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Rating: PG

Part: One of One

Set: During BO1

Authoress note: Mortals can be Monsters to.



It had been a while since he had laughed. He remembered laughing as a child, although not what he laughed at. Probably it was simple nonsensical things. He remembered laughing as a young man, usually at someone else's foolishness or pain. He never did have what could be considered a kind sense of humor. His humor was socially acceptable he supposed, at least others often laughed with him. But he doubted that it was because they were amused. He suspected people felt that if they did not laugh then they were potentially the source of his next amusement. The source of his amusement now would cause a great deal of distress in others of a more delicate persuasion, or to those more inclined to pity than amusement. He was walking through Willendorf, a great city. It was renowned for its culture, art, political power and unscrupulous taste. He had scented mortal blood in the air and suspecting a potential easy meal had followed the scent. It had led him to a Butcher. On the front of it nothing was particularly wrong. The prices were not too high or suspiciously low. The men working the counter were not rough nor were they effeminately genteel. They were just men. There was nothing but the smell to give anyone any reason to be suspicious.

His curiosity roused, he had wandered into the back rooms. The owners had not been happy to allow him to do so but their struggles were hardly worth noting. He had walked past the first row of slaughtered steer and swine, a deceased chicken had fallen at his feet and been kicked away. The smell had gotten stronger. He had after a few moments found the room the owners were trying to prevent him from finding. The walls splattered with blood and offal. The chains here held not cattle but people, chained to the walls and still alive. The men and woman looked up at him as he entered and hope seemed to fill them up like water. He had laughed. Such hypocrite's mortals were. They fought vampires yet fed their own to each other, he wondered to himself how many of Willendorf people had unwittingly devoured each other. Perhaps even he had when he had visited this place in his mortal life. The thought brought a grin to his face. He had left the Butchers with a full stomach and a light heart.

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