Hello, everyone. This time, as I'm aiming to see new kinds of fictions in this section, thankfully, I picked up interest in starting "skits" in the same format as fellow writer Twilight Scribe's writing style, who allowed me to do the same here.

For those who don't know what skits are, skits are small conversations used in all kinds of "Tales of..." games series where characters argue, discuss, and talk about important or unimportant things related to the plot or even themselves.

Okay, here's how things work. In this style, you're not going to see much actions. Also, there won't be points in the chapters where the person who is talking will be depicted at all. Now, I know you're thinking, "Then how are we supposed to know who's talking when there's no way to know without guessing?"

Well, it's simple enough.

Before the start of any chapter, you'll get a very basic plot synopsis with the characters that will appear. In the small synopsis, you'll see who is talking by seeing how their dialogues are depicted in normal, italic, bold, underlined, and any mixes of all for multiple characters.

Take in mind that these chapters tend to be very short, discussing some kind of interesting topic. Topics here will always involve Subspace cutscenes, stage battles, items, and many more. There are NOT going to be any instances that revolve about (crazy) fandom out there, so leave this place at once for those people who like yaoi, yuri, and other crazy things. None of those will be displayed here.

Oh, and to make things a bit more interesting, non-speaking characters WILL have to talk so we avoid using only the ones that ACTUALLY speak English, so bear that with me, okay?

Important notice: Subspace skits will have characters not know each other as in the mode (with some exceptions since some come from the same universe), while other skits will have them know each other outside the mode such as stage battles.

With that away, I hope I do my best to entertain all people reading this.

This would play if you saved Zelda and ended up fighting Link and Yoshi. Mario is normal, Pit is italic, Link is bold, and Yoshi is underlined.


"Wait a minute... Yoshi, why do you want to fight against me? I thought you didn't want to."

"H-huh? U-um, well, you see... L-Link convinced me you were evil for attacking Zelda, his princess...so...I..."

"B-but I don't think that was the real one because it was one created by those dark spores! I mean, why would we attack such an ugly-looking princess?"

"Did you just call Zelda an ugly-looking princess, you bastard? You should die for that!" (Swings sword at Pit)

"W-wait, don't swing that sword on me! H-hey, please, stop! M-Mario!"

"Pit, I think it was a bad idea to comment how shadows looked evil..."

"Did you just call Zelda an evil princess, shorty? Die, too!" (Starts attacking Mario)

"W-wait, you're misunderstanding here! Y-Yoshi, do something! You know him more than I do!"

"I-I'd prefer if I didn't bother Link and his crazy rage behavior, thank you very much..."

I really didn't think saving Peach was the right option. I mean, if you did choose that one, wouldn't it make Mario's Sonic style rush towards Link a little bit...OOC for him? It makes more sense if you saved Zelda and ended up fighting Link, who fits more in the image of revenge...

So, did you understand how things work here? I hope you did. Since these chapters are really short to do, it'll be really easy for me to get something up very commonly. Also, you're free to suggest me an idea of something that could be worth noticing to make a skit out of it. You can send a suggestion along with your review (and when I mean review, I mean the REVIEW and then the SUGGESTION. Don't you just write a suggestion in the review. Comment about the chapter as well). Credit goes to Twilight Scribe for allowing me to use this writing style. :D

Well, I encourage readers to review and suggest a worthy topic. ;)

...Or I'll save Peach and make Mario run Sonic style at Link.