It's been a hell lot of time ever since I last updated this story. Good thing something came up randomly.

This scene would play is you completed the Single Player mode with Luigi. Luigi is normal. Master Hand is italic.

-No Respect For The Green Mario-

"Mwahahahaha! I congratulate you for fighting all your way through…the…"


"Uh…seriously? The Other Mari-I mean, Luigi?"

"W-what's wrong with me?"

"Well… This was…unexpected…"

"U-unexpected how?"

"Unexpected that you, of all people made it here, of course! Hell, even I was thinking somebody like Lucas would make it in one piece! But…you? Seriously?"

"H-hey! Let me tell you it wasn't easy getting through all of them!"

"You sure you didn't use a few Continues? Wait, what? You have four lives left and you didn't use a single Continue? Didn't the Giant Bowser give you trouble?"

"U-um, he was the only one who did…"

"WHAT! And the Zelda duo? And the Giant Yoshi? What about the Pokémon duo I set up?"

"Y-you know, I did notice almost every special match was me against a giant… Good thing Poison Mushrooms were around to even the odds… Wait a minute! Why were all of those the same? In fact, I suck a lot when I'm facing a giant! Also, it looked weird that everyone I faced was someone I wasn't very good at beating!"

(Mutters) "It's because I like seeing you struggle and suffer."

(Totally did hear that) "W-what did you sa-"



Don't worry, Green Mario! I still like you.

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