestly though, if I looked like that chick, I'd walk around naked all the damn time!"

"Truth," Alice agrees.

When I turn around to tell Edward to get his ass back in the game, he's not there. "Where the fuck did Edward go?"

"Bathroom," Jasper smirks.

By the time he gets back, it's very evident that the others are losing their steam. Though I'm still going strong, we decide to call it a day. I continue to twirl while everyone packs up.

"Guys, I'mma just stay here for a bit," I announce.

Alice gives me a hug, "Let's do this another time when you can be here longer."

"Absolutely," I agree and then hug Jasper, "Eddie worked real hard today, you be good to him."

He wags his eyebrows, "Oh I'm always good to him."

Edward rolls his eyes, "You sure you don't need a ride home?"

"Nah, it's cool. Mikey will give me a ride home later. Or maybe I'll have Emmers swing by and pick me up, depending on when they get back."

He nods and gives me a hug goodbye. He's a really good hugger.

"Text me later?" he asks as we walk towards the front door.

"Yup, yup."

They all say goodbye to Papa Newton and exit the premises.

Mikey plops down in the recliner, "What an exhausting day!"

"I bet. Twirling little sticks all do that do you," I joke.

"Don't be rude, Isabella. We've been at it since noon!" he yawns.

Then I yawn, "So, I've been up since 6am, precious!"

He groans, "Gross. You win. You staying for dinner?"



"On whatever Papa Newton is fixing us," I smile.

"DADDY!" he shouts.

A voice reaches us from the kitchen, "Yes, Michael?"

"WHAT'S FOR DINNER?!" I honestly feel bad for his poor dad.

"Beef stew."

Mikey just looks at me and I nod in affirmative.


"Yes, Michael, I figured as much," the disembodied voice answers.

I shake my head, "You know, I'm sure he would've heard you without the screaming."

"Whatevs," he answers and closes his eyes.

Taking a moment for myself, I pull out my phone and notice I have a text from James.

- do we have plans 4 2morrow?

- don't think so.

- great. i told ty we'd go 2 park 4 lunch with him n jess.

- seriously?

- yeah. y?

- you do realize that she's not my favorite person, right?

- come on bella.

- fine.

- thanks babe. what r u doing?

- at mikey's for dinner. how was golf?

- super! i got a hole in 1.

- cheers.

- thank u!

- welcome.

He doesn't respond back after a few minutes, so I put my phone away and huff.

Mikey cracks an eyelid, "What's up, buttercup?"

"James wants to picnic with Jess and Tyler tomorrow," I grump.

"Bella - ," he starts.

I sigh, "I know. It was like two years ago. I'm still bitter. Fuck off."

It looks like he's going to open his mouth to make an attempt to reason with me, but his plans on thwarted when Mama Newton comes through the door.

"Hello my loves!" she chirps.

"Perfect timing, Daffodil," Papa Newton says coming into the room and kissing his wife soundly on the lips, "Dinner's ready."

"You sure it's not time for dessert?" she asks, causing me to guffaw and Mikey to cringe.

I decide to take pity on the guy, "No. Dinner first, I'm starving."

"I second that," Mikey says jumping up and heading to the kitchen.

Dinner with the Newtons is always a fun affair. Not only is the food banging, but the company is awesome. Mama and Papa Newton flirt blatantly at the table, much to Mikey's chagrin. I could feel bad for the kid, but since there's been plenty of times when he basks in my unease when my parents do the same thing, his discomfort is amusing.

A little over an hour later all the food is gone, Mikey's parents have retired to their room early, and he's passed out on the couch. There goes my ride. I make quick work of texting my brother.

- emmers... you home yet?

- just dropped rosie off.

- come pick me up at mikey's?

- yup.

- love you!

- duh.

I write Mikey a goodbye note and leave it on the coffee table. I then cover him with the afghan from the back of the couch, gather my things, and head out to the porch to wait.

Emmett arrives within 5 minutes and we make our way home.

"So..." I start, "...how'd it go today?"

He literally can't keep the goofy smile off of his face, "SO FUCKING GOOD!"

This makes me so happy, "Awwww...YAY!"

"Bells, she's honestly like the best... most sweetest... prettiest... funniest... sexiest... just... there are no words."

I chuckle, "Sounds like there are lots of words."

"You know what I mean. She's just great."

"Well, I'm happy for you, Em. I like her," I offer.

"I'mma marry that girl," he's still grinning.

"First comes love, THEN comes marriage, bucko."

"I love her."

Huh? "Um...excusie?"

"I definitely love her," he exclaims proudly.

"Dude, it's only been a week."

He snorts, "Please. I loved her by Wednesday when she offered me her leftover pizza, even though I could tell she REALLY wanted to eat it herself."

"You can't just make a major decision like that in a high school cafeteria," I reason.

"I can and I did," he insists.

Part of me feels like I should try to talk him down from the cloud he's currently visiting, but the bigger part of me just wants my brother to be happy. We make it home without incident.

When we get to the stoop he laughs, "How much you think Ma would flip out if I asked for Nana Higgy's ring?"

"HA! Only one way to find out, Emmers."

"Yeah right, she'd have a heart attack, then wake up and have Esme on the phone to start planning."

I smile, a genius idea forming in my mind, "Most likely."

We walk through the front door to find our parents snuggled up on the couch watching whatever game that might be on.

"Hello children, how were your days?" Mom asks with a content smile.

I go over to give them both hugs, "Good. Tiring. I'mma head to bed."

They respond at the same time.

"Night baby."

"G'night Bells."

I smile sweetly at Emmett on my way out of the room, before turning back towards my parents.

"Emmett's in love, Ma. He wants to ask you for Nana Higgy's ring."

Mom screams. Dad looks confused. Emmett looks at me in panic.

I kiss his cheek and walk out of the room. Paybacks are a bitch.

Any poor souls who trespass against us Whether it be beast or man Will suffer the bite or be stung dead on sight By those who inhabit this land

For theirs is the power and this is their kingdom As sure as the sun does burn So enter this path, but heed these four words…

…You shall never return