Chapter 21- Pains in the Ass


My heart leaps into my throat and my breath hitches as I hear Billy's voice on the other line. I want to hang up the phone desperately but the desperation in his voice causes me hesitate. Inhaling sharply, I bark out rudely, "You have a lot of nerve, asshole, calling me."

A heavy sigh sounds on the other side of the receiver, "I've made a lot of regrets, Bella, but nothing can turn back the hands of time. My sins against you will be righted but right now my only concerns is Jacob."

Hearing my brother's name, my ears perk up, "Jacob? What does this have to do with Jacob?"

Edward beside me, begins to stir and I see his eyes become more alert at his appraisal of my stiff posture. Sitting up, Edward reaches for the phone and I turn away from him, listening to Billy's response.

"Your boyfriend should know?" Billy accuses viciously.

"Excuse me," poison dripping from my tone, "what the hell are you getting at Black?"

With the mention of Black, Edward rips the phone from hand and yells into the receiver, "Why the hell are you calling my girlfriend?"

I cannot hear what Billy responds with but in a flat second Edward's face twists in a furious scowl and with a scary yet calming tone speaks, "I will assure you that I have no involvement in Jacob's disappearance but I will get to the bottle of it."

My heart twists painful at hearing that Jacob has disappeared and at the same time I'm reminded that Edward is a cold hearted mobster. A reality that hasn't quite reached in this little bubble I've created since him being shot. And all too quickly I feel my bubble bursting into tiny little shards, hardening me a little more. This is the life I've signed up for the moment I allowed myself to fall in love with Edward.

Edward doesn't wait for Billy to respond as he clicks the phone off. I glance at him questioningly, but he stalks off, calling over his shoulder. "Leave me alone for a little Bella."

I'm left with no answers and my fears for my brother triple tenfold.


I know it's wrong leaving Bella the way I did but I just showed her a part of me that I wanted to keep hidden from her. Our relationship is delicate at best and I don't need to give her a reason to run off again, especially now that she's carrying my daughter. The idea of her leaving me sits sourly in my stomach. I won't live if she leaves me, bottom line.

Picking up the phone, I dial the familiar number, "Hey Garrett, I need a favor."

In the hour of my solitude, I called in a favor from a connection of mine and I pretty sure Aro is forcing a hand against me by taking Jacob but Jacob has already made a lot of enemies in his life so I can't just outright accuse Aro without due proof. Going in guns blazing and shooting up Aro's joint won't go over well and I'm so close to ridding Aro as it is that I don't really find it an option at the moment.

Frustrated, I ran my hands roughly through my hair as I hear Bella's dainty footsteps. I look up to see her scowling at me. I don't speak as she stalks toward me. I pull her into my lap. "Edward Anthony Cullen, if you ever walk away from me like that again, I will shoot you in the damn ass!"

I laugh, at the ridiculous notion of Bella wielding any sort of weapon or causing any sort of bodily harm. My kitten truly thought herself a tigress. Instead of responding, I just pulled her tightly to me.

"I'm serious, Edward!" she yells.

"I know you are baby. I don't doubt you."

Its silent for a few minutes, Bella's body relaxing with mine. "What happen to my brother?" Bella asks just as my phone starts to ring again.

"Cullen" I bark into the line.

"We got something interesting, Bro." Emmett laughs menacingly to me.

And I know by that tone, Edward motherfucking Cullen gets to play.