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Late Night Journey

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This was to be my second trip to Hokkaido, the first being where I stood up to Usagi-chichi, although I'm still unsure of myself.

Usagi-chichi had called Usagi-san one month earlier, and demanded to know why I was still living with the author. Usagi-san had stormed upstairs, to his room, to have a private screaming match with his father up in his room. Little did he know I was pressed against the door listening to every word.

"If you can't accept him, then I don't want to be part of your family!"

Disown Usagi-san? No, I can't let that happen. I had been so distracted with my own thoughts that I hadn't heard the conversation end, nor that Usagi-san was coming to open the door. When he opened it I almost fell over, but I quickly stood up and bowed my head as I apologized,

"Gomenasi, Usagi-san..." I was embarrassed, and guilty, my ears felt like they were going to melt. Usagi-san didn't say anything he just walked past me and down the stairs to our pouring some coffee into the cup I had labeled "hot stuff" he continued to walk back up the stairs. He paused in front of me, he reached out to pet my head as he always did. When he spoke his tone was soft,

"Don't worry about it." He then walked into his room and closed his door for another all-nighter to meet his deadline. I worried about the man's health, but it was his own fault for putting it off until the last minute. I decided if Usagi-san couldn't solve his own problems, I would have to do it for him.

Walking to the Usami mansion in the rain was a little treacherous, but I cut through the surrounding forest to save time. Tanaka-san seemed surprised to see me, but greeted me nonetheless.

"Good evening Misaki-kun." As he brought me a towel to dry my hair he continued, "What brings you here on such a stormy night? You could have caught a cold." His eyes were clouded with concern.

"I'm here to see Usami-sensei." Again he appeared to be surprised. Without saying a word Tanaka-san turned around, walked down a hall, and knocked on a door. Some voice beyond the door gave a murmur and Tanaka entered. When he exited the room, he beckoned to me from where I stood. I found that I was suddenly nervous as I entered what appeared to be a study. When Usami-sensei looked at me, his eyes lit up and his mouth spread into the smile that he always gave me. I rocked back and forth on the heels of my feet wondering if I would need to speak first. My problem was solved when he spoke to me,

"Usually the occasions on which we chat are rare and few." Pausing for, what seemed to be dramatic effect. He continued after there was no change in my demeanor. "What brings you all the way out here at this time of night? I suppose Akihiko does not know you are here?" I took a deep breathe before I spoke, there was no backing out now.

"Usami-chichi... Ano, Usagi-san doesn't know I'm here... So I hope you won't tell him. I came to apologize for Usagi-san's behavior earlier... His editor is really making him pick up the slack..." I wanted to shout at Usagi-chichi, get on my knees and beg him not to disown Usagi-san, but I was too afraid of how the man would react. Usami's next words pulled me out of my reverie,

"If you care that much for him, you should leave when he works so that you do not distract him." My cheeks were so red. I wanted to curl up into a hole and die. I was a distraction, in the worst kind of way. "There is no need to apologize for my son's behavior, but it isn't like him to have a conversation like that in front of you." Usagi-chichi saw right through my guilty look. The smirk which teased the end of his lips made me think he was amused. I never thought that Usagi-chichi would be amused by anything I did.

"Well then, everything seems to be in order... But I'm still not sure what to think of this... You understand how I feel?" I nodded. He was afraid I would leave Usagi-san, and make him the walking dead as before; during the announcement of Takahiro's engagement.

"Good, is there anything else you wish to discuss with me?" I wanted to ask him how Haruhiko was doing since I had denounced him, but I didn't want any of the Usami family to be confused about my feelings, so I didn't.

"Thank you for your time Usami-chichi, I'll be going now." I bowed and began to leave the room when he spoke again,

"Misaki-kun perhaps I should have a chauffeur take you home, as late as it is." I was surprised at his concern, but I didn't want to burden him. I gratefully declined and took my leave of him. As I was about to exit the Usami mansion, I heard a deep voice call my name. Turning to face the voice I saw a strained Haruhiko.

"Misaki what are you doing with my father at this time of night?" I wasn't sure what to make of that statement until I noticed Haruhiko's pale face. I burned with embarrassment once again as I thought of the dirty things he had implied I may have been doing with Usagi-chichi.

"I was apologizing for something rude Usagi-san did earlier," I replied steadily despite my fading confidence. The older Usami brother seemed satisfied with my answer because he turned around and walked back up the stairs. I turned again to make my way to the door, but as I left I heard the soft and subtle "good night" from Haruhiko. I felt sorry for the man, but there wasn't anyway I could ever come to love him. I wished that even someone as strange as the older Usami brother might find happiness someday.

Making my way back to the penthouse was easy enough even in the night, thank goodness it stopped raining, or I probably would catch a cold. Although that was the least of my worries as I dreaded what might await me when I arrived home. Home, somehow that word always made me feel nostalgic, perhaps someday Usagi-san and I would share a real "home." Exiting the elevator, I quietly made my way to the front door; finding it was locked I punched in the number key, and silently thanked Usagi for not changing it recently. Slipping into the living room I walked like a ninja in the night across the short distance to the stairs. I was almost home free, when low and behold there was light. I realized the strange school-girl squeal had come from none other than yours-truly, but I was justified in my fright. For there advancing on me was a completely pissed off Lord Usami Akihiko. I thought I acted pretty quickly for someone who had short legs, but I was no match for Usagi-san's inhuman speed. I yelped again, although it wasn't as pathetic as before, when his hands were placed harshly against the wall on either side of my head. I was in some big trouble because Usagi-san was about to lay the smack-down on me. Nii-san why does this always happen to me?

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