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Bonus Chapter: An Unexpected Encounter

I don't know if any of you happen to know the Final Fantasy victory theme, but if you don't you should look it up, because I made some lyrics to it.

~V stands for victory! But because I don't live in Japan it stands for two~

(Well I guess if you live in Nihon you can't use this but whatever, it starts with the beginning of the tune, be sure to try it out...)

Although this Author Note seems random and uncalled for, I had a section of these lyrics in the story so I thought I'd share a bit of my thoughts with you all. Heheh. So now for the unveiling of the final chapter of this story that I accidentally forgot to put a complete stamp on and actually ended up doing a bonus chapter because of that. Yay! ...I think... Well anyways, this is a special treat to all those who placed an alert on this story because of my inattention. I also fixed mistakes in the previous chapters so be sure to give those a reread also.

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Chapter Warnings: Fondling, nakedness, and strange noises... But only in your imaginations.

I've found that waking up on the floor is never pleasant, especially when one Lord Usami Akihiko aka Usagi-san is laying on top of me, crushing my body into the floorboards. Pushing him away did no good, so I tried patting his back a little. Groaning, he rolled over, and pulled me into a cuddling position. At least in this arrangement, I could wriggle myself out of his grasp.

"Misaki..." I stiffened a little. I didn't mean to wake him up. as Ilooked back at him, Irealized he had been mumbling in hissleep, a stupid smile plastered on hisface. Probably dreaming about something perverted, the baka, he's going to catch a cold sleeping on the cold floor like that. placing a blanket over him, I went to go take a shower. I gathered my clothes and went into the bathroom. After turning on the water, I climbed into the Leaning against the wall of the shower, I let the warm water wash over me. When it was a suitable temperature, I stepped further into the spray. Scrubbing from head to toe, I left "that spot" for last. Damn Usagi-san, why does he always cum inside? Speaking of the devil is said to summon him, and sure enough it held true. I felt a cold hand sneak around my waist to pull me close.

"Misaki... We should try to conserve water..." Usagi-san said as he brushed my neck with his lips. I wonder if he even knows the meaning of "conserve".

"Stupid! Are you half asleep again?" I asked while trying to push him back out of the shower. Usagi-san mumbled something unintelligible, while he reached for me again.

"We need to make sure you're thoroughly clean. We wouldn't want the maid to find any of 'that' on the floor, now would we?" I snorted at his lame excuse to touchme. Usagi-san traced his fingers over my shoulder blades, then moved along my spine, as he reached lower and lower. He playfully grabbed my ass, which forced a yelp out of me. I turned to glare at him, but before I could get my mouth open to say something, he kissed me. I was thankful that he pulled me close to him, since my legs always go a little weak during times like these. Usagi-san broke the kiss only to look at me strangely.

"What? What are you staring at?" I already felt self-conscious about being naked, and his staring didn't help. He smirked slightly,

"Misaki... Have you gotten taller?" Heh heh, so he noticed! V stands for victory, yeah! I wiped the water dripping off the end of my nose and shrugged,

"Yeah, but only a few centimeters, not anything exciting..." I managed to brush it off as no big deal.

"I see..." Usagi-san said as he let me pass by him to leave the shower. No sooner had I set both feet on the tatami mat, when one of Usagi-san's cold, slick fingers slid inside of me. My breath caught in my throat with an involuntary gasp. "Looks like you missed a spot," Usagi said. He pulled me back into the shower and turned me to face him, as he gently took the soap bottle and dribbled some on my backside. Shivering, I clecnched my fists on his chest and layed my head against his neck. Usagi-san tenderly and lovingly cared for my most sensitive area. Why does he always have to be the one to clean me. So embarrasing... His fingers reached deep inside of me, drawing out the soiled amenities, as well as some shivers and small moans, even while I desperately tried to control myself. I knew Usagi-san was smirking, a cetain muscle in his neck moved when he smirked, so I could always tell.

"Baka," I said with a strained voice, but that just made him torture me more. I couldn't help but move myself back inti his fingers, I never could resist that knee-weakening pleasure he caused in me. By the time he had gotten me satisfactorily "clean", I'd managed to cum on him. This only served to make me sputter in sheer embarrasment hidden by anger.

"N-now you're dirty, stupid! And we've used a lot of hot water already!" I shouted at him while whipping a towel out of the cupboard to put around my waist. Usagi-san just chuckled as he washed himself. After I had finished getting dressed, I pulled out the small amount of pocket change I'd saved up, about 1000 yen, to take with me to the small town at the foot of the hill from where the hot springs was located. I looked up only to find the frowning face of my beloved rabbit.

"Misaki… I'll buy whatever it is, so you don't have to spend that," I glared at him.

"Stupid! Stop spoiling me all the time," I protested. He smiled at that,

"But you are the type that needs to be spoiled," he teased me with those amethyst eyes of his. As he walked towards me, although it was more like a lurk, I attempted to escape by scurrying out of the room, but his longer legs outstretched mine. He caught me by scooping me up into his arms and kissed me 'til I gave up. When our lips parted, I muttered a 'fine' under my breath.

It took a little bit to finally get Usagi-san dressed and out of the inn, but I'd managed to do it as we sat in a little hometown samurai style café. Usagi-san had the Oyakodon rice, while I had some buckwheat noodles. After itadakimasu, we ate in silence, except for my noodle slurping. Next, we went to a small book shop where I recognized a distinct figure amongst the shelves.

"Giant-san?" I asked tentatively. The large man turned to look at me, but I caught the glare he gave Usagi-san before addressing me.

"Ah Junjou-kun?" the taller man smiled at me. "I'm Nowaki Kusama, and your name?" he introduced himself.

"Oh! I'm Misaki Takah-AH!" I was startled as Kamijo sensei peered around Kusama-san. Kusama-san chuckled,

"That's an interesting name you have their," Usagi-san spoke up from behind me,

"Hiroki? Are you taking a vacation?… Or perhaps a honeymoon?" I saw Nowaki smile a bit and "The Devil" Kamijo-sensei's face turned red,

"B-BAKA! Don't say that! Who do you think you are?" he flustered next to Kusama-san.

"That's all right… I'm also here on my 'honeymoon'," Usagi-san pulled me closer to him before I pushed him away, interrupting him,

"Stupid! We are not on a honeymoon!" I protested. Kusama-san laughed again,

"Hiro-san and Takahashi-kun are very similar; don't you think so Usagi-san?" I instantly objected, as did Kamijo-sensei,

"We are NOT!" Usagi-san and Kusama-san just smiled at our outbursts. Something occurred to me just then,

"Uh, Kusama-san, how do you know my name?" I questioned him.

"Oh, hiro-san talks about how much your grades have improved lately along with Usagi-san's tutoring," I blushed a little, but nodded, it was definitely true though, that Usagi-san had been helping me more… Instead of 'hindering' me like he usually did. We browsed the aisles a bit more before returning to the hot springs inn.

"I wonder if sensei was feeling all right, he seemed to be limping," I mentioned as we walked up the hill passing through the parking lot.

"Well they're on their 'honeymoon', right?" Usagi-san replied.

"Oh…" I said in compliance. After a little thinking, I came to a realization, and blurted it out just as we entered the inn's lobby,

"Kamijo-sensei is on the BOTTOM?" Usagi-san looked startled, but just laughed as everyone stared at my face which was now burning from embarrassment. Yes, it was going to be a long vacation.

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