For weeks after the dream all I could think about was that dream, and if I wanted to get back together with him for not. The days Paul didn't take Ava I just sat and thought about what I wanted to do. I never had to make a decision this hard, well other than deciding weather I wanted to keep Ava or not, but I knew I was keeping her right from the start, I could never to that.

Paul had once again taken Ava to his mom's for the day; they were going to go to some petting zoo in Port Angeles before he brought her back to Sam and Emily's for the night. So this time when I wasn't in a dream I had decided to take my first run as a wolf, and maybe hit First Beach for a while. I did end up going to the meadow but once I realized that it was two quite I had to leave the quite wasn't helping me think at all, I needed noise something that reminded me of Paul.

So I ran to the woods that lead right up to the cliff where the boys went cliff diving, and I changed back and just sat on the cliff listening to the younger kids jumping from the cliffs below, the laughs and screams of the adrenalin running threw their body. I smiled at it having done it a couple times myself, it really was fun. Standing on the ledge looking over to down blow, seeing how large of a drop it was before Paul picked me up put me on his back and backed up before running as fast as he could dropping.


No, no way this was too far down. I couldn't run and jump without knowing weather or not that I was going to hit the rocks. "No way in hell am I jumping, I'll just run back down to the beach and watch you guys." I said starting to back up before I was grabbed by someone warm and soft. I turned and almost collided with Paul and tried to wiggle getting off his back, I wasn't doing this he couldn't make me.

"Put me down, I'm not doing this!" I said and Paul rolled his eyes kissed me and moved me so I had my legs wrapped around his chest and my arms squeezing his upper half. I shook my head the moment he started running and the moment we started flying threw air I started screaming and it was actually sort of fun, I can't believe I just did that.

End Flashback

Just thinking of some of the memories between Paul and I it made me think, I wanted him back I knew that. So I got up and I ran down the hill into the woods, back out onto the path to see Paul's truck sitting in the drive way him getting ready to drive away. I ran as fast as I could slamming on the back of his truck causing him to turn around and he opened the door, "what the hell Bella" he said getting out and I ran into his arms surprising him, I knew he wasn't going to be expecting this.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry for everything, I'm dumb I'm stupid and I never should have kept it from you. Ava's your daughter and you would have understood you would have been here for everything. And those stupid rules, I was angry at you for leaving, but what I was did just as wrong, I love you I'm sorry." I said crying and his leaned down and kissed me before he picked me up and set me on the side of the truck.

I leaned my head against his when we pulled away and the tears in my eyes were now tears of joy. "What changed your mind? I was under the impression that you didn't want anything to do with me, that we were done." He asked looking into my eyes and I smiled.

"The memories, I can't stop think about it. The way they make me smile whenever I think about them, it's like nothing else matters. I was angry before, but I realized that nothing else matters when I'm with you, when I'm with you I know everything is going to be okay. I love you Paul, I'm so sorry I love you so much." I said and he looked at me with his own tears in his eyes.

I hadn't noticed the crowd that had gathered around us, when we were together I was like we were in our own little world and nothing would ever matter. Right now it was me and him, and soon it would be us and Ava, our own little family. "I want you to come with me, I want to show you something." He said and I nodded getting in the passenger side of his truck as he drove off. "I'm taking you to my house" he said and I looked behind him realizing we just passed his street.

"Paul, it's back there" I said and he shook his head.

"No, it's not I moved. I realized that if I was going to have Ava, and hopefully you and a couple other little kids then I was going to need some place bigger. I love you Bella, and I want you to move in with me, we can be a real family, you me Ava, you're seventeen, you'll be eighteen soon and I don't think your brother will mind. Bella I love you I want to be with you, for forever I want to be there the next time you're pregnant, I want to watch your stomach grow and be there when you're in labor. I don't want to see it from the minds of the other boys who were there, I want to be in the room I want to hold my son or my daughter for the first time and just cry I want everything with you Bella, I want to be your one and only your other half." By now we were out of the truck and standing on the stairs leading to the second floor of the house.

"Marry me, please. I don't have anything sweet or romantic planned, a bouquet of flowers waiting upstairs for you, but Bella I love you, and despite the mistakes we've both made I want to be there for you and my daughter. So Isabella Marie Uley will you be my wife?" he asked and I was crying again.

"I don't know what you're talking about, not being romantic because that was the most romantic thing that anyone could ever say to me. Yes, yes I want to marry you" I said and he smiled and i was defiantly surprised when he pulled the most beautiful ring that a person could ever have from his pocket.

August of the next year

Paul and I had put off the wedding for a while, wanting Ava to be in the ceremony as the flower girl. She had turned into a beautiful little girl, well even more beautiful than she had been. I didn't know much about anything but I was nervous, I was so nervous. The girls had gotten me up early that morning for manicures and pedicures, getting my make up and hair done, and doing everything they possibly could to get a bride ready.

It was just minutes before the wedding the girls helped me get into my dress, strapless with a flower right in the middle of the part that covered my breasts, with a bow under that and it flowed down after that. My hair had soft and subtle curls with two flowers pinned in my hair that held it back.

My make up was one of the most subtle things today, I didn't wear much make-up in general and I didn't want to today, but I defiantly wanted to surprise Paul.

The moment Leah and Emily came in, my co maid of honors I knew it was time to go. Ava went down the aisle first toddling along, while pulling Leah and Jake's son Maxwell in a little red wagon. Kim followed behind them and first Leah then Emily before Sam joined me and walked me down the aisle to give me away. I chose Sam to give me away because he was the most important man in my life other than Paul, because for the last couple years he had always been there for me.

The wedding march started playing and Sam and I joined arms and the doors opened so Paul could now see me. He looked up from the floor and smiled the moment he saw me, I loved him so much and I was so happy that we were doing this. The moment I got to the alter I couldn't listen to anything else but the sound of Paul's heart beating and the little heart that was beating in my stomach.

He didn't know yet, but this time he was going to be a father for real. Paul and I had decided against a honey moon deciding that staying in our little home with our daughter for a week or so was enough. It gave me a chance to tell him the news and gave him a chance to go to the doctor again; I was so excited to be a mother again.

Nine months later

Sitting in the hospital room just holding my boys was enough; Paul was excited to be here when the babies were born. The day I told Paul I was pregnant again he was so excited, and the day we found out we were having twins Paul almost fainted; But it was everything I and he ever wanted, and I had to say adding to son's to the family was the perfect mix. "What do you want to name them?" Paul asked in a whisper and I smiled thinking.

"Well, this one is Noah Patrick, and this Jaden Mackenzie" I said looking at Paul and he nodded with a smile on his face.

"They're perfect Bella" he said before Sam brought Ava in and she sat on my lap. Looking down Paul holding one son me holding the other and Ava in my lap was the perfect moment and I knew from then on hat everything was going to be okay.

The End

Literally this is the end of the story, and I really hope you like it because I know it's not much but I didn't have anything else to put in for the story. No, Bella never got to meet Joshua Uley, Sam was never able to track him down and if I ever do a sequel I might bring him in but right now I need another idea, so I'm having a contest.


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